35 Green Gemstones – Names, Meaning & Uses

Green is a color that manifests positivity, prosperity, harmony, and life, and so do the green gemstones. Whenever we hear the word “green crystals,” the first thought that crosses our mind is Emerald. But there are so many stunning green gems that are a nice alternative to the classic Emerald.

The difference mainly lies in durability, saturation, cost, and healing benefits. The best thing is that green crystals encompass over a hundred enticing shades, enchanting one way or another. Moreover, if you are a beginner and unsure which crystal is the most suitable, you can always go for green gemstones. 

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For people with a well-balanced lifestyle, green crystals are always a favorite. Moreover, you can trust these mindful crystals for any purpose and any intention. The Green gemstones list consists of some of the most dazzling stones like quartz, green diamonds, Jade, and many more.

Symbolically, green crystals encourage overall wellbeing, balance, and growth in life. These green gems effectively connect you to earth, love, change, transformation, and optimism.

The crystals buttress the heart chakra, so you feel fearless and emotionally strong to set healthy boundaries. Furthermore, an increase in spiritual energy, compassion, and intuition are some metaphysical healing aspects of the green gemstones.

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Top 22 Green stone names with their meanings

Every green crystal is different from the other both in appearance as well as healing magic. For passionate gemstone lovers, we have compiled a list that may help in the green gemstones identification. So, let’s get to know all about our green gemstones list to help you choose the best:

1. Green Diamond

Color: Natural Aurora green color

Symbolizes: Purity, prosperity, fertility, and vitality

If you are on a big budget and want to buy something one of its kind, green diamonds are for you. Moreover, green diamonds are believed to soothe your nerves, outpouring confidence. Gemologists believe that the green diamond brings luck, abundance, and health to the wearer, just like its color depicts.  

2. Green Jadeite

Color: Broad spectrum of colors mainly from Bluish-green to yellowish-green

Symbolizes: Love, Protection, and Excellence

Revered as a powerful protective talisman, Jadeite is a stone soaked in good fortune. These green stone rings are considered highly intuitive especially dealing with emotional wellbeing.

With its positive vibes, Jade is believed to heal the heart chakra. Moreover, it also flushes out the toxicity and negativity from inside while soothing your mind. Lastly, as a dream stone, Jade manifests insightful dreams.

3. Emerald

Color: Vivid and clear bluish green to pure green

Symbolizes: Romance, intuition, serenity, and emotional healing

Adorned as the stone of successful love, Emerald is the next on the green gemstones list. Its powerful energy vibrations regulate the heart-chakra energy. Besides, these green gems boost the manifestation of wealth and abundance.

Moreover, serenity, infinite patience, and detoxifying negative thoughts are something that relates to Emerald crystal. These green stone rings possess strong, loving vibrations and hence are the perfect fit for beautiful Emerald engagement rings.

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4. Alexandrite

Color: Emerald by day, ruby by night

Symbolizes: Prosperity, abundance, and longevity

Alexandrite is best known for bringing that necessary balance between the physical and the spiritual world. Moreover, the crystal unlocks your crown chakra, healing the heart chakra at the same time.

So, strengthen your intuition, and enjoy the bliss of creativity and imagination with Alexandrite. It’s a gentle reminder for your purpose in life, establishing self-esteem.

5. Green Garnet

Color: Green gemstone with extremely rare color zoning

Symbolizes: Protection, Wealth, and Prosperity

Next in the green stone names list is Green Garnet. Furthermore, this crystal is believed to cleanse and heal the heart chakra. Green garnet has been used as a charm for increasing fertility in women and regulating hormonal production.

Moreover, it’s a crystal brimming with powerful energies and hope. It’s a good thing to know that green garnet speeds up all the healing processes in the body.

6. Green Tourmaline

Color: From Vivid green to light olive or bluish-green

Symbolizes: Inspiration, Creativity, and Love

Of the many other of these green stone names, you might be familiar with Verdalite. Green Tourmaline effectively reduces your stress and anxiety levels. To your surprise, this crystal heals and aligns all seven vital chakras.

Moreover, the crystal encourages patience and fulfills your heart. It will make you feel grounded by developing a stronger love and connection with your life. Besides, these green stone rings are ideal for body Feng Shui and balance the Yin and Yang energy. 

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7. Green Serendibite

Color: Bluish-green or yellowish-green with hints of grey

Symbolizes: Joy, prosperity, and power

Due to its exclusivity, the crystal got its name from the country of origin, i.e., Sri Lanka’s Persian name Serendib. Green Serendibite is an extremely rare and gorgeous gemstone you will ever find. To your surprise, Serendibite crystal-infused water has long been used since ancient times as a means to replenish body nutrients.

Moreover, the high vibrations of the crystal amplify consciousness and awareness. Thanks to the heart chakra healing, the user feels an outpour of positivity, self-love, and compassion.

8. Green Opal

Color: Pale ivory to dark olive-green

Symbolizes: Harmony, Wealth, and Abundance

To anyone struggling with emotional trauma, green opal is the right crystal for the heart. With powerful rejuvenating energies, green opal strengthens your willpower. Its energy always relaxes you in your hyper-emotional times.

For those having a problem with daydreaming, green opal is a stone that can help. It’s best known for its use as a charm for wealth and abundance. 

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9. Green Spinel

Color: Transparent, Olive Green

Symbolizes: Revitalizing, soothing, and detoxifying

With a glassy olive-green tone, Green Spinel is again a very rare and costly gemstone. It is one of the best stress-relieving crystals you will ever find. Moreover, these green gems cleanse your auras, develop spirituality and help focus.

The Stone is best regarded for removing body mental and physical exhaustion. The crystal has a deeper connection in healing and aligning the root, heart, and crown chakra.

10. Green Sphene

Color: Bright yellowish-green

Symbolizes: Intuition, power, and control

Widely referred to as Titanite, Green Sphene is an amazing crystal for your mind. Its energy boosts your creativity levels. Moreover, Green sphene buttresses the third eye chakra that accelerates your learning capacity. These green crystals interact with the crown chakra and increase your spiritual strength. Amazingly, it also aligns the solar plexus chakra and heals your heart chakra. 

11. Green Sapphire

Color: Olive to minty green

Symbolizes: Love, protection, and wealth

Green Sapphire is rare for its type but still affordable compared to other colored Sapphires. Besides, these green gems are calming and strengthen your spiritual vision. These crystals have a significant impact on the heart chakra, so they fortify your love and compassion. Moreover, the crystal energy reminds you to honor fidelity, trust, and relations in your life. Green Sapphire has long been used as an amulet for protection and abundance.

12. Chrysoberyl

Color: Gorgeous yellow-green with gold

Symbolizes: Generosity, optimism, and a new beginning

Following the green gemstones chart, the next crystal is Chrysoberyl. It’s a protective stone that keeps the negativity at bay. Furthermore, the crystal bolsters the solar plexus and the crown chakra. The wearer feels an instant increase in energy, creativity, and spiritual power. Compassion, tolerance, and optimism are its other bright aspects.

13. Green Zircon

Color: Yellowish green to deep olive green

Symbolizes: Prosperity, happiness, and spiritual protection

Zircon enjoys high popularity due to its close resemblance to diamonds. But the best thing is this green stone heals all the body chakras. Crystal healers believe that it alleviates all body pains, especially menstrual problems.

Moreover, if you feel stressed and strained out, Green Zircon is something that can surely help. Metaphysically, Zircon is believed to cure insomnia and nightmares. Besides cleansing your auras, the gem also develops psychic intuition. 

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14. Green Smithsonite

Color: Mint to seafoam green

Symbolizes: Clairvoyance, clarity, and soothing  

Green Smithsonite has a magnificent sparkle that sets it apart from all the other green crystals. Moreover, crystal healers believe that wearing it in any form strengthens the immune system. With its powerful healing vibrations, the crystal heals your heart and crown chakra.

Wear or meditate with the crystal for boosting your psychic abilities and divine love. Furthermore, if you deal with specific emotional issues or want to be more compassionate, you can never go wrong with a Green Smithsonite.

15. Green Andalusite

Color: Brownish green exhibiting pleochroism.

Symbolizes: Motivation, Protection, and Love

Next in the green stone names list is Green Andalusite. Furthermore, it is one of the most beautiful gemstones you will ever see that changes colors at angles. It’s a protective stone that wards off evil and dispels negativity surrounding you. Feel lightened and supercharged, and let Andalusite take care of your anxiety. Another name for the crystal is the “Seeing stone,” as it helps in self-realization without a hint of bias or prejudice.

16. Green Labradorite

Color: Green aurora having greyish golden patterns

Symbolizes: Mysticism, Transformation, and Peace

Green Labradorite enjoys some other names like the “Stone of Transformation” and the “Stone of courage” obviously due to its properties. Furthermore, the stone taps into your world of creativity and higher consciousness.

The crystal has praiseworthy healing benefits for the Throat and the Third eye chakra. Moreover, this gem amplifies your artistic passion, cosmic energy, mental clarity, and gratitude. 

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17. Peridot

Color: Fresh and vivid yellowish-green

Symbolizes: Purification, Renewal, and Intuition

These green semi-precious stones are the jewels of Volcanic eruption. Peridot is the August birthstone exceptionally amazing in neutralizing toxins, either physical or psychic. Besides, it cleanses feelings like envy, bitterness, rudeness, hatred, and spite.

For persons with Bipolar disorders, nothing can be as miraculous as Peridot. Moreover, it helps heal the solar plexus and heart chakra. Hence, the wearer feels motivated, confident, and optimistic in life.

18. Green Idocrase

Color: Translucent green with dark-colored patterns

Symbolizes: Serenity, confidence, and higher self.

The next Stone in the green gemstones identification is Idocrase or Vesuvianite. This beautiful gemstone is often confused with Jade. Furthermore, it’s a powerful healing stone that promotes growth, harmony, and peace.

It’s exclusively a mind crystal that helps overcome negative thoughts, enhances creativity, and urges you to discover your passion. Moreover, it’s also a calming stone that helps alleviate depression and anxiety. 

19. Green Pearl

Color: From olive to bright green

Symbolizes: Purity, Tranquility, and Wisdom

Following the green gemstones chart, next is Green Pearl. You may have heard of green pearls as the “Stone of Serenity.” Furthermore, the Stone helps you better focus your intentions and motivate you for life goals.

Pearls improve your skin condition and release exhaustion. Besides, crystal healers believe it eases childbirth and fertility issues.

20. Green Sunstone

Color: Radiant green in all shapes

Symbolizes: Fortune, Sensuality, and Strength

Other names: Joyful Stone, Stone of leadership, Abundance stone

In all the green semi-precious stones, sunstone stands out due to its miraculous healing benefits. Just like its name, sunstone is inspiring and reminds you to enjoy the true bliss of life. Moreover, the wearer feels enhanced freedom, self-awareness, and power.

Just like light, the crystal brings happiness, warmth, strength, and clarity to your relationships. Besides, it’s a stone of abundance that attracts fame, wealth, and prosperity to your fate.

21. Green Moldavite

Color: Olive green to bottle green

Symbolizes: Intuition, transformation, and love.

The next in our top green stone names list is Moldavite. It’s a sacred stone that helps you feel grounded by buttressing your root chakra. Besides, it’s a stone for those who want to step into higher consciousness and self-love. It’s a popular talisman for luck, love, and compassion.

Moldavite is your best friend while you struggle with some emotional trauma or a difficult phase. Moldavite necklace is popular among teenagers for it improves memory, helps concentrate better, and develops confidence.

22. Green Turquoise

Color: Lime green with dark, intricate patterns

Symbolizes: Communication, Protection, and Intuition

Turquoise, one of the oldest healing tools known, is the next on the green gemstones’ names list. Green Turquoise is the prettiest and is found exclusively in the Tibetan mountains. Moreover, the green turquoise magically heals and aligns the Heart, Throat, and third eye chakra. Furthermore, green turquoise is a deep-cleansing gemstone that will cleanse your auras from all the negativity and ill powers. But the best thing is green turquoise is an excellent gemstone for those dealing with communication problems as it helps you better express yourself. 

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Green and glowing and yet the most beautiful, these qualities best describe the above gems. Every gem is unique but still gorgeously displays different physical and metaphysical properties. But one thing that’s collectively common about all these green gemstones names is they all heal your heart chakra.

Furthermore, if you are a beginner and do not know much about crystal healing, a green gemstone is your go-to crystal. So, you can wear, meditate or benefit from these amazing crystals if you want a refreshing new start in life. Lastly, the green gems are the best of both worlds for those who believe in the goodness of nature.

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