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Asana Crystals is a crystal shop that was founded in 2015. When shopping for crystals, the founders of Asana Crystals found many fake gems, dyed glass, and unethically mined stones. 


The founders personally worked with these kinds of crystals and felt something wrong – they had no energy or sometimes they were packed with negative energy and pain from others. 


They understood that the reason their healing practices weren’t working was not because of the crystals but how they were sourced. So they decided to start their own crystal shop by healers for healers.


Asana Crystals is a USA company that specializes in fine crystal jewelry and accessories. We offer customers only authentic crystals, ethically mined and sourced on every level. Our main goal is to connect with artisans on a human level – to understand their culture and the idea behind each piece of jewelry. We are also focused on doing crystal research and collaborating with many spiritual gurus about how to use crystals for meditation or just for daily living. 


Our product specialties include:




Metaphysical Supplies

Starting from 2019 we offer wholesale crystals too


Our subject specialties: 






Crystals & gemstones




We have the following locations: 


New York



Asana Crystals offers excellent customer service – we understand that the crystal community is a special community of people who need not only products but guidance as well as new techniques to help them heal themselves from within through self-love and wisdom.



One of our founders Zeyn is a well-known spiritual writer and researcher working on metaphysics and spirituality for over 15 years, 7 published books on the subject, and many awards. Education: BSU, Harvard specifically Spiritual Studies | Published Books | Founder Mentions: SXSW Austin Chronicle

Was a guest on Metaphysical, Esoteric and Spirituality subjects in many podcasts, tv channels, magazines and newspapers. 


Semi Finalist: Austinrevolution.com

Semi Finalist: Sacramentofilmfestival.com

Semi Finalist Lacinefest.org

Asana Social Media Business Pages: 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/asana_crystals/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/healingcrystalshop/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/healingcrystalshop/

Second website: www.asana.shop


Our company was mentioned in well-known media like a market watch and many others.


Contributions to the Crystal Industry


We also contribute by creating original meditation Music and binaural beats for crystal charging. 


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