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September Birthstone

September is known for its beautiful birthstone; it’s also one of the only months that has one birthstone to represent it. What is the September birthstone, you ask? Sapphire takes the spotlight in the month of September! This stone has been loved and appreciated for thousands of years. Deriving from the Greek work sappeiros, Sapphire has been long been recognized as a symbol of royalty and nobility. Keep reading to learn the rich history and fun facts about this beloved birthstone. 

What Color is the September Birthstone?

The September birthstone color is a deep and rich royal blue. Sapphire can technically come in other shades such as red, orange, yellow, and green. These various shades can take on their own names though. For example, Sapphire is a variety of the mineral corundum, and so is the July birthstone, Ruby. So, although Sapphire and Ruby are made of the same mineral, but different colors, they take on their own name. 

The mineral corundum in pure form is colorless. It gets its blue or red hues from trace elements such as iron, nickel, or copper. 

Going back to the Ancient Greek time, due to the blue hue of the September birthstone color, people often associated this stone to the eye, which can be linked to our “third eye”, a Chakra known for the ability to increase our intuition and psychic abilities. The idea that Sapphire is linked to the eyes carried on well into the Middle Ages. 

Where Can Sapphire be Found? 

The September birthstone, Sapphire, can be found in a variety of regions. One of the first places it was discovered was Kashmir around 1881. During this time, a landslide in the Himalayas exposed a pocket of these beautiful blue stones. The next few years thousands of these precious Sapphire crystals were recovered. For many years, Kashmir, held the reputation of producing fine pieces of Sapphire, but in recent years the production from Kashmir has been sporadic.

Sri Lanka and Myanmar are also important sources for the September birthstone. Sri Lanka in particular has been a source for Sapphire for about 2,000 years. Sapphire can also be found in places such as the United States, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, and other countries in Africa and Asia. 

Sapphire and Historical Figures 

As mentioned above, Sapphire, throughout history has been known for its connection to royalty. It represents nobility, integrity, and loyalty. We have seen many important and well-known people throughout history wearing Sapphire.

One of the most well-known individuals would have to be Princess Diana’s and her Sapphire engagement ring. After the Princess’s tragic death, her children, Harry, and William, were able to choose one of her pieces from her personal collection of jewelry. Harry went on to choose the September birthstone ring, William choosing a watch. The Sapphire ring eventually made its way to William back in 2010 when he decided to ask current Duchess, Kate, to marry him. It has been reported that Princess Diana chose the Sapphire ring because it was something that was available to everyone. 

Another fun story includes someone we are all probably familiar with. JP Morgan, the very wealthy banker, had a gemmologist put a stunning collection of jewels together for an exposition in the 1900’s. One of the jewels he included was the infamous Star of India, a 563 Carat Sapphire, which is one of the largest that was ever discovered. After the event JP Morgan donated it to the American Museum of Natural History. In 1964, a group decided to steal the Star of India from the museum. The authorities eventually found the group a few days later, and lucky they did. The Star of India was uninsured and would be worth $3 million today. 

Sapphire Myths and Legends 

Throughout history, there have been different cultures who have associated their own meaning to the September birthstone. Going back to the middle ages, despite Sapphire being used for protection of the eyes, it also was believed that Sapphire could protect people from treason, fraud, and even physical ailments such as fever or the plague. 

Buddhists and Hindu’s also see the value in Sapphire. Buddhists believed that Sapphire would bring them spiritual enlightenment. In Hindu tradition it is said that Sapphire would bring the person wearing it closer to Saturn- a planet that represents power and decision making. Also, a Hindu legend states that there is a divine tree that has roots made of Sapphire and fruits made of Ruby, and it has the power to make wishes come true. 

Another legend in history we can find the September birthstone is in the bible. According to scripture, the breastplate of Aaron held 12 precious stones, Sapphire being one of them. This is up for debate between historians due to Sapphire also being confused with Lapis Lazuli during those times, but most sources will say that it is indeed Sapphire found in Aaron’s breastplate.

Referring to the point we made earlier, Sapphire was widely known to cure eye ailments leading up to the middle ages. This originated from an Ancient Egyptian remedy that included using Sapphire to make an eyewash that was said to heal certain conditions. Charles V was known to wear a September birthstone ring that he used to touch people’s eyes and cure them of various diseases. 

It’s no secret that Sapphire has been a prized stone throughout different cultures, religions, and various points in history. From ancient civilizations to modern kings and queens, Sapphire is a stone that holds an elegant and noble ambiance.

The Star Sapphire 

If you thought regular Sapphire was beautiful, there’s also a variation called Star Sapphire- it’s worth more and is visually stunning. Within the gem there is an inclusion that looks like a star, these gems are rare and hard to find. 

The Star Sapphire was found by Sir Francis Burton, a British scholar and solider, known for his knowledge of different cultures and languages. Sir Francis saw the Star Sapphire as something that brought him good luck, so he brought it with him on his travels. The fame of the Star Sapphire preceded him, and he was well known in his travels. People even though that by just looking at Sir Francis Burton that it would bring him good luck. Maybe it was the stone causing him good fortune or maybe not, but Sir Francis got special treatment and extra favors just for letting people look at his Sapphire stone. 

Sapphire Stone Care | Mohs Scale of Hardness 

The September birthstone is a highly durable gemstone. The Mohs hardness scale is a way that the gemstone community uses to identify minerals. The Mohs scale ranges from 1-10, 1 being a soft mineral, and 10 being a hard mineral. The higher up on the scale, the less resistant it is to scratching and overall normal wear and tear. For example, Talc is the softest mineral on the scale. This means it is able to be scratched easily and probably isn’t all that durable- especially for jewelry. 

Sapphire on the other hand is a 9 on the hardness scale, right underneath Diamond, which is the hardest mineral. This means that Sapphire is extremely durable and scratch-resistant to most minerals. Since Diamond is higher on the scale than Sapphire this means Diamond can still scratch the September birthstone. Don’t let that worry you though, Sapphire is still a great stone for daily wear. You can sport a beautiful September birthstone necklace or ring, and not worry about it being damaged!

Crystal and gemstone jewelry is easy to clean, especially when you have a tough stone-like Sapphire. All you need is warm soapy water! You may also use a professional jewelry cleaner but be sure that your stone isn’t heat-treated or you may ruin the color of your stone.

How to Know if My September Birthstone is Heat-Treated or Dyed? 

Unfortunately, in the gemstone community, we run into unfair sellers who will mislabel their pieces. Sapphire is a fairly common stone and usually inexpensive unless you get into the higher carat and more rare specimens. A heat-treated Sapphire is typically accepted in the trade since heat treatment is only used to increase clarity and improve color. Heat treatment is permanent and usually doesn’t affect the overall quality of the stone.

What you do have to look out for is dyed Sapphire or fracture-filled Sapphire. Both of these can result in damage if not cared for properly. A dyed Sapphire isn’t permanent, and something as acidic as lemon juice would easily be able to damage the stone. To the standard consumer’s eye, it’s often hard to tell when a stone has been treated. It’s important to buy from a reputable seller that can tell you things like the country or origin or whether it’s been treated. 

A word of advice- if the price seems too good to be true it probably is. If you see a piece of Sapphire for a crazy low price, you can test if it’s dyed by putting a small amount of acetone on a q-tip and rub it on the stone. If blue dye comes off on your q-tip you may very well have a fake piece of Sapphire. 

Are There Any Spiritual Benefits to Sapphire? 

Sapphire, like all gemstones and crystals, have amazing benefits for our spiritual energy. We’ve already mentioned that Sapphire is good luck and fortune. Sapphire is also known for its ability to ward of unwanted thoughts and energies. It releases mental tension and is great to use if you find yourself in a period where you feel stuck or unmotivated. 

If you’re looking to attract more abundance into your life then look no further, Sapphire is the perfect stone. Maybe that’s why kings and queens have cherished it for all these years! Use Sapphire next time you sit down to journal or create a vision board- it will help bring those manifestations in a lot faster. 

Blue Sapphire specifically is great for exercising our Third Eye. This Chakra is the key to unlock our physic and intuitive abilities. The color blue is also associated with creativity, communication, and expressing your truth. If you have issues in any of these areas then Sapphire may be worth checking out! 

How Do I Tap into the Spiritual Benefits of Sapphire? 

Stones and Crystals hold a high vibration that we humans can learn to attune ourselves to. Each crystal has its own special meaning and benefits. There are crystals for basically every type of issue we face, anything from physical ailments to spiritual and mental issues, there’s a stone that can help. 

We tap into this powerful energy through different means. We can do it through meditation, simply wearing the stone, or by leaving it in high traffic areas like our front door or bedroom windows. For a stone such as Sapphire, you may be able to tap into the energy easier by wearing it as a piece of jewelry. While wearing it as a necklace or ring, you can then program it to use during your meditation practice. 

How Do I Tap into the Spiritual Benefits of Sapphire? 

Stones and Crystals hold a high vibration that we humans can learn to attune ourselves to. Each crystal has its own special meaning and benefits. There are crystals for basically every type of issue we face, anything from physical ailments to spiritual and mental issues, there’s a stone that can help. 

We tap into this powerful energy through different means. We can do it through meditation, simply wearing the stone, or by leaving it in high traffic areas like our front door or bedroom windows. For a stone such as Sapphire, you may be able to tap into the energy easier by wearing it as a piece of jewelry. While wearing it as a necklace or ring, you can then program it to use during your meditation practice. 

Sapphire isn’t technically a protection stone, so putting it by doors and windows may not work for this specific stone. Protective stones such as Tourmaline or Obsidian are better used for this method because they are protection stones. 

If you’re worried that you can’t wear or purchase Sapphire because it’s not your birthstone- don’t be! The beauty of birthstones is that they can be loved and appreciated by anyone. If you feel called to the September birthstone, there is no rule from stopping you from wearing it! 

Final Thoughts 

The month of September has a special birthstone- Sapphire. It has long been loved and adored throughout history. From ancient civilizations to kings and queens, Sapphire is a stone that represents royalty, nobility, and peace. Everyone who comes across it’s deep blue color can’t help but be mesmerized by it. 

Whether you are a September baby or not- Sapphire is a gorgeous gemstone that looks good on anybody and can bring good fortune to its wearer. 

The month of October has two unique birthstones- Opal and Tourmaline. Opal is the traditional birthstone for the month of October. Tourmaline is considered the modern birthstone. Both October birthstones can be found in a vast array of colors. Opal is known for its rainbow hues and is a beautiful addition to birthstone jewelry. Tourmaline is the newer addition to the birthstone family, and can be found in colors anywhere from pinks, greens, and the most common, black tourmaline. These October gemstones each have their own traits and rich history. Keep reading to learn something new about the October birthstone!

The October Birthstone– Why Does the 10th Month Have Two? 

The National Association of Jewelers curated a list of gemstones for each month back in 1952. Originally, October, was assigned the Opal birthstone. In recent years, this list was updated to cater to the changes in modern style and the availability of each stone. For October, Opal was seen as feminine, and the durability of the Opal birthstone was put into question. The association decided to include Tourmaline to represent the month of October, specifically Pink Tourmaline. This is how October went on to have two birthstones, Opal and Tourmaline. 

Fun Facts and History of the Opal Birthstone

The October birthstone, Opal, is a popular gemstone because of its unique colors and characteristics. Many people in the gemstone community believe Opal is formed from rain trapped in rocks. When rain becomes trapped in the rock, crystalline silica travels downwards where eventually it dries up, creating the lustrous Opal birthstone that we see.

 This October birthstone originated in India, where in Sanskrit, it is called Upala or in English, “precious stone”. Since then, this October stone has been appreciated throughout history. The Ancient Greeks viewed Opal as holding the gift of prophecy and could be used for protection against disease. The Greeks also had a name for Opal, opallios, which means “to see a change in color”. The Europeans saw Opal as a symbol of hope and purity. Similar to the Ancient Romans who saw Opal as a symbol of hope and love. 

Later in the 1960’s Opal was put into two different categories, precious Opals and common Opals. The difference being whether a piece of Opal had a “play-on-color” which is when the gemstone is composed of microscopic inclusions of silica spheres causing light to refract and display various colors of the rainbow. A common Opal will not have these inclusions whereas a precious Opal will. 

Where is the October Birthstone Mined?

The Opal birthstone can be found in many different countries. Australia is the main source for the October gemstone, but it can also be found in Mexico, Ethiopia, and Brazil. Smaller deposits of Opal are found in places such as Peru, Madagascar, Turkey, Indonesia, and the United States.

Tourmaline, specifically pink tourmaline that represents the official October birthstone color, can be found in places such as the United States, Nigeria, Brazil, Namibia, and Afghanistan. Fine quality Pink Tourmaline that is translucent and rich in pink color is a rarity. There are some pieces of Pink Tourmaline that have similar clarity as a diamond!

What is the Official October Birthstone Color?

Opal and Tourmaline are the official October birthstone, but between these two stones they vary in color. While pink is said to be the official October birthstone color, both Tourmaline and Opal can be found in an array of different colors. Pink Opal is said to be relatively rare. White Opal being the most common. The same goes for Pink Tourmaline. It’s certainly not the most common hue of Tourmaline, but it is the official October birthstone color.

By the National Association of Jewelers, it’s been decided that Opal, no matter the hue, and Pink Tourmaline specifically are the October stone colors.

Give the Gift of October Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry is a common and personable way to show someone you care. The official October birthstone is Opal or Tourmaline, which gives you a wide variety of options to choose from. From October birthstone rings to October birthstone necklaces, there is surely something to suit anyone’s desires. While the October birthstone is Opal or Tourmaline, keep in mind that pink is the October birthstone color.

October Birthstone Rings

An Opal birthstone ring is a beautiful way to show someone you care. Opal is a versatile gemstone that can look good in any setting. Whether the person you’re buying for likes silver, gold or even rose gold, this October birthstone ring will deliver. One thing to consider when purchasing an Opal birthstone ring is the durability of the stone. Opal has a low durability score- it falls between fair and poor. Be sure to treat your October birthstone rings with the best care. If you’re looking for something a bit more durable that still has the October birthstone color, then try finding a ring that has the October birthstone Tourmaline instead of Opal.

As mentioned above there are cuts of Pink Tourmaline that have similar clarity as a real diamond. Tourmaline is also a lot more durable than the Opal birthstone, making Tourmaline the perfect stone for an October birthstone ring.

October Birthstone Necklace

If the person you’re buying for isn’t into rings, consider looking into getting an October birthstone necklace for their special day. The Opal birthstone would look stunning as a simple pendant or even included in a necklace that has diamond inclusions. You can take your gift one step further and purchase an October birthstone necklace to match an October birthstone ring. You can mix and match by having a Pink Tourmaline ring and an Opal birthstone necklace. The possibilities are truly endless!

October Birthstone Bracelet

To top off our list of October birthstone gifts, you also have the option to purchase a bracelet with the October birthstone color. Your bracelet can match the October birthstone necklace or October birthstone ring, but of course, it doesn’t have to.

Add in some healing crystals to make your gift extra special!

October Birthstone Jewelry Care

It’s important to take good care of your October birthstone rings, necklaces, and bracelets. This ensures that your precious gemstones stand the test of time, especially if you decide to go with Opal in your October birthstone necklaces or other pieces of jewelry.

To ensure you do not damage these precious gemstones, soapy water is the best way to cleanse your precious gemstones. Keep in mind that prolonged exposure to water can weaken the stone over time, so be sure to keep your cleaning sessions to a minimum.

If you decide to go with Opal in your October birthstone rings, it’s important to remember that Opal is a soft stone. This means that harder stones such as Diamond or Emerald can easily scratch the surface, damaging the Opal gemstone. Keep your October birthstone jewelry away from other pieces, especially if they include harder stones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Benefits of Opal and Tourmaline?

As avid crystal lovers, we know there are special benefits to each crystal that we use. Having Opal or Tourmaline included in your October birthstone necklaces are not only a way to symbolize your birth month, it’s a way to bring more positive energy into your aura. Opal specifically is great for enhancing creativity and improving our memory. It can also help us find our self-worth, bringing more happiness into our lives.

Tourmaline on the other hand has many different benefits for us, each color of Tourmaline having a unique benefit. For example, Black Tourmaline is known for its ability to rid of negativity from our space, and it’s a highly protective stone. If you’re looking for the benefits for the Pink Tourmaline, the official October birthstone color, this stone will help bring more love and compassion into your life.

What are Other Great Gifts for Crystal Lovers?

If an October birthstone necklace doesn’t sound enticing or maybe you already have one, look into getting an evil eye necklace! These necklaces are a great addition to any crystal lovers collection because they protect our space from energy vampires or any other negative energy that can invade our space. You can also find evil eye necklaces that are paired with other crystals making this the perfect gift. You may even be able to find an October birthstone necklace that has the evil eye symbol on it.

If a necklace doesn’t suit your needs at all then you may enjoy using a crystal water bottle. These water bottles are amazing because you can program the crystal with any intention before drinking your water. Water is the best conductor for energy, and it can help manifest whatever it is you want to bring into your life. Be sure that the water bottles you purchase are used with water-safe crystals. Any crystal that ends with “ite” is more than likely toxic when mixed with water.

How Do I Manifest More Abundance into My Life?

Aside from using the crystal water bottles to set intentions, another great way to attract all that you desire is through a vision board! A vision board is essentially a way to put all your wishes, dreams, and aspirations out there in a more visual way. You can have your vision board in your room to look at every morning or put it in your office to give you that extra push of motivation to work towards the things you have put on your board. You can include anything from your dream house, perfect job, or even what your perfect relationship looks like! Manifesting abundance doesn’t have to be in the form of money, it can be an abundance of love, friendship, and happiness.

What Are Different Ways to Tap into the Energy of Crystals/Gemstones?

When using crystals for things such as anxiety, creativity, or protection, we must program them to be able to work with our energy in this way. One way to tap into the energy of crystals to program them to our specific needs is through meditation. Meditating with crystals not only enhances our meditation practice, it’s a simple way to tell the crystals what we need them for. In meditation, you can hold the stone in your hand or put it on your altar, and simply repeat your intention for the stone in your head or out loud.

Another way to tap into the energy of crystals is by wearing them as a piece of jewelry. Take an October birthstone necklace for example. Both Opal and Tourmaline hold healing energy. What better way to constantly be surrounded by that positive energy than with a piece of crystal jewelry! Wearing crystal or gemstone jewelry is by far the easiest way to tap into the energy of these precious stones. You can program the stone before putting it on and that’s it! From then on all you have to do is wear the piece of crystal jewelry to harness it’s natural healing properties.

It’s important to program each stone you wish to use. When you first start working with the energy of crystals you should work with a crystal one at a time. You can easily get overwhelmed by the hundreds of variations of gemstones and all of their meanings. By working with one stone at a time you can fully embrace its healing benefits and learn about the stone without feeling overwhelmed.

Are There any Crystals that are Good for Anxiety?

There are plenty of crystals for anxiety! We all experience the stressors of life from time to time, and they can weigh heavily on us. Using the energy of crystals as a way to regulate your anxiety is a common and natural approach. Crystals such as Amethyst, Citrine, Black Tourmaline, and Fluorite are all known to alleviate anxiety and stress. Of course, there is an entire list of crystals that have the power to help us through even the worst of anxiety attacks, but these are the most common that are easy to find. 

The month of November is a time of warm fall colors, cozy nights by the fire, and of course, the last month before winter rolls around. This month has two beautiful birthstones to represent it, both of which are common and affordable. They embody the fall colors perfectly, and both stones have a rich history. Curious as to what the November birthstones are? Let’s dive in and find out!

What is the Birthstone for November?

November has two birthstones to represent the month, they are Topaz and Citrine. These birthstones are easy to find and are found in a multitude of colors. Topaz is commonly found in hues such as yellow, orange, brown, pink, and red. On the other hand, Citrine, is typically only found in yellow, and orange-brownish colors. 

Even though both stones vary in hues, what is the official November birthstone color? Between Topaz and Citrine, they both share a golden yellow-orange color. This yellow hue officially represents the November birthstone, but in all reality you can choose any color Topaz or Citrine that calls to you. 

Topaz History and Meaning 

The November birthstone, Topaz, derives from the Greek word Topazios. This stone has been misunderstood and mislabeled numerous times throughout history. One of the first instances happened on the small island Topazios, which is in the Red Sea. Historians speculate that the stone that ancient explorers found at the small island was actually Peridot, not Topaz. This is not the only time that Topaz was confused for another stone. 

In the 1700’s, a large 1,680 carat “diamond” was discovered, and was the biggest one ever found at that point in history. This “diamond” exuded royal energy and was set in the Portuguese crown as an expression of the wealth and power of the ruler. I’m sure you can guess where this story is headed! 

That large “diamond” was shortly exposed as being a fake and was identified as a colorless piece of Topaz. Nevertheless, the Portuguese crown went unchanged, and still displays the Topaz to this day. 

One thing about the November birthstone that remains the same throughout history are the healing benefits the stone holds. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks had different uses for them, though. 

The Egyptians linked the golden yellow hues of Topaz to the sun god, named Ra. They viewed the stone as a means of protection. The Ancient Greeks didn’t necessarily believe in the sun god, but they too viewed Topaz as a protector. An ancient myth is that Topaz was used to detect poison in food or drinks. It was said that if the stone were near anything that had been tampered with, it would change color which would then alert the stones user of potential danger. 

Today, we still view Topaz as a healing stone. The November birthstone is said to protect us against sickness; it may even help us get a good night of sleep. Along with its ability to protect, it also symbolizes love and affection. People also enjoy Topaz because of its link with good fortune and high self-esteem. 

 Topaz can also be linked to different chakras, or energy centers within our body. The chakra associated with the stone largely depends on which color of Topaz you choose. For the November birthstone color, yellow, the chakra associated is the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakra. These chakras work with our creativity, wisdom, and power. If you choose a different variation such as Blue Topaz, then it is linked to the Throat chakra. 

Where is Topaz Found? 

The November birthstone, Topaz, is found in select countries. The largest source of high-quality Topaz is in Minas Gerais, Brazil, which has been actively mined there for over two centuries! Variations of yellow, orange, red, pink, and violet are said to be found in this area. 

Brazil is not the only place this mineral is found, Pakistan also is known for mining Pink Topaz, which is quite rare. The November birthstone can also be found in places such as the United States, Nigeria, Madagascar, and Mexico to name a few. 

Citrine Meaning and History 

Citrine belongs to the Quartz family and can sometimes be disguised as heat-treated Amethyst. Pure Citrine can be hard to find, and it also is on the more expensive side. Heat-treated Amethyst looks exactly like Citrine and holds the same healing properties. The average consumer often doesn’t know the difference, and it’s worth mentioning that your crystal seller isn’t selling you a “fake”. 

Pure Citrine is often a pale-yellow color, whereas heat-treated Amethyst is white on the bottom and dark orange-brown on top. Crystal clusters are most often heat-treated, whereas small pieces of Citrine are more often pure. This means most Citrine rings are the real deal. Sometimes you do run into Smokey Quartz being heat treated to mimic the golden orange of Citrine, but again, they hold the same properties because they all belong to the Quartz family. 

If you want to know whether you have a piece of heat-treated Citrine, your jeweler or crystal seller should be able to provide you that information. The good thing about buying heat-treated Citrine is that it’s readily available and a more affordable option!

Citrine has a similar history to Topaz, mainly due to them both having a golden yellow hue. Citrine was also thought to be a protective stone against poison along with snake venom. There are some historians that say the Ancient Romans wore Amethyst rings with the mix of Citrine. They did this to harness the healing properties of the November birthstone.

The healing properties of Citrine are not much different than they are of Topaz. They are both stones of protection, and the golden yellow hue is associated with happiness and joy. Citrine will also spark that extra bit of creativity that you need and brings its user optimism when they need it most. 

Where is Citrine Found?

Like we mentioned before there are two variations of Citrine, heat-treated and pure. Most all Citrine on the market now is heat-treated Amethyst or Smokey Quartz in place of pure Citrine. They all belong to the Quartz family, so anywhere Quartz is mined, Citrine is too. 

Pure Citrine is only found in a few select places. Citrine that is not heat-treated, which means its naturally occurring, can be found in the mountains of Russia or Madagascar. Heat-treated minerals to mimic Citrine are typically found in Brazil. Brazil is one of the top places for top-quality Quartz and Amethyst. 

There is a unique specimen that combines the November birthstone and Amethyst called “Ametrine”. This is a mix of pure Citrine and Amethyst that naturally occurs together. These pieces can be quite rare and is typically found in Bolivia. 

Topaz and Citrine Hardness & Stone Care

Let’s start by determining where Citrine and Topaz are on the Moh’s hardness scale. This scale is the determining factor of a stone durability in relation to other stones. 

Topaz is an 8 on the Moh’s scale, so in relation to diamond, which is the highest on the scale, it should be able to withstand normal wear and tear. Although, it is higher on the mineral scale, Topaz should be treated with the utmost care. This stone is prone to cracking or chipping if the user isn’t careful. 

Topaz should only be cleaned with warm soapy water. Never allow your Topaz to be cleaned by an ultra-sonic machine, this method of cleaning can negativity affect the integrity of the stone. Too much heat can cause Topaz to have breaks in the stone. Also, too much exposure to sunlight can cause fading in Topaz, especially the yellow-orange hues. 

 Citrine on the other hand is a 7 on the Moh’s hardness scale. The same goes for any heat-treated Quartz made to resemble Citrine, they are all the same on the mineral hardness scale. Even though Citrine is higher on the scale, it is a tougher stone in relation to Topaz. It can be cleaned by most methods, the only thing to look out for is excessive heat. Too much heat when cleaning your Citrine can crack it or mess with the overall look of the stone. 

November birthstone Jewelry. 

What better way to showcase your November birthstone than with a dazzling piece of jewelry. Both Topaz and Citrine are durable stones, meaning they can easily be wore in a necklace, ring, or bracelet. 

Topaz comes in a multitude of colors, so if you are not exactly sold on the yellow hue variety, you can easily find a color of Topaz that suits your needs. Keep in mind that Blue Topaz is technically the birthstone for December, but at the end of the day it is whatever makes you happy. 

November birthstone rings are one of the best gifts to show off your stone. The best thing about having two birthstones to represent the month is the fact they can match anyone’s personal style. Both Topaz and Citrine would look beautiful in gold settings due to the already golden yellow hue. You can find these birthstone rings with inclusions of diamonds to give it that extra pop. 

If a November birthstone ring isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other jewelry options. There are also bracelets, anklets, and necklaces to choose from. Both men and women can easily find an option that meets their specific needs. 

November Birthstone Myths and Legends 

Chinese legend states that Citrine is the “Stone of Success”, and it should only be given to those who are generous. This is because Citrine was deeply valued by Chinese emperors for its ability to broaden the mind and deepen intellectual insight. Today, Citrine is still highly valued in China, and sometimes you can spot a piece of this stone when students are taking exams or listening to lectures. 

 A fun legend about Topaz comes from the 12th century. During this it was said that Topaz could produce its own light due to it being closely connected to the sun. Roman Catholic Saint Hildegard claimed to read scripture in the dark, the only light was from his Topaz. 

Citrine is connected to two deities in ancient mythology. The first deity being the Greek goddess of harvest, Demeter, known for being associated with productivity. The second deity is an Egyptian goddess, Sekhmet, who is associated with power. There are many instances of deities, rulers, emperors, and other royalty using Citrine for its power and ability to accumulate abundance. 

Fun Facts about the November Birthstone 

  • Due to yellow Topaz and Citrine being so similar in looks, they have been confused as one another throughout history. 
  • Scottish Warriors inlaid Citrine into their swords, daggers, and other weapons. 
  • Topaz sometimes can be highly radioactive. In the US, all Topaz is tested before it is sold for this reason. If you plan on buying Topaz outside of the States be sure its tested or have it tested yourself. 
  • Quartz, the family of minerals that Citrine belongs to, is the second-most abundant mineral in the world. Feldspar is the number one on that list. 
  • Citrine, or any type of Quartz can be used in crystal water bottles! Strengthen your manifesting game by amplifying your intentions with these powerful stones. 
  • The rarest type of Topaz is known as “Imperial Topaz”. This variation is a reddish-orange Topaz featuring pink undertones. 
  • Citrine is also referred to as the “Merchants Stone”, because of its connection with wealth. Storeowners keep it by their cash register to enhance their sales and profits. 

Final Thoughts on Topaz and Citrine 

Citrine and Topaz are beautiful stones that anyone, including those born outside of November, can enjoy. They embody the energy of power and happiness while protecting its user. If you ever feel stuck during a test or find it hard to concentrate on studying, these stones are perfect to get the mind flowing again. 

With proper care and love, you can enjoy the benefits of your Topaz or Citrine stone for many years to come. 

If you are looking for the perfect birthstone ring for February Amethyst is the best choice. Why Amethyst ring? First of all, is in the same family as citrine and in some ways, it might be better than citrine. We will give you reasons to choose amethyst instead of other birthstones, but before we start with February ring styles let’s talk abo…

February Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most popular stones for engagement rings. You can find a lot of different variations such as February Amethyst Engagement Rings, December Blue Topaz Rings, January Garnet Engagement Ring, April Alexandrite Rings and May Emerald Ring.

March Aquamarine Ring

When we talk about Aquamarine then we think about the March ring. We must say that aquamarine and diamond look superb together and that combination makes a unique March ring .

April Alexandrite Rings

When we talk about exquisite gemstones then the first thing that comes to mind is April’s alexandrite ring. It has a rich history and it is associated with mystery. There are many different opinions on why this stone was named after Alexander The Great, but an interesting version is that he was the one who discovered the beauty of this incredible gemstone.

July Ruby Rings

Ruby has been known as a romantic stone since ancient times. July ruby rings have deep-red color which symbolizes love, passion, and dramatic relationships. In ancient Rome, they believed that there were two types of rubies – red for those who wanted love from their partners and white ones those who wanted respect from their loved ones or those who didn’t want anything at all.

Opal is a type of gemstone that is said to be the most mysterious and enchanting one, and its birthstone engagement rings are thought to reflect your personality and unique characteristics. Some say that this stone was created from fire when lightning struck a special kind of rock called Opalus giving us beautiful pieces which have been considered as “a gift from the Gods.”

November Birthstones Rings

Sapphire is a very famous gemstone, especially because it symbolizes sincerity, faithfulness and loyalty. It has been associated with the Greek Goddess of wisdom – Athena – for many centuries now. Those who wear sapphire believe in truthfulness therefore this gem represents trustworthiness and strength of character, however some people.

December Birthstones Rings

Aquamarine is the birthstone for both December and February. It can be said, that this gem unites these two months together because it glows with the purity of heart and mind just like the perfect love of December. Some people call aquamarine “water sapphire” because of its blue-green color which reminds of sea waves brushing against the …

January Birthstones Rings

The January birthstone is Garnet, uniting love and passion in one stone. The legend claims that this gem helps to unite lovers’ hearts forever, so if you want to get engaged Garnet will help you do so successfully… But not only! This gem also represents trustworthiness and reliability which are key elements in any solid and lasting relationship.

September Birthstones Rings

The gem for the ninth month is Peridot, a precious gemstone that can be green, yellow or brown depending on the iron and magnesium content it contains. It symbolizes happiness and fertility (many women that get married choose to wear Peridot rings for this reason). If you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary then get this stone as a gift! Your spouse will love it.

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