Black Onyx Ring 

Introduction to Onyx Rings

As Onyx is an ancient stone, even the earliest civilizations are known to utilize it for its powerful energy and somber magnificence. This deep black stone is highly prized as healing crystals for use in burials, ceremonies and burials, magical work, and as talismans, shields, and ancient Roman warriors used it on armor to strengthen and protect them in the battles. 

Onyx is also known for its use to carve cameo brooches. The most famous carving is the Gemma Augustea, which was created sometime between the years of 9 and 12 AD. 

beautiful black onyx ring for men geometric shape modern look black ring

Known for transforming negative energy into positive energy, Black Onyx is a protective stone. It aids the development of physical and emotional stamina, especially in times of grief, stress, and confusion. An onyx ring fosters wise decision-making skills and its use encourages good fortune. 

vintage looking black onyx ring natural onyx and silver ornaments gothic black onyx ring

Onyx was used to sculpt figures of the gods and their champions in cameos and intaglio inscriptions by the Greeks and Romans. Ancient evidence shows it’s used in making royal seals and stamps, bases of goldwork, tiles, and stone inlays.

 Onyx is mentioned in many of the ancient manuscripts and sacred texts. The onyx is also the middle stone of the Jerusalem High priest’s breastplate. Surrounded by the Pishon River, onyx stones were found in the land of Havilah, the Bible reveals. More than any other stone, the onyx is referred to at least eleven times in the scripture.

black onyx signet ring gold solid elegant ring for men black onyx

The Etymology of Black Onyx

In Greek, onyx means the nail of a claw or finger. The most established Greek mythical legend goes that one day, Venus had her nails trimmed by her son, the love god Amor (cupid). As her nails fell in the Holy Rover Indus, they were transformed into onyx.  

 For centuries, the onyx engagement ring has been treasured as precious jewelry across the globe from Asia, North and South America. Possessing a mystical aura, onyx has intrigued mankind ever since. 

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Black Onyx Ring

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The symbolism of Black Onyx Ring

Onyx was believed to protect from the evil eye. In many parts of the world, gemologists describe Onyx as the stone for protecting euphonic relationships. Even in astrological terms; Onyx ring mens were believed to provide power and valor.

This stunning type of gemstone is known to share a protective aura and helps to get over grieves and losses. Ancient discoveries prove that the Romans had even used it in their shields. After the death of Prince Albert, Black onyx even became the lifelong choice of Queen Victoria who had word it since then.

The Science of Onyx Rings & Physical Properties

 It is a form of Chalcedony, which is microcrystalline quartz formed in the gas cavities of lava having a hardness of 6.5 – 7 on the Mohs Scale (diamond has the highest hardness scale of 10). This allows it to be gorgeously carved into pendants, onyx ring, and other jewelry. One can wear mens black onyx ring daily without damaging it.

An onyx is either entirely opaque or slightly translucent. Mostly, it is defined as black and white banded agate, which also happens to be a form of chalcedony. But some of its varieties unveil parallel bands of other colors in between these layers. Depending on the same, onyx is classified into the following types:

Black Onyx: There are certain onyx varieties where the stone has a single color and no color banding. Black onyx is the most popular onyx gemstone variety that belongs to this group. But a solid black onyx is very rarely found in nature. Generally, a grey chalcedony is treated and is turned into onyx.

Cornelian Onyx: This form of onyx has a red base with daintier color bands. It exhibits alternating red and white bands that look alluring.

Niccolo Onyx: This type of onyx has a thin upper layer. It allows the color of the black base layer to be seen through as shades of blue and grey.

Sardonyx: Sardonyx is usually flat banded having a brown base with color bands in the shades of red. It is the most common and inexpensive form of onyx.

black onyx ring for men black onyx jewelry mystic black onyx natural crystal high quality polished onyx gemstone

Mens Black Onyx Ring Zodiac Significance

The onyx ring mens is given special meaning and symbolism. Often, it is associated with the planet Saturn which means that those who are born in the shadow of the planet are given positive energy.

The onyx is Birthstone for the zodiac sign Leo and it is believed to help in maintaining the zodiac sign’s characteristics. An onyx ring mens are associated with various crystal meanings such as self-discipline, decision-making, intuition, and safety. Many believe that this gemstone can change a person’s erratic habits. 

Chakra Healing with Onyx Ring 

 The black and reddish-brown hues of mens black onyx ring stimulate the Base or better known as Root Chakra Stone. The Base, or Root Chakra, is located at the base of the spine, and panels the energy for kinaesthetic. When the Base Chakra is stable, the physical body gains strength and stamina, and this energy is revived in the form of security and sense and safety. It often leads to independence and natural leadership.

The name Root Chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Muladhara’. The work Mula means ‘Root’ and Adhara means ‘Base’ or support.

Other Gold Onyx Ring Healing Properties

• Helps in recovering from past life issues and old wounds.

• Therapizing health problems related to teeth, bone, and skin ailments.

• Helpful in curing Epilepsy and Glaucoma.

• Cures blood disorders and heals cell damage.

wearing black onyx ring as a talisman black onyx ring meaning

Spiritual Energy with Gold Onyx Ring

Facilitating alignment with strength, mens gold onyx ring becomes an excellent tool for connecting and grounding with earthly energy especially for Empaths. Energy healers often use onyx ring mens to stimulate psychic senses. It engenders as a protective shield for those who offer tarot readings, spiritual counseling, energy channeling or mediumship. It is known to amplify the telepathic connection to one’s higher self.

Onyx Feng Shui

Mens black onyx ring utilizes Water energy, the energy of stillness, purification, and quiet strength. It exemplifies potentialities. It is yielding, formless, yet powerful. The Water element passes the power of renaissance and rebirth and is the energy of the circle of life. Mens gold black onyx rings are used for relaxation, calm reflection, or prayer. It is associated with the Career and Life Path area, its flowing energy helps maintain a balance of energy as your life unfolds and flows.


Meditating With Onyx Ring

Mens black onyx ring is an exceptional aid for grounding during crystal meditation, and for connecting with higher powers. To be more receptive to intuitive guidance, and provides a grounding influence when working, it may be used to cleanse the mind and channeling inner energy. A black onyx gold ring is great healing jewelry often used to aid the meditative aspect of yoga, tai chi, or chi gung. 

magical black onyx ring for protection and healing black crystal ring

Mens Black Onyx Ring Metaphysical Properties:

  • Absorbing and transforming negative energy into positive energy.
  • Improves decision-making skills and enhances one’s instinct.
  • Provides stability of mind-set to the wearer.
  • Helps to regain emotional equilibrium and boost self-confidence.
  • Provides both physical and rational strength to the wearer.

Onyx Ring Mens Fashion Jewellery

Today, a mens black onyx ring are available in a variety of styles and designs and is the choice for most people. They are also used more widely for ornamental purposes rather than practical ones.

Why Black Onyx Ring Is a Good Choice for Men

 Keeping aside the spiritual and other symbolic aspects of this gemstone, the onyx ring has become a popular gemstone in fashion jewelry. Any type of jewelry can hold significance for the sophisticated design and beautiful array of the gem, but the appeal of the mens gold black onyx ring may outshine all others because of the gorgeous jet black stone. Onyx is the darkest gem one can find, holding a natural gleam but barely reflecting any light to give it the night-black coloration. From wedding to anniversary to birthday giftmens black onyx ring is an impeccable fit for all occasions.

  The onyx ring mens comes in a wide range of styles and shapes. The striking darkness of the stones makes them perfect for onyx engagement ring made of all precious metals; with stones and metals each heightening the beauty of each other.

Other Reasons Includes:

  • It can be worn as a fashion statement because a black onyx gold ring adds a contemporary and mysterious note to your outfit.
  • Due to durability, it is suitable for everyday wear 
  • mens gold onyx ring looks great with practically any other gemstone jewelry
  • Only a few gems are as versatile as the black onyx. You can wear your onyx ring with diamond studs, a sapphire necklace, or even with a turquoise bracelet.
natural black onyx crystal ring gemstone ring made of black onyx 18k 14k

What is the best metal for Black Onyx Ring?    

As with most gemstone rings, it is best to forgo white gold as this metal will need occasional rhodium plate treatments to maintain its shine – and these types of treatments can be harsh on gemstones. Though it looks beautiful with any metal setting, it is best to stick with metals like sterling silver, yellow, or rose gold onyx ring, palladium, or platinum.

Other Onyx Jewellery and Decorations

Apart from the onyx engagement ring, the cultures all over the world have created stunning jewelry pieces and other objects from this material. Victorian-era mourning jewelry often featured gemstones with onyx and jet. Decorative figures, elegant counters, various decorative elements, chimneys, retro illuminated wall claddings of onyx can be found all over the world, especially in Asian regions.

Things to remember while buying black onyx ring mens

The cut

Onyx stone is available in a variety of shapes. Most commonly, onyx is usually cut into a smooth glossy cabochon in conventional shapes such as round, oval, square, pear, marquise, and square.

Clarity of Onyx Ring

An onyx ring often has no impurities and known for its high-quality level. Mostly it is opaque. Thus, when buying an Onyx gem make sure it has similar traits.

 The Bezel

Another protective measure is to opt for a stronger bezel setting of the mens gold onyx ring. The bezel is a frame of metal around the stone. A thicker bezel would take most of the pressure when the ring is hit by mistake during everyday wear.

 Checking The surface

To determine the quality of the onyx engagement ring, you can just check the surface of the gem under a bright light source. The superior gems have a well-polished surface that is also reflective. The onyx ring should not have any cracks or scratches on the surface.       

Onyx Misnomers

The reputation of onyx ring mens, however, had led to some exploit the term. The most common example of this is Mexican onyx or limestone onyx. This material is a type of banded calcite found in limestone caves.

Calcite is a distinctive gem type, not a variety of chalcedony quartz. The mens gold black onyx rings have different optical and physical properties. Notably, calcites have a much lower hardness than onyxes, thus making them much more delicate. Artisans have used this banded calcite material for ages to carve decorative items. Today, consumers can still find many objects for sale labeled as Mexican onyx. Although this remains a widely used term, keep in mind that this material isn’t onyx ring mens at all. 

Sometimes, agate is cast off to replicate the look of mens gold onyx ring. It is stained with black dye. Remember, when choosing your onyx jewelry it is best to buy your onyx rings from reliable jewelers. 

Caring for your Onyx Jewelry

The best way to clean a black onyx gold ring is to wipe it clean with a moist cloth, therefore, might absorb chemicals, even soap, which can build up inside the stone, causing discoloration.

Final Note

Being cost-effective and fashionable-looking, the mens gold black onyx rings and other jewelry have become predominant occupying the exhibition shelves of leading ornament stores all around the world. If you want to make a simplistic, minimalistic yet chic statement, onyx ring mens are the right choice for you.

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