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Blue is not just a color; it’s a deep bond between you and nature. Ever wonder why the royals used to wear blue attire on special occasions? Well, the answer is satisfying. Blue is verily a color that symbolizes purity, modesty, and tranquility. People have adorned blue gemstones for centuries due to the priceless peace of mind; they impart to the wearer. In fact, blue gemstones account for more than 40% of the world’s most precious gemstones. But what makes them most desired is the hypnotic allure that becomes the center of attention.

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How do the fashion world and the gemologists regard blue gemstones?

Experts access any gemstone on the basis of its tone, hue, and saturation. When it comes to blue, our mind suddenly clicks on Sapphire. But nature is embellished in far-ranging shades from gleaming sky blue to vibrant deep blue stones. Nevertheless, the stones with deep saturation are more eye-popping and perfectly go with the trend. Moreover, blue gemstones with a secondary hue of green or purple like Turquoise or Azurite hold high esteem in the fashion world. 

Fanatical jewelry lovers make their choice by the color that attracts them the most. But having miraculous spiritual and bodily benefits is truly a bonus. 

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Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

12 ideal blue gems to wear- Unique hue for a unique personality!

As a passionate stone lover, you need to know the shades’ importance to choose the perfect one. Some shades better compliment your mood and personality than others. That’s exactly where this list of 12 blue gems helps. Of the widely recognized blue gemstone names, these are a few hand-picked ones. Get to know all about your favorite gems to choose the one that ideally complements your personality. So, get ready to take a deep dive into the ocean of breathtaking blue gemstones.

blue lace agate blue crystal blue gemstone

1. Blue Lace Agate - Communication, Calming, and Hope

With a sophisticated soft sky blue shade and finely intimate lines, blue lace agate is laden with blue minerals. This blue gemstone is said to be the earthly rainbow as the stone showcases a splendid sight of blue, purple, white, and brown lines. The unique natural pattern makes it a classy selection for your stone jewelry. 

The raw blue lace agate crystal pendants are in high demand in the fall 2020 fashion jewelry. Besides, their crystal rings are extremely popular in men for everyday wear.

  • First off, as a stone of communication, this blue gem encourages and supports the real unshy you. Amazingly, the positive energy vibes from the Blue Lace Agate eases your fear of public speaking.
  • Secondly, blue lace agate is one of the best known antidepressant stones in the world. So, if your life is on the road to depression, kill the stress inside with this gem.
  • In addition, if you are a zodiac lover or star-conscious, blue lace agate is the birthstone of the Pieces and Gemini. 
  • This healing crystal is the best choice for stress relieving meditations. The warmth, purity, and patterns on the stone help you concentrate better while meditating.
  • What’s even interesting is gemologists suggest this stone to be very helpful for growing children. The stone improves concentration and focus, thus boosts brain power.
  • The stone associates with your throat chakras and clears the clog that becomes a barrier to self-expression.

So, if you are the one having a mild, soft, and somewhat introverted personality, blue lace agate is the prime choice.

lapis lazuli blue gemstone blue crystal name

2. Lapis Lazuli- Love, Healing, and Inner power

Have you ever seen the sight of eagerly dying strong winds hitting the steady, stubborn rock at the shore? Of course, that’s a lovely sight to witness. The Lapis Lazuli crystal depicts the same scene naturally. The enticing color and shine of this deep blue gem are enough to obsess a nature lover.

Several minerals like calcite, pyrite, and lazurite blend perfectly to form the intriguingly beautiful patterns in the crystal. A sparkling glitter core in the stone gives it the true status of crystal. The eye-catching color and the healing miracles of this precious gem are second to none.

Appealing benefits of Lapis Lazuli

  • First off, the deep, bright royal blue color and the exquisite look and feel make this gem truly priceless. That’s why the market trend in demand for Lapis jewelry, especially pendants and rings, is ever increasing.
  • The use of Lapis stone for expensive jewelry, ornamental purposes, pigment, and paint formation stretch back to hundreds of years. 
  • Lapis Lazuli tends to associate with the throat and the third eye chakra. That’s why it is thought to awaken and rejoice the perception and thinking. The positive energies of the stone bring harmony, peace and reveal the inner truth.
  • Moreover, the crystal has evident benefits, especially in fighting stress and alleviating insomnia. The energy of the stone strengthens the respiratory and nervous system. Besides, it breaks open the clogs in the throat chakra and cleanses the vital body organs.
  • Lapis Lazuli is the Zodiac sign of Taurus, Libra, Virgo, and Sagittarius.

With such spectacular benefits, Lapis crystal comes at a highly affordable price. The stone goes perfectly well embedded in silver or white gold. Make your moments more special with your loved ones giving them worthy Lapis healing stone jewelry

sodalite variation of blue crystals

3. Sodalite- Crystal for Intuition, Communication, and Truth

Blue has a deep association with the true inner version of you. Have you observed one power that associates with all the blue gems? Of course, it’s the power of speech as the healing blue crystal energy unshackles your blocked throat chakra. The indigo blue color and magnificent patterns on the inside make Sodalite the best choice for jewelry and ornamental purposes. The smooth surface with a tint of greasy luster makes it ideal for meditation and concentration therapies.

The enchanting stone has powerful vibrations that liven up your ideas. Verily, its warmth intends the true sense of truth and sincerity in you. Rock a custom premium jewelry design with Sodalite and grab the attention of the crowd. What could be more tempting than a necklace studded with finely cut sodalite stones in mildly glowing white gold? Indeed, no one can take his/her eyes off you once you wear this appealing gemstone.

  • First off, when Sodalite comes in, calmness, peace, intuition, and wisdom knock on the door in your life. 
  • Secondly, Sodalite reinforces rationality, mind power, and communication by buffing up your throat and third eye chakra.
  • If you are a horoscope obsessed person, then Sodalite is the perfect stone for Sagittarius. 
  • Sodalite is a gemstone with powerful vibrations that help you lead your life in a more balanced way. 
  • This blue gemstone has a mighty role in meditation, especially as it relates to deeper meditative states. In fact, the mesmerizing intricate patterns in the gemstone depict a whole new world in the crystal. It helps you dive deeply into your concentration therapy.

What makes this dark and dominant gemstone worth buying is the high affordability, unlike other healing gemstones.

blue kyanite crystal blue stone mineral

4. Kyanite- Vivid Dreams, Visualisation, and Serenity

Kyanite is a natural blue crystal known for its tranquility and healing. Just like other blue gemstones, Kyanite encourages self-expression and serenity. Gone are the days when Kyanite was only used as a healing stone. In contrast, kyanite jewelry is a minute trend. You might have seen your favorite stars wearing kyanite studs or necklaces on the red carpet. Innovate and play with the designs to glam the night with the matchless sparkle of your favorite blue jewel. 

Apart from the lustrous beauty, some other benefits of this amazing gemstone are worth considering. For instance:

  • First off, in the raw crystal form, kyanite stone has structures much like fibers tied in a knot. The unique structure has soothing power that improves sleep and dreams.
  • Second, Kyanite absorbs negative energy and dispels it, hence creating a strong positive energy shield around you.
  • The best thing about Kyanite gemstone is that it is dense and hefty. Hence, the color of the crystal never diminishes or fades even after years of strong usage.
  • Kyanite best goes with Aries, Taurus, and Libra Zodiacs but can be used by everyone who wants to have better concentration. Similarly, it also strengthens your throat chakra and clears the mind for broad visualization.

Flaunt this blue-green gemstone enjoying the true meanings of serenity, channeling, and outpours of positivity.

The best thing about Kyanite is that it aligns, buffs up, and activates all the body’s chakras. Besides having miraculous healing effects, this blue, green gemstone has enticing power that captivates the sight. Kyanite is a gemstone with an interesting pattern and shades of different colors due to the variety of blue minerals present. 

azurite blue gemstone for healing

5. Azurite (The Stone of Heaven) - Hope, Unity, and Cleansing

Azurite crystal is so rich in hue, tone, and texture that the stone dazes everyone around the wearer. This dark blue gemstone has intricate and alluring patterns beautifully crafted by nature. The stone is so delicate and needs conscious care. Though Azurite gemstone ages beautifully but it should still be used occasionally. That’s why the Azurite crystal is not fit for daily use. Besides, you need to take great care of this stone compared to the different types of blue stones. Azurite jewelry is enclosed in special cases that won’t let the stone lose its luster and glow. 

This natural bluestone lets you come in the limelight, especially when you wear it to a night party. The stone is so pretty in itself that it needs no enhancements or complex procedures. Only the jeweler or gemologist treats the fine pores, and the crystal is ready to use in its natural form. Interestingly, you may never find such a diversity of patterns in any other blue crystal stones. Even the stone blue color and pattern of the two crystals collected from the same area vary considerably. Apart from the absolute superficial beauty, the stones have great healing powers.

Healing powers of Azurite

  • This dark blue stone has strong vibrations that pulsate with the same frequency as the third eye chakra.
  • Second, this jewel’s blue stone is called paradise’s stone and has great importance in ancient Chinese therapies. 
  • Stone practitioners use this jewel’s blue stone in meditation and other mind therapies due to its association with two important chakras of the body.
  • Azurite enhances the brainpower and concentration ability, i.e., brightens the intuition ability. The energy vibes from the stone favor creativity. Maybe that’s why gemstone lovers keenly keep it in their offices and studios.
  • Likewise, this blue precious stone is the stone of the Zodiac sign Sagittarius.

Azurite jewelry as a crystal gift is a perfect combination of love, care, and class. Moreover, nothing can compete with this blue stone ring as a gift for your partner.

blue sapphire gemstone

6. Blue Sapphire - Symbolises Luck, Wisdom, Optimism, and Victory

Taking a deep dive into the ancient cultures, Sapphire is a dark blue stone that symbolizes luck, fame, victory, and wealth. The stone was used in the designer healing crystal jewelry for the royals, especially for queens. Nevertheless, in this fast-paced life, blue sapphire is still the most valuable of all the blue stones and crystals. 

Gemologists regard this gemstone as the fastest acting stone with magnificent benefits. More importantly, Sapphire strengthens the metabolism, much like other different types of blue stones. The stone lovers adore this stunning blue jewel due to its awe-inspiring gleamy look. Sapphire jewelry holds a significant position in the modest up to date jewelry industry.

This blue precious stone has rocked the trend alerts, with more and more people choosing sapphire for their engagement rings. Interestingly, Prince Williams proposed to Kate Middleton with a magnificent Ceylon blue sapphire engagement ring. Besides the alluring color and unique formation, blue sapphire has significant benefits. These are:

  • Sapphire stone is believed to bring motion and zeal to your stagnant life. Knock out the fears and gloominess with the healing radiations of this blue crystal stone
  • Furthermore, sapphire helps you in clearing your faded thoughts, eliminates confusion, and strengthens your decision making power.
  • Feel bossy and more confident with the immense logical benefits of Sapphire.
  • Moreover, experts believe that this dark blue gemstone brings luck, fortune, and success in the wearer’s life.
  • The positive energy emitted from the sapphire stone has scientifically proven benefits in alleviating stomach problems. 
  • Stone lovers Virgo persons can use this gemstone as it perfectly goes with their zodiac sign.

So if you have planned to propose to your partner, giving them a classy sapphire blue stone ring will make your day more memorable.

aquamarine is a blue crystal

7. Blue Aquamarine - Cleansing, Meditation, and Peace

Almost all the blue stone’s names are formed due to some distinct feature of that stone. Likewise, the same is the case with the aquamarine that gets its name after ocean waters’ purity and depth. This light blue stone is delicate, transparent, and falls in the category of blue semi-precious stones. The clarity, shine, crystal lattice, and class of this stone is second to none in its category. 

You may find this gemstone in different hues that vary on the basis of warmth, shade, and concentration. However, the lighter ones with a blend of baby and tiffany blue are in high demand. Small raw crystal aquamarine pendants are highly popular with teenagers, especially high school girls. Dive into the refreshing world of crystals with your favorite aquamarine jewelry. Some of the key features of this exotic premium quality light blue gemstone are:

  • Ruled by the moon, this amazing gemstone acts as a sponge that absorbs and eliminates the ill vibes around you.
  • Secondly, this light blue crystal has soft inbuilt patterns and splendid crystalline shine. Of all the other blue gemstones, aquamarine is an ideal fit for meditation purposes. Having this stone in hand feels like taking a deep dive into the fresh waters of the Earth.
  • Aquamarine is the birthstone of Aries, Taurus, and Libra. The stone complements their personality and welcomes love and optimism.
  • Professional fashion-conscious cuts brilliantly enhance the enticing creamy color of the crystal.
  • In addition, meditating with aquamarine feels like your soul is playing with the splashes of pure waves dancing magically.
  • Lastly, the stone brings happiness, peace of mind and deeply cleanses your soul.

Explore the calm, lively, and somewhat naughty true version of you wearing these soothing blue healing stones. 

8. Turquoise- A blue-green gem for protection, wisdom, and wealth

With a teal blue color and a perfect blend of green hue within, turquoise is verily the wisdom stone. This blue-green gem is the crystal of wealth. Turquoise is believed to enhance communication and lets you clearly express your thoughts and emotions. But what’s more important are the amazing health benefits associated with turquoise. According to gemologists, wearing turquoise acts as a lucky charm that breaks opens the tangles in your relationship. Live the true moments of your love life when you have the positivity of this blue and green stone around you. Turquoise is a favorite gemstone in the jewelry world with an insanely growing popularity. Even high esteem fashion houses embed turquoise into their designer watches, bracelets, studs, pendants, and rings. Interestingly, turquoise necklaces can be used for wearing as well as for meditation purposes. Apart from the matchless beauty, there are some other benefits of wearing turquoise. These may be:

blue turquoise crystal gemstone
  • First off, this blue semi-precious stone’s positive energy detoxifies the effects of harmful radiation on the body. 
  • Second, verily turquoise acts to alleviate and ease stomach problems and other bodily pains. In fact, the healing power of turquoise helps magically get over the stomach problems.
  • Next, turquoise relates to the heart, sacral, throat, and third eye chakra and provides more emotional and mental stability. As it ass, turquoise livens up your dull love life and brings in sensuality and affection.
  • Turquoise is not specifically a birthstone but can be used as the gemstone for different Zodiacs like Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces. 

Open the doors of happiness and welcome the positive new changes by bringing turquoise stone into your life. 

9. Apatite- Your secret blue gemstone for intellect, focus, and learning

Immersed in a cascade of colors, Apatite is a famous crystal in the prime quality blue gemstone names. This light blue gem with a perfectly blended tint of golden and green is a treasure of magic. This neon blue-green crystal is famous for its delicacy and brilliant display of colors. Apatite holds a strong position in gemology as it’s a famous standard palm stone. Besides, it’s a renowned reiki crystal and holds great importance in healing therapies. Apatite is not a perfect stone for jewelry and has a strong position as a healing crystal. The stone is believed to outpour a flow of energy that eases intense feelings like sorrow, anger, or frustration. Start your day with the soothing meditation with Apatite as your keystone. Like the other renowned blue stone names, Apatite also mediates the throat chakra. Hence, this blue-green gemstone aids in speech therapy and lets you express yourself to the world. 

blue color apatite crystal

Besides, there are some scientifically evident benefits of this worthy gemstone. For instance, 

  • The crystal is an ideal addition to your study room or your children’s room. Obviously, the main reason being that this stone links to the third eye chakra. Hence, Apatite has a direct relation to learning and intuition. 
  • Furthermore, Apatite awakens the zealous perspective of your personality to increase focus and concentration. 
  • Interestingly, for the ones who want to lose weight, Apatite is a lifesaver. The energy rays emitted from Apatite suppress the hunger stimulus from consciousness. The person in its close vicinity doesn’t feel the strong urge to eat. Hence, it is of great help in bodily maintenance. 

With the Appetite’s breathtaking advantages, anyone who needs to have positive intellectual energy can use it. 

10. Larimar- A rare healing blue gemstone that facilitates the inner wisdom

The exotic Larimar crystal is an exotic and scarcely occurring healing crystal. Found exclusively in the Dominican Republic along the shoreline of the Caribbean, Larimar is an alluring fantasy for crystal lovers. In fact, a mere sight of Larimar is enough to take you to a heavenly beach embellished with precious pearls and covered with dreamy fog. 

Larimar awakens and enlightens the spirit to ease the stressful moments. Interestingly, Larimar associates with the heart and breaks the ice-cold stuck emotions to maintain a flow. This blue gemstone works wonders if you are coping with depression, panic attacks, or oversensitivity. Taking an in-depth look at the pure stone absorbs the negativity and helps alleviate spiritual, mental, and bodily pains. The magnificent sky blue color and the current oceanic design is what makes this gemstone truly special.

rare blue larimar crystal

The stone has a unique core pattern, much like you stand atop a frozen lake and see the life underneath. Every pattern in a Larimar crystal is unique, and no two crystals have the same pattern. 

What makes this natural blue gemstone truly special?

Apart from the appearance, Larimar has some distinctive qualities like the other famous bluestone names. These are:

  • First off, Larimar is the best crystal for meditation and healing therapies. The main reason is the calmness and warm feeling that associates with the mild glow of the crystal.
  • Second, the Larimar crystal is somewhat expensive as it’s highly exotic and definitely the rarest blue gemstone on earth. However, one can easily afford the expert crafted Larimar light blue stone rings, pendants, or bracelets.
  • Furthermore, Larimar stone gives you the power to break open the self-imposed limitations and understand your pure nature. 

Associating with the heart, throat, and third eye chakra, Larimar is ready to bring true happiness in your life that you deserve. After all, nature is the mother healer, and Larimar is a small gift from nature. 

11. Howlite- Blue Gemstones that buttress Inspiration, creativity, and dedication

With a creamy blue hue and innate warmth, Howlite is a unique light blue crystal on the list. The intricate fine lines in the stones impart a superior look. It’s a borate mineral that brings out the hidden talents inside you. Let the world be inspired and praise your creativity, arts, dedication, and Inspiration. Furthermore, these blue gemstones are believed to buff up the power of expression. 

In case you or some loved one is going through a hard phase or emotional trauma, try to create ease with Howlite. Moreover, the stone is believed to be extremely powerful in your fight against insomnia. Like all the other blue gemstones, Howlite acts on your throat and third eye chakra. Besides, the stone’s powerful energy emissions help you get over stress, rage, frustration, and fury. This blue crystal meaning is a connection between the man and the divine. 

blue howlite gemstone blue crystal

The stone has a lustrous glow and a smoothly polished surface. Howlite is a stone of meditation, the best prop in Reiki therapies, and your home’s natural protection. Here are some of the other benefits of the stone that go hand in hand with the mesmerizing appearance. For instance,

  • Physically, howlite stone has proven benefits to increase your muscle activity and strengthen your bones and teeth. That’s because the energy circle of Howlite increases the absorption of calcium in the body’s vital organs.
  • Furthermore, of all the other blue gemstones, Howlite is affordable, easy to keep, and ages beautifully. That’s why having some howlite jewelry is wise.
  • Lastly, for horoscope lovers, Howlite is the birthstone for Gemini.

Kill the negative energy around you with the raw howlite crystal and let the world see the dedicated Inspiration in you.

12. Chrysocolla- Blue Gemstones for Tranquility, Serenity, and Peace

Adorned with the shiny blue and green color, chrysocolla crystal is one of the world’s most interesting blue gemstones. This blue rock stone showcases intriguing patterns, much like the train of the peafowls. The high intuitive power and mental sharpness are the two qualities that verily associate with Chrysocolla. Chrysocolla is the stone of hope and change. So, if you desperately want a positive change in life and get rid of the negativity around you, you should go with the chrysocolla stone. 

blue crystals blue gemstone chrysocolla

The refreshing and rejuvenating shades of the crystal make it a perfect prop for meditation purposes. Dive deeper into the far-flung meadows with the magnificent sight of the dancing oceanic waves. The stone ultimately brings a sense of tranquility and peace to your tired mind. In fact, Chrysocolla is one of the many other precious blue gemstones for love and prosperity. Because it associates with the heart chakra, the stone unveils your potential for love. Chrysocolla brings intuition and opens the psychic vision for you. Besides, this amazing crystal has some other benefits, much like other great blue stone names

  • First off, Chrysocolla has a great role in alleviating the arthritis problem and other bone diseases.
  • Besides, the crystal strengthens the body’s defense line against blood and lung disorders. 
  • This blue gemstone name is an authentic supporter of the fight against mental stress and physical problems. 
  • Chrysocolla is ideal for those who are always on the verge of high blood pressure and low insulin sensitivity. 
  • Lastly, experts swear about its high healing power in regulating menstrual cramps that won’t let you feel free and confident.

So, if you want a change and serenity in your life, don’t forget to add Chrysocolla inn your cart.

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What’s collectively common in all the above blue gemstones?

  1. Well, you might have observed one thing that all the blue gemstones relate to and buff up your throat chakras. It’s mainly because the blue gemstones act to open up the clogged throat chakras. Hence, this imparts a positive effect on your speech, expression, and communication.
  2. Secondly, almost all the chakras had a pronounced positive impact on the third eye chakra. That’s how they relate to intuition, mental wellness, and brainpower. Additionally, they all act to ease the difficulties of insomnia.
  3. Last but not least, all the blue gemstones bring positivity, peace and have great soothing effects.  

In the end, try to get maximum benefits from the treasures nature has kept saved for centuries. After all, nature loves humans, and human regard is the true love for nature. 

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