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Why Asana Crystals?

  • 100% Authentic Crystals
  • Ethically Mined
  • Secure Domestic USA Shipping (personal delivery with signature)
  • Detailed Video (to let you see what you will receive)
  • We offer flexible orders – Small businesses are welcome – Buy what you can afford

How does It work?

Prices: Wholesale prices are 30 – 60% lower than those in the catalog below

Eligibility: Minimum order of 10 pieces for a product or a total amount of $200 is required for wholesale discount

Free Shipping: For orders over $250. (after discount)

How to order? 

  1.  Place everything you like in your cart as you browse
  2. Let us know what is in your cart by sending us a message or just a screenshot to wholesale.asana@gmail.com
  3. The price of each product will be sent to you along with the total price
  4. We will send you a Coupon Code that automatically applies a wholesale discount.
  5. Update your cart – Remove or Add stuff 
  6. Checkout as a regular customer – Credit, Debit, Paypal, etc.
  7. Get it in 2-7 days

You will receive an additional 30-60% wholesale discount on top of the prices you see