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Crystal Necklaces– Season’s Phenomenal Trendsetter Designs With Authenticity And Perfection

Discover our premium range of crystal necklaces and pendant collections designed explicitly for stone lovers. Now update your summer outfits or fashion your winter wear with a dazzling stone necklace from ASANA. In addition, our pendants have brilliant crystals fitted into the beautiful framework of gold, silver, or rose-gold to meet our promise of excellence. So, add that instant glam and the perfect finish to any outfit with our laudable designs. Satisfy your jewelry obsession with our healing crystal necklace. Besides, we have the perfect fit for every mood, every style, and every unique personality.

Want to learn more? Curious to know more about the trendsetter designs this season? Here is a brief guide explaining why you should go with buying a crystal pendant necklace?

It’s all about Comfort and Vogue!

Thanks to the crystal boom, jewels are no longer just a fashion accessory. Instead, they, now, hold grander intentions. Effortlessly flaunt that chic style benefitting from the healing benefits at the same time. In addition, wearing crystal jewelry helps you connect to your true inner self rather than something external. The sleek, streamlined look by our timeless crystal pendants is sure to turn heads. Besides, our crystal necklaces’ enchanting colors and sparkle is the ultimate desire of a gemstone admirer. Well, exuding sophistication, elegance and class have become a breeze with our mesmerizing designs.

If you are more into minimalistic style and funky jewelry is not your cup of tea, we have the dainty crystal necklaces for you. Steal the show with your beaming crystal tennis necklace. Moreover, everyone desires to look effortlessly gorgeous, and as crystal jewelry experts, we understand you well. In contrast, you can always go for the fashionable take on the jewelry style. Customize your styling by layering, mixing, and matching your stone necklaces. Now elevate any look you want with our ultimate must-have crystal pendant necklaces. 

Every Crystal necklace is exclusive and has a purpose.

Healing crystal jewelry is a luxurious and timeless trend. As every crystal has a unique color, the healing benefits are also different. But as always, choosing the right stone necklace can be overwhelming. In fact, entering a Crystal Shop is more like stepping into a whole new world of Crystals. The more you hunt around, the more you will get confused about making a choice. Therefore, the best solution to this problem is to follow your intuition. So, go where your mind leads you, and it’s a guarantee that you won’t regret it.

But for beginners in crystal healing, you can’t just rely on your intuition. So, the best way is to search the internet to see which stone best meets your needs. As the Crystal experts, we have got you. Here are some of the best crystal necklaces that are a must-have for everyone. 

Protective Crystal Pendants- Purity, Protection, and Class Specified

A protective stone necklace is your optimal guard for a perfect day out. In this hyperconnected life, work rivalry, envy, and evil-eye are nothing new. Moreover, modern man seems to be surrounded by an everlasting cloud of EMF and harmful radiation. Definitely, a protective measure is the need of the situation. So, what could be better than carrying a protective stone with you all the time? Maybe that’s why the protective crystal pendants are the most popular items in healing crystal jewelry. So, if your main purpose for buying a stone necklace is protection, here are some of our favorite ones:

Our favorites

  • Black Tourmaline crystal necklace for men and women
  • Hamsa Hand Pendant layered with Evil eye necklace
  • Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline Necklace

Crystal necklace for communication

Assorted in avant-garde designs, blue gemstones are ultimately the stones of communication. Blue is a color that represents royalty, serenity, and inspiration. Besides, the blue crystals buttress the throat chakra. Moreover, the throat chakra keeps us focused, motivated and empowers us to be confident in our social circle. Every time you feel hesitant, misunderstood, frustrated, or overwhelmed, seek nature’s guidance to heal. So, wearing blue crystal necklaces is a great option for better self-expression.

Our favorites   

  • Dainty turquoise necklace gold
  • Lapis Lazuli necklace with an intricate silver coil pattern
  • Ocean eye tear-drop necklace 

Clear Quartz Crystal pendants – Delicate, Clear, and Timeless

If you are considering a necklace to cleanse your auras, Clear Quartz is our top choice. Deluged in powerful vibrations, the crystal absorbs the negativity around the wearer. Besides, wearing a clear quartz necklace is ideal for getting over your fears and insecurities. Meditate better with this stunning stone necklace. Moreover, you can layer or pair any other crystal necklace with Clear Quartz. More importantly, the spellbinding allure and the elegant grace of Clear Quartz truly make it worth buying.

Our favorite designs     

  • Double pointed Clear Quartz Necklace 
  • Wire wrapped delicate Clear Quartz necklace
  • Glass vial Clear Quartz crystal necklace for women

Best of the bunch, trendsetter crystal pendants for you

If you don’t want to be specific while buying a crystal necklace, here are some of the best options. With unique vibrations and enticing colors, these crystal pendants top our list of trendsetters:

  • First off, heart-shaped rose quartz necklace
  • Second, uncut Amethyst stone necklace
  • Third, wire wrap dreamy black Obsidian necklace
  • Furthermore, delicate Bijou Selenite stone necklace
  • Last, raw uncut blue Kyanite necklace in gold

These are some of the best choices to add that pinch of exclusivity and sassiness to your attire. Step into a conscious and luxury fashion world by treating yourself with a fine quality crystal necklace. Besides, if you are planning a gift for someone special, nothing can beat a vintage bespoke crystal necklace. Double the celebrations of Christmas, Easter, Eid, or new year by gifting your loved ones their crystal for life. 

What’s so special about our necklaces?

Every necklace or piece of jewelry you buy from us has a signature style unique to ASANA. The spellbinding allure and the classy designs of our products have the power to make any day special. Moreover, if the jewelry you are wearing makes you comfortable, ultimately, you will feel confident. Well, flaunting any piece of jewelry with confidence becomes your signature fashion style. That’s why novelty, authenticity, and sophistication of designs are our most significant plus points.

Being one of the largest jewelry brands, we understand that every customer is unique. That’s why we offer the widest variety of jewelry so you can choose just the best. So, when we say we are revolutionizing the healing jewelry world, we mean it with our matchless designs and quality consciousness. Be a fashion pro with our elegant crystal necklace collection. 

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