Celestite Meaning Celestite Crystal Properties

celestite meaning celestite crystal properties celestite healing

Celestite Crystal Meaning

Celestite is a beautiful sky-blue crystal that has long been associated with heaven and the divine. Its name comes from the Latin word for “heavenly,” and it is said to be a stone of peace and tranquility. Celestite gemstone is believed to promote communication with the angelic realm, and it is often used in meditation and prayer. It is said to instill a deep sense of inner peace, and to help banish fears and worries. Celestite is also said to be helpful for those who are grieving, as it can help to ease the pain of loss and promote healing. Whether you are seeking guidance from the angels or simply looking for a calming influence in your life, celestite may be the perfect crystal for you.

Celestite Meaning and History

Celestite is a beautiful blue crystal that has been prized for centuries for its stunning color. The name Celestite comes from the Latin word for sky, and it is said to be the stone of heaven. Celestite stone is said to bring peace and harmony, and to promote trust and forgiveness. It is also believed to be helpful in restoring lost memories. According to legend, Celestite was gifted to humanity by the angels, and it is said to have a very high vibrational energy.

Celestite is often used in crystal healing, and it is said to be helpful in treating conditions such as anxiety, stress, and insomnia. It is also believed to boost creativity and intuition. Celestite is a wonderful crystal for anyone who is seeking guidance from the angels or exploring their spiritual side.

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celestite crystal celestite meaning celestite stone benefits uses properties celestite gemstone

Celestite Crystal Meaning, Healing Properties and More!

With a fascinating fairytale gleam and Adriatic blue color, Celestite is your dream stone. It’s a sweet blue stone with high vibrations that gently uplift your spirit. The crystal got its name from the Latin word “Caelestis” which means heavenly.

One glance at the crystal’s enticing glimmer and your soul feels ecstatic and elevated. For the first time when I held a Celestite in my hands, its lovely vibrations and positive vibes were so fulfilling. Maybe that’s the reason my cute little Celestite cluster has got an irreplaceable position in my room.

Know that your spiritual transformation applauds the true Celestite meaning. Apart from calming your fiery emotions and mental clarity this divine stone has so many healing benefits for the crystal admirers. So, let’s dive in to learn everything about this hazy blue crystal.

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Celestite Meaning and Associations

Metaphysical Meaning Clarity, Connection, and Communication
Color Radiant pastel blue color
Chakras Throat, Third eye, and Crown chakra
Zodiac Libra
Planet Jupiter
Element Air
Vibration Number 2
Other names The stone of Heavens, Celestine

Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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Celestite Meaning

Mental clarity and higher purpose are what truly define Celestite meaning. According to crystal healers, it’s a crystal from heaven having powerful connections with the angelic realms. Moreover, the crystal brings serenity and peace of mind that we really need in this super-fast life. Once you start working with its energy, you will instantly observe that your dreams are more vivid. 

Celestite helps to cleanse your auras from negativity, unwanted emotions, feelings, or attachments. Holding onto negative emotions does more damage to you than others. But the best thing is its cooling vibes inspire you to let go and look towards the brighter side. Furthermore, the crystal is believed to connect you to your Guardian angel.

Physical Healing Properties

Blue Celestite is essentially a cleansing stone that clears clutters from your mind introducing you to the sweetest bliss of inner peace. Revered for its spiritual power, the stone develops a stronger connection between your physical and spiritual body. Moreover, crystal healers believe that the removal of body toxins is one of the most important celestite healing properties.

For everyone struggling with anxiety and stress, Celestite is your go-to stone. Besides, wearing this crystal helps alleviate skin conditions like acne breakouts, etc. Moreover, for those having digestion issues, you can always surround yourself with its powerful healing vibes. With its heavenly touch, nature provides you with the best organic balm for your body in the form of Celestite. 

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax because your Celestite stone has got your back. Dealing with an unhealthy relationship is never easy. So, you can always turn to this brilliant stone to help control your lingering bad moods, anger, and envy. When you are not under the influence of those fierce emotions, you are much better at communication. Be better at showing compassion, open your heart, and more importantly get your life in control.

At one stage in everyone’s life, they feel overwhelmed by raging emotional storms. So, if you find yourself on edge, it’s time to work with your Celestite stone. The stone doesn’t magically whitewash your issues. Instead, it lets your mind process your feelings bit by bit. Calm your mind, focus on your purpose in life, and let Celestite properties clear your insecurities. Hence, this stunning crystal helps you achieve higher intuition and peace.

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Metaphysical Properties and Chakra Association

Celestite outshines other blue gemstones when it comes to its magnificent metaphysical properties. Though fairly dealing with our lives, negativity still remains the weak link. Maybe that’s why we need its cleansing power more than ever. The best thing is its powerful vibrations help you better connect with the angelic realms.

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  • First off, it effectively heals and buttresses your Throat Chakra. So, if you have a fear of public speaking, self-expression, and communication, blue celestite is definitely your stone.
  • Furthermore, it works on your Chakra of intuition and wisdom i.e. Third eye Chakra. Simply having this amazing stone by your side makes you feel confident and empowered.
  • Lastly, it strengthens your Crown chakra and expands your vision. Once you are able to see a broader perspective of the universe, you can excel as the best version of yourself.

Crystal healers believe that it connects you to your Guardian angel. It’s your ticket to upper consciousness and heavens. Tapping into higher psychic abilities and spiritual development truly define Celestite meaning. For those practicing spiritual healing and clairvoyance, this heavenly bluestone is a treat. Tap into your hidden powers to achieve a clear, broader, and brighter image of life.

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Zodiac Birthstone

Celestite is not a traditional birthstone and hence not limited to a certain Star sign. Here is the list of the Zodiacs that can connect and work better with this hazy blue stone:

  • This beautiful gem is an incredible stone for the Libras. The stone helps Librans get hold of their emotions and open up better. Once you reach this level of clarity, conflicts in your relationships automatically resolve.
  • Secondly, Gemini can benefit from the Celestite properties as it heals the Throat chakra. With better communication, you can solve all the conflicts in your relationship. So, the stone helps heal your heart and achieve greater self-acceptance.
  • Furthermore, the cooling vibes of this sweet blue gem are a perfect fit for the hot-headed Taureans. The sweet soothing vibrations are really helpful in overcoming their stubborn nature. So, this blue stone always reminds you to be cool and conscious of your emotions.  

Solace and calmness truly relate to Celestite meanings. So, it’s an incredible crystal for the ones with the star sign Aries. They are always ambitious, energetic, and restless. So, the crystal helps them discover the blissful moments of their “Me time.” Racing after all the goals demands solace and that’s where exactly Celestite comes in.

Celestite Origin & Mining

Celestite is a type of feldspar with an unusual crystal structure. It’s not really found anywhere but in certain types of mines, so it must be extracted from the ore using a process called “dope”. Celestite is a type of strontium sulfate mineral and is found in sedimentary rocks. It forms delicate bladed crystals and occurs as efflorescences on the surfaces of caves and mines.

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How To Use Celestite?

Celestite is a wonderful healing stone that can help to clear and calm the mind. It is also known for its ability to help with spiritual growth and communication with higher beings.

When using celestite, it is recommended to hold the stone in your hand and focus on your breath. Inhale deeply and allow the energy of the stone to fill your body. Exhale any thoughts or worries that may be cluttering your mind, and allow yourself to drift into a state of calm relaxation. Repeat as needed.

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Cleanse & Charge

Celestite should be cleansed regularly in running water. It can be placed on the windowsill to allow the sun and moon’s energy to recharge it. Alternatively, it can be placed under a full moon or in the light of a clear quartz crystal to cleanse and recharge its energy.

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Minerals Chemical Formula

LOCATION: Brazil, Madagascar
RARITY: Common
CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Orthorhombic Crystal System
HARDNESS: 3 to 3.5 Hardness
CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: SrSO4, Strontium Sulfate sometimes with Barium
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Final Thoughts about Celestite Meaning and Healing!

Well, Celestite is certainly a stone that works wonderfully for anyone who wants to work over spirituality, intuition, and communication. But it is essentially beneficial to employ it in shared workspaces and homes where you interact the most with others. Apart from these amazing metaphysical properties, the stone is a treat for house Feng Shui.

Its heavenly color and brilliant shine are what anyone can wish for. More importantly, wearing it in the form of jewelry aids in body feng shui. Celestite healing properties are to die for especially for those who want to connect their inner self to the universe. Owing to such miraculous healing benefits and matchless beauty, Celestite is the crystal you all need!

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