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A Comprehensive Chakra Bracelet Guide: Features the Meaning, Benefits, and Tips for Buying and Making Chakra Bracelet

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There are two ways to go about picking a chakra bracelet: to get a custom-designed bracelet or to choose from the wide variety of crystals on sale in the marketplace. Both are great options.

However, knowing this does not take the pressure out of choosing a suitable stone chakra bracelet. There is a lot you will need to consider. And the availability of a wide variety makes a choice harder.

In this post, you will find credible tips to help you choose the right bracelet, whether it is your first or a millionth time buying. There is a tip for everyone.

But first, here is what you should know about the word chakra.

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Chakra Meaning

The word chakra is a Sanskrit term which means wheel or disk. It is derived from the root word chakra. Generally, chakra stones refer to the concentrated energy centers of the body. They are also referred to as the spinning wheels of light.

The function of chakra in the body is to manage the energy levels of the body. This involves the takes in, incorporation, and emanating of energies. Chakras help the organization operate at optimal levels.

There are significant and minor chakras. The entire energetic body systems require all chakras to function to operate. The blockage of one chakra can lead to mental or physical illness.

Therefore,  to nourish your body, you need energy for your needs, including food and nutrients. On the other hand, you should not suppress feelings, such as anger that may block healthy energy flow. Instead, allow yourself to embrace your feelings.

Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor

Spiritual Researcher / Author

Researcher in spirituality and metaphysics dedicated to introducing people to their inner selves.  Author of five books on metaphysics, crystals and chakra balancing. Over 15 years of experience studying metaphysics, yoga teacher and reiki master.

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Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

History of chakra

In the present time, chakra has become well known. People not only know it from yoga and philosophies, but also from healing crystals, which can be worn as rings or bracelets such as chakra beads bracelets.

The first mention of chakra can be traced way back in 1500 to 1000 BC. It was talked of in Hindu Vedas, the ancient sacred texts of spiritual knowledge.

There are seven major known chakras. However, the list is said to comprise around 144 chakras but only seven are major. The seven main chakras include:

  1.   The Root or Base Chakra
  2.   The Solar Plexus Chakra
  3.   The Sacral Chakra
  4.   The Heart Chakra
  5.   The Throat Chakra
  6.   The Third Eye Chakra
  7.   The Crown Chakra

All these chakras have their own individual attributes like color, number, health focus, and specific areas of the spine.

So, before we discuss the benefits of chakra healing bracelets. Here is an in-depth analysis of the seven-chakra bracelet.

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The Seven Chakra Bracelets Meaning and their Properties.

The seven chakra healing bracelets are derived from the list of chakras listed above. Each can be worn to release blocked chakras paving the way to better physical and emotional wellbeing.

Besides that, you can combine different chakras in one bracelet to have an overall chakra healing bracelet that brings balance to your overall well-being.

Below is a detailed analysis of the seven chakra bracelets you may opt for and the chakras you can use to make them.

The base or Root Chakra bracelet

Why would you need a Root Chakra bracelet?

The root chakra, otherwise known as the (Muladhara), brings forth physical identity, grounding, and stability. It is associated with the color red and is located at the base of the spine. More specifically, the tailbone area.

Having a blockage of this chakra may manifest in both physical and emotional ways. Physically blockage may manifest by having physical complications such as colon or bladder problems, arthritis, and constipation.

Emotionally, blockage of this chakra may leave you feeling insecure about basic needs and wealth, or your general well-being.

To assist with the blockage, you may opt to wear a base chakra stone bracelet.

chakra bracelet chakra beaded stone bracelet seven chakras bracelet balancing

Which Stones Can You Use to Make Root Chakra Bracelet?

With so many healing chakra stones in the market to choose from, Consider these stones for your root chakra bead bracelet. Your root chakra?

2. The Sacral Chakra Bracelet

Why would you need a Sacral Chakra bracelet?

The Sacral chakra awakens a person’s creativity, sensuality, sexuality, and pleasure. Svadhisthana is the other name it is known by and is associated with the element of water.

The color associated with this chakra is orange, and it is located below the belly button. Just above the public stone to be precise.

The chakra affects you both physically and emotionally—your emotional feeling of our self-worth around creativity, pleasure, and sexuality. 

Blockage manifests itself with low self-esteem. Physically you may experience issues like lower back pain and sexual problems.

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Crystals You can use to make the Sacral Chakra Bracelet

Using the following crystals on a chakra bracelet will assist you in boosting your sacral chakra. By doing so, you get to increase your sexual desire. The crystals include:

  •  Carnelian and Picasso Jasper
  • Tangerine quartz
  • Orange calcite
  • Ruby
  • Carnelian

The Solar Plexus Chakra Bracelet

Why would you need a Sacral Chakra bracelet?

Manipura is the other name for the solar plexus chakra. It is situated in the upper abdomen in the stomach area. This chakra is associated with the color yellow.

Besides that, the significant meaning linked to the chakra is self-esteem and confidence. This is the chakra of your power. And it is closely associated with a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

Blockage can happen for this chakra, and it shows itself in the form of digestive problems. They may include issues like eating disorders, indigestion, ulcers, or even heartburn.

At times, this chakra is referred to as the fire in the belly because it is associated with the fire element. An imbalance in this chakra may cause excessive compulsive control. But by wearing a chakra balancing bracelet, you can feel its power and control your destiny.

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Crystals You can use to make the Solar Plexus Chakra Bracelet.

The good news is you can clear the blockage by merely wearing a solar plexus stone chakra bracelet. The rocks you may include in such a bracelet are:

  • Yellow Jade
  • Tiger’s eye.
  • Copper.
  • Calcite.
  • Pyrite.
  • Citrine.
  • Ametrine.

The Heart Chakra Bracelet

Why would you need a Heart Chakra Bracelet?

As the heart is associated with a feeling of love and compassion, so is this chakra. Its primary color is green. And it is located at the center of the chest, not far above from the heart.

This is the middle of the seven chakras. Blockage for the heart chakra may manifest itself in heart problems, weight issues, and asthma. But a person’s action better expresses if they are having a blockage with this chakra.

Mostly a person facing blockage puts others first to their own detriment. The importance of this chakra is that it connects the upper to the lower chakras. And misalignment may lead to a person feeling isolated, insecure, and lonely.

It is also referred to as Anahata, and by wearing a real stone chakra bracelet, you can align your heart chakra. Hence, allowing you to emanate your love better and shine it to everyone.

Gems You can use to make the Heart Chakra Bracelet.

There are many stones you can use to make a heart chakra bracelet. Some of them include:

5.  The Throat Chakra bracelet

Why would you need a Throat Chakra Bracelet?

Also known as the Vishuddha, this chakra is associated with the color blue. It is linked to a person’s communication. Ans is located in the throat area.

So, when you are having problems with the throat area and other surrounding areas like mouth, gums, and teeth, you may experience a blockage of this chakra.

Other actions that can indicate a misalignment of this chakra include domination of conversations, having trouble speaking your mind, talking without thinking, and gossiping.

Wearing a real stone chakra bracelet may aid you better express yourself. It will assist you not to suppress your voice, but rather speak and listen with compassion. You will be more confident with your speaking, as you will express the truth in your words.

Stones You can use to make the Throat Chakra Bracelet.

Here is the list to help you know what stones are on a chakra bracelet that may assist in unlocking the throat chakra. They include:

  • Amazonite
  • Turquoise
  • Blue calcite
  • Blue kyanite
  • Angelite
  • Celestite
  • Sodalite
  • Blue lace agate

6. The Third Eye Chakra Bracelet

Why would you need a Third Eye Chakra Bracelet?

Ajna is its other name. It is located between the eyes on the forehead. Because of its position, it is also referred to as the brow chakra.

The primary color associated with this chakra indigo and its meaning translates to imagination and intuition.Blockage can occur for this chakra, and it manifests as problems with sight or concertation, hearing problem, or headaches. 

Besides that, lockage is also expressed when a person is not in touch with reality, and they seem to know it all, meaning they are not in touch with their intuition.

For you to open up this chakra, you may consider having a chakra crystal bracelet. Doing so will help you follow your intuition and envision the bigger picture. Here are the stones you can use.

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Stones You can use to make the Throat Chakra Bracelet.

There is a variety of crystals you can use in real stone chakra bracelets that can aid in unlocking the third eye chakra. They include:

7. The Crown Chakra Bracelet

Why would you need a Crown Chakra Bracelet?

The Sahasrara, which is the other name for the crown chakra, is located at the top of the head. The primary colors associated with this chakra include violet and violet-white light. It is the chakra of intelligence, awareness, and spiritual connection.

It is linked to all the other chakras because it is at the top. It stands for knowledge of being one with all as well as union and bliss. It is the chakra of alignment and represents a connection to our spirituality and our life’s purpose.

Some common traits associated with this chakra’s blockage include being narrow-minded, stubborn, and very skeptical.

Stones You can use to make the Throat Chakra Bracelet.

Here is a list of crystals that may be part of an authentic chakra bracelet and may assist you in unblocking your crown chakra.

With an understanding of the different chakras and what stones you may find on chakra bracelets. Let us discuss chakra imbalances.

Chakra Imbalances: Chakra Balancing Bracelet

All the seven chakras are energetic centers of your body, and blockages may occur now and then. Yet, some of the chakras may seem more relevant to you than others.

You can use gemstones to heal and align your chakras. This is because most crystals are innate conductors of energy, making them vital tools for unblocking chakras. 

These crystals have different colors. As illustrated above, and each chakra is associated with a particular element, intensity, organ, and life phase. Each color of a gemstone found in a chakra healing bracelet can assist you by directing energy to the chakras they belong to, allowing them to realign to relive and free your body and spirit.

The main question now is, how do you know your chakra imbalances, and what can be done to create balance concerning how to wear a chakra bracelet.

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Here is a focus on balancing chakra crystal bracelets.

Basis of Chakra Balancing Bracelet

By wearing a Chakra crystal bracelet, you allow them to function with the energy centers to get rid of your chakra energy blockages.

However, you need to know the areas of your life that feel like the chakras are not flowing. So you know which of your chakras are blocked. This way, you can know the most suitable seven chakra healing bracelet to go for to remove the energy blockages. By selecting the right ones, they work with the energy levels to heal your spirit, mind, and body.

If you choose to make a 7-chakra stone bracelet yourself, you will know which stones to combine to make it most useful. You can pick one of each stone from the ones listed above and combine them into one bracelet. Still, it will be functional and look beautiful because of the many colors.

Although, if you have a specific chakra that needs healing, then you should choose a chakra bracelet with a crystal balance that is more inclined to that chakra.

For example, if you want to heal your heart chakra, you should choose a bracelet with crystals for that chakra healing. A chakra bracelet with more green diamonds will allow you better healing of the heart chakra.

Hoping, you now have an understanding of how different balancing can affect your chakra. The other question is how to wear your chakra bracelet?

When you have purchased or made your chakra bracelet,  the best way to wear it;

How to Wear your Chakra Bracelet

  • There is no right or wrong way to wear your chakra bracelet. It can be worn on different parts of your body. As for hands, it can be worn on either your right or left side.
  • Each place you choose to wear it on connotes a particular meaning, feeling, and vibe. But the most common place to wear chakra color bracelets is on the hands.
  • Wearing them on the left hand, they bring about internal shifts because the left side is the receptive hand. As for wearing chakra bracelets on the right side, you control the energy you give to the environment. This is because it is the giving hand.
  • Here is an in-depth analysis of wearing a chakra bracelet on either the left or right hand

Chakra Bracelet is worn On the Left hand.

The left side of your body is responsible for dealing with your internal self. For example, the left brain is responsible for facts, sequencing, linear thinking, and other functions attributed to self-actualization.

Wearing chakra bracelets on your left hand, therefore, allows you to deal with your inner self. Here are examples of how it works.

    • To be more loving to yourself, you can be rose quartz on the left hand.
    • To have better communication within, wear turquoise, or an amazonite bracelet.
    • To boost your self-confidence, you may consider wearing a red tigers eye bracelet on your left side.

You get the flow, so to allow the healing crystals to work on internal energies, wear them on the left-hand side.

Chakra Bracelet Worn on The Right Hand

The right side of your body relates to how you emanate energy to the outside world. It is best illustrated by the right brain, which deals with attributes of imagination, holistic thinking, and intuition, among others.

When you wear your crystal bracelets on the right hand, you will be emanating power and sharing its healing properties with your environment. Here are examples.

    • To achieve channeling blessings and healing to others, you may put on a sunstone bracelet on your right hand.
    • If you want to offer a calming environment to others, you can achieve this by wearing an amethyst bracelet on your right hand.
    • To be more loving to others, a rose quartz bracelet worn on the right hand is a brilliant idea.

And it goes on and on. The good thing is that you can wear chakra bracelets simultaneously on your left and right sides. So, to achieve the best energetic flow, find the perfect balance between your left and right sides.

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What Wearing a Chakra Bracelet Does. 7 Chakra Stone Bracelet Benefits

Wearing the bright and vibrant colors of an authentic chakra stone bracelet is rewarding enough for jewelry lovers. But this is not the only benefit they come with.

Chakra accessories have been worn in India for decades. And the benefit you stand to get from the chakra bracelet may depend on the particular stone on the bracelet. And each stone comes with its own unique merits.

Nonetheless, here are seven chakra bracelet benefits that cut across several crystals.

1. Promotes Proper Energy Flow

Crystals found in chakra bracelets are beneficial for energy flows. Daily, you give out and take in energy. It may be physically as in food and waste or emotions.

Emotional energies do affect how your day unfolds. If you are frustrated and angry, concentrations may reduce. And you may eliminate lousy power.

Chakra bracelets may help you learn how to control your energies. Once you discover the powers of chakra bracelets, you will never want to take yours off.

2. It is Profitable for Healing

Healing using crystals is an art that has been in existence for a long. And all this while people are discovering new ways to access the healing aspects of diamonds.

Having chakra stone bracelets is one way to be in touch with the healing components. You should consider getting a chakra healing bracelet if you are dealing with emotional troubles.

More so, if you are suffering from an ailment, enduring pain, or substance abuse and you want to grow and overcome them, consider a chakra bracelet. It will help you stay optimistic.

You will be able to handle issues as they come. You will not wallow on the issuer, instead focus on the bright path of the future.

3.   It can Assist in Focus and Awareness

Wearing chakra healing bracelets means you will always have the healing crystals on you. Having the glasses on you still acts as a reminder to focus on healing instead of worrying.

This benefit is closely related to healing. The ability to allow you to focus on chakra bracelets allows for faster healing.

You will be able to focus on staying positive and controlling your energies to improve your general well-being.

And because of the mental application allowing you to focus, it can be used for meditation and relaxation.

4.   Chakra Bracelet Improves Health

The impact of chakra bracelets on a person’s physical and mental health can never be emphasized enough. Chakra bracelets rely on the power of the gemstones or crystals that have been used to make them.

These crystals assist in connecting you to your seven chakras. You will be able to know when a chakra is blocked and can resolve it.

The blockage of different chakras can have huge impacts on a person’s health. For example, if the solar plexus chakra is blocked, you may experience discomfort in your stomach area. The same uncomfortable effect will be felt around your throat and mouth if your throat chakra is misaligned.

Therefore, wearing authentic chakra bracelets allows you to stay in touch with your chakras and learn how to control them.

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5.   Unblocks and realigns a Person’s Chakra

You will be able to connect to the wheels throughout your body that is referred to as chakra when you wear a chakra bracelet. These wheels allow your body to transform energy.

What the chakra does is provides a means through which you can control these energies. Meaning, it is possible for you to unblock one of the chakras if they are blocked.

6.   Helps You Balance the Seven Chakras

There are seven chakras connected to the spine and run from the bottom of the spine to the top. They are the ones that determine the energies in your body.

Activities such as yoga and meditation have been used over the years to balance all their chakras. They are, however, not the only means of controlling your chakras.

Wearing a chakra bracelet will enable you to control and keep your Chakras in balance. For example, the seven-chakra bracelet may consist of seven different stones.

Each of the stones in different colors and designs represents each of the chakras, providing a channel for you to relate to your chakras.

7.   Provides beautiful Aesthetic Jewelry

The seven sections represented by the seven chakra stone bracelets have an essential meaning in a person’s life. In the day to day living, you find yourself in different scenarios that enable the energy of the universe to flow through you.

And as the energy flows through you, you still get to look elegant and improve on your outfit with eye-catch bracelets.

There are claims that the benefit of having chakra bracelets is derived from the energy of the stones. Others say that they only promote awareness and focus.

Wherever your stand may lie, Chakra bracelets are suitable for both scenarios. Even so, they offer alternative medicine for healing and growth.

Activating Your Chakra Bracelet; Cleansing it the Right Way

Every object on Earth has energy. It may be positive energy or negative energy. For healing crystals for sale, they will be of much help if they contain positive energy.

Hence, it is of great importance to ensure that your chakra bracelet is appropriately activated. So that if it has negative energy, it will be cleansed to help you in the path of healing.

The way you activate your silver chakra bracelet to emit positive energy is by cleansing. Cleansing should not be a one-time thing, but an activity carried out from time to time. Think of it as cleaning.

Over time, elements tend to wear out. This is why we clean surfaces from time to time. The same applies to chakra beads. You need to keep it tidy and ensure you regularly remove any debris it accumulates.

It is not rocket science to cleanse your chakra bracelet and remove any negative energy it accumulates from time to time. However, one thing is not to use the sun, saltwater, and prolonged exposure to water to cleanse.

Here are some of the ways for cleansing your chakra bead bracelet.

1.   The Full Moon Cleansing

It is a straightforward procedure where you are only required to ensure that you place your bracelet on a raised outside at night during a full moon.

When doing this, you can use a precise glass blow to protect the bracelet from damage by rain or blow off by wing. Also, do not forget to take it first thing in the morning before the sun rises.

  1. It is not a must you place it outside; you can put it inside by a window where it accesses the full moon.

2.   Cleansing Using Brown rice

The brown rise method of a cleansing chakra bracelet is still yet another simple procedure. All you need is a bowl of plain, uncooked brown rice. Placing it inside cooked rice will damage the crystals.

Take the bowl of brown rice, submerge your chakra beads entirely in meditation and relax it and leave it overnight. The rice will draw out all the impurities and bad energy.

3.   The Smudging Method of Cleansing

Just like the first two, this one is also not complicated. All you need is white sage bundles and a vast this to collect the ash. You can purchase the sage bundles online or from your local metaphysical crystal store.

It is an everyday cleansing performed by the Native Americans. What you do is take the smudge stick and ignite it. Then you pick your chakra bracelet and pass it through the smoke several times, and that should do it. Use a Backflow Incense holder to make the process easier.  

After you are done, stab out the smudged stick on the disk carefully and store it to use another time.

Other Ways to take Care of your Chakra Bracelet

Apart from cleansing, you need to be careful with your chakra bracelet and take good care of it not to be damaged. Here is a quick run-through of some of the best practices to adopt:

  •   Avoid placing it in water for an extended time.
  • Keep the bracelet away from exposure to harsh chemicals or long exposures of sunlight.
  • To avoid scratching with other jewelry, store your bracelet separately.
  • You can wear your chakra bracelet to bed but ensure you are careful not to snag it on anything.
  • Develop a habit of always storing your bracelet in a dry safe place.
Bottom Line

You must have gained one or two new perceptions about the Chakra healing bracelet, even if you schemed through the entire article. You can browse our wide selection of crystals on sale to start your healing journey or add to your collection of healing crystals. 

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