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Citrine Meaning

Citrine Stone Benefits & Metaphysical Properties

What is a citrine stone used for?

This is a common question that one will find when they try and do research on citrine.  Citrine stone does not always receive the love or appreciation of other crystals of its same caliber. The siblings of citrine, such as rose quartz, amethyst, and onyx, all have the pretty colors and glamorous appearance that citrine sometimes lacks. Yet, I cannot think of anything more unfair. Citrine Stone is one of those especially fabulous crystals that is hiding right in plain sight. The properties that citrine contains are special because it one of those earthy, special crystals with a very specific, precise energy associated with it. Unlike rose quartz, which is sometimes used only for romance and pulling in clear, positive energy, citrine stone can be used for a wider variety of purposes. So, let’s discuss this deeply underrated crystal. Let’s examine some of the energies that citrine is known for, as well as citrine meaning, and where you can find some quality citrine products. 

Citrine Meaning 

When searching for a definitive source to learn about citrine stone, one might find themselves shocked to learn that this isn’t a better-known crystal. Perhaps it does not have the romantic energy of a rose quartz ring, but it is still a member of the quartz family. Also known as ‘burnt amethyst,’ the citrine stone has been associated with several deities over time; perhaps the most significant deity being Demeter, or the goddess of the harvest. This history contributes to citrine properties being influenced by the energy of the autumn. This also makes citrine an excellent stone for Samhain. Citrine stone has also, evidently, been identified with Sekhmet, the goddess of healing. Sekhmet is also famous for being a warrior and sometimes appearing as a lioness. This stone is also known for being affiliated with Persephone, known for being a goddess of forestation, vegetation, grain, and the queen of the underworld along her husband, Hades. Citrine has powerful friends; it has crossed the sands of time bearing strong energy. 

Citrine Chakra 

The Solar Plexus is one of those spaces in the body that is not always cared for, that is not always focused on. Citrine stone is an important piece in balancing the naval chakra, so this is a perfect stone to use when the medication you are practicing relies on the stomach. An excellent exercise that can be done with this crystal is to lie down in a Savasana pose while placing the citrine on the belly. Focus on the breathing that enters and leaves your stomach while using the citrine stone as a pressure point for the air that enters your body and leaves it. This crystal can serve as an important piece in reminding oneself to care for your stomach and core. Citrine meaning is also associated with the crown chakra as well as the third-eye chakra

Citrine Color 

One of the most powerful citrine properties is its very distinctive color range. The citrine crystal can range from a lighter shade of rust to a quite vibrant yellow. It is this yellow hue that makes the citrine color so incredibly distinctive. The golden citrine color carries with it the deeply warm power of the sun, making its energy strongly associated with autumn and the seasonal energy that comes along with fall. The name itself comes from the term ‘citron’ meaning lemon. This striking golden stone can also be used as a potent reminder of the autumn, but it is also known as a bright summer stone, which contrasts sharply with the darkness of winter. Winter nights are an excellent time for reflection, and the yellow of the citrine stone can help to bring the energy of the sun into your life on cold December evenings.

As citrine is also a cleanser, selenite can also be highly complementary when clearing out negative energy. To read more about selenite and its properties, follow this link to an article by Crystal Shop selenite properties

Citrine uses vary, and that might be due to the names associated with it. Citrine is also sometimes known as ‘The Merchant Stone’ or ‘The Success Stone,’ which naturally associates the crystal with the idea of wealth – which has been related to citrine for many years. Even more beautifully, citrine has also been called ‘The Light Maker.’ Can there be anything so lovely as a stone identified so strongly with light, with joy and positivity? Consider the wonder in those words; The Light Maker.

Perhaps that is the most significant use for citrine; the fact that it is a powerful reminder of the strength and constant presence of light. Light is not something that we as humans can always create as easily as the sun, but we can find things that symbolize light. Citrine stone can serve as one of these reminders, and as one of these symbols. 

Citrine Purposes and Properties

  The citrine crystal is strongly associated with very specific purposes, perhaps most famously with the promotion of wealth. Of course, purchasing this stone does not mean that thousands of dollars are going to miraculously appear under your pillow one night, instead, as with other crystals, citrine benefits a person’s ability to manifest personal will and intention.

This concept of manifestation has a great deal to do with citrine and how it can positively impact a person’s greater sense of energy. This also limits the negative citrine stone side effects to essentially none. Because the citrine crystal is such an excellent stone for strengthening a person’s psychic will, it can also be used in conjunction with other crystals. Despite its potent energy, it does not counteract with other stones.

While some crystals have an extremely strong aura that might not react well with other chakra stones, citrine is fortifying and amplifies the positive energy around it and dispels the negative energy. One crystal that has been known to mix beautifully with citrine is tourmaline quartz because both stones, being of the quartz family, are excellent sources of amplification. To learn about tourmaline quartz and its uses as a crystal, you can read the article by Crystal Shop at the Black Tourmaline 

Citrine Jewelry and Decorations

After learning about the properties, meaning, and history of citrine stone benefits, how can we fit this uniquely lovely gemstone in our lives? Crystals take on an entirely new energy when physically worn on the body, and Citrine jewelry is no exception.

Owning a crystal that a person can incorporate into their daily lives can assist in their own spiritual journey. When it comes to citrine jewelry, there may be options that help to better enhance the citrine properties. A citrine crystal necklace is an obvious choice after learning about the citrine meaning, as necklaces tend to be a favorite among crystal jewelry lovers.

However, there are many compliments to citrine that can be utilized in powerful ways besides a citrine crystal necklace. The tree of life pendant, handmade and sold at the crystal shop, may be an excellent choice and can be found at the link

The concept of the tree of life can be tied strongly to the idea of the citrine representing the sun. The sun is what gives the tree life, and as such, the tree continues for eternity as a symbol of hope and the beauty of nature.

  • Citrine BirthStones 

As a proudly chaotic Aries myself, one of the perks that I get out of my wild Aries energy is the calming birthstone of aquamarine. I love aquamarine because it is connected back to water energy as opposed to the earthy, fire-based energy of an Aries. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I was immediately interested in citrine. Autumn is a special time of year, and November is perfectly situated with true, potent seasonal energy. This stone is a perfect crystal for autumn, as the citrine birth stone is associated with November. The energy of this crystal is warm, it is strong and calming, which illustrates the powerful citrine stone meaning. Fall is a time of sun piercing through the chill of the seasonal weather. Perhaps one of the best gifts available for a birthstone-based gift is the ‘citrine crystal wand,’ available through the Asana Crystals.  and assists in dissipating the negative energy that can latch onto a spirit over time. Unlike some stones, citrine stone side effects are removed sheerly by the removal of its own negative energy. Instead of absorbing anything, citrine evaporates that negative energy altogether. That is why giving a citrine birthstone gift along the lines of a crystal wand can be a powerful tool in manifesting positive energy. 

  • Citrine Bracelets 

      Citrine jewelry can hold much of power that the stone caries. Citrine meaning relies on the power of warmth, the sun, and the spiritually cleaning properties. A citrine bracelet can be a beautiful decorative piece as well as providing spiritual energy. Indeed, there are other bracelets that can serve as excellent tools to use alongside a citrine bracelet, which can assist in citrine stone benefits uses such as fortifying the spirit and connecting one’s inner thoughts to one’s psychic journey. As citrine meaning relies heavily on the concept of warding off unwanted presences, it can be helpful to pair citrine jewelry with a red Evil Eye bracelet, an old and meaningful symbol of proving peace to one’s spiritual state. That can be found at the link Citrine Stone is also of the quartz family, so pairing it with other quartz stones can make it a positive amplifier of citrine stone benefits; such as the Rose Quartz Wrap Bracelet at the Crystal Shop 

    • Citrine Rings

      • A citrine ring can serve as an important tool in keeping one’s energy, not only stable, but thriving. Create a positive psychic force within one’s self is a difficult task, especially in a world in which tends to stifle the creation and manifestation of positive energy. One citrine ring in particular that stands out and can be a reinforcer of the memories that the stone holds is the citrine druzy ring at the Crystal Shop. The weight on one’s finger can be a reminder that the sun never really leaves, it just sleeps for a while, and will always return. This citrine ring is also a gorgeous piece, incredibly distinctive. When trying to find a citrine crystal for sale, this piece stands out among the rest. As someone who has always felt a connection to druzy jewelry, I can truly say that this is a stunning statement piece and can be found at the link:

      • The edges are said to assist in allowing energies to echo off each other and create more energy and more opportunities for spiritual cleansing. To assist in the manifestation of this psychic energy, you might also check out the agate earrings at the Crystal Shop, which may be a positive complementary force to the druzy citrine ring. These earrings can be found at the link 

      Citrine Stone History 

      Natural citrine has been around for a surprisingly long time, dating back all the way to the time of the Grecian Empire. Some sources claim that natural citrine has been found dating all the way back to 300 B.C. Raw citrine has been found in Brazil, Africa, Madagascar, Spain, Russia, Scotland, and the United States; though Brazil in particular supplies the most significant amounts of raw citrine. Citrine also grew in popularity due to Queen Victoria, who made citrine jewelry fashionable and stylish. This stone is truly an ancient force, deeply powerful and absorbed with the energy of the sun.

      Meditation with Citrine 

      When meditating with citrine, it will be important to focus on its warmth. This autumn, take advantage of the beautiful weather of a fall day and pick an oak tree to sit under. Then, take the crystal in your hand and focus on its history. Connect with the citrine stone and yourself to hone in on your solar plexus.

      Try to break the world around you down into its base parts; the soft whisper of the leaves as they fall to the ground, the gentle breeze, the feeling of the sun on your skin. Ensure that you are letting the strengthening energy of the citrine into your life with everything in you.

      Along with finding a citrine crystal for sale, another exquisite piece to add to one’s crystal collection and assist in one’s mediation process are the stunning gorgeous and endlessly aesthetically pleasing 7 chakra crystals set from the Crystal Shop, which draws its inspiration from the concept of Sacred geometry. Those can be found at the link. 

      In my experience, the citrine crystal can be a potent reminder that there is always light in a dark world. The next time I medicate, I plan to do the utmost to remind myself of that. Citrine is a symbol that warmth will never abandon you, no matter how cold you might feel at the time. The next time you ask, ‘what is citrine used for,’ remember this.  

      For the skeptics that might still be on the fence about buying crystals and the truth of citrine meaning, crystal healing and meditation are not meant to heal a broken bone. They will not cure cancer or solve world hunger.

      The power of crystals relies on another force, one which draws its strength from a psychic source. Spiritual energy is special, connecting the individual to the veiled world of spirits and energies.

      The plane of crystals is not one of broken bones, this plane is based around evolving a person’s understanding of the world around them and of the world that they connect see.

      You can read for about this at the Huffpost article.

      Citrine Stones 

               Citrine can be a perfect stone for your alter or as a focus tool. As Samhain readily approaches, it can be difficult to find new, fresh stones for one of the most important Wiccan holidays.

      As someone who needs to clean up my alter and instill flesh energy into my life, I think that the citrine crystal may be a perfect option. Placing citrine in or around your alter can assist in bring that warmth and golden energy to your everyday life. One of great Citrine stone benefits

      As the weather grows colder and the days get shorter, we all need to remind ourselves that the sun is always out there, giving life and keeping our blood from growing cold. And, as I mentioned, Samhain is right around the corner.

      For any reader who might not know, Samhain is a celebrating of life and a remembrance for our ancestors and loved ones who have pasted on every October 31st. Personally, Samhain is something that I look forward to each and every year, but traditions can become stale. I can think of any number of ways that incorporating citrine into my yearly Samhain routine can be a way to add a fortifying presence. Part of my Samhain traditions include visiting cemeteries, but it is vital that I protect myself from any negative forces which might be trying to latch onto me on my way home. I want to end Samhain the same way I began it; protected and safe from the spirits that naturally inhabit graveyards. Indeed, part of the lore surrounding Samhain is that the veil between the world of the living and the world of the spirits grows thin.

      healing yoga crystals

      While the thinning of the veil, in my experience, can be a beautiful way to connect to the other side, it can also provide a clear opportunity for unwanted spirits to find a way into your life. This is where citrine comes in. As I have mentioned before, citrine is a crystal of calming strength. Its power lies in its ability to protect against negative forces. Citrine properties are those of the sun and of the traditional harvest. I believe that this is what will prove to be the most vital element of citrine – the fact that citrine dispels negative energy with the power of sunlight.

      Beyond Samhain, I cannot imagine a better crystal for daily usage. An excellent tool that can assist to create citrine stone benefits in one’s life is the stress relief crystal set from Crystal Shop, which comes with citrine, amethyst, and clear quartz. Clear quartz can be especially helpful in manifesting citrine stone meaning and can be found at the link. The stress of daily life can be just as draining and just as exhausting as a negative spirit, so protecting and reinforcing one’s spirit and energy is important.

      Very few of us can honestly say that we enjoy the sun at appropriate levels, and, as one might expect, citrine cannot actually replace the health benefits of the sun. However, in a world filled to the brim with stressors, it can be helpful to keep the spirit of the sun within one’s existence. I love winter, but it can truly be a difficult season. As I leave for the day in the pitch black, and return once the sun has already set, I cannot help but feel an intense longing for the sun that I seem to take for granted each and every year until I see too little of it.

      Having a stone like citrine can provide the energy of the sun even when I am unable to actually get out. It is hardly an outright solution, but it is, at least for me, a step in a positive direction and a way to practice positive self-care in ways that I might never have expected. 

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