Crown Chakra Healing and Meaning

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Crown Chakra Meaning

Everything You Need To Know About The Highest Spiritual Chakra

Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor

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Researcher in spirituality and metaphysics dedicated to introducing people to their inner selves.  Author of five books on metaphysics, crystals and chakra balancing. Over 15 years of experience studying metaphysics, yoga teacher and reiki master.

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Deluged by an ethereal violet-white color, the crown chakra is the final and the most spiritual chakra of the body. The chakra has a crucial impact on our spirituality, connection, and consciousness. An active crown chakra aligns the remaining six chakras of the body. The chakra acts as the center of spirit and holds core values for wisdom and enlightenment. More importantly, the crown chakra governs universal consciousness, connection, and self-guidance. 

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This chakra is our highest potential that rules communication and interaction with the universe. It also governs our senses of devotion and inspiration to help us better unite with our higher self and divine. A deeper understanding of life and attaining a healthy spiritual life also define the importance of the chakra. Interestingly, the crown chakra expresses universal connectedness to create harmony with nature and integrate the whole energy system in the universe. 

Location of the Chakra:

Located above the crown of the head, the Sahasrara governs our consciousness, spirituality, and connection with mother nature. The chakra is the final and the highest chakra of the body; maybe that’s the main reason it gets its name crown chakra. 

Crown Chakra Element:

Unlike all the other chakras of the body, the elements of crown chakra are unique. Experts associate this chakra with thought and silence. Silence helps you achieve awareness, concentration, a sense of calm, and a better idea of creativity in you. Be more productive, creative, and active by concentrating on the strong internal voice harnessing the power of thought and silence. 

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Crown Chakra Color:

Again, the Sahasrara chakra is unique in that a mesmerizing amethyst violet color represents it. However, sometimes the chakra is represented by a pure white color with a gleaming hue of violet. The crown chakra color is a great mix of vibrant red and serene blue colors. Hence, this chakra color expresses extravagance, dignity, pride, mystery, ambition, and above all, understanding and wisdom.

Crown Chakra Symbol:

The symbol of the Sahasrāra chakra is a circle guarded by one thousand petals. The symbol inspires you to hit your goals and reminds you of the abundant spiritual energy. 

Signs of Open and balanced Crown chakra:

Feeling a deeper connection with the divine, higher consciousness, and a greater touch base with the universe indicates a balanced crown chakra. The person feels an unshakeable trust in the inner guidance. More importantly, a healthy and healed chakra amplifies our wisdom, expands our knowledge, and boosts our learning skills.

Crown Chakra Crystals:

The most popular crown chakra stone is the brilliant bright purple stone Amethyst. Besides, other crown chakra stones are Apophyllite, Lavender Quartz, Selenite, and Sugilite. To your surprise, diamond and clear quartz are powerful crown chakra stones that bring illumination and energy to the chakra.

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Third Eye Chakra Affirmations:

The most simple yet intelligent way to heal the crown chakra blockage is the use of affirmations. Strong affirmations are starting from “I am” or “I have,” emphasizing spirituality, consciousness, and wisdom can heal a misaligned chakra.  

Crown Chakra Meaning

Just like its majestic name, crown chakra meaning is also unique. Crown chakra gets its name from its Sanskrit origin Sahasrāra which means the bridge of the cosmos. Hence, the actual crown chakra meaning relates to the coronet of all the body’s energy centers. Some experts emphasize the importance of the chakra by comparing it with the umbilical cord to the divine. This deeper interaction helps us feel secure and connected to the oneness of all things.

Feelings of isolation, worthlessness, and loneliness are the biggest hindrances in achieving the noble life cause. The crown chakra meanings assure that the force driving the universe is merely an expansion of the same dynamic energy that makes us up. The true crown chakra meanings help us better understand life’s purpose, revitalizing the determination and enthusiasm in us. 

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Crown Chakra Location 

The bridge of all the chakras, the Sahasrara, rules at the top of the head above the physical body. Like the crown sits atop the head, this seventh chakra radiates upwards hence getting its name Crown chakra. The chakra has a primary association with the pituitary gland and a secondary association with the pineal and the hypothalamus. This association justifies chakra’s relation with brain functions, spirituality and wisdom

Energetically the crown chakra has a deep connection with the nervous system of the body. As far as the connection with other chakras is concerned, the seventh chakra relates to the first chakra. Both the root and the first chakra are the extremities of our body’s chakra systems and impart contentedness and devotion.

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What happens when your crown chakra is blocked or imbalanced?

From an emotional standpoint to physiological, spiritual, or mental, crown chakra health and alignment is very important. Specific abnormalities arise due to the choking of energy or crown chakra blockage. Like every other chakra of the body, the Sahasrara holds certain powers and properties. The deviation from the norm in these characteristics tells us about the abnormality in the chakra. Let’s have a deep dive into learning about some of the emotional and physical ailments due to the crown chakra blockage:

Psychological cues that accompany an imbalanced crown chakra

A range of psychological ailments acts as red flags that point towards the problem of blockage or misalignment. Specific indications that relate to the trouble with the seventh chakra are:

  • Feeling lost or stuck, especially losing concentration while meditating.
  • You may find it challenging to connect with the things around you. Ultimately, it also affects the root chakra energy, and you may feel pessimistic and low in self-esteem.
  • Spiritual apathy and disinterest may start creeping into your life. 
  • A dominant feeling of boredom, lack of attentiveness, and antsy with the mundane may accompany crown chakra blockage. 
  • A strong feeling that you have lost your purpose of life, disengagement with wisdom, and lack of concentration also relate to a blocked upper chakra.
  • Last, if you have an inviolable desire for complete isolation from your social circle, know that you need crown chakra healing.
  • Growing distant from your relationships, frustration, bitterness, and fuss over nothing also tell you about the misalignment.
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Emotional Standpoint- Disturbances that indicate misalignment

Even the slightest imbalance in the crown chakra can lead to specific emotional imbalances like:

  • Firstly depression
  • Apathy and boredom
  • Skepticism
  • Moreover stubbornness
  • Excess sarcasm and sometimes seeking pleasure in teasing others 
  • Last but essential, arrow mindedness and unwelcoming attitude towards changes 

Do any physical abnormalities relate to an imbalance in the crown chakra?

We can precisely regard the chakra mind-body balance as a two-way street. It means that while you feel certain emotional disturbances with a disruption in the chakra energy, physical ailments also come along. That’s what exactly happens when your Sahasrara energy becomes imbalanced. As the crown chakra is spiritual, the physical imbalances mainly include:

  • First off, sensitivity to light
  • Second, sensitivity to sound
  • In addition, uncontrollable irritation and frustration in public
  • Last feeling misfit with the surrounding or fear of alienation 

But as the crown chakra is not physical, more spiritual and emotional disturbances accompany its blockage. 

Expert recommendations for a balanced Crown chakra- Pro tips to try at home

In this work-loaded and hyperconnected life, it’s normal if some chakra gets out of balance. Of course, there are simple and easy practices to fix it. Exercise, Yoga Asanas, Crystals, and Meditation being the best recommendations by the experts. By the time we have reached the seventh and the last chakra of the body, you will notice a considerable change in the tips to heal specific chakras. 

Rigid thoughts on spirituality, stillness in life, mindlessness, and disbelief in the inner guidance indicate an imbalance in the Sahasrara. Here are some of the most favorite practices by the experts that can help heal the chakra. So, let’s take a deep dive to introduce us to some of these keenly:

crown chakra indigo chakra seven chakras crown chakra healing-3

Yoga is the best thing to do for crown chakra Opening

As the crown chakra meaning indicates, it’s the uppermost chakra of the body; specific yoga asanas targeting the crown region can help. For instance, headstands are the finest asanas that help regulate the energy balance in the crown region. Given below are the three most powerful yoga asanas for revitalizing the Sahasrara energy:

Supported Headstand

Strengthening the whole body and calming the brain, supported headstand is the king of Yoga. Try not to rush into a headstand unless you have a certain level of strength and skill to practice. Here is the most straightforward step-by-step procedure for a full-on posture for beginners. 

First off, place a thick Yoga mat or blanket alongside the wall for cushioning. Get down on all fours in a way that you face the wall. Interlace your fingers to form a web with your knuckles half-inch from the wall. Now cup your hands around the back of your head crown, gently placing it on the floor. After that, elevate the pelvis, straightening your legs, and lift your knees off the ground. 

Further, walk in to adjust your feet in a way that your shoulders are directly over your elbows. Bend your knee and slowly extend your left leg up to the wall. Flex your feet, keeping your heels on the wall, and repeat the same with the right leg. Stay in the position for five breaths and start reversing the posture. Now rest in the child’s pose for a while, and you are ready to go. 

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Benefits of Supported Headstand for the Crown chakra opening

  • First, the pose dramatically reduces stress and knocks out depression.
  • Secondly, it also stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands.
  • More importantly, the pose unblocks the chakra energy flow in the crown region. 
  • Finally, the pose also alleviates medical conditions like asthma, insomnia, infertility, and sinusitis. 

Experts also recommend supported shoulder stand, plow pose (halasana), and lotus pose for chakra healing. Follow along with some guided yoga routines for the crown chakra balancing flow. Don’t worry about performing these poses accurately being a yoga novice. Even simply lying upside-down regulates blood flow in the crown of the head, thereby aligning the chakra. 

Crown Chakra Stones

3 Brilliantly colored, and prestigious spellbinding crystals

It’s time to startle your soul awake with the powers of prestigious and timeless crystals. Natural gemstones are on the ball for their miraculous healing benefits. Known to boost spiritual power, natural crystal bracelets are worn to ward off negativity around you. Besides, their hypnotic allure and grace help you flow with the rebellious trends ruling the avant-garde fashion industry. The spellbinding effect of the crystals works wonders, especially on the stuck chakra energy. 

Like all the other chakra crystals, some specific gemstones heal and align the Sahasrara energy. As the chakra is dominated by the color of integrity, sincerity, and intuition, i.e., indigo, therefore, the crystals with hues of indigo are rightly the crown chakra crystals. These crystals may be transparent, having brilliant hues of purple or natural purplish-indigo gemstones. Let’s have a keen look over some of the most fantastic crown chakra stones you can use to heal and align your chakra. These may be:

With an incredible mauve-violet color and spellbinding intricate patterns, Amethyst is rightly the seventh chakra stone. The brilliant shiny particles in the Amethyst crystal portray the infinite beauty of the galaxies. Amethyst associates with spiritual awareness, inner peace, and healing, and higher consciousness. This stone of wisdom also relieves stress, brings balance to your life, and heals mind, body, and soul. The stone relieves stress, dispels anger, soothes irritability, and balances your mood swings, anger, fears, and anxiety

Whether you belong to any walk of life, you can always carry it in the form of your favorite Amethyst bracelet. Besides, meditating with the Amethyst stone is also a great idea as it’s the stone of serenity. With its calming properties, Amethyst enhances memory and helps you get more focused and motivated. More importantly, these crown chakra stones help align, heal, and balance your Sahasrara energy. Besides these healing properties, Amethyst also alleviates tons of physical health issues. So, welcome this prestigious crystal to align your chakra and bring inner peace to your life. 

Selenite- The Vintage glassy crystal with an enthralling allure 

Loved and praised by all, Selenite is another inspiring crystal for the Sahasrara chakra. The superficial allure and grace make it your perfect crystal for any particular day. Selenite is a calming crystal that buffs up the most spiritual chakra. The amazing micromineral effects and vibrations of Selenite strengthen the immune system. Besides, it also reverses the damaging effects of free radicals, the apparent need of this modern age. Fashionistas swear by the Selenite gold pendants and bracelets ruling the fashion world. 

But most importantly, these unique crown chakra crystals develop a deeper intimacy with mother nature. No matter in any form, the stone dissipates the negativity and ill vibes, thereby cleansing your auras. When kept with care, this delicate crystal has marvelous attractiveness and longevity. With an essence of serenity and purity, the crystal justifies the true crown chakra meanings. Meditating with Selenite clears your thoughts. This magnificent gemstone broadens your perspective towards everything, introducing you to the universal consciousness. Heal your Sahasrara energy and open your arms to broad spirituality and higher guidance.

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Clear Quartz- The Master Healer Stone ruled by perfection and purity

Flaunting the perfection of diamond, clear quartz is one of the most irresistibly dominant crystals on our planet. Clear quartz is a potent healing gemstone on Earth that can work in any condition. Interestingly, these crown chakra crystals bring illumination and power to your mind and spirit. The stone absorbs, retains, liberates, and regulates energy, hence called an energy amplifier. Just like its name, clear quartz draws off all the negative energy vibes around you and cleanse your auras. 

Clear quartz revitalizes our mental, emotional, physical, and, more importantly, spiritual planes. Enhancing our psychic abilities and empowering the inner truth and wisdom are qualities that specify this crystal. Clear quartz also sharpens memory and aids concentration. But more importantly, the crystal has a significant role in crown chakra healing. Its glacial-like appearance has cool vibes that work wonders for bringing serenity and peace back in life. The clarity of the crystal connotes the ice-cold crystal clear frozen water. Stun everyone around you with your mesmerizing clear quartz pendant or bracelet. Meditation takes a new spirit and meaning when you prop clear quartz.

These are the 3 most powerful and attractive crown chakra crystals that you can use for spiritual healing. You don’t have to obey any hard and fast rules for their use. Well, you can use them as healing crystal jewelry, crystal pipes, raw crystal for meditation, or even crystal wall hanging.

Chakra Stones Set- An incredibly irresistible offer for the potential stone lovers

From enjoying a regal position in meditation and visualization to Reiki, crystals have always been essential. Imagine simply watching and feeling a crystal can heal your chakras. Besides, properly healed and aligned chakras promise a stress-free life. But of course, investing in individual crystals for all the seven chakras can be a significant strain on your budget. So, what to do next? Well, here is the simplest solution to this problem.

How about investing in a single set with all the seven chakra stones in it? Sounds interesting! Crystal-shop brings you the most incredible crazy deal of the year. It’s a lifetime investment that ensures the health and wellness of your chakra system. Fair deal? But the potential features are not yet over. All the chakra stones in the set are selected, cut, and polished by expert crystal craftsmen. Besides, the excellent packaging gives the chakra set a royal appearance. Hence, the exciting package makes the best gift for potential stone lovers. Here is a breakdown of what you are going to get in the deal:

  1. Crown Chakra Stone – Amethyst
  2. Third Eye Chakra  Clear Quartz
  3. Throat Chakra Stone – Lapis Lazuli
  4. Solar Plexus Stone – Yellow Jasper
  5. Sacral Chakra Crystal – Carnelian
  6. Heart Chakra Stone – Rose Quartz
  7. Root Chakra – Obsidian
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The prestigious crystals bolster your essential chakras. Meanwhile, the timeless allure keeps you motivated. Create an aura of completeness, purity, and protection around you with the powers of the crown chakra crystals. It’s time to shine with confidence, flaunt your imperfections, and be the genuine, authentic you.


Encourage yourself with positive affirmations for Crown chakra healing

Verily affirmations are the simplest yet the best way to overcome what haunts you. You can win over your fears, false beliefs, teasing thoughts, and temperament with these positive reminders. Crown chakra affirmations are your daily motivation to remain spiritually content, mindful, and connected to the universe. You can use these affirmations alone or pair them in a set to specify your intentions. Again, the best way is to couple them with Yoga or meditation. Perhaps the most enjoyable way is to make them a part of your daily routine for spiritual mindfulness. So, here are some affirmations that can be a great help in crown chakra opening.

    • I feel a deeper connection with the universe and everything around me
    • I am guided by some power greater than myself
    • Wisdom and peace are my potential strength
    • I honor the divine within me and believe in my spirit.

Burning Sahasrara incense and essential oils; Aromatherapy- Convenient yet effective

Off-kilter energy or confusion may indicate an imbalance in the body’s chakras. Of the many other plans to heal an impaired chakra, Aromatherapy is the simplest. It has been used as an effective tool for centuries. It adds to the richness and value of the world’s lavish cultures. Diffusing or applying essential oils, i.e., Jasmine or Lavender, has soothing and calming effects. Besides, it also acts to ease the tension and stress in the crown region. Some other oils that can be used for aligning the Sahasrara energy may be:

    • Cedarwood
    • Sandalwood
    • Frankincense
    • Myrrh
    • Elemi
    • Helichrysum
    • Spikenard
    • Lotus

Fasting- A unique healing approach specific to the crown chakra

We always talk about chakra nutrition and incorporating certain foods into the diet for all the six chakras of the body. But here, the case is different in Sahasrara chakra. Color-specific foods are typical in other chakras but opposite here. Yes, we are talking about fasting, a unique approach that always works for the crown chakra. Just like food nourishes our body, fasting nourishes our soul and spirit.

In this approach, you have to refrain from eating for a given time. The logic behind practicing fasting is to take a break from fulfilling our physical needs. It spares our time and effort for the spiritual ones. Devoting some hours in this way diverts our prime focus into spirituality and higher consciousness. But it’s essential to focus on your intentions and the type and duration of fasting. Well, talking to a qualified dietician or yoga practitioner about this practice will help you achieve desirable results. 

Visiting some health conducive environment for the Crown Chakra Health

A change of environment, especially health conducive environments, has prodigious effects on your mood and chakras. Again the crown chakra is unique, with its key elements being silence and thought. Therefore, seeking out an environment favorable to both these elements is a great idea. You can always go for a silent meditation retreat as it helps you achieve concentration and a sense of calm. 

Consider visiting some meditation retreats or gorgeous temples nearby. The main reason behind this approach is to attain higher consciousness in a serene environment. Any other place that can well serve your self-guided journey provides an incredible growing experience. Imagine your morale and spirituality growing from one to sixty. It is all that matters, no matter whatever the place is. 

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The proper meditation for bedazzling and opening your crown chakra

The correct meditation brings intuitive knowledge to the gateway to the universal energy, i.e., Sahasrara chakra. Here is the simplest yet the most impressive way to meditate. So, let’s have a keen look over how to meditate correctly for the crown chakra:

  • Find a peaceful corner of your house, most preferably lawn or terrace. 
  • Now sit cross-legged in the meditation pose. Keeping your torso straight, rest your hands on your lap. But do remember to keep your palms upward and left hand a top. It’s the hand position to receive energy in Yoga. 
  • After that close, your eyes are accompanied by slow and even breathing. Now try to visualize a thousand-petalled lotus originating at the crown of your head.
  • Focus with clear intention, and you will visualize the lotus with thousand open petals at the crown of your head. You will see a divine bright white light with mesmerizing shades of purple. Let your body slowly absorb the light and energy until you find yourself freely floating with the flow. 
  • Repeating affirmations or using crown chakra stones while meditating is the best idea to align and heal your chakra. You will start to enjoy the warm glow as it surrounds and cleanses your auras. 
  • As the light spirals down, every cell of your body gets permeated by inspiration and consciousness. 
  • Now try to focus all your senses on the advancing light so that not only do you see it, but you can smell, hear, touch, and even taste it. The light here is the manifestation of your higher self, representing calmness and peace.
  • Finally, you will feel the state of oneness with this pure channel of light. It will, in turn, inspire you and let intuitive thoughts and consciousness enter your life. Continue this meditation for about 15 minutes. 
  • Lastly, take five deep breaths and open your eyes. 

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) to align the crown chakra

Well, you might have heard something about psychological acupressure or Tapping. If not, here is the brief guide that will help you get comprehensive knowledge about Tapping. The emotional freedom technique is a spanking new procedure inspired by traditional Chinese use. It’s a holistic healing methodology that has impressive effects on issues like

  • First anxiety
  • Secondly, stress
  • Third, fears and phobias
  • In addition, emotional disturbances
  • Next chronic pain
  • Weight control
  • Finally, staggering beliefs

Here we have named a few, but this methodology is an effective cognitive therapy for almost all psychological issues. In this practice, you mainly tap on specific meridian points meanwhile focusing on detoxing the negative emotions. The best thing about Tapping is that it’s a painless procedure that can be done in a minimum time. You don’t have to put extra effort or arrange equipment; all you have to do is get a little knowledge.

Tapping for crown chakra: We know it can be pretty challenging to manage a hectic routine in this hyperconnected life if the crown chakra is misaligned. Crown chakra is not an ordinary point but a collection of several meridian points. The best way to open the crown chakra is by tapping on the highest point of the head. It heals the chakra, promotes spiritual connection, thereby creating harmony and a sense of communication. 

Some expert tips and tricks to balance the Sahasrara energy

Here are some simple and smart expert tips and tricks that can efficiently align and balance the crown chakra.

  • Visualization: If you are good at meditation, visualization is undoubtedly something that can help. Visualization is the next level of meditation that helps heal and align your crown chakra.
  • Mindful activity alternative to meditation: For those who have difficulty meditating, experts recommend watching the mind rather than being the mind. In addition, you can always use earplugs or other aids to relish some genuine moments of silence. Now try to focus on spirituality and inner guidance.
  • Practice intentional stillness: Along the same vein, another idea is to practice stillness. This mindful activity will give you inner peace and enhance your ability to concentrate.
  • Bija mantra for the desirable energy shift: Last, you can always recite the Bija mantra to shift the Sahasrara energy towards spirituality and consciousness. The vibrations of the seed syllable “om” are exceptionally powerful to target the crown chakra. But do remember to pronounce this syllable with an “oh” vowel sound instead of the seemingly “ah” vowel sound. 

Key Takeaway

A healthy chakra system plays a crucial role in empowering us to be the best version of ourselves. Crown chakra is no exception but the continuity of the energy system of the body. Divine inspiration, broad-mindedness, wisdom, and connection to the higher guidance impart purpose to our lives. A healthy and active crown chakra promotes feelings of harmony and loving kindness. Learn to live in harmony, compassion, and connectedness with the universe. After all, what the world only needs, is consideration, peace, and the driving force of all Love.”

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