Crystal Meanings

Types Of Crystals And Their Meanings

Welcom to Beginner Guide to Crystal Meanings – Choose your favourite gemstone and learn how to use it. Everything about healing crystals and their metaphysical properties. You will find all benefits, protection and healing power of the crystals. How to meditate with crystals, how to charge them and where to buy. Choose one and start your Healing Crystal Guide.

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Welcome to our healing crystals guide that you definitely need to see as a beginner crystal healer! Do you need crystal transcendent healing? This guide to the crystal gems will open up realms of different advantages and benefits of using crystals, and their meanings and how and why you need the right one to achieve major desired results. It will break down what type of crystals you need, in what color, texture or price that you would prefer. You will get to learn on the ways to obtain perfect energy crystals, how to take care of your spiritual crystals, how to have perfect sync with the purpose with which you bought the crystals for.

Clear quartz meaning

Healing crystals are an alternative divine method or procedure used for healing persons using precious spiritual stones and crystals like quartz, citrine, opals and others. The many different available crystals and their meanings have their own specific healing abilities for your body, mind and soul. This procedure is claimed to have healing influences resulting from these energy stones, although there is no methodical basis for this assertion that has been made.

This crystal guide expands on the types of crystals and stone identification, by giving you the stone meanings. These crystals and stones are believed to have a positive influence on a person by promoting riddance of negative energy from the body and mind for both physical and emotional profits.

crystal meanings

Historically speaking, mostly in the viewpoints of Buddhism and Hinduism cultures, energy crystals are viewed as olden medicinal techniques. The list of crystals to be given at the end of this beginners guide to crystals is made to assist you on your journey in stone identification by learning the stone meanings, stone names and the different types of crystals available. In the healing crystals guide, it will be easier to enhance your state of willingness for growth and if you’re willing to experience better, you’re already halfway there! The vitals of conducting this self-care practice are personal drive and acceptance and the natural draw towards the beauty and exquisite feel and look of these types of crystals.

Things you absolutely should know about healing crystals

Healing crystals are spiritual paragons

These energy stones assist in spiritual uplifting and cleansing, while at the same time giving you a deeper, more intimate understanding and connection with your spiritual state.

They help establish connection of the mind and body

When trying this healing procedure, it is imperative to allow your body and mind to be on the same level of connection. You can achieve this by completely surrendering to your inner peace and dualism brought about by just a few of the many types of crystals mentioned on this crystal guide.

If it attracts you, it’s probably meant for you!

If you’re on a mission to try using any of these types of healing crystals, you need to let the crystals and stones in a way pick you. This simply means that you have to choose the list of crystals that instantly catch your eye. There is a high chance that the types of crystals that you instantly like or fall in love with after the stone identification will help you in your personal growth journey.

They empower your body and mind

Our minds can affect how healthy our bodies function. How? By the way we think, feel, our attitude and even some of our beliefs. These can positively or negatively affect the normal functioning of our bodies.

Using some of these types of crystals gives a positive mind empowering outcome and consequently improves our physical health.

If you don’t know how to start, start with a small starter pack

Are you looking to make a collection of your favorite spiritual stones? It is always wise to start with a few of the most praised ones for instance stones names like the Rose quartz, sapphires or moonstones. This will open your perception on the other types of crystals, their stone meanings and guide you to make the correct stone identification. A healing crystals guide will open your eyes to any types of crystals and their meanings that you might want to add onto your collection as your spiritual stones journey goes forward.

Keep your crystals closer to your body

The closer your healing stones are to your body, the better the connection with your inner self and the surrounding environment you get. This in turn balms your internal peace and gives you an aura of power and positivity, if you put complete faith to the crystal meanings.

Want to connect more with nature? Try healing crystals!

These healing gemstones are a product of Mother Nature and this brings about a good vibe to the environment around. In order to feel in sync with your environment, these crystals and their meanings will help guide your mind and spirit on your journey to connect in depth with your surroundings.

The different types of healing crystals and their meanings

In order to help you choose the best crystal, the available market has a number of different types of crystals with their diverse stone names for your satisfaction as a customer. A few of the amazing spiritual crystals in this crystal guide are as follows,


This moonstone gemstone is also referred to as the Hecatolite.  The main stone meaning of the moonstone is, it is used to symbolize a means of focusing empathy for others, optimism, and wealth when wearing it. It is also related with divine and strong femininity and women power, while inspiring intuition and cognitive ability expertise

Clear quartz

 This almost white gemstone has a particular stone meaning, it being a “master healer.”  It’s believed to intensify one’s energy by absorption, storage, release, and regulation of the energy on one’s body thus bringing about a general healing effect on a person.

It is also majorly believed to boost your mental state by increasing concentration and mind balance. In the physical aspect of the body, the clear quartz aids in building the body immune system to increase one’s physical health and it’s also believed to enhance its healing power if partnered with other types of crystals like the rose quartz.

Rose quartz

These are believed to attract and invite love and relationship growth in one’s life.  It heals a broken and lost heart, and also opens up the heart to more experiences in meeting people attracting to your inner self and not just for looks or behavior, but for what’s inside of the heart and mind of an individual. They also have proven to be perfect for proposals and engagements due to their love healing abilities. They also work in the aspect that the individual wants to grow love for themselves and their bodies.  In a nutshell, the gem meaning of this stone could also be to build on self-love.

It’s preferably used in the morning by holding the crystal in your dominant hand, attaining a meditative pose and chanting, I choose love, over and over until your mind, heart and body are in sync with your desire to attract love.

Evil eye

This particular stone name is pretty self-explanatory, with its stone meaning being that it will protect the bearer from hostile eyes; that is a perception of a person giving you an ill-disposed glare that is meant to cause harm and misfortune to you, from haters or unholy persons.

It basically protects one from any negative energy wished upon them and acts as a symbol of good fortune and power against any misfortunate events.


It has been referred to as the merchants stone in many cultures, which mainly symbolizes a means of improving one’s self esteem and personal growth. Consequently, this gives the person an aura of calm around oneself. It is believed to work best when worn on the right hand index finger. It’s worn preferably on Thursdays morning on the waxing moon period, which begins on the new moon day to the full moon day before the sun rises.

Black onyx

This guide to the crystal gems shows that black onyx is a powerful protection stone that absorbs and transforms negative energy and helps to retain the personal energy and growth of a person. It mainly helps in holding the positive energy of a person especially in times of grief and low emotional experiences like tension and misperception 


It’s a type of crystal that helps in bringing back balance within the body, reducing mental pressure, psychological strain, stress and any other depressing thoughts. In the spiritual light, these beautiful crystals are stones of wisdom, which bring about celestial enlightenment and divine protection, giving you major spiritual comprehension. 


The aventurine crystal meaning is that it is the stone of heart restoration, good luck, and noble prosperity. Just like the rose quartz, this crystal supports and heals blows to the heart. It’s a great crystal guide stone for anyone looking for harmony of their thoughts or to move up in his/her career or business.

Please note that this healing crystal guide has only mentioned but a few of the very many available types of crystals that can qualify to be a part of your collection.

How to take care of your crystals

Healing crystals are not just any basic stones and they need to be gently taken care of and maintained in order to preserve the divine energy harboring in them. This guide to the crystal gems has listed some of these measures including,

  1.       Passing the crystals under running water after purchase. This is crucial in order to get rid of any undesirable energy that might have been accumulated or absorbed by the energy stones from the mines.

Hot or boiled water is not advisable to use since these crystals need a more natural and relaxed care like sea water or simply just cold tap water.

  1.       As a part of their care, you as a person need to clear any doubts about their ability to work. Your mind, thoughts, beliefs and body have to be on the same page concerning the ability of the healing crystals to help you grow.
  2.       You can dissolve some sea salt in a clean bowl of cold water then run the crystals through it while keeping your mind occupied with the intent you want the crystals for. Rinse out on running water afterwards.
  3.       It’s also advisable to pass the crystals through burning incense or herbs according to your personal belief. This expands the connectivity with nature and gives the crystals more divine power over your body and spirit.
  4.       The morning sun or the full moon light is also another method to care for your stones. Passing that morning light over them or letting the moon light hit your crystals to give them a better natural feel and recharge their magical touch.

It is advisable to keep taking these measures to take care of your crystals as you keep using them in order to keep the balance and power of the healing stones. Always keep the purpose for your crystals on your mind as you do these care procedures and allow your healing crystals guide you on for better results.

Apart from their healing nature, are there other uses of these crystals?

Absolutely! From running a small adding machine like a calculator to relieving menstrual pain for ladies, the very many different ways that energy stones can be used is amazing.

 Apart from their healing nature, these types of crystals are extremely beautiful and pleasing to look at. So it is safe to say that these stones have a big sentimental value.

They have been used to make ornaments, jewelry like engagement rings and bracelets or as transistors in solar cells and many other uses.

Do healing crystals actually work?

Most of the benefits that you get from healing crystals and stones are usually a projection of your state of mind. If you believe and keep your goals and intentions pure and true, these crystals will help enhance your connectivity with your conscious and subconscious self, and then the healing crystals will have admittedly worked for you.

Energy crystals have been used for generations not just for their healing abilities but also to show beauty, wealth and prosperity. This crystal guide has broken down crystal healing, as the complete practitioner’s guide, by showing you exactly why you need to begin a crystal healing journey. This will help keep your state of mind and body balanced, especially in these crazy times.