Crystal Pyramids – Uses & Benefits

Crystal Pyramids: Benefits, Uses, Cleanse Ultimate Guide 

There are many crystal pyramids to choose from, with hundreds of crystals out there that actually fit the shape. The only problem is that not all crystal pyramids are created equal; there’s a lot of junk out there that you really need to be aware of. So if you’re considering purchasing one, this crystal pyramid buyer’s guide will help you make an informed decision about which crystal pyramid to buy and why.

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Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor

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Researcher in spirituality and metaphysics dedicated to introducing people to their inner selves.  Author of five books on metaphysics, crystals and chakra balancing. Over 15 years of experience studying metaphysics, yoga teacher and reiki master.

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What is a Crystal Pyramid?

The crystal pyramid is a four-sided crystal with a point at the top and bases that are flat. This shape is known as a tetrahedron, or in some cases it’s called a “trisoctahedron”. A crystal pyramid can be any type of crystal, but many people prefer to use natural crystals rather than manmade ones because natural crystals have what’s known as “vibrational frequencies,” which means they emit energy.

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Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Pyramid Benefits

Here are several benefits you’ll get from using crystal pyramids:

1) Crystal pyramids amplify your energy when you’re making an intention, which makes them great for manifestation work. Place one on your desk when you’re working on manifesting something into your life , and you’ll see some great results.

2) Using crystal pyramids is a good way to raise your vibration, since crystal pyramids have an effect on the energy around you. When you use crystal pyramids, they fill the air with positive energy that will work to strengthen your own thoughts and intentions. They also counteract any negative or harmful energies in the area, so using them will help you feel more at ease. If any crystals ever feel hot or cold to the touch, it means they’re absorbing negativity from your environment so placing one of these in your bedroom at night can help clear up this type of problem.

crystal pyramids meaning benefits uses

3) You can program crystal pyramids for different purposes. For example, if you want to manifest something into your life, you can hold a crystal pyramid in your dominant hand while visualizing this desire. If you want to cut ties with someone or get over an emotional block, you can touch the flat crystal side to the palm of either hand and allow it to absorb your thoughts and feelings before placing it underneath your pillow at night.

4) You can use crystal pyramids for chakra stimulation. There are seven main chakras that run down our spines. Each one is connected to a different part of our bodies and controls a different emotion or physical function, including:

– Root Chakra (located at the base of the spine): Physical wellness, financial security

– Sacral Chakra (located below the naval): Creativity, sexuality, trust, willpower

– Solar Plexus Chakra (located just above the navel): Personal power, self-acceptance

– Heart Chakra (located in the center of the chest): Love for others and oneself

– Throat Chakra (located at the base of the throat): Communication

– Third Eye Chakra (located in the middle of forehead between eyebrows): Intuition, psychic abilities

– Crown/Soul Star/God Star/Divine Chakra (located on top of your head or slightly higher where you would place a crown if you were wearing one) Higher level spiritual understanding

This crystal pyramid will help stimulate all seven chakras both individually and simultaneously when placed atop them.

Chakras are energy centers within the body that, when balanced, work together to make the body run smoothly. Each chakra is located on or around a major organ in your body and can be stimulated through crystal therapy. Stimulating each chakra will aid in bringing about complete balance to the associated organs, which improves overall health.

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How Does A Crystal Pyramid Work?

A crystal pyramid works by amplifying your intent or energy, so it always revolves around directing energy in some way. If you want a crystal pyramid for manifesting desires, then the direction is easy: simply surround yourself with quartz crystal pyramids and meditate nightly under their influence. Or , if you prefer, place crystal pyramids around your living space and office to amplify the effectiveness of all kinds of energy work, including chakra or crystal healing.

To begin with, think about the shape of a crystal pyramid compared to that of other quartz crystals like an amethyst geode or citrine crystal cluster . Crystal pyramids are typically four-sided (or tetrahedral), whereas single terminated quartz points are six-sided; this means crystal pyramids can come in several different crystal faces. It also means crystal pyramids can be clear or smoky, depending on the elements they formed with when the crystal was growing in its natural environment—like lava rock with trapped bubbles of gas.

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Crystal Pyramids: Four-sided crystal faces with pointy tips emit soothing vibrations that are most beneficial to seekers who want to work on their own spiritual growth and understanding. If you’re not sure which crystal pyramid will suit your needs, consider this: ” I find it is important to select a quartz crystal shape that fits your personality,” says geologist Wulf Muller, owner of Crystal Age. “The best way to do this is by using one’s intuition.”

According to some energy healers , many crystal pyramids vibrate at the same frequency as the human body. That may explain why crystal pyramids are believed to be useful in crystal healing, which can heal certain parts of the physical self by applying crystals on acupuncture points or chakras.

Crystal pyramids have been used to enhance meditation and channeling sessions, too. In this capacity, they help crystal users remain oriented so that they don’t lose their sense of self when they commune with higher forms of consciousness during a session. They also block out outside distractions so crystal users can fully concentrate on what is being communicated from a crystal ball or a quartz crystal skull .

Since most people use crystal pyramids for one purpose—or a combination thereof—it’s important to purchase your crystal pyramid from a crystal supplier you trust. The crystal pyramid crystal suppliers we’ve listed below are crystal experts with years of experience in the crystal business and they provide crystal pyramids suitable for all levels of crystal users.

However, if you don’t see a crystal pyramid here that represents what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us . We’d be more than happy to connect with crystal suppliers on your behalf so that you can get exactly what you want!

Rose Quartz Pyramid

Rose quartz represents love and attraction. Rose quartz pyramid is amplifying  this energy and is perfect to use in love, healing and psychic practices. Rose quartz helps you to open your heart and be more compassionate and understanding of others. Rose quartz stimulates imagination and creativity. Rose Quartz Pyramids help you to connect with past lives as Rose Quartz has ties with the mothership from Sirius B Star System. Rose Quartz Rose Quartz Pyramid also protects the user from negative energies.

rose quartz crystal pyramide triangle shape crystal uses

Benefits of Rose Quartz Pyramid

Rose quartz pyramid is excellent for clearing and balancing all Chakras. Rose Quartz Rose Pyramids are the perfect empowerer for Meditation, Psychokinesis and Psychic practices. Rose quartz is very helpful in calming your mind and emotions to make you feel more serene. Rose Quartz Rose Prism Pyramid brings strength and vitality to the body, by enhancing your physical energy level. Rose quartz Rose pyramids are useful in opening up the heart chakra to give way for unconditional love in life.

Amethyst Pyramid

Amethyst is a stone that is very much loved by the people who are more spiritually inclined. Amethyst crystals have great metaphysical energy that can increase your intuition, psychic powers, and creativity. Amethyst pyramids enhance the properties of gemstones placed on them, as well as amplify healing qualities for all of your chakra points.

Benefits of Amethyst Pyramid

There are many benefits of amethyst in the form of a pyramid. Because pyramid shapes make amethyst more powerful. Amethyst pyramids can be used for meditation to help you reach a deeper level of consciousness than what normally occurs during meditation. It can also be very helpful when meditating with others because the Amethyst pyramid will enable you to connect  with them on a deeper and more psychic level which can allow you to communicate with each other on another level. Amethyst pyramids are some of the most powerful amulets.

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How to use Amethyst Pyramid?

When it comes to using of the amethyst pyramid one of the best ways to get the best out of your amethyst pyramid is meditation.  Amethyst pyramids are great for meditation because they can help you reach a deeper level of consciousness in which you will find it easier to communicate with your spirit guides. Amethyst Amulet also carries the vibration of unconditional love and forgiveness, once you have been able to harness all of this energy from Amethyst Amulet or Amethyst Pyramid it will help guide you through your life with greater wisdom and understanding which can help make your life

Obsidian Pyramid

The black obsidian pyramid is one of the most powerful crystal pyramids. Obsidian is a volcanic rock made of obsidian volcano glass. This powerfully mysterious and protective obsidian pyramid is a very unique and powerful form of stone, like no other obsidian piece. The powers of obsidian tetrahedrons can be used for personal protection or to protect against evil eye and negative energy. The black obsidian pyramid has the ability to cut through.  It is a powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your environment and in yourself. The black obsidian pyramid is a stone that absorbs all negative energies, obsidians are excellent for grounding and protection from any type of negative energy or harm.

Obsidian Pyramid Benefits

This obsidian pyramid is the one piece that will benefit you most in your life. It works on  the mental plane to give you obsidian the power. It is said obsidian has the ability to dissolve emotional blockages.

It works quickly and efficiently without absorbing your personal energy while cleansing you on all levels, physical, emotional, and spiritual. This obsidian Pyramid will keep your feet on the ground no matter how high you are flying or what  situation you are in. Obsidian Pyramid allows for protection and safety not only for the user but also the surrounding area. 

crystal pyramids meaning benefits uses

Crystal Pyramid History

Crystal pyramids have an impressive history that dates back centuries. Legends say that crystal users meditated under the light of the moon by using dousing rods made out of copper to search for quartz crystals. According to legends,

Before crystal pyramids were used in the crystal healing community, crystal skulls and crystal spoons were often used to amplify crystal energy. But once crystal pyramids hit the market, crystal enthusiasts quickly caught on to this extremely popular crystal shape that allows for homes and businesses to connect with Mother Earth’s natural crystal energy 24/7.

In fact, it wasn’t long before many crystal shops began selling both crystal pyramids and crystal skulls together as a combination package! While there are no geological studies proving that these two crystals combine well with one another, we highly recommend using them together because of how powerful they can be when combined.

However, while some people have been misinformed about what type of stone is best for their pyramid—amber being a popular choice—there has been a big mix-up about crystal pyramids being made from clear quartz crystal, which is inaccurate. In fact, crystal pyramids can be found in a wide variety of stones including:

Clear Quartz Amethyst Smokey Quartz Rutilated Quartz Tiger Eye Blue Kyanite Lepidolite Petalite Tibetan Black Quartz Long gone are the days when crystal skulls were only available for private tours inside crystal and mineral shops. These days…

the process of making a crystal skull takes weeks to months to complete depending on each individual skull’s size, but it requires hand-carving from a solid piece of rock crystal or calcite.

How to Use the Crystal Pyramid Energy

Crystal Pyramids: Ultimate Guide To Uses and Healing Benefits

Healing Properties Similar to other members of the quartz family, crystal pyros contain powerful metaphysical properties which include:


The crystal pyramid is a very powerful crystal tool for enhancing your psychic abilities. Sit quietly before the crystal pyramid, close your eyes and make connections with its energy. Visions of the past, present or future will come through as you touch on your inner knowledge.

crystal pyramids meaning crystal pyramid uses good for

Pyramid Healing Benefits Can Benefit Many Areas of Body Mind Spirit

Crystal pyramids have been used throughout history by healers to garner support for their clients who are ill or in pain. By simply placing hands over crystal pyramids, healers can feel the vibrational frequencies radiating from the crystal into themselves and then into whomever they are trying to help heal.

Vibrational Frequencies Align With Your Intention of Healing

The crystal supports you by aligning the frequencies of crystal pyramids for your intention. By doing so, crystal pyramids can be used to amplify your intentions and make them stronger and clearer. Your thoughts become things through crystal pyramids.

Pyramid Healing Benefits Can Benefit Many Areas of Body Mind Spirit

Crystal pyramids have been used throughout history by healers to garner support for their clients who are ill or in pain. By simply placing hands over crystal pyramids, healers can feel the vibrational frequencies radiating from the crystal into themselves and then into whomever they are trying to help heal.

Vibrational Frequencies Align With Your Intention of Healing

The crystal supports you by aligning the frequencies of crystal pyramids for your intention. By doing so, crystal pyramids can be used to amplify your intentions and make them stronger and clearer. Your thoughts become things through crystal pyramids.

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Crystal Pyramids Have Many Uses

The clear crystal pyramid is a great tool to use in meditation. Meditation not only helps you work with higher vibrational energies, it also works on enhancing inner discernment and intuition. Crystals are excellent tools that we can use to bring light into our lives and crystal pyramids specifically will help us enhance this process more than any other stone might be able to do on its own.

Pyramid shapes establish geometric resonance, which has itself been linked very strongly with biosyncronicity as well crystal pyramids can be used in a variety of ways. They are great for crystal healing, crystal therapy, meditation purposes and crystal healing sessions.

Crystal Healing Benefits Include:

– Crystal pyramids magnify the energy field around them

– Crystal pyramids cleanse your aura or energy field

– Crystal pyramids help to protect you from geopathic stress

– crystal pyramids balances out the meridians in your body  

Understanding crystal pyramids is an important part of crystal healing. The best way to understand how they work is to use a crystal pyramid yourself. There is no better teacher than experience when it comes to crystal pyramid usage!

​​Pyramid Symbol in different cultures

The pyramid is one of the oldest symbols used by humankind. Pyramids have different meanings in different cultures and religions. For example, the pyramid in Hinduism is the most significant pyramid.

Pyramid in Hinduism

There are several pyramids or pyramid-like structures in many temples of India. But there is only one pyramid with all the significance of pyramid in Hinduism. It is Jwala-Mani which can be seen at the Amarnath Temple in Kashmir . The linga inside this pyramid shines by its own light that falls directly on it throughout the year especially during July to August when devotees gather at this cave -shrine for pilgrimage. The Jwala Linga represents Shiva’s fiery form i.e., Aghoramurti (formless).

The pyramid symbolizes Sivalinga and the eternal fire within it  symbolizes the energy that enlivens all beings. It is said that Shiva himself enkindled this pyramid-shaped light in this cave. The pyramid of fire burns without fuel within the Sivalinga at Amarnathji . This image represents the Hindu concept of creation, preservation, and destruction.

The pyramid symbolizes Siva’s cosmic power (Shakti), while the base stands for Prakriti or manifestation. When one understands how to awaken their inner fire they will attain moksha – liberation from the cycle of life and death.

Pyramid symbol in occultism

The true origin of this shape remains unknown but history tells us that its main use was in ancient Egypt where they build special burial chambers called ‘King’s Chamber‘ inside these have been found many inscriptions telling about their knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, geometry, etc. This chamber contains only one object which remains a mystery to this day this is the ‘granite stone’ whose exact properties are still misunderstood I’m not going to talk about it cause my job is just to show what’s behind the pyramid. 

In occultism, the pyramid is a symbol of mystical knowledge and power. An ancient pyramid possesses a mystic fire in its center, the Sivalinga. Throughout time it has been regarded as a symbol of secret knowledge.

Pyramid symbols in Buddhism

Pyramid symbols in Buddhism are not surprising because nearly every old religion has some kind of pyramids. Buddha is usually represented with the tips of his toes showing through a pyramid-shaped stupa  or burial mound, although this may be influenced by Greek depictions of their gods.

While there are pyramidal symbols in Buddhist temples and other sacred places, the most interesting pyramidal symbol is what is known as pyramids in china. There are pyramids in China, which were built by the people, who believed that it could help them to communicate with gods through rituals.

Pyramidal symbols represent a bodhisattva who is constantly working for the benefit of sentient beings to liberate them from suffering and lead them to enlightenment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where to place the Crystal Pyramid?

Answer: In the kitchen. A side benefit of crystals in your home is that they can help neutralize outside negative energies, which will flow into the earth where they’re grounded and dispersed. In a kitchen, this ground effect is especially useful when you have many devices going at once with strong electromagnetic fields – all those appliances have a cumulative effect on your energy field and it’s nice to have a way to counteract that impact.

Slight edit: This answer was actually written for another inquiry on a different site about making a shamanic healing crystal pyramid from “a few size-dependent” crystals with additional information inserted from my own knowledge base.

Question: How to Take Care of Your Crystal Pyramids?

Answer: Some people experience success as a result of using the Crystal Pyramid as an aid for Dream Meditation. In this situation, it can be very useful to regularly cleanse them with salt water. This will remove any energy from the crystals that they have acquired from those who have used them before you and allow you to create your own signature energy through the intention of use.

WARNING: The Crystal Pyramid contains many different minerals that can deteriorate natural landscapes if not maintained regularly, so please keep in mind not to leave it outside for too long without being cleaned regularly with salt water. When inside, try to place it away from areas where people spend most of their time such as kitchen or bathroom floors so your family will appreciate its inherent beauty even

Question: How to Cleanse your Crystal Pyramids before and after use?

Answer: The most common way to cleanse crystals is through the power of intention. Think about your intentions with it, and pray for its spiritual cleansing.

Plus, you can also do the Native American Crane Feather Dance with them in order to clear their energy field. You’ll need a crystal pyramid with 3 bottom points, 4 auxiliary points topside on the rim of the pyramid so they form an upward facing circle at each point where one sits, or one that has no holes in it like this one does 

Cloke some finely powdered natural sage powder (resin), then sprinkle it on top of your crystal pyramid which you should be sitting outside.

Question: What does a pyramid symbolize?

Answer: Pyramids are religious. They represent the different levels of religious enlightenment that people can reach. At the very bottom is where they aren’t aware of any religion at all, and at the top is where they’ve reached the highest level in every religion possible. The very most fundamental symbol in most religions is a pyramid (except Islam), because it’s like an upside-down mountain – like what you see with clouds on a sunny day reflecting sunlight or stars in the night sky – but it always represents something good because no matter which way you turn, it will always be pointing to heaven.

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