Crystals For Beginners

101 Guide | How to choose the right crystal for you!

“Feels out of the world when mother Earth gives you its jewelry to heal and thrive.”

Do you feel drawn to the beaming, colorful world of crystals? Does gemstone healing make you curious? If “Yes,” then it’s time to get started on your crystal healing journey. Here is your quick start guide about the crystals for beginners. So, let’s dive deeper into the world of luxurious beauty and magic. And the crystal magic begins!

Live a High-Vibe life with the power of Crystals!

Well, a single quote from Nikola Tesla is enough to justify the powers of a gemstone. He states that if one wants to discover the secrets of the universe, he/she should think in view of frequency, energy, and vibrations. Thanks to all three qualities and the ruling fashion trends that crystals are a moment. These miraculous gems are a whole host of healing benefits that bring harmony and abundance to your life. To satisfy your curiosity, we have mapped out some of the best crystals for beginners.

With enticing hues and the widest color range ever, crystals come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are chakra-specific, while others are for protection and self-care. Emotional healing, attracting abundance, and happiness are elements that beautifully relate to crystals. You might be wondering about how to choose the one for you. So, here is the answer to this and all the other related questions. 

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Ways to find the right crystal for you

Choosing the right crystal is the very first lesson when you start learning about crystals. There are plenty of ways to pick your stone. Here are two ways that work best while finding the right crystal:

1. Follow your intuition

Let your intuition lead you to the crystal that is calling your name. There is always a crystal that stands out from the rest in every particular case. Our wisdom has a hint of exactly which crystal we need in the subconscious mind. Submerge yourself in all the crystals around in the crystal shop and close your eyes. Let your mind decide, and when you open your eyes, you may be able to picture the right one.

At times you may find yourself drawn to more than one crystal. Crystal obsession is a good thing, while crystal collection is a joyous thing. Besides, one crystal attracts the other, and sooner or later, you will find yourself surrounded by your favorite gems.

2. Research the best stone specific to your needs

If you don’t want to rely on your intuition solely, research is the best thing to pair it up. Crystal healing for beginners may both be surprising and fun. Karen Frazier, the author of Crystal for beginners book, suggests that you should take notes of what exactly you expect from a crystal before getting one. For this, you can research different crystals, their qualities, and color healing. After a few readings and surfing on the internet, you will get an excellent command over crystals and their healing. 

7 Must-have Healing Crystals for Beginners

Healing benefits, crystals and chakras for beginners may be overwhelming. So, a brief guide featuring the popular crystals for beginners comes in handy. Here are some of our ever-favorite crystals that are easy to handle, gentle to work with, and great for starting up your gemstone collection and keep adding.

Clear Quartz- For Clarity

Vibrations: With powerful vibrations, Clear Quartz is the master healer of all

Our top pick in the crystals for beginners list is Clear Quartz. The crystal raises your body’s vibrations to bring a sense of clarity. In addition, clear Quartz amplifies your energy and supports spiritual growth. Its dreamy cloud color clears the negative energies around the wearer. Moreover, for those struggling with emotional stability, meditating with clear Quartz is the ideal choice. More importantly, it’s an ace crystal that cleans, programs, and amps the powers of other healing crystals. 

Amethyst- For Meditation Purposes

Vibrations: Gentle, steady vibrations with a mesmerizing sparkle.

One of the best crystals for beginners is Amethyst- the stress-relieving crystal. Wearing this enticing purple crystal lets you be the center of attention wherever you go. Besides, Amethyst buttresses the crown chakra to bring higher consciousness and wisdom. So, step into an ever-lasting sense of serenity and spiritual well-being with your Amethyst stone. Well, its vibrations work amazingly to relieve migraines and improve sleep. Amethyst is the perfect starter stone to step into the healing crystal world. 

Rose Quartz- For Love

Vibrations: Mild vibrations with soft feminine energy to fill your space with peace and love

One can never have enough of the crystals, especially when they offer such amazing benefits. The magnificent rose-pink hue represents your pure feelings of unconditional love, compassion, and romance. Moreover, this fabulous crystal is essentially a heart chakra stone. Care to the whole spectrum of relationships, deeper bonding, and nurturing the true feelings are things that we can relate to rose quartz. 

Lapis Lazuli- For communication

Vibrations: High vibrational crystal to bestow truth and enlightenment

Filled with sparkling glitter in the core, the bright blue color makes this exquisite crystal absolutely priceless. Lapis Lazuli also tops the list of the best crystals for beginners, empowering the throat and the third eye chakra. If you are new to the crystal world and want something to enhance your communication skills, trust me, Lapis Lazuli is the one for you. Besides, this splendid crystal awakens and rejoices perception. So, polish your thinking skills with this deep blue crystal in hand. 


Black Obsidian- For Protection

Vibrations: Hot and High volcanic energy with shielding effects

A protective stone is a must-have in your first crystal kit. The dreamy black obsidian saves you from undesirable energy vibes, hostile stares, and potentially harmful toxic emotions. If your primary motive to employ a crystal is to stay grounded and protected, black obsidian is the one for you. Besides, the crystal strengthens your root chakra to bring back that confidence. Unravel the superficial layers of fear and insecurities to meet the authentic genuine you with Black obsidian. 

Moonstone- For emotional support

Vibrations: World’s most beautiful gemstone with powerful vibrations

The brilliant hues in the white crystal and the breathtaking glimmer are the reasons for the popularity of moonstone. This stone is one of a type due to its great feminine energy and healing power. These are good crystals for beginners, especially those in need of wisdom and emotional support. The changing phases of the moon are a beautiful sight to witness; similarly, your moonstone gives you the power to adapt to different circumstances of life gracefully. Embrace the sensuality to enjoy the true bliss of your relationship with moonstone crystal. More importantly, wearing moonstone jewelry boosts your mood, alleviates stress, promotes inspiration, and brings tranquility and harmony in life. 

Selenite- For Purifying Toxic energies

Vibration: The heavenly crystal vibrations at a very high frequency

With a poise that resembles Koh-e-Noor, this glassy crystal comes with a brilliant shine. Reiki practitioners and crystal experts use this saintly stone for serenity and peace. Selenite gets the due credit for purifying toxic energies. Besides, it’s a solid starter stone for clearing our mind, body, and soul. In addition, selenite promotes serenity and peace by clearing the blocked energy in your aura. Selenite Necklace has a deep association with the crown chakra and hence promotes universal wisdom, harmony, and peace. More importantly, the stone helps you stay focused and open the doors of intuition.

Some other stones to add to your Crystal Kit for Beginners

With the power to change a life, crystals are the new sensation these days. Here are some other beneficial crystals for beginners that you can add to your gemstone kit:

Meditation and crystal healing have become necessary self-care practices in this hyperconnected life. In fact, crystals are a whole set of intentions that are encouraging whatever the situation is. Gemstones are a treat to revitalize your mind, body, and soul. But, for all the beginners on their way to explore the wonderfully magical world of crystals, there is so much to be uncovered yet!



Most people don’t have even the faintest idea when it comes to the crystals and the magic these can put out on their lives. Alchemy is very real, and the crystals that exist on people’s necks, arms, or wrists are there for a purpose. It is not purely for fashion, as these stones can have some pretty incredible effect on your life and your interactions with others. In this very article on crystals for beginners, we will be covering the how what, and when of the crystals. So, if you have come here to investigate more about the crystals and their magical powers, then you are in for a real treat.

Crystals do come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and color combinations. These are not only pretty or used as fashion ornaments to look cool, as these have tons of healing properties too that can turn your life around. Some are popular for having immense healing properties; others are used to strengthen your influence around people. These can bring a sense of well-being and balance to your daily life. 

What are crystals used for?

There are plenty of types of crystals out there, and their use is dependent on your needs. You already know a little about the use of crystals; the most obvious one is that these are used for healing and bringing balance to your life. But other than that, you can use them to clear chakra, take protective measures, strengthen self-care, build emotional energy, and even attract your desire. This is not the limitation of Crystals‘ things; people even use them to improve their relationship and love life. So, at the end of the day, the possibilities are many and thriving.   

How to choose a crystal for yourself?

Given that you are a stranger who has come across the idea of having crystals, there will be a great deal of trying a lot of these out. The best crystals for beginners are those that sync well with your own systems of power. The most practical way of getting around this process is to trust your intuition and learn about yourself.

You might not have any problems in your love life, but in the case of self-care, you might need some help. There you go, you just figured out what kind of crystal you need. The one that can help you become more aware of yourself. You need to sit with yourself and have some heart-to-heart regarding your downfalls, what is swinging you away from self-care, and being aware of your body. 

When you come around this only, you can begin making amends and thus choosing the most relevant of the crystals in this regard. These crystals then build your strength in areas where it is required and put you on a path that leads to self-care and being very aware of who you are and what your priorities should be.

Should you be trying a collection of these?

Crystal healing is something that most people are after and thus will go for the specific crystal that has healing properties. But if you want to get the best of crystals, then you need to explore your options. You don’t have to buy crystals for beginners’ books, but some research wouldn’t go amiss. 

No one is going through life at the same speed or with the same mood as the person next to you. And that is why you should be tempted into trying a bunch of crystals or, better yet, building a collection around these. If a specific crystal is not tending to your mood or needs at the moment, then you can try another one and see if there is any difference. 

This could be pretty fun rather than being a super daunting experience; if you want something, you have to work for it. If making Crystal rings for all of these is a little too much, you should opt for making a necklace that caters to removing the previous crystal and attaching the new one. 

Crystals definitely deliver, and it doesn’t matter if these are crystals for beginners or not, as these can help us stay connected with our souls. It might take you some time to get around all the good crystals for beginners, but with persistence and relying on yourself; you will get there. 

Must have crystals for you

In this article that focuses on crystals for beginners, you are offered some of the most exciting options. But you need to use your intuition to get a perfect match for your new crystal. Sometimes your eye and heart will automatically be attracted by a certain shape or type of crystal. 

But sometimes you have to try a bunch of these to find out which one you prefer. With this many crystals out there, the process of picking the best one can be a little daunting. 

But you are going to choose nonetheless as it might occur to you either in the context of shape, size, or color or if none of that, then the context of the healing properties will help you make up your mind. So, without further ado, here are some of the most amazing crystals for beginners;

Beginners Crystals

Clear Quartz for beginners

Looking to get the best of crystal healing for beginners? If so, then clear quartz is a perfect choice that you can make. It has some of the most exquisite healing properties, but most people buy it due to its very pure point of view and bringing a sense of clarity to you. 

We offer this crystal as not something that can help you heal emotionally but something that might lift your self-esteem and clear out any negative energies floating around you. It is an amplifier of emotion and energy that surrounds you, and it is the best choice that you can make out of the best crystals for beginners.

Amethyst Crystal for beginners

You would recognize the Amethyst crystal from far away due to its blazing purple and violet color pleasing appearance. This crystal is most acquainted with its connection with the crown chakra as it is the highest energy point through which we connect with other mysterious elements of the universe. 

It offers a calm and soothing mindset while making you enjoy the serenity and look out for deep meaning into things; it also offers deep contemplation to the bearer. Amethyst is among the most elementary crystals for beginners who do find sleep an ordeal and are not able to squeeze some amazing nap time. If you want to have a deeper connection regarding crystals and chakras for beginners, then you should definitely start with this crystal.

Carnelian Crystal for beginners

When picking out the best crystals for beginners, most people are advised to go with a Carnelian because the intense sunset color of the stone is enough to stir up your energy. If you ever find yourself a bit out of energy and want to get out of it, then having Carnelian and looking at its fiery red and orange color will do the trick for you. 

Carnelian is among those crystals that connect with the root chakra, thus intensifying your sense of safety. On some level, it also syncs with the sacral chakra that taps into desire and intimacy. Find yourself beaming full of energy bearing this stone, and if you want, you can wear it as crystal jewelry.

Lapis Lazuli Crystal for beginners

Lapis lazuli represents the mystical aspect of crystals, and it is overall a great stone to be used for beginners. If you feel a little out of sync with yourself and want to bring out your psychic self, this crystal is for you. It is a beautiful blue crystal and has a history of being loved by people through centuries. 

It helps you connect with the throat chakra that helps you share your truth with the world. When this chakra is clear, you can share your thoughts with others with great confidence, which validates the quality of this crystal to increase your self-esteem.

Hematite Crystal for beginners

It is the strongest crystal out there, with deep but meaningful shades of black and silver. Ancient Greece was obsessed with this iron-like stone. They thought of it as from the group of the mightiest Healing crystals and that it will protect anyone wearing it out on the battlefield. Today this crystal finds its use in helping us to overcome our fears and getting a stance on courage. It doesn’t matter what you need that courage for, as it might be to overcome addiction, fight off some toxic people from your life, or turn a new chapter in your life. This stone has got you covered in all of these scenarios. 

Moonstone Crystal for beginners

Moonstone is often associated with hope and bringing out the well-being of a person wearing it. It lets out a pale moonlight-like glow that is a must if you are down with collecting a diverse array of crystals. It is one of the great crystals for beginners if you want to stick with hope in your life and adapt to changes. 

It tells us that everything around us takes turns and follows cycles, and so should you, adapt to the changes as these come and go in your life. This stone will help you connect with the cosmos and shifting gears while adapting to scenarios all around you when it feels the hardest to do so.

Black Tourmaline Crystal for beginners

Many people have this very rare condition in which they can’t seem to be near any kind of electricity and electromagnetic fields of any kind. For those people, the Black Tourmaline is the best stone to have. 

It might look like coal but has a pretty strong and decent appearance. Whenever you are carrying this amazing stone with you, rest assured there will be no negative energy of any kind entering your field. This stone can get you grounded right away, which means that no outer force can shake you out of your core foundation that you seem to be in. 

Final Thoughts

All of these amazing crystals discussed above can help you in a variety of ways and can actually turn your life around. If you feel down, out of energy, wanting to turn a new chapter of your life, and pushing all negative energy out of your life, then you need to get your hands on an appropriate stone. You can wear them any way you like, it is not like making a ring out of these is the only option. 

These crystals offer tons of customizability, and therefore you have a variety of options to go through. Such as making a wristband out of these, a necklace, or even a bracelet. Rest assured, you will definitely be able to feel your relation developing with the cosmos once again and your energy heightened.

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