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For years, people have turned to crystals for protection from negative energy. These unwanted energies include but are not limited to other people’s’ emotions, ill-wishing, cursing, envy, evil eye,  fixation, or jealousy; sorcery; malevolent spirits or spirit attachments; manipulation or abuse; a run of bad luck or ill fortune; or even the bad vibes of a room, house, building or a plot of land.

If you only start working with crystals, you are going to need a protective stone. Listed below are the best crystals for protection you should consider when expanding your crystal collection. Some of these crystals are the most powerful protection crystals for deflecting energy, while others are good for cloaking or blocking. It is not uncommon for some to use these protection crystals for the home or at work. It is important to keep in mind that not all protective crystals work the same and what you work with all depends on what exactly is affecting you and what you specifically need. Healing Crystals for protection can be worn, used to create grids, kept on sacred altars, or worked within meditation. It just depends on your intended function for the crystal.” 

10 Best Crystals For Protection From Negative Energy 

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is among the best crystals for protection. Black tourmaline works to repel lower, harmful frequencies and protects the environment around you while cleansing you of stagnant or negative energy.  It creates an electrical force field around your aura thereby making the lower vibes and psychic debris to bounce right off you. It is important to keep in mind that Black Tourmaline only works for un-intentional energies, meaning that vibes that are being sent at you willfully and powerfully can penetrate, as can spirits and spirit attachments.


Labradorite is one of the powerful protection crystals. It works best for shielding against psychic attack, fixation, and ill-wishing. This crystal helps those who are affected by people gossiping about them/fantasizing about and desiring your total, epic ruin. This also applies to people who are fixated on you, who want something from you that you don’t wish to give. As well as protects you from people who are pulling on your energy to fill their own need, lack, or void. Wearing labradorite keeps you covered while riding out other people’s’ pain.

Jet Stone

Jet clears internalized emotional energy for empaths. Jet absorbs energy more than it releases. So when you get hit with someone else’s emotions it possesses the ability to draw those emotional vibes out of your system but still be able to empathize with people.


Fluorite has the ability to cloak your energy signature to avoid the effects of sorcery, psychic attack, or curses. It cloaks your aura in a way that takes you off the radar. Fluorite only works after you have had an energy clearing. Therefore you need to clear your aura for the fluorite to cloak you properly.

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite helps to keep people from messing with your head. Blue Kyanite is a really important crystal to have for anybody who’s experiencing manipulation, coercion, bullying, or lying. It helps you keep your head up and clear of worried or anxious thinking, self-doubt or second-guessing. It also helps you to read between the lines and be aware of what’s really being communicated. Blue Kyanite can even be beneficial in cases of brainwashing or cult influences. People tend to use blue kyanite crystals for protection at work to protect their personal space and avoid compromising situations. 

Infinite Crystal

Infinite maintains your own defenses by strengthening and healing your aura. As you must know you aura is part of your natural defense system. Infinite helps to boost your sense of vitality, wellness, and strength, while at the same time it repairs, heals, and strengthens your aura. Keep infinite crystals for protection at work place. They might not be always easy to find, but definitely worth of having around . 

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian protects from obsession, sorcery, and ill-fortune. It is one of the most powerful protection crystalsBlack Obsidian matches the frequency of banishment, which is why it’s such a powerful crystal for those that are involved in the breaking of curses, hexes, spirit attachments, returning of energy to its sender, and so on. It operates similarly to a banishing pentagram or pentacle. Working with black obsidian you become aware of the shadow aspects of yourself and can use them to contribute to your situation.

Apache Tear

Apache Tear transforms negative energy. It should be in your collection of protection crystals for the home especially if you are trying to deal with trauma or pain.  Apache Tear slowly but steadily transmutes the energy of those feelings and experiences into healing energy for the heart and soul. It is used to repel the lower, harmful, heavy, or dark energy. That is why it is a great crystal for healers, hospital and hospice workers, first responders, healthcare practitioners, pets, children, or anyone else who feels they’re regularly being exposed to such vibes.


Staurolite protects against unwanted spirits and attachments. You should always wear a piece of staurolite when moving through the veils of time, space, and reality, as it helps to protect you from unwanted or negative influences. I always wear a piece when doing journey work, channeling, while walking through graveyards, or when working with unfamiliar spirit guides for this reason. While it helps to connect you with other realms, especially the realm of the fae, the iron in the stone also helps protect you from their dark elemental influences or magic.

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz works to diminish fear and bolster your natural defenses. Spirit quartz is also a good protection crystal for the home. The main strength of spirit quartz is it’s dampening effect on fear. It doesn’t completely dissolve your fear. But it doesn’t let your fear take a hold of you and relieves you of your fear’s influence. This is key because when you give your power away to your fear, you’re also giving it to the cause. Fear weakens your psyche as well as your defenses. The moment you allow your fear to affect you, you’re opening the door to whatever wants to harm you. Wearing spirit quartz helps to keep that door shut and accumulate protective energy. 


Black onyx and Pyrite are two more crystals for protection. Black onyx is transforming negative energy into positive energy. It helps to build up emotional resilience. Pyrite is an excellent resource for returning negative vibes back to the ones who sent them. You will learn that as you work with crystals for protection, you’ll begin to feel more grounded and emotionally durable which essentially is the true power of these stones. Your shift into a higher perspective will keep those vibes from affecting your joy. That’s why it’s important to not only use crystals for protection when your feeling vulnerable but also as a preventative measure to lend yourself strength before you go to leave the home.

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