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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Crystals for Protection

For years, people have turned to crystals for protection from negative energy. These unwanted energies include but are not limited to other people’s’ emotions, ill-wishing, cursing, envy, evil eye,  fixation, or jealousy; sorcery; malevolent spirits or spirit attachments; manipulation or abuse; a run of bad luck or ill fortune; or even the bad vibes of a room, house, building or a plot of land.

If you only start working with crystals, you are going to need a protective stone. Listed below are the best crystals for protection you should consider when expanding your crystal collection. Some of these crystals are the most powerful protection crystals for deflecting energy, while others are good for cloaking or blocking. It is not uncommon for some to use these protection crystals for the home or at work. It is important to keep in mind that not all protective crystals work the same and what you work with all depends on what exactly is affecting you and what you specifically need. Healing Crystals for protection can be worn, used to create grids, kept on sacred altars, or worked within meditation. It just depends on your intended function for the crystal.” 

10 Best Crystals For Protection From Negative Energy 

Quartz, turquoise, amethyst – crystals aren’t just meant to look pretty, forever destined to be paperweights on your work desk.

Every crystal that you see, big or small, has a history, a character, and a destiny.

Taking a simple crystal such as the black obsidian, this shiny example of nature’s excellence has, for centuries, protected people against negative vibes and kept them from harm. It’s obtained from erupting volcanoes, made from magma and lava, and is often regarded as the ideal stone for its unique characteristics.

Obsidian doesn’t protect you from bad vibes. It turns bad situations into good, converting your energy and combining it with its effects. As a result, the obsidian stands as the best crystal for protection in the stone chart.

All of this is not something you might expect from a stone taken from the ground. But that’s the attitude we need to change.

Even for a skeptic, you cannot deny that crystals have their energy. If not, they, at least, prompt the user to believe that their energy can turn the tide in their favor. Inevitably, the crystals keep the person away from any damage, thus working their power. This is why, even if you don’t believe in crystal energy, it still pays to have a crystal with you so that you have a reminder: believe in yourself. You can keep yourself protected.

Learning about Protection Crystals

When looking for crystals for protection, you’ll find plenty of lengthy lists online. However, you can’t trust everything you read.

We already know for a fact that crystal energy can be distinctive and effective. You have to have the right crystal with you if you want to achieve the right results. So, which one should you go for?

The black obsidian might seem like an obvious choice. It’s already a popular stone in the Middle East and is hailed as a powerful stone in many cultures and religions, including Hinduism and Islam. However, black obsidian can only do so much.

Crystals like the black obsidian and others protect you from mental stress. The energy helps you feel focused and in tune with your senses. But alongside, there are plenty of other stones that can also protect you from many ailments. Personal protection for your aura, protection from mental issues, external problems, spiritual blockages, emotional traumas—there are plenty of stones that can enhance your energy and take you on an optimistic path. 

It’s just a matter of knowing which one would suit your purpose.

The Best Crystals for Protection from Negative Energy

Black Obsidian Crystal For Protection

Black Obsidian protects from obsession, sorcery, and ill-fortune. It is one of the most powerful protection crystalsBlack Obsidian matches the frequency of banishment, which is why it’s such a powerful crystal for those that are involved in the breaking of curses, hexes, spirit attachments, returning of energy to its sender, and so on. It operates similarly to a banishing pentagram or pentacle. Working with black obsidian you become aware of the shadow aspects of yourself and can use them to contribute to your situation.

Though most commonly black, you can also find the stone in a range of shades, such as in mahogany. It’s also available in textures such as the firecracker obsidian, spider web obsidian, snowflake obsidian, the starry night obsidian, and pearl obsidian texture. The obsidian stone also comes in several sheens, such as gold, silver, and rainbow sheen, acquired during the time these stones were formed.

Disregarding color, though, obsidian remains strong, no matter what type you choose. 

The Obsidian crystal is the ultimate protector. It’s perfect for opening up blocked root chakras and providing comfort when the wearer is in a state of anxiety and stress. In addition to keeping your protection intact, the obsidian crystal helps maintain your mental capacity whenever there is a surge in anger, tension, and fighting. 

It’s an ideal stone in terms of healing and was often regarded as the perfect stone for protecting against dark forces, whether it’s in the form of the evil eye, spells, voodoo, psychic vampires, or your regular ill-willed people.

But the obsidian doesn’t just protect all bad things. It boosts your aura enough that it attracts attention, especially romantic attention. So, if you ever feel unlucky in love, surrounded by bad people or bad vibes, wearing a black obsidian pendant or crystal rings might do the trick in keeping you safe from all harm.

Necklace Black Tourmaline Stone For Self Protection

Black tourmaline is among the best crystals for protection. Black tourmaline works to repel lower, harmful frequencies and protects the environment around you while cleansing you of stagnant or negative energy.  It creates an electrical force field around your aura thereby making the lower vibes and psychic debris to bounce right off you. It is important to keep in mind that Black Tourmaline only works for un-intentional energies, meaning that vibes that are being sent at you willfully and powerfully can penetrate, as can spirits and spirit attachments.

Black tourmaline is well-loved in the community for its positive energy.

Used as a protective stone against various negative energies such as psychic and EMF, black tourmaline is a strengthening spiritual stone that promotes optimistic vibes, including happiness and good luck. It’s also widely used as a healing crystal since its metaphysical energies bring relief against various physical ailments, including stress, immunological deficiencies, and arthritis. 

Largely obtained from countries including Pakistan, Brazil, Australia, Africa, and the United States, tourmaline isn’t exactly a rare stone. Still, some types of tourmaline protection stones are a little difficult to find because of its mineral content. In truth, the black type of tourmaline is just one of the number of different colored stones with a similar structure.

In truth, tourmaline crystal for protection comes in not just black, but a dark blue color too. You can even find pink tourmaline. All of them have the same effect. So, whichever tourmaline you get, don’t worry about its impact. Understand its positive energies and the effect it can have on your well-being.

To use tourmaline the right way, wear the stone to protect yourself against physical illnesses and injuries, especially while receiving treatment. When worn or carried, black tourmaline can harness your aura and channel it toward a positive path. Through that, it can positively influence obsessive behavior, bring relief against muscular or spinal pain, impact adrenal fatigue, strengthen your immune system, and release mental and physical stress.

One of the most beautiful stones in the selection, the labradorite stone, also called the stone of Atlantis, is the stone most crystal users go to when they require help communicating with the higher realm. 

This stone has been linked with all things magical, intuitive, and mystical. So, suppose you’re ever in need of protection against mental issues such as blockages, anxiety, feat, or negative thoughts. In that case, the labradorite sphere does the job well to help you reconnect with your inner strength, instinct, and power. The labradorite necklace increases your skills, allowing you to find newer, more creative ways to find mental clarity. 

As it is considered a stone largely for mental protection, the stone is used to help reduce stress, stimulate the mind, and detoxify all negativity and toxins in the mind and body.

This stone is connected to the solar plexus chakra, so keep it close to your person, or wear it as a ring to fully avail of its many benefits and effects.

Labradorite Crystals For Protection From Spirits

One of the most beautiful stones in the selection, the labradorite stone, also called the stone of Atlantis, is the stone most crystal users go to when they require help communicating with the higher realm. 

This stone has been linked with all things magical, intuitive, and mystical. So, suppose you’re ever in need of protection against mental issues such as blockages, anxiety, feat, or negative thoughts. In that case, the labradorite sphere does the job well to help you reconnect with your inner strength, instinct, and power. The labradorite crystal for protection increases your skills, allowing you to find newer, more creative ways to find mental clarity. 

As it is considered a stone largely for mental protection, the stone is used to help reduce stress, stimulate the mind, and detoxify all negativity and toxins in the mind and body.

This stone is connected to the solar plexus chakra, so keep it close to your person, or wear it as a ring to fully avail of its many benefits and effects.

Labradorite is one of the powerful protection crystals. It works best for shielding against psychic attack, fixation, and ill-wishing. This crystal helps those who are affected by people gossiping about them/fantasizing about and desiring your total, epic ruin. This also applies to people who are fixated on you, who want something from you that you don’t wish to give. As well as protects you from people who are pulling on your energy to fill their own need, lack, or void. Wearing labradorite necklace keeps you covered while riding out other people’s’ pain.


Amethyst is perhaps one of the most popular stones in the crystal community and the mainstream community in love with anything mystical and aesthetically pleasing.

In truth, the amethyst crystal is quite underrated if you learn its many wonderful qualities, protective and otherwise.

On the Mohs scale, the amethyst sits comfortably on 7, meaning that once you invest in an amethyst cluster, you can be sure it’ll support your spiritual needs for a long time. And that’s a quality you want in a stone as powerful as that.

Apart from being a beautiful crystal, the amethyst stone provides powerful protection against many negative factors and encourages clear thinking during troubled times. Known for guarding your mental health in times of anxiety, rage, fear, and anger, the amethyst stone helps you maintain your mental strength.

The stone is also associated with the second chakra, known for its association with intuition and psychic visions. When used appropriately, the stone can also protect against the evil eye and any bad vibes that someone may be sending your way.

In terms of physical benefits, the stone can stabilize and improve your metabolism, increase its production of red corpuscles, and even improve your body’s tissue rejuvenation. Moreover, it can also improve your blood sugar levels and enhance your immune system. All that’s required is to wear the amethyst necklace on your person, in a ring or a necklace. The stone will give you the willpower and internal strength needed to keep you on the right track.

Smoky Quartz

Alongside amethyst, quartz is supposed to be one of the most well-known stones in the world. Yet, just like the amethyst, not many people truly realize how valuable the stone is, aside from its aesthetic value.

The smoky quartz is another powerful protective crystal. Known for emitting protective energy and especially keeping people away from negative vibes, the stone helps the wearer stay grounded by keeping them aware of any wrong auras that may impact their mental and physical health. The smoky quartz crystal also helps the wearer integrate positive spiritual energy into their aura. As a result, the stone comes in handy as a general detoxification crystal.

For this purpose, many people use it during meditation while dealing with their physical ailments as well. In many cases, people use the stone to find relief from pain. It’s one of the major reasons why the stone is often used as a meditation stone by people undergoing chemotherapy.

Paired with its calming effects that, in turn, allow patients to overcome insomnia, the smoky quartz crystal for protection does all it can to protect the body and mind against all negative matters, big and small.

Pyrite Stone

While pyrite may also be known as fool’s gold, you will be mistaken if you underestimate this stone.

With its gleaming beauty and striking design, this earth element is a warm and strong stone that protects the wearer from the most persistent negative energies. Pyrite is a unique stone in that it draws the energy from the earth and transmits it to you, allowing your energy to build up. As such, you not only stay protected from all negative energies, the stone also keeps you protected from physical and emotional harm, as well as environmental pollutants.

The mineral is widely used as a shielding stone. If you’re in a situation where you may be performing something hazardous, pyrite (paired with your common sense) keeps you away from danger and guards you against all immoral matters. Pyrite is powerful. As such, you should expect its list of defenses to be lengthy too.

In addition to keeping you healthy and protected, pyrite keeps you away from ongoing control, emotional manipulation (especially by a friend, loved one, or even an employer) and provides enough energy to help you maintain balance in power.

Prompting all energies to the brain, pyrite also prevents your body from going into fatigue. As such, you don’t experience any tiredness. The mineral also keeps your nervous system intact, and stimulates blood flow up to the brain, which increases your mental clarity, improves your focus, and preserves your recall time, even enhancing it, and thus enhancing your confidence and assertiveness as well. 

Pyrite is connected to the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra, so wear the stone as a necklace or even a bracelet, but keep it with you to experience positive energy and spirit.

Black onyx and Pyrite are two more crystals for protection. Black onyx is transforming negative energy into positive energy. It helps to build up emotional resilience. Pyrite is an excellent resource for returning negative vibes back to the ones who sent them. You will learn that as you work with crystals for protection, you’ll begin to feel more grounded and emotionally durable which essentially is the true power of these stones. Your shift into a higher perspective will keep those vibes from affecting your joy. That’s why it’s important to not only use crystals for protection when your feeling vulnerable but also as a preventative measure to lend yourself strength before you go to leave the home.

Visit our website to find the best crystals for protection that will suit you best! 


Using Crystals for Emotional Protection

This special section is for those who require protection from themselves and any negative emotional energies surrounding them.

It helps if you have something that keeps your energy on the right track in these uncertain times. And for those who experience mental issues such as depression, fear, and more, using crystals for managing anxiety and other problems helps them live a better, normal life.

For those who require an extra emotional boost, here are some crystals which you can use, in addition to the crystals we’ve listed before so that you can stay protected against emotional trauma:

Jet Stone

Jet clears internalized emotional energy for empaths. Jet absorbs energy more than it releases. So when you get hit with someone else’s emotions it possesses the ability to draw those emotional vibes out of your system but still be able to empathize with people.


Fluorite crystal for protection has the ability to cloak your energy signature to avoid the effects of sorcery, psychic attack, or curses. It cloaks your aura in a way that takes you off the radar. Fluorite protection stone only works after you have had an energy clearing. Therefore you need to clear your aura for the fluorite to cloak you properly.

Even if you don’t believe in sorcery or psychic attacks, you should still believe in the evil eye and curses because it is real. Negative thoughts, bad wishes, curses – all these bad vibes can affect you horribly. Rather than allowing that poisoned arrow to dig deeper into your soul, use crystals like fluorite crystal to keep them at bay.

However, the only thing required is that you have your aura cleared, either by a professional or by taking a salt bath or fire ceremony. Once your aura is cleared, the fluorite stone will be able to cloak you in a way that’ll keep your energy clear and free and away from all bad energies.

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite helps to keep people from messing with your head. Blue Kyanite is a really important crystal to have for anybody who’s experiencing manipulation, coercion, bullying, or lying. It helps you keep your head up and clear of worried or anxious thinking, self-doubt or second-guessing. It also helps you to read between the lines and be aware of what’s really being communicated. Blue Kyanite Necklace can even be beneficial in cases of brainwashing or cult influences. People tend to use blue kyanite crystals for protection at work to protect their personal space and avoid compromising situations. 

This is an especially important crystal for people who may have been experiencing negative attention working against their emotional health.

People with problems like bullying, lying, coercion, and more can use the blue kyanite to stay protected from such evils. The crystal washes your mind of any self-doubt and second-guessing. It clears out worries and anxious thoughts and helps you read between the lines to know what someone is saying. One of the best protection crystals for the home.

The blue kyanite stone is quite powerful, so even if you believe that someone may be pushing you into doing something you shouldn’t, the stone will help you see the truth. Use minerals like hematite if you require extra help; the iron will help keep you grounded and surrounded by healthy positive energy.

Infinite Crystal

Infinite maintains your own defenses by strengthening and healing your aura. As you must know you aura is part of your natural defense system. Infinite helps to boost your sense of vitality, wellness, and strength, while at the same time it repairs, heals, and strengthens your aura. Keep infinite crystals for protection at work place. They might not be always easy to find, but definitely worth of having around .

Apache Tear

Apache Tear transforms negative energy. It should be in your collection of protection crystals for the home especially if you are trying to deal with trauma or pain.  Apache Tear slowly but steadily transmutes the energy of those feelings and experiences into healing energy for the heart and soul. It is used to repel the lower, harmful, heavy, or dark energy. That is why it is a great crystal for healers, hospital and hospice workers, first responders, healthcare practitioners, pets, children, or anyone else who feels they’re regularly being exposed to such vibes.

The apache tear is the ideal stone for healing. Quite often used for helping people deal with trauma, sorrow, and grief, the apache tear slowly helps you transform that grief and negative energy into positive energy that heals the heart and the soul.

It’s a good stone to have if you regularly deal with negative or dark spaces. So, if you or even a loved one works as a first responder, healthcare worker, hospital or hospice worker, the stone can come in handy in protecting you from all the heavy energy that you may be exposed to regularly.


Staurolite protects against unwanted spirits and attachments. You should always wear a piece of staurolite when moving through the veils of time, space, and reality, as it helps to protect you from unwanted or negative influences. I always wear a piece when doing journey work, channeling, while walking through graveyards, or when working with unfamiliar spirit guides for this reason. While it helps to connect you with other realms, especially the realm of the fae, the iron in the stone also helps protect you from their dark elemental influences or magic – it can be used as an evil eye necklace too. 

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz works to diminish fear and bolster your natural defenses. Spirit quartz is also a good protection crystal for the home. The main strength of spirit quartz is it’s dampening effect on fear. It doesn’t completely dissolve your fear. But it doesn’t let your fear take a hold of you and relieves you of your fear’s influence. This is key because when you give your power away to your fear, you’re also giving it to the cause. Fear weakens your psyche as well as your defenses. The moment you allow your fear to affect you, you’re opening the door to whatever wants to harm you. Wearing spirit quartz helps to keep that door shut and accumulate protective energy. 

If you believe that you have negative energy to fear, something that’s bolstering your natural defenses, or if there’s an energy or spirit in your home, wearing the spirit quartz crystal for protection on your person will be the best step you’ll take.

The spirit quartz is the ideal stone for warding off negative energy, ill-wishes, and envy. The stone keeps you mentally protected from negative spirits as well if you’re somewhere that seems off. Moreover, the spirit quartz provides its energy for one major factor; fear. 

Although it doesn’t completely make you fearless, the spirit quartz protection stone dampens your fear enough that you’re able to regard the source of this fear more clearly and practically. As a result, the stone gives you enough energy and strength to build up your defenses.


Crystals for Protection from Negative Thoughts

Let’s forget everything else.

For anyone who isn’t emotionally or physically hurt but mentally scarred, it can be very difficult to overcome all the anger you may have. But, even you know that it’s not right to follow those negative thoughts, no matter what.

In any form, negativity affects your mental health and leeches into your physical health if you’re not careful. In such circumstances, while it’s better to nip these bad feelings in the bud, it’s also right to get help so they don’t damage you further. 

With the right crystals, you can find a way to protect yourself against your negative thoughts so that you can go forward toward the light. Here are three crystals we recommend:


While amber may not be a crystal, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t possess the energy you need to stay positive. Categorized as the gold of the sea, history portrays amber as drops of the sun, hardened honey, and sunshine solidified. 

For these reasons, amber has a strong connection to the earth and the sun, and all the organisms around us. Amber emits soothing, bright energy, which is quite effective in helping you move through the grieving process if you’ve gone through some trauma. Think of this warm crystal as a beam of light you carry around with you. It clears out your sadness and gives your inner soul the light it needs to reach a positive mindset.

Blue Calcite

Blue calcite crystal for protection is a very powerful and uncommon stone, so if you find it, hold on to it.

The blue calcite is a soother, which means it relaxes your emotional self and physical self. It’s known for releasing an aura that provides etheric protection and mental stability. In a way, the blue calcite harnesses its function from the sea and takes in all the negative energy you have, washing away all the vibrations that may be standing in the way you gain positive energy.

Blue calcite is one of the best stones to have if your negative thoughts stem from anxiety and depression. Use the stone if you also experience burnouts and creative blocks. The blue calcite’s energy increases vividness and gives you the mental strength to wander and daydream. 

Associated with the throat chakra, blue calcite works well as a pendant. Use it with moldavite or aquamarine in conjunction; you may be able to open yourself up to a deeper emotion.

How to Get the Most from Your Protection Crystals

Crystals of any kind require a certain amount of maintenance and upkeep if you want to benefit from them in the long run.

The first thing you have to maintain is their charge. Not like a battery where you have to switch them out every time it dies. With crystals, they need to be charged once you buy them and start using them. 

To simplify their system, think of crystals as electromagnetic oscillators. They provide us with continuous healing energy while they stay within their natural frequency. However, if the crystal is knocked off-kilter from its natural frequency, it stops working efficiently. To bring it back to its original state, that’s when you have to clear it.

Other situations that require the crystal to be cleared include:

  • After you’ve bought them
  • Before and after you use them for healing purposes
  • If another person handles the crystal
  • After you’ve been in a situation with negative energies, i.e., chaos, heavy emotions, fights, etc
  • Regularly

A Disclaimer on Crystal Usage

Before we begin our journey into learning about the best crystals for protection against all types of ailments, let’s learn about the truth behind them.

When using crystals, understand that there are no mystical energies involved. You will not receive any spiritual guidance other than what you seek through meditation and prayer. Crystals align your energy and aura and offer strength. But they do not provide physical boosts.

Unfortunately, because of the avalanche of misinformation out there, many people mistake crystals as energy-boosting, magical pieces of earth that can heal wounds, make illnesses disappear, and alter your life. None of that is true.

No crystals and stones can prevent you from catching a disease or falling down a step. However, they can keep your mind open and sharp so that you are not misguided by any bad influences.

Paired with the right healing crystals, you can change your life for the better by using their energy as your cheerleader. Whatever your situation is, we now present a list of the stones you can use to improve your life.

So, how do you cleanse a Protection Crystal?

There are several ways you can clear a crystal’s energy. Vocal toning is one of the more common options and is extremely simple. However, if you’re not familiar with the technique, other responsive methods you can follow include using gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, or drums.

You can also use amethyst geodes. Leave the crystal overnight, and the amethyst will pull out all the negative energy and residual frequencies that may have been causing trouble.

If that’s not possible, use the four elements each of your crystals connect with and use various techniques to clear your crystals. Submerge them in saltwater, using smudging as a cleansing technique, or simply rely on thought energy to clear them out.

Clearing crystals is not at all difficult and can be done in a variety of ways, and to as many crystals as you need in one full sweep. It all depends on what’s available to you and how often you can maintain your crystal energy.

Know Your Side

While wearing crystals for protection, you want to be sure you know which side your crystal should be on.

In the world of crystals, everything matters. So, with each side, and each crystal you wear, do so in a way that brings good fortune. For example, if you wear jewelry on your right hand or your right side, there are some particular stones you should be wearing to bring about the result you need:

  • To stay more protected while exuding love toward other people, wear a rose quartz bracelet or even a ring on your right hand or arm.
  • To protect the calmness in your environment, opt for an amethyst ring that you can wear on your right hand.
  • To protect yourself and your family while traveling, wear black tourmaline as a ring or a bracelet on your right hand or arm.

By wearing gemstone jewelry on the right hand, you send your power outward to the world and give its protective, healing quality to others as well as yourself.

However, placing jewelry or crystals on your right side allows you to receive the healing energy yourself, so it becomes more of a personal benefit. If you want to enjoy all the effects for yourself, you can switch the jewelry to your left hand. For example, if you have a black tourmaline crystal, you can keep it on your left side to protect yourself from negative energy. And to protect your emotional state from stress, you can wear the amethyst ring on your left hand too. 

Crystals According to Your Zodiac Sign

For those who already use crystals, the following guide should give you some information as to what you require according to your zodiac sign:


Blue lace agate, carnelian stones


Black tourmaline, green jade crystals


Emerald, zebra jasper


Smoky quartz, moonstone


Hematite, tiger’s eye


Amethyst cluster, red jasper


Carnelian, labradorite spheres


Black obsidian, lapis lazuli


Amazonite, turquoise stones


Citrine clusters, onyx ring


Fluorite, garnet


Aquamarine, sugilite


A word of caution for anyone who wants to use crystals: do not take their powers lightly.

Crystals are pieces of the earth, charged with energy and effective to a fault. They require proper maintenance and respect. So, educate yourself on the basics and details of each crystal. Use the right stones, find the right directions, and learn when and how each crystal will aid your situation.

Using crystals for your protection is a good tactic since these can keep you safe and your mind sharp. But do not depend on crystals entirely for your protection. Seek legal help if you find yourself in any dangerous situation, and be practical. Crystals are not mystical sources of power but spiritual beacons of energy that push you to be better. Use their energy wisely, and make yourself a better person.

From the above knowledge, find the stone that suits your needs. Meditate with them and pray. Tune in your energy with that of your crystal. You’ll find your body reacting to it very quickly. 

And if you ever think you’re using the wrong crystal, stop immediately and seek professional guidance. The wrong stone can make your situation worse. So, be smart. Harness the power of these crystals to lead a safer, healthier, happier life.

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