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What you Need to Know About Druzy Earrings

About the Druse Crystal

Druzy, also referred to as druse or drusy, is a courting found on bulky crystals. It has a sparkly appearance, which is why it is used to make jewelry, such as druzy earrings, rings, and pendants. 

The occurrence of these tiny sparkling crystals is worldwide, mostly on river banks. Druzy stones can grow on different rocks. The most common is the quartz druse that is used to make druzy quartz Earrings.

The other rocks druzy stones grow over include agates, garnet, dolomite, calcite, and chert. The druzy stone’s base colors are either found as opaque, translucent, or transparent and include orange, brown, red, yellow, and many more. 

Compared to other faceted crystals used to make jewelry, druzy is relatively affordable, and you can purchase one from the many crystals for sale. Before we discuss it here is more about the druzy meaning.

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Denise Taylor

Spiritual Researcher / Author

Researcher in spirituality and metaphysics dedicated to introducing people to their inner selves.  Author of five books on metaphysics, crystals and chakra balancing. Over 15 years of experience studying metaphysics, yoga teacher and reiki master.

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Druzy Meaning: Both Metaphysical and Healing Power

Druzy metaphysics

Druzy crystals have similar metaphysical energy like that of crystal clusters. As such, they are suitable for some group activities. These group activities include spiritual workshops, group meditation, and other forms of combined spiritual building activities. 

Try wearing druzy drop earrings the next time you attend or facilitate a spiritual group meeting. The druzy crystal is said to bring harmony to a group of people pursuing a common spiritual goal. 

Besides that, druzy crystals may be used to boost the energy of other crystal types and stones.  To do so, you should place your crystal, whether rose quartz or black onyx, and any different type of stone, on top of overnight. You may even choose to do so for several days in a row. 

Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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The Healing Powers of Druzy Crystals

The healing power of druzy crystals will vary depending on the stone material used to make the druzy agate earrings. For example, if you use the Clear quartz stone, it will have its own set of healing properties. But, wearing druzy earrings can have a tremendous natural healing impact on your mental, physical, and spiritual levels. 

Here are several ways it can help.

Property of cheering your feelings

Are you lost and feeling as if the joy of life has been taken away from you? You can use the druzy crystal to allow it to fill your life with light and fun.

It offers healing from depression, and you can increase your recovery by using the druzy stone. 

Property of promoting unity with others

Are you part of a team? And do you want to improve the teams’ common goal? You should give the druzy crystal a try. 

It is said to have the power to bring people together to achieve a common goal. Hence, whether you have a book club or just a casual friend meet up, you should place it somewhere in the room. And what another inconspicuous way than with druzy agate earrings

Property of enhancing mental power

Mental power enhancement will enable you to be strong-willed and boosts self-confidence. You can use the stone to make your mind healthy, this way, you will be able to overcome life’s troubles. 

Property of healing of the mind

Are you feeling weary mentally? Do you think you need healing of the mind? One thing about being weary mentally is that you will feel tired most of the time. So consider the druzy crystal to relieve the stress of the exhausted mind. 

Property of attracting love

We all can do with a little bit of love in our lives. You do not want just to feel lovely and anxious all the time. The Druzy stone can brighten your heart and help you solve the lack of love. 

Property of increasing creativity and relaxation

This is perhaps the coolest thing about the healing properties of the druzy crystal. There are several benefits you stand to gain from relaxing. One being freedom from emotional burdens. Relaxing helps you to take a few steps back to see the more comprehensive picture. And if you wish to improve your relaxation to boost creativity, wear moonlight druzy drop earrings. 

Other healing properties are specific to particular druzy stones. Like the druzy quartz is said to have an impact on a person’s immune and reproductive systems.

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How to Make Druzy Earrings

You may want to own a druzy earring, probably after seeing one beautiful displayed on a jewelry store shelf. The beauty of the shiny crystals has since then fascinated you. 

You can choose to, but one that is already made or opt to make one yourself. Each choice has its own sets of benefits.

For example, if you choose to buy something that is already made, you will save on the time spent in making the jewelry. However, deciding to make one yourself is not only thrilling and an excellent way to spend your free time, but also a new way to get innovative.

Also, it is cheaper than buying an already made druzy earrings silver. Another great benefit is that you can choose to customize it to suit your style and taste. You can choose to include the druzy crystal to make either a huggy, stud, hoop, or other earrings you fancy. 

Despite reading through the guide below on making your druzy earrings, you are not limited by what you read. Let your imagination take you and bring out the inner designer in you. But, here is a guide to get the juices flowing.

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Items you will need to make druzy earrings. 

You only need four supplies for this DIY project. Just four, and you are well on your way to making your first druzy earrings. If you thought you would need so many supplies, you must feel the news. 

Here are the four items you will need.

Druzy Stones.

You would not be making a druzy earring without actually getting druzy crystals, trying to beats all logic. But how do you go about getting cruise stones? 

There are many accredited online dealers you can choose to buy your druzy from and get a good deal. You may opt to visit your local jewelry shop to see if they have some druzy stones. You can also browse our extensive list of crystals for sale and place your order. 

Also, if you wish to make more than one druzy crystal to make druzy earrings wholesale supply, you should have this in mind when making your purchase. You should opt to buy all the druse crystals you may need at once to get a good discount. 

The good thing with druzy crystals is that they are available in various colors for you to choose from them. 

Cabochon earring setting

You will glue the druzy crystals already purchased on the Cabochon. They are gemstones that have been shaped and polished. The cabochons provide the earring settings for your druzy quartz earrings.

They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.  Whether it is gold or silver, you buy according to your taste; the same applies for size. 

You may need different kinds of earring settings if you are making a design like hoop earrings.

Earring backs

Because it is such a small item, you may choose to omit it. Earring backs are places when wearing your earring to prevent it from slipping off your ear.

However, there are hook-like earrings that do not require that you have earring backs. 


The glue will help you combine all the above items into an eye catching amethyst druzy earring. It is very critical no matter the kind of earring you make. You will need glue to allow you to attach the druzy crystal to the earring sitting component. 

A good option for glue is one used to make jewelry, for example, the E-600. 

Here are the steps to making your druzy drop earrings using the items listed above.

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Process of Making Druzy Earrings 

Now that you have your supplies ready, the next step is making the druzy stud earrings, and you will be proud to own or gift someone. It is a simple procedure that follows four simple steps.

So you start by assembling all your supplies. You do not want to start making your earrings only to remember your glue is still in the box it was in after buying. You need to ensure you have unwrapped all the items and skillfully set out on a table or a flat area. 

Best Druzy Earring

Next, you need to glue the inside of the earring settings; you need to be cautious not to put excess or too little of your glue when doing so. When it is too much, it will spill and squish to the sides when you place your druzy crystal. And if you do not put enough, your crystal will not hold firmly. You should just swirl enough around the base to ensure most of the bottom is covered. 

After you have placed your glue, what you need to do next is to attach the druzy crystal. Place the crystal gently on the base of the setting with the glue, and firmly hold it down for a few seconds to give the glue time to stick. Some glue may spill out from time to time, and if it does so, just wipe it away with a piece of cloth. 

The final step is to add the backs to the no whole earring. And just like that, you have made yourself druzy earrings. Quite a straightforward procedure.

Again, remember you are not restricted to following these guidelines. You can choose to be creative and explore other options. Like cooking, you may be surprised to come up with a unique recipe by trying out different procedures. 

So find what works for you. But at least,  you know what you should be looking for and have an idea of some items you may need. Feel free to comment below with other things you find vital for making druzy earring that is not mentioned.

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Beware of Artificial Druzy Earring 

When you buy druzy stones to make your earrings or are buying already made druzy stud earrings, you should keep an eye out for fake druzy. Over the past few years, druzy stones have become very popular. So popular that famous designers have featured druzy crystals in their designs. 

According to geologyin druzy stones are formed from the residue of minerals, carried to rock surfaces by water, are left after the evaporation occurs. This is the natural way through which druzy stones are formed.

However, those in the market are made through a chemical process called Chemical Vapor Deposition (CDV), meaning they are artificially made in a lab. Seeing that there is fake druzy in the market places, how do you distinguish real ones from fake ones? Here is how;

It is easy to differentiate the two, but you need to be extra keen when doing so. Because of the paint used while making the knock-offs, they tend to have an even surface due to the color-forming on the grooves. So if you notice that the crystalline structure of the druzy stone lacks definition and sparkle, it is most likely not genuine.

The other way to differentiate is by the edges. If you notice that the edges of the stone you want to buy are straight, it is most likely artificial. You can also check the back and do not purchase druzy stones with some color on the back. 

The druzy is a sparkling gemstone that is pleasant to the eye. Most artificial drusy stones will be sold at low prices compared to real ones, so you should always go for genuine ones for their beauty unless you don’t have enough finances. 

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Final Thoughts

Druzy earrings are coated with shiny and fine crystal dust making them an exquisite and delicate piece of jewelry to own. As such, you should handle them with care by ensuring you store them well and clean them with clear running water once in a while. And as illustrated in the article, Druzy earrings have their benefits like other healing crystal jewelry available for you to choose.

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