Druzy Necklace

Druzy Jewelry Geode Necklace Meaning

Everything You Need to Know about Druzy Necklaces before Buying One

Looking for a natural healing stone that can promote your spiritual and emotional health? Druzy quartz could be the ultimate solution you are searching for!

Druzy quartz is liked all over the world for a plethora of properties. For instance, it is known to amplify mind, body, and spirit during meditation by removing all the negative energies from them. It also clarifies the mind, improves perception and concentration which supports in making wise decisions. Not only that but it is also known to have a positive impact on the immune system, circulatory system, and a lot more.

Due to its sparkling look, it is often crafted into rings, druzy necklaces, and earrings, etc. which will definitely draw some attention no matter who wears them.


Gold Plated Necklace with Druzy Quartz Pendant

Our rectangular chunk of druzy quartz pendant with a silver necklace that is electroplated in 14k gold can be your beautiful go-to piece of jewelry. The pendant looks like an amalgam of shiny crystals that often sparkle like tiny diamonds in the light. You can also remove druzy pendant from the gold plated necklace and wear it with any cord or chain of your choice.

This druzy quartz necklace is not only liked for its beautiful hue and glittery appearance but it is also loved for its magnificent healing effects. It is a great companion for anyone who is having a troubled mind and needs to boost good energy flow in the body. This stone brings balance, joy, and calmness back to life. It is not linked to any zodiac sign so you can wear it no matter what your date of birth is.

druzy necklace

Healing Power of Druzy

As druzy stone has great healing powers so people wear it to boost their natural crystal healing process in order to improve their physical, spiritual, and mental health. It releases stress, clears the mind, helps in achieving goals, enhances mental power, and improves overall mood.

Emotional Healing Power of Druzy Necklace

Life can get tough at times. If you are having a rough time or are stressed and depressed about something happening in your life then the emotional healing power of druzy quartz may help you align your thoughts, calm your nerves, remove negativity, release stress, and become more patient to avoid certain circumstances.

Physical Healing Power

The powerful energy of Druzy Necklace can improve blood flow in your body. Due to its positive impact on the body’s health, it has been used for centuries to boost the immune system to get rid of certain infections, improve the performance of the digestive system and reproductive system. It is also known to balance the release of important hormones in the body. It detoxifies the body, eliminates all the negativity that is becoming a hindrance to your success in life.

Spiritual Healing Power of Druzy Necklace

Wearing a sterling silver druzy necklace or any other druzy jewelry helps a person connect with his soul on a deeper level and open the doors to inner peace. It also assists in understanding spiritual information to unlock the hidden truths and recognize the purpose and meaning behind the divine gift called life.

Other than its healing powers, its magical energy may also help a person to overcome his or her financial issues, mend relationships, improve performance in a group task, etc. If you wear a druzy necklace during meditation, it will bring more calm, focus, strength, and motivation to your mind.  

druzy necklace

How to Cleanse a Druzy Stone Necklace?

Here is a simple step-by-step method to cleaning your druzy pendant or any druzy jewelry to remove dust etc. During the whole cleaning process, try to be gentle to this stone to avoid harming it in any way.

  1. Mix a mild soap-free fragrance into warm distilled water. Avoid using a soap that has harsh chemicals and tap water as it has minerals that can affect the druzy stone.
  2. Dip your druzy jewelry in it for 10 minutes to allow warm water to remove dust etc.
  3. After 10 minutes, take your jewelry out of the mixture and rinse it with distilled water to remove the soapy mixture completely.
  4. Place your Druzy Necklace on a towel such that its face is up. Let it soak all the water from the jewelry. Avoid patting the front surface of the crystal with a paper towel as towel fibers may get attached to its surface.
  5. Dry the excess water with a hairdryer. Use the dryer in a cool or warm setting and keep it moving. Hot and fast blows of air may harm the stone so try to avoid using it.

How to Identify a Fake Druzy Stone Necklace?

Druzy is appreciated for its beneficial healing power. People who want to take full benefit of the magical energy of this stone love collecting its different types such as druzy agate, druzy chalcedony, druzy azurite, etc. People may get a faux druzy considering it to be original due to the wrong claim of the seller. That is why we have written the simple ways through which you can recognize a real druzy necklace easily and save yourself from being cheated.

  • A fake druzy stone does not shine as bright as a real one does. If you observe a real stone under light, you will see that all of its particles or crystals are shining evenly but in the case of a fake stone not all crystals will shine equally. Some will be dull while others will be shiny.
  • Observe druzy stone under bright light. You will notice light and dark circles inside the stone if it is real.
  • Fake druzy is lightweight and has smooth thin edges while a real druzy is heavier and has thicker edges.
  • If you are physically present at the shop while buying druzy jewelry, run your fingers over the surface of the stone. A real druzy will give you a velvety feel while a fake druzy will feel like a hard marble.
  • Small crystals present on the surface of a real druzy necklace are scattered uniformly. On the other hand, there is no such distribution on the surface of a fake druzy.
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