The evil eye necklace is not only loved because of its ability to ward off evil but also because of its beauty. You should consider having it as part of your jewelry collection. 

In this article, you will find most of the information you will need to know concerning the evil eye pendant. But first, here is a brief definition.

evil eye necklace jewelry evil eye pendant necklace gold 18k 14k
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Evil eye necklace meaning

The evil eye necklace has a far backtracking history as to why it came to be such a valuable piece of ancient protection symbol. It is mostly found in religions such as the Hindus, Christians, Jews, and Muslims. 

Its protective nature is said to have been made in order to protect the bearer of the evil eye necklace from “evil eyes”. Being the recipient of an evil eye is believed to have had a negative effect, like bad luck, having a disaster befall you, or harming you and your family. 

Yet by having this fantastic evil eye ornament as a part of your crystal collection repels all the negative energy that may be directed to you. You get to protect yourself from the negative effects of someone looking at you with an evil eye. 

The bad eye is a glare given to a person while they are unaware of and is perceived to cause tragedy or misfortune. It is a form of a curse that is directed to a particular person for being happy in life. 

There are many talismans and amulets believed to give protection from these evil eyes but the evil eye necklace is the most popular and the most used one. These talismans have inherited the name, “evil eye”

evil eye necklace jewelry evil eye pendant necklace gold 18k 14k

Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

History of the evil eye talismans

It has been in existence for as far back as 3000BC, mostly starting in the Greek culture. It was believed that when and if a person was envious of another, their intentions reflected on the receiver and caused misfortune to fall upon them. 

The Greeks began to wear amulets and talismans with the evil eye sign on them to protect and repel any evil intentions wished upon them. Upon wearing these ornaments, the evil intentions cast upon them were believed to go back to the sender. 

This culture has spread throughout the world and within different cultures. Surprisingly, the evil eye necklace or symbol has maintained its protective charm over and through the many years of existence and the different cultures.

Being the most vulnerable, small kids are likely to fall prey to the people with evil eyes and most parents with small kids make them wear this necklace for protection and good luck. Apart from being a protection charm, the evil eye amulet brings good luck and positive energy around the owner.

evil eye necklace jewelry evil eye pendant necklace gold 18k 14k

Type of evil eyes

You, like many people, have encountered an evil eye at least once in your existence. Now pose for a minute and try to recall whether indeed you have noticed one. If nothing rings a bell, it may be because you do not know the different kinds of evil eyes. 

It is believed that there are three types of evil eyes that cause bad luck. They are as stated below:

  1. Unconscious evil eyes

This type of evil eye is the one where the giver is unaware of their bad intention towards you. They usually have no intention of doing any harm but end up doing it anyway. Despite not knowing the type of harm that can befall the recipient of the glare, it is still an evil eye nonetheless, and the effects are all destructive. Anybody can be a victim of this type of evil eye and thus the need for the evil eye necklace.

  1. Intentional evil eye

When a person is jealous or envious of your achievements in life, he or she can give an intentional evil eye to thwart your growth. The intention to harm you knowingly brings doom to your personal growth or stunts and wilts it.                                                

  1. Hidden evil eye

It is the most feared type of evil eye since the feelings of the person are reflected in those around them, their evil aura surrounding and harming the ones around them.

It is quite scary since it’s an unknown source of evil. Now that you know the different evil eyes you may have encountered, is it a possibility that you may have come across any? By now, your answer is a definitive yes. To understand more about the evil eye, here are the different eye colors and their meanings

evil eye necklace jewelry evil eye pendant necklace gold 18k 14k

The different evil eye necklace colors and their meanings

The universal evil eye charm color has been a deep blue color for many years, but the color of this protective charm has changed over the years. Below are just but a few of the very many available evil eye colors and their meanings:

Orange Eye Color

It increases creativity and open-mindedness of an individual while still providing the protection needed by the wearer.

White Eye Color

White mostly means purity and clarity and, apart from protection, gives one a clear mind and a fresh view of the world and those around him or her.

Pink Eye Color

This talisman color brings about calmness and surreal feeling. You get protectiveness over your friendships and a feeling of knowing your real friends and the ones with bad intentions.

Light Blue Eye Color

Blue is a cool color and pacifies one’s existence while reducing any feeling of stress and uptightness, all the while warding off all the negative energy. As the color of the sky, it symbolizes direct protection from the evil eye.

Dark blue Eye Color

It still represents a calm and tranquil state of mind and brings about good karma. It provides spiritual protection against bad blood.


The green protection charm gives one a form of freedom of expression for ideas and thoughts. It brings about a feeling of being happy and content.

These extraordinary amulets are very dire to provide a form of warding against the evil intentions of people, whether knowingly or unknowingly. 

Most celebrities have worn these evil eye bracelets or necklaces and even others on their shoes! An example is Meghan Markel, who has been spotted on many occasions wearing these evil eye charms.

evil eye necklace jewelry evil eye pendant necklace gold 18k 14k

Importance of Owning an Evil Eye Charm 

It Protects One From Evil

Having an evil eye pendant with you will protect you from people with malicious intent on your life and growth. This art piece also wards off evil spirits, and more specifically, from an evil glare, either intentional or unintentional. It is often gifted to newborn babies, for they are more prone to receive an evil glare.

It Brings Good Fortune To the Bearer

Possessing this amazing bracelet bestows luck for good and amazing things to happen. When you carry the evil eye necklace, it is said to bring good luck and fortune your way. And who doesn’t want good fortune? 

Receiving an evil eye from somebody might block good fortune and deeds from bowing your directions. And because many believe that wearing an evil eye bracelet shields you from the evil eye, your fortune may start flowing by just wearing it. 

It never hurts to try, so get yourself one and see if tides change in your favor. 

It Restores Strength

In many cultures, it is believed to possess a healing power towards bad health habits like stress & anxiety , fatigue, and negative thoughts of the user. Just like most protective charms, this evil eye pendant restores the bearer’s good health and fitness.

You benefit from this immensely. When you are stress-free, you are able to go about your day to day activities smoothly. You will not have any negative thoughts, and with less fatigue, you may experience success in what you do. 

The evil eye amulet lifts your spirits.

When feeling down or dull, the magical power of this lucky charm is believed to aid in psyching one up and leave you in a good mood. This happens especially when you have had a bad day at work, argued with your boss, your parents or friend. Due to its magnificent healing power, it restores your frame of mind in no time.

The evil eye pendant possesses good vibes.

This eye necklace naturally contains a good atmosphere, mostly due to its vibrant colors and nature. The most common color on this pendant is sky blue that shows calmness and truth, thus shining that energy onto the person.

It radiates positive energy around you.

This is because of this eye necklace wards off all negative energy aimed at its beholder. This is accompanied by a feeling of appreciating oneself and those around you and general love for the gift of life. This positive energy is transferred to those around you, leaving your mind, body, and soul in a state of contentment.

Bring on about good karma.

For a healthy and meaningful existence with good fortune and success, this evil eye pendant will be your best friend. Carrying it wherever you go or place it on your house attracts good fate and protects you from bad karma wished upon by envious people. 

evil eye necklace jewelry evil eye pendant necklace gold 18k 14k

Who can wear an evil eye pendant?

There are many types and styles that have been used to showcase the protective nature of this evil eye amulet, and some are even custom made for you, depending on your need as a customer. 

The available types that have been made range from diamond evil eye necklaces to silver evil eye necklaces or bracelets. All these have been made into different designs to suit all genders and sexes. For instance, the evil eye chokers for women and men’s evil eye necklaces are also available. Despite your gender, status, age, or even sexuality, this evil eye pendant will suit you just fine.

A major question people ask is, can I buy the evil eye necklace for myself? Many do not know who is the most viable candidate for wearing an evil eye amulet and who is not. 

The evil eye necklace had been in existence since time memorial. You can wear the necklace for different reasons, the most crucial being to protect yourself from an evil eye. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic amulet to have among your Asana Jewelry.

Everybody can wear this amulet. It is not age, gender, or ethnic bias. Here is an in-depth analysis of who can wear the evil eye necklace.

Men’s Evil Eye Necklace

Necklaces can also be attractive to men as they are to ladies. If you were to buy a chain for a man or by one yourself as a man, you should go for a slime gold or silver necklace such as the sterling silver evil eye necklace or the gold eye necklace

Having just this one simple necklace to match with your outfit has its unique subtility. Collars are a charm, and they bring out the sexy in someone. 

Apart from improving your look, the evil eye necklace, as it does, will also keep you safe from evil eyes. It has both significance and charm, two significant traits to look for in a man’s necklace. 

Evil Eye Necklace For Babies

In an Interview, Sabina Main, the daughter of Lebanese emigrants to Canada, said she obtained her first evil-eye Jewelry when she was a child. She noted that it was part of the tradition in her family, that every child is given a necklace with charms such as the evil eye during baptism. 

Traditionally, the evil eye necklace is given to babies to protect them from harm. To date, the culture is still alive, as Sabina Main pointed out that she intends to pass down the Jewelry to her niece one day. 

So, it is not wrong to give a newborn baby an evil eye necklace. And with options of small evil eye necklace and tiny evil eye necklace in the marketplace, why not get one for your child? 

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Evil Eye Necklaces for Ladies 

It goes without argument that necklaces are an original item in a woman’s jewelry collection. And with contemporary designers like Atelier Swarovski, Michael Kors, and Shashi Ear Cuffs rendering the evil eye in their Jewelry, it is a style that has hit the waves in the market. 

The evil eye can be infused in diamonds, gold, silver necklaces to come up with appealing modern designs for the trendy young woman. 

When you are shopping for a necklace to gift a lady next time, you may want to consider buying an evil eye bracelet, as it adds both glamor and meaning when worn.

By Michael Kors 14K Rose Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Pavé Evil Eye Charm

Where else can you put your evil eye charm?

Apart from being on necklaces or bracelets, the evil eye charm can be put on anything else you wish to protect, like your business, house, or your infant. Upon setting your evil eye charm on the place or person of interest, it will repel and ward off all negative energy wished upon by people.

It is advised that when placing the evil eye charm in a room, for instance, your office or room, you should position it in the Northeastern section of the room to ward off jealous, envious or malicious people. 

Below are some of the types of evil eye pendants you will find in the market.

Types of evil eye pendants

When you think of getting a pedant, the availability of many to choose from may leave you confused. Such a situation is never pleasing to anyone. Although, if you know some of the categories, you will not be in such a state. Just to name but a few, below are some pendants you might like!

Gold evil eye necklace

It is a solid gold piece that’s eye-catching but simple to go with your everyday attire. The good thing about it is that it can be worn on formal and informal events. 

Diamond evil eye necklace

It contains as many diamonds as you need and with the size that you require according to your pocket. The evil eye at the center is framed by small diamonds to highlight its beauty and elegance.

14K gold evil eye necklace

It’s an exquisite 14K pure gold piece with a simple design that’s appealing to look at. It goes well with both simple wear and party dresses.

The hamsa evil eye necklace

The hamsa hand is an ancient symbol of the hand of God. It is believed to bring success and protection to the owner. This hamsa evil eye necklace contains both the Hamsa hand symbol and the evil eye pendant, which increases their protective nature. 

Greek evil eye necklace

The Greek evil eye necklace comes in different sizes, colors, and materials for the different tastes and preferences of customers. Others prefer to purchase a variety of them to choose from to protect them in their daily lives.

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When does the evil eye bracelet work best?

This magical charm will be at best when you:

Keep it close to your body

Most people do this by attaching the amulet onto a chain, a necklace, a bracelet, or even on braided hair as hair jewelry. This helps to keep the charm close to you at all times, thus warding off any malevolent intent at all times.

By gifting it to someone

When you gift someone close to you with this amazing pendant, it is believed to work wonders as your pure desire to protect them is reflected by the charm. You could get a men’s evil eye necklace for your lover, a blue evil eye necklace for your little twin nieces. You could even gift your best friend a diamond or gold evil eye necklace to have a taste of this magical piece of artwork.

Have them on your means of transport

Are you driving to work every day through really busy roads and wishing to protect yourself or your family from disastrous events? Do you love to take rides on your motorcycle? Why not take the extra precaution of having an evil eye pendant on board? Whether it’s a silver eye necklace, a men’s evil eye necklace, or any other Greek evil eye necklace of your choice, it all serves to protect you!

Have an evil eye pendant in your house

 In most cultures, this amulet is hung on the door or just outside the house to prevent any evil spirits from entering. It is most important to protect the family against the hidden evil eye, which is the scariest of all the types of evil glares.

Pass incense through the evil eye amulet

Incense has been believed to have a cleansing power, and passing it through your amulet recharges it. This renews the healing power of the amulet and gives it more healing energy.                                                                                          

Here is how to choose the best evil eye bracelet or necklace for yourself or someone else. 

How-to Choose An Evil Eye Necklace

With a wide variety of amulets and necklaces to choose from in the market, making the right choice can be about a task. You need to consider a lot of things if you are to get the perfect evil eye necklace for yourself or your loved ones. 

Not only is the task of choosing difficult because of the availability of a great variety to choose from, but also because you may end up buying a counterfeit product. It would be unfair for you to send a vast amount of money, getting a 14kgold evil eye necklace only to realize that the gold is coated. 

Follow these guidelines when choosing your evil eye necklace, and you will end up making a wise decision. 

Buy from an Accredited Jewelry Dealer

You should not rush into buying your diamond evil eye necklace from random shops, whether you are buying online or physically. A jewelry store that has been approved to operate and has met the state requirements to trade has its advantages. Some of these advantages include:

  • You will not be duped into buying fake jewelry. 
  • In case any issue arises, it is easy for you to get in touch with them to solve the problem.
  • You will get value for your money.
  • You get fast, reliable services.

In addition to these advantages, you will be happy and avoid stressful instances, like failed delivery, if you were buying online. With so many fraudsters out to get you, take caution, and buy from an accredited seller. 

You may be asking, “How then do I know an accredited seller?” Here is how.

How to check if a seller is accredited 

By checking if a jewelry seller is registered, you will be assured of the quality of the jewelry you buy. The best way to go about it is to check for the following things.

  • Do they say they are accredited? If yes, they will not be hesitant to provide credentials.
  • Check their reviews by current and previous clients.
  • Look at their profile or website for credential details.

Let’s say you are buying a diamond evil eye necklace; you may want to check websites like the Gemological Institute of America retailer look-up or others that offer information to protect you when purchasing Jewelry. 

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Have a budget For Good a Quality Necklace

Creating a budget is one thing you may be tempted to overlook, especially when buying Jewelry. “I’ll just go with the flow,” you may say to yourself. Only to end up getting confused when making the actual purchase. And most likely, you go back home having overspent because every necklace you saw looked attractive to you.

Consider your Style preference.

You will need to consider your sense and taste in the style you want to portray. The sense of style will depend on the kind of lifestyle you live and the kind of image you would want to express. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, here is how to choose an evil eye pendant that best suits your style.

For sentimental people, they like holding on to precious jewels. They find it hard to wear something new and are usually obsessed with a particular piece of Jewelry that they were all the time.

 For this reason, having an evil eye as part of your collection would be great. It is a gemstone that has been in existence for long and can be worn consistently.  

On the other hand, extroverts are mostly after an elegant look. They want something flashy to show to their colleagues and friends. And as such, the extensive collection of evil eye necklaces available provides a great option to acquire elegant, stylish Jewelry.  

You will find something you can work with to fit your style among the massive collection of evil eye necklaces. You get to be comfortable in your skin. 

Taking Care of Your Evil Eye Necklace 

You do not want your evil eye amulet to only last some years. Your desire to own such precious Jewelry is for it to stay for several generations for it to be used as a protective charm for you and your entire family. 

The only way to ensure that it stays vibrant and lasts long is to take good care of it. And if you are wondering how then it is your lucky day. Here are three tops that, once practiced, will ensure your evil eye bracelet remains in good condition.

Activating, Cleansing, and Charging Your Evil Eye Necklace

You will need to activate the necklace to suit your intentions. Think of it as offering them extra power. Your intentions need to be good so that the energy that is stored in the necklace is a good one. 

When you wear an evil eye bracelet that is activated, it will be able to protect you from the evil eye of those surrounding you. Because your necklace can collect negative energies, you should be cleansing and charging as often as possible. 

Here are steps of the Balinese cleansing ritual you can follow to cleanse and charge your necklace. 

You need to start by placing you your evil eye bracelet on your palm and hold it close to your heart. Close your eyes, and start feeling the thankfulness of protection and love flowing through you. 

Stil with your eyes closed. You need to open up your mind to the imagination of the evil eye. You need to let loose. Imagine all the dark, including the one you want to be protected from being sent into this stream of water. The thing about this stream is that it absorbs all these negative energies. It is the power of mother nature to take all the negative energy and transform it to new energy.

And the next time you come across a stream of the river, just hold your evil eye pendant into the flowing stream and be grateful for the stream’s cleansing. 

And just like that, each energy that will be channeled and reflected this source of flowing wetter. 

Remember that cleaning and cleansing is a continuous process. You should practice this or any other cleansing ritual to get rid of all the negative energies from your evil eye pendant


The planet is filled with so many bad energies that continue to erode and eat into people’s hearts; some include haterade, Jealousy, War, Depression, Addictions, Competition, and many many more. You need to ensure that you guard yourself against all these dark energies. 

Wearing an evil eye pendant is the right way of protecting yourself from these energies. And you should not only buy one to defend yourself alone but, ensure you have given one to some of your friends, family members, and colleagues. Because, as shown in the article, everyone can wear an evil eye necklace

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