Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet

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black obsidian feng shui bracelet
amethyst tree of life

Amethyst Tree of Life

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black obsidian feng shui bracelet

Black Obsidian Feng Shui Bracelet

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Crystal Tree - Amethyst Rose Quartz Tree Of Life

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Yin Yang Matching Bracelet

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Feng Shui Bracelets

Feng Shui is the new fashion statement in the Western World with a powerful design, warm gleam, and cascade of energy. Feng Shui sensation remains ruling the hearts from passing by a random teenager flaunting feng shui bracelets to houses built entirely following this idea. An upcoming fashion trend, a style of living, and an aspiration, there is a lot more to look into this concept. 

Basically, Feng Shui is a practice that links to aligning the magnificent energy of nature with yours. Liked and swore by many of your favorite celebrities, feng shui bracelets and jewelry are the hottest favorites in 2021. But generally, if we talk about Feng Shui bracelets, the first and perhaps the only sketch that our mind draws is of a shiny black and graceful Obsidian bracelet. But if you peer into the spell-binding world of crystals, you might be amazed to know about the mesmerizing different types of Feng Shui Bracelets. As an authority in the crystal world, let us help you learn everything about these mysteriously strong bracelets

feng shui bracelet

Story of the Feng Shui- A royal secret of Ages

The story of Feng shui began over a long run of 6000 years ago when China was under imperial rule. The feng shui secret remained under wraps and a fascinating mystery over the years. Only a handful of astronomers and scientists knew, and they had devoted their lives and research solely for the power of the court. 

These feng shui experts served the obligation to design palaces for the royals. Beijing’s Forbidden City is a spectacular example of Feng Shui that has now set Classic Chinese Architecture principles. Moreover, the Royals loved to wear their Feng Shui jewelry, especially the Feng Shui bracelets and rings. The secret of the dynasties is now the world’s choice, of course, easily accessible to all. From being a captivating regal secret to the latest fashion statement, Feng Shui enthralls all. 

What’s apparently so special about the awe-inspiring Feng Shui Bracelets?

Feng Shui Jewelry is a classy new addition in the fashion world that we regard as “Lucky Luxury.” The potential crystal lovers show a great imbue and curiosity in knowing what truly makes these bracelets special. According to the experts, 

“The warmth of the colors, the crystal magic, and the appealing design are just some specificities. But what really matters is the ideology, art of understanding, and system of belief. So, if you are the one in need of a harmonious relationship with the energies around you to balance your life and chakras, the exclusive Feng Shui bracelets are the right choice for you.”

With a brilliant golden piyao in the center, Feng Shui black obsidian bracelets have the potential to become the center of attraction. However, there are many other types of feng shui bracelets trending in the healing crystal world. Not necessarily, these bracelets should be made of crystals; in fact, they can be made from luxurious agarwood beads with a crystal-studded in between. 

Feng Shui Meaning and key components unique to every bracelet

Feng Shui literally means “Wind and Water” but involves harnessing the energy of all 5 key elements on Earth to create harmony with nature. This ancient yet modern school of thought has 5 elements i.e.

  • Earth: Light brown, pale yellow, beige, golden, and other earth tone crystals
  • Fire: Red, yellow, orange, purple, and pink crystals
  • Water: Shades of blue and Black crystals
  • Metal: The best presentation is in the form of white and grey
  • Wood: Gets the shades of all greens and wooden tones

While Feng Shui means to incorporate the natural energies with yours but colors do play an important role. Feng Shui has a lot to do with Chi, i.e., totally involved in balancing natural energy flow.

black obsidian feng shui bracelet

6 Best Feng Shui Bracelets– Choose the element that suits your personality and needs

Apart from the miraculous benefits, Feng Shui jewelry has its grace and charm. However, the feng shui bracelets enjoy being the hot selling product with celebrated popularity. The main reason being that they are of utmost convenience as well as trendy. The allure of your classy Feng shui bracelets and the uniqueness in design makes them stand out from the crowd. So, if you are the one having a feng shui bracelet obsession, this guide is absolutely for you. Being confused while choosing the perfect bracelet is quite normal, so let us help you choose the one for you. Here are 6 amazing Feng Shui bracelet ideas that are specified according to your element and personality. 

Feng Shui black Obsidian bracelet for Wealth, Harmony, and Protection

Have you ever seen someone wearing a brilliantly lustrous black crystal and envied it? Of course, the crystal you see is Obsidian, a vintage crystal with amazing truth-enhancing and protective qualities. The crystal has the strongest connection with Earth you can find in any other crystal in the world. The obsidian bracelet has the king crystal that forms when the wild, restless lava hits the earth for the first time and forms a rare, expensive crystal. 

These enchanting crystals are then embroidered with gold or sometimes just cut professionally in the hands of expert craftsmen. Buddha power bracelets or pixiu bracelets are the most famous obsidian bracelets around the globe. Buddha is a symbol of love, peace, and humanity, that brings positivity, happiness, and harmony in your life. On the other hand, Pixiu is a highly admired celestial animal that attracts wealth and brings abundance to your life. Apart from these healing powers, a black obsidian bracelet grabs the attention of all around the wearer. 


  • Secret powers: Feng Shui black obsidian bracelet
  • Buddha power bracelet: Chinese good luck bracelet, peace, harmony
  • Pixiu bracelet: Wealth, abundance, and protection
  • Key Crystal: Black Obsidian with a metallic buddha or pixui as the heart of the bracelet
  • Embellishing Color: Perfect blend of ebony and midnight black mastered with a sun-bright golden heart piece

Feng Shui bracelet as a luck charm/ For Good Luck

  • If you are a crystal lover and want to benefit yourself from the Feng shui in general, nothing can be more beneficial than a 5 element Feng Shui bracelet for luck. Imagine getting a multi-colored precious bracelet that complements all aspects of your personality. Generally, the highest-selling luck bracelet has Amethyst, Lapis lazuli, turquoise, red agate, and tiger eye crystals beaded together beautifully. Besides having healing benefits, the perfect amalgam of colors makes the bracelet a perfect fit to complement your attire. Flaunt the crystals in a way you want, benefitting yourself from Feng Shui. 
  • Secret powers: Good luck, peace, and happiness
  • Key Crystals: Amethyst, Lapis lazuli, turquoise, red agate, and tiger eye (Can be custom as advised by Feng shui consultant)
  • Embellishing colors: Rose violet, deep blue, scarlet, teal blue, tawny brown with golden

Feng Shui bracelet for blessings and spiritual strength- Heaven Pearl Bracelet

Another Feng Shui bracelet that is hitting extreme popularity in 2021 is the Dzi agate bracelet. The bracelet has the breathtaking and flawless Dzi stone as the heart of the string. The Dzi agate stone is famous in the whole world as Heaven’s stone due to its perfectly finished intricate patterns. The best part of the story is that the Dzi stone is found only in Tibet, of course, and has its roots in China.

These bracelets complement the element “Earth,” having naturally designed eyes and tangled patterns. It’s also a Chinese good luck bracelet with a strong connection to spirituality and buffs up your third eye chakra. Bring home blessings, healing, and truth with your feng shui Dzi bracelet. Amazingly, you can choose your desired crystal as the secondary beads of the bracelet. 

    • Secret Powers: Blessings, foresight, Spiritual strength
    • Key crystals: Dzi agate as the heart crystal and obsidian, turquoise, or agate crystal as the secondary beads 
    • Embellishing colors: Umber or Cedar complemented with midnight black, teal, or orchid.

Bracelet for Good health

All Ancient Legends tell – “The world of crystals is a world of magic where there is a remedy for all ailments. Even if you are not a firm believer in alternative medication, nature has pronounced health benefits accepted by all. So, if you want to have a Feng shui bracelet for a hale and hearty personality, nothing could beat the efficacy of an Amethyst.

The powerfully dominant purple color of the amethyst beads with fine craftsmanship is what makes this bracelet truly special. Wearing this luxurious bracelet gives your attire the perfect look you always want. Besides, wearing this startling bracelet strengthens your immune system as well as revitalizes your gut health.It may sound surprising, but the amethyst crystal vibes indeed improve your skin’s appearance.

Of course, this sacred crystal brings peace, calm, good health, and intuition to your life, thereby buffing up your third eye chakra. You might also have heard about the Piyao bracelet to ward off evil and bring peace in life. Gold Pi Yao goes well with the amethyst crystal beads to give the bracelet a magnificent look. “

Secret powers: Improves physical health, Anti-depressant, Develop decision-making. 

Key crystals: Amethyst crystal

Embellishing colors: Vivid purple with a blue sparkle deep inside

Feng Shui bracelet for Love, Kindness, and friendship

Feng Shui enjoys a supreme position for crystal lovers from all walks of life. Nature has endless treasures, and feng shui helps us use them for our social growth and development. No crystal can beat Rose quartz when it comes to embracing fidelity, love, and affection. Though Feng Shui rose quartz bracelet is unisex, but due to feminine attributes, it counts more towards women. So, if you are a fan of Feng Shui and want to give your partner the gift of life, gift them with a Feng Shui love bracelet. 

Rose quartz Feng shui bracelets, especially those with charms and the ones that come with fastening cords, are hot favorites among the other feng shui bracelets. This feng shui love bracelet harmonizes the energies between two individuals, thus strengthening the love and affection in their bond. Besides, this amazing bracelet has miraculous physical healing properties that comfort the wearer. Give your love life a great energetic start and create an aura of love and kindness around you when you have the powers of a Chinese good luck bracelet and magical crystal with you. 

Secret powers: Love, fidelity, and friendship

Key crystals: Rose Quartz 

Embellishing colors: Gleaming crepe pink color

Feng shui bracelet for Protection and Strength

At times you realize that you need a little uplift in the protective energy in your life. Here again, Feng Shui is the best choice for crystal lovers who want to harmonize their innate energy with the abundant natural energy outside. So, if you are in need of a feng shui bracelet for protection and strength, verily, an agate piyao bracelet is the best choice for you.

Agate piyao bracelet has a miraculous harmonizing and rebalancing energy that strengthens all your seven chakras. Love, longevity, acceptance, strength, courage, communication, and protection are some of the other attributes that relate to this classy bracelet. Besides, it’s also considered a Chinese good luck bracelet, the popularity of which is ever-growing.

More importantly, the agate piyao bracelet is believed to have physical cleansing properties and air and fire elements. So, what could be a better gift than a graceful agate piyao bracelet for your loved ones? Gifting this top-notch feng shui bracelet to a close friend means you want to see them succeed in their lives. This Chinese good luck bracelet works wonders, especially for those having a short temperament, as it will act as their guardian. So, let your feng shui piyao bracelet soak and eliminate the negativity and ill vibes around you. 

Secret powers: Protection, strength, abundance, and harmony

Key crystals: Uniquely patterned Agate crystal

Embellishing colors: Luxuriously finished black with a wide array of alluring colors range.

Do Feng Shui Bracelets work? How does Neil Bohrs-The Nobel prize winner see it?

Feng Shui is not just a practice anymore; instead, it has become a lifestyle with sky-high popularity. So, if you are the one who has still not tried Feng Shui in life, what can be more satisfying than getting yourself a glorious Feng shui bracelet. World’s renowned researchers and influencers swear by the amazing benefits of this ancient Chinese Technique. 

You might be familiar with the selfless services of the great scientist Neil Bohr, who was later honored with the Nobel prize in Physics.

“With my experience, I believe that feng shui works whether you believe in it or not!”

Bill gates, the American magnate and software developer, is also a huge admirer of Feng shui. It can be clearly inferred that everything he chooses strictly follows the principle of feng shui. Either it’s the color combination or the patterns, you can see that everything in his multimillionaire home is exclusively designed from natural elements following feng shui. 

Feng Shui is a simple practice in which you can use the colors, light, positive energies around you to create an ambiance with your mood and environment. Small and pure things from nature, like flowers, crystals, or water, etc., instantly refresh our mood. This dramatic effect is powerful enough to convert a tired day into a happy and contented day. Besides, no one can deny the importance of healing crystals around us and the natural energies that they possess. 

black obsidian feng shui bracelet

Some of your favorite Celebrity Millionaires in love with Feng Shui- See who’s on the list!

It’s no doubt that our favorite celebrities pose a great impact on our lives, reflecting in our choices. While most powerful A-listed stars are totally into crystals, their experiences may differ, but the craze remains the same. In fact, if we step into the world of men’s fashion, brandishing amazing feng shui bracelets, especially black obsidian bracelets, are the latest trends of 2021.

From the Duke of Sussex Prince Harry to the enchanting sensation in Town Zayn Malik, you would see Chinese good luck bracelets in every hand in the Industry. There are certain occasions on which the camera’s eye captured their Feng Shui bracelets obsession. The hottest young media sensation Justin Bieber is an enthusiast feng shui lover seen most of the time with his black obsidian bracelet. Here are the names of some of your favorite superstars who are crazy fans of feng shui bracelets.

    • Leonardo DiCaprio
    • David Beckham
    • Liam Hemsworth
    • Johnny Depp
    • Oprah Winfrey
    • Tommy Hilfiger
    • Jason Cristopher
    • Madonna
    • Steven Spielberg
    • Kylie Minogue
    • Joe Jonas

These are only a few names of the many others who master embracing the sophisticated cultural look in a bold trendy style. Some impressive benefits of wearing an exquisite Feng Shui bracelet having an elegant Feng Shui bracelet is all that a nature lover truly wants. Apart from the eye-catching spectacular colors, and grace, there are some striking benefits of wearing a Feng Shui bracelet. So, let’s take a deep dive to explore some of these amazing benefits to make the most of them.

Acts as a personal activator to spur energy

The feng shui bracelet acts as a personal activator that utilizes the energies around to buttress the wearer’s energy. It would also help if you were precise about your needs for which you want to have your feng shui bracelet. In fact, your personality is always a mix of 5 elements; spare a few minutes to read about your personality traits and select the one that you find yourself deficient in. For instance, you might love to wear a Buddha power bracelet if you feel like attaining serenity in life. 

Protects against ill vibes and negativity by harmonizing your energy with boundless natural energy

Feng shui is famous for interacting with the energies around you, either positive or negative, for your overall betterment. Nature has boundless energy, and feng shui experts together with gemologists help you get the utmost privilege of this energy. Be careful while you select the feng shui bracelet and go with the right crystal to complement your personality. For instance, wearing a pixiu bracelet, preferably known as a feng shui black obsidian bracelet, attracts wealth if worn correctly.

Attracts wealth, abundance, and fortune

Feng shui black obsidian bracelet is an ancient Chinese good luck bracelet that brings abundance to the wearer’s life. Even if you are a stone or feng shui believer or not, its affordability and proven scientific benefits will compel you to cherish yourself with this amazing bracelet. Above all, the bracelet has a graceful design powerful enough to bring you into the limelight wherever you go.

Potentially glazes the love and intimacy in your relationship.
Boosts your health and protects you from negative energies around

From dearly loved wedding bands to any piece of your signature jewelry, a glamorous crystal does it all. The same is the case with Feng shui bracelets that have gained celebrated value due to the wise use of crystals in harmony with the wearer’s nature. Interestingly, these splendid bracelets with intriguing designs have physical and spiritual benefits—for instance, a feng shui amethyst bracelet. 

Which Feng Shui bracelet is the hottest selling in 2021?

When it comes to Feng shui, the popularity has crossed China’s borders and is ruling the fashion trends in 2021. 2020 has been a year that has shown more than ever an increase in Feng shui bracelets’ demand, specifically pixiu bracelets. However, the credit for the hottest selling feng shui bracelet in 2021 goes to these 2 bracelets. 

Citrine Pixiu bracelet

The Citrine Pixiu bracelet is the most irresistible thing you will ever find in the world of crystals. The citrine crystal is widely renowned and appraised in the World as Stone of Wealth, Merchant Stone, Happy Stone, Success stone. Gemologists and Feng Shui masters regard this stone for the abundance, wealth, and happiness it brings. The perfect blend of canary and fire gold color makes it truly auspicious. 

Besides attracting money and success, this citrine pixiu bracelet has a lot of other benefits. The bracelet is believed to alleviate anger, depression, fears and strengthen your inner power. The vibrant flow of energy from the bracelet harmonizes and buttresses your self-esteem. Verily this priceless stone bracelet also has additional health and healing benefits. On top of all, the gleaming allure of this bracelet is powerful enough to mesmerize everyone in your social circle.

Feng shui black Obsidian bracelet

A mystical traditional look and the perfect contrast of tawny black with glorious golden is what truly makes this bracelet special. The feng shui black obsidian bracelet is known for centuries as a wealth magnet. In the rich Chinese culture, feng shui teachers used to reward this bracelet to their most dedicated students. 

The flawless obsidian beads are embroidered in gold, swearing the perfection of fine craftsmanship. More importantly, a perfectly finished pixiu enjoys being the heart of the bracelet attracting everyone’s attention. Apart from the enthralling beauty and fascination, this bracelet has got the miraculous healing powers of the obsidian crystal. It’s time to welcome wealth, good health, and abundance when you have got the powers of Pixui.

Both the 2 feng shui bracelets are the fashion sensation and magnificent best sellers of 2021. 

Avant-garde Feng shui bracelets- Do they make a perfect gift?

It can be confusing and frustrating as well to find the best of the best gifts for your loved ones. Of course, they are special, so the gift needs to be more special. Well, there could be nothing more exciting than opening a gift box that has an expert crafted feng shui bracelet resting on a regal silk wrap. The bracelet can truly make their day and, of course, the occasion special. 

What’s the greatest thing about the feng shui bracelets is that they have an intriguing unisex design. Sometimes, you have a complicated relationship with someone, and you can’t name it; where a ring or pendant doesn’t work, here healing bracelets can be the perfect gift. Make your Valentine more special by giving them a miraculous feng shui bracelet for life. 

Feng shui bracelets have the traditional beauty that ages beautifully with time and reminds the wearer of your timeless love. The Feng shui bracelet’s vintage feel is so powerful to take everyone’s breath away at the gathering. Be more pronounced in your choices to set some great wardrobe goals for others around. Ward off the evils and bad luck around you with the famous Chinese formula in your hands. 

Let’s have a quick FAQ session – Know what you were eager to ask!

Feng shui is not just a style of living; in fact, it’s an art to deep dive into the endless beauty of nature. But just like nature, everything that relates to nature is versatile. So is the case with wearing and taking care of your feng shui bracelets. Here are some of the most asked questions from our experts’ potential feng shui lovers and their answers.

What is the correct way to wear my Feng shui black obsidian bracelet?

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules to wear a feng shui bracelet, but some traditional guidelines might help. Always wear your pixiu obsidian bracelet on your left hand because it is believed that the left hand is taking while the right hand is giving. So, wearing it on the left hand attracts abundance and wealth. Moreover, your pixiu head should be facing outwards as it’s an indication of grabbing wealth.

Who should not wear a Pixiu bracelet

It is imperative to have keen information before you finally decide to get one for yourself. Anyone who is over the age of 70, children below 16, and specifically pregnant women should give up this idea. The main reason is the low vital inner energy, also called Qi energy, that is required to complement your Pixiu bracelet or Piyao bracelet.

Where should you not wear a Pixiu bracelet?

According to the Feng Shui masters, you should strictly not wear your pixiu or buddha power bracelet while bathing, sleeping, or state alike. More importantly, it would help if you did not keep it in your bedroom while you sleep. This is because the strong energy vibes from the bracelet can cause difficulty sleeping or even bad dreams. The best place is to keep the bracelet in your living room, possibly in some well-lit area with the face of the pixiu facing the main entrance.

Do Feng shui bracelets work, and how to choose the perfect one for me?

Feng Shui is a traditional ideology proven for centuries for its powers and benefits. It’s best to go with jade or some healing crystal of the variety of other options available. But do remember any material you select to go with should complement your personality and the power you have been looking for. For instance, the Buddha power bracelet specifically imparts serenity, purity, and peace to the wearer.

How do I cleanse and activate my Feng shui bracelet?

Cleansing and activating your feng shui crystal bracelets are very important, much like mechanical maintenance. However, you need to be more intentional and conscious while you do the cleansing process. The best way is to cleanse your Feng Shui bracelet under the running tap water or with brown rice. However, the best way to cleanse your Feng shui black obsidian bracelet is with moonlight. Keep it in your windowpane in the moonlight for a night; it’s ready to use again.

An open mind lets you explore the true colors, hidden beauty, and magic of mother nature. If you are not being skeptical, it’s for sure that your Feng shui bracelet will bring a positive change in your life beyond your expectations.
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