Fluorite Meaning

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Fluorite Crystal Meaning

The fluorite crystal meaning is associated with bringing forth the highest, purest aspect of the soul. For many of us, the soul feels impure, clouded by our ego and human emotions. The fluorite crystal works to connect us with the higher realms so we can purify our souls and bring forth our divine nature. When we are in touch with our divine nature, we are able to live life to the fullest potential and express ourselves in creative ways. The fluorite crystal meaning also reminds us that we are all connected to each other and to all of life. We are all one, and what we do to others, we do to ourselves. The fluorite crystal helps us to see beyond the illusion of separation and to realize that we are all connected.

Fluorite Meaning and History

Fluorite is a beautiful crystal that has a long history and many different meanings. It is found in a variety of colors, including purple, blue, green, and yellow. For centuries, people have used fluorite for everything from jewelry to carved sculptures. Today, it is still a popular crystal for both collectors and New Age practitioners. The meaning of fluorite varies depending on the color of the crystal. Purple fluorite is said to be particularly helpful for opening the third eye chakra and enhancing psychic abilities.

Blue fluorite is associated with communication and creativity. Green fluorite is known as the “healing crystal” and is said to promote physical and emotional well-being. Yellow fluorite is said to be helpful for mental clarity and focus. No matter what color fluorite you choose, it is an excellent crystal for anchoring your intention in the present moment.

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Fluorite stone is a very useful halide mineral composed of two elements called calcium and fluorine (CaF2). It has long been used in different industrial processes and for healing the human mind, body, and soul. If you are dealing with stress, negative energies, and have lost self-confidence then this charismatic fluorite crystal may help you neutralize all the negativity and gain the lost self-reliance back.

Let’s go through the details of this fascinating stone to learn what fluorite meaning is and how you can use it to get the maximum out of it.

fluorite meaning crystal properties fluorite stone

Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Fluorite Meaning – A General Overview

To understand fluorite meaning let’s first see what the actual meaning of this word is. 

The word fluorite is derived from a Latin word called fluere which means ‘to flow.’ This stone was given this name because it was used as a flux during the processing of aluminum and steel. It is still used in these processes and even in many more industrial procedures such as ceramic processes and metallurgical processes.

It belongs to the cubic (also called isometric) crystal system and halide mineral family. Fluorite rock is transparent in nature and comes in many attractive colors. Its most common forms are green fluorite, purple fluorite, blue fluorite, yellow fluorite, and rainbow fluorite. It usually comes in a single color but some have bands of different colors arranged beautifully.

Fluorite meaning is showing the right direction, promoting self-love, and improving coordination between mind and body. This colorful stone plays an important role in bringing colors to the life of anyone who keeps it with them. It will balance energy, power, and coordination in your life and will remove confusion, self-doubts, and stress.

fluorite meaning crystal properties fluorite stone
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Fluorite Properties

Fluorite stone has multiple physical and chemical properties. Let’s go through basic fluorite properties to have a more understanding of this beautiful stone.

Physical Properties of Fluorite meaning


Fluorite crystal belongs to the cubic crystal system. According to this system, each cell is found in the shape of a cube. It is considered the most common shape of minerals. Fluorites are also present in the octahedral form. These crystals have cleavage marks present on them.

Specific Gravity

One of the worth mentioning fluorite properties is its specific gravity. The specific gravity of any substance is actually its relative density. It is measured by comparing its density with the density of a reference substance. The specific density of fluorite is 3.0 to 3.3.


The hardness of any mineral shows how resistant that mineral is to scratches. Fluoride hardness is measured on a scale called Mohs scale of hardness. Fluorite hardness is 4 on the Mohs scale of hardness.


The streak of fluorite is white. It is because white is its true color and all other colors are because of the presence of impurities. In its powdered form, fluorite exhibits white color. Even when the colored fluorite is observed in its powdered form it does not show any hue.


The widely used word fluorescence was actually derived from the word fluorite. Years back in 1852, a physicist and mathematician named George Gabriel Stokes found that some specimens of fluorite glowed blue under certain light wavelengths. He named this peculiar phenomenon fluorescence which was immediately accepted and used in different fields such as biology, mineralogy, optics, gemology, and other fields.

Not all specimens of fluorite stone show fluorescence but certain types of this stone glow under long-wave and short-wave ultraviolet ways. Some show a white glow while others show a blue-violet glow. When studied it was found that this fluorescence is due to the presence of certain impurities such as europium, yttrium, and samarium. These elements replace the calcium present in the calcium fluoride.


In its pure form, it exists as a colorless rock. The range of colors that it shows is due to certain impurities present in it. It is very famous among miners as it is one of the rare minerals that exist in many different colors.  Due to this feature, it is often referred to as the most colorful mineral in the world.

It is found in different shades of colors of the rainbow. However, its most common forms exist in blue, purple, green, red, yellow, and black colors.

fluorite meaning crystal properties fluorite stone

Fluorite Healing Properties

Life can be tough at times. During such tough times, healing crystals like fluorite can be anyone’s great companions. Fluorite crystal amazes people with not only its beautiful hues but with its remarkable healing properties as well.

If you are going through difficult times and think that you need a little help to move ahead in life then fluorite rock can help you move ahead with its healing properties. Fluorite meaning is known for healing a person on a mental, spiritual, and physical level. Let’s go through each healing property to understand how it can bring calm, joy, and tranquility back to your life.

Fluorite Mental Healing Properties 

Remember that fluorite meaning got its name from a Latin word that means flux. This healing stone is well known to help a person to be in flux with all the things around him. This means it allows us to have a clearer mind and thus make better and timely decisions.  Fluorite meaning makes us think straight, clear out the confusion by solving complex puzzles, and see things with a better perspective.

Fluorite will keep your mind and body in harmony so that you can choose right from wrong and move in the right direction. It will protect you from negative thoughts, will remove social pressure, and make your unwanted guilt go away. This way you will be able to live a joyous and blissful life again.

If the environment around you is dull and boring, it will bring charm and freshness to your surroundings with its captivating colors. Fluorite meaning will boost your creativity and psychic abilities so that you can grow in every field of life.

Fluorite Physical Healing Properties

Fluorite stone has great powers that one can use to get rid of negativity around them. People have been using this stone to improve their physical health as well. It is said that this healing stone has antiviral properties. So, if anyone acquires an antiviral infection, then this stone may help them reduce the symptoms of that infection.

Fluorite crystal produces positive energy that is also claimed to have a positive impact on aching joints, bones, and muscles. If a person has a joint issue such as arthritis then this stone may help them reduce its symptoms.

Fluorite Spiritual Healing Properties

This healing crystal produces positive energies that keep the evil spirits at bay. If you are in search of spirituality or want to connect with your own spirit to find the true purpose of your life then fluorite stone may help you achieve that goal. It will make unknown paths easier for you. You will be more confident to travel new paths to unlock the answers to deep questions.

If you have disturbing dreams at night or get scared during sleep then placing a fluorite crystal under your pillow may help you keep the wicked spirits that cause such dreams away. You can place it on a windowsill to allow the sunlight to boost its effects.

fluorite meaning crystal properties fluorite stone

Healing Properties of Different Fluorites

Fluorite is found in a variety of colors. Each color has its own properties that make it special. People use them for different purposes and to heal different chakras. Let’s go through a brief overview of clear fluorite, green fluorite, yellow fluorite, blue fluorite, purple fluorite, and rainbow fluorite to understand their specific uses and properties.

Colorless Fluorite Meaning

Colorless fluorite is connected to the crown chakra which means it is involved in keeping your mind and thoughts clear. If you often stay confused, take more time to make good decisions, and have lots of negative thoughts running in your mind then colorless fluorite may help you resolve all these issues.

Clear fluorite meaning may also help one in shifting their perspective by analyzing the usefulness and meaning of a point of view. If you are pressured by others then it may assist in removing that pressure. Have a clear mind, and live a guilt-free life.

It also works well with other stones. So, it means you can use it with any of your favorite stones to enhance the effects of that stone even more.

fluorite meaning crystal properties fluorite stone

Green Fluorite Meaning

Green fluorite is connected with the heart chakra. If you think you are lost, do not have a solid purpose in life, and your heart is feeling dull then green fluorite may help you sort out things.

Green fluorite gives a boost of positive energy to revive a heart and help it find its purpose and right direction. It brings peace and calm to a lost heart by helping it choose right from wrong. It cleanses negativity and brings freshness to the environment like the fresh breeze of spring. It boosts creativity, enhances decision making power, and helps your mind develop and grow more.

If you are addicted to any bad habit and want to get rid of it, then this stone may help you free yourself from the slavery of any addiction.  It lets your mind understand what your heart feels and make decisions that satisfy the heart and brain. It may also assist a person to change his words into action by finding the true purpose behind any action.

Rainbow Fluorite Meaning

Rainbow fluorite has many shades of colors of the rainbow in it. This stone not only looks very eye-catching but it has a peculiar nature as well. What makes it different from other fluorite stones is it has powers of all other fluorites combined in it.

This protective fluorite is highly useful if you are working with the upper chakras. It allows you to see beyond the surface and recognize meaningful things. Rainbow fluorite helps in improving the focus, consciousness, and creativity of a person. It protects your mind from getting manipulated due to all the negativity around.

Rainbow fluorite meaning is bringing order to a confused and muddled mind. It is very helpful for anyone who is going through a change in life and needs a constant push to keep going until they reach their destination.

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Purple Fluorite Meaning

Purple fluorite is often referred to as the stone of protection. It is because it may help in keeping evil spirits away. If kept aside while sleeping, Fluorite meaning is also said to protect a person from getting bad dreams. This beautiful colored fluorite has great powers to boost the energy flow in the body. Its amazing powers remove stress from a body, bring calmness and tranquility back.

It is also associated with bringing peace to the mind by connecting it with the body. Coordination between mind and body facilitates performing well in daily life activities. It also assists a person to perform the best in a task. It is linked with the third eye chakra. It may improve your thinking ability and all other psychic abilities as well.

If you often complain about having sleep paralysis or bad dreams then try placing purple fluorite under your pillow before going to sleep. Fluorite meaning may make your sleeping disorders go away and help you sleep peacefully throughout the night.

Blue Fluorite Meaning

Blue fluorite meaning is associated with the throat chakra and supports its healing. Fluorite meaning brings clarity of mind to help you find the right direction and order to things happening around you. It plays an important role in improving a person’s communication skills. It helps in communicating in a way that is understood by all and reaches the minds of all. Your words will not be neglected, rather they will be listened to, respected, and understood by people around you.

Blue fluorite meaning is to remove negative thoughts related to past failures from your mind. It also inspires justice, fairness, truthfulness, and honesty. Fluorite meaning also inspires the person to become more explorative in nature. It may bring the bravery that you need to travel to your favorite destination on your own. It will also give you the courage to get rid of your old obsessions and bring a positive change in your life.

It will guide you to where to look when you are in search of light and do not know which paths lead to your destination. Amazing energies of blue fluoride are known to bring clarity to the mind and inner peace.

Yellow Fluorite Meaning

Yellow fluorite is also called golden fluorite. It is associated with the solar plexus chakra. If you want it clear your solar plexus chakra then this stone may help you achieve your goal. Fluorite meaning is well known to stimulate mental abilities.

Anyone who is working on a group project and wants their group to show the utmost coordination and thus performance then yellow fluorite may help them bring that coordination. It creates awareness regarding the importance of mutual work. It creates a connection between all members and helps them see the importance of working together.

Yellow fluorite meaning is to balance group energy and give the body energy that it needs to keep going. It develops a person’s decision-making ability by clearing negative thoughts and removing confusion.

How to Clean a Fluorite Stone?

Cleaning a fluorite stone is important before using it so that any negative energy does not cause any hindrance. It has the power to absorb negative energies due to which it is recommended to clean it once a week. It should also be cleaned after every healing session. As this stone is prone to get scratched so it is important to clean it the right way. Otherwise, you may harm it unintentionally. Use the following simple and effortless method to clean it properly.

How to cleanse fluorite?

  • Make a mixture of soap and warm water. You can use any similar harmless cleaning reagent to make this mixture.
  • Once this mixture is prepared, dip fluorite stone in it and let it sit in the water for a few minutes so that if there is any dirt or similar thing attached to it, it gets removed.
  • After 5 to 10 minutes, remove the stone from the water and rub the surface of the stone with fingers. Rinse it with water again.
  • Now dry the stone with a soft cloth that does not leave its fibers behind. After drying it, place it in the sunlight to remove all of the water and allow it to get more charged.

How to Clean a Fluorite Stone?

Cleaning a fluorite stone is important before using it so that any negative energy does not cause any hindrance. It has the power to absorb negative energies due to which it is recommended to clean it once a week. It should also be cleaned after every healing session. As this stone is prone to get scratched so it is important to clean it the right way. Otherwise, you may harm it unintentionally. Use the following simple and effortless method to clean it properly.

  • Make a mixture of soap and warm water. You can use any similar harmless cleaning reagent to make this mixture.
  • Once this mixture is prepared, dip fluorite stone in it and let it sit in the water for a few minutes so that if there is any dirt or similar thing attached to it, it gets removed.
  • After 5 to 10 minutes, remove the stone from the water and rub the surface of the stone with fingers. Rinse it with water again.
  • Now dry the stone with a soft cloth that does not leave its fibers behind. After drying it, place it in the sunlight to remove all of the water and allow it to get more charged.

How to Use a Fluorite Crystal?

For many years people have been using fluorite rocks to heal themselves and take full advantage of its healing properties. If you too want to feel better again then use these stones the right way. Fluorite stone can be used in different ways. The following methods are the easiest and most common. So go through these methods and see which fits the best for you.

Wear a Fluorite Stone

Wearing a fluorite stone in the form of jewelry is a great way to enhance its powers and take its energy throughout the day. You will not have to worry about losing your stone if you are wearing it in the form of a fluorite necklace, ring, or bracelet.

A fluorite stone that stays close to your skin and body will directly send its energy to your body and keep your chakras clean. Keeping stones very near amazingly improves their effect. You can even use more stones in combination to have more powerful effects. There are pendants of different stones available in the market. You can put different pendants in a chain to enhance their effect. You can even wear different stones in the form of rings.

If you are wearing yellow fluorite then it will keep motivating you to face the troubles and show your best performance in your group tasks. Your whole group will stay connected and perform well to achieve their goal.

Similarly, if you are going to communicate or have a meeting where your communication will decide whether you will get the project or not then wearing blue fluorite may help you. As mentioned above blue fluorite is associated with the throat chakra. So, it will give you the self-confidence that you will need to make your words heard and understood properly.

Carry a Fluorite Stone

Another way to use a fluorite stone is by carrying it wherever you go. You can place this stone in your purse, bag, wallet, or pocket to take its energy wherever you go. Putting it in a purse and keeping that purse nearby may keep you protected and away from the negative thoughts that usually surround you. You will feel at ease. It will also bring clarity to your mind and order to your tasks.

Place It at a Suitable Place

The fluorite crystal is found in many beautiful colors. If you place a crystal in a suitable place in your room it will bring more colors to your room and life as well. Its amazing colors will elevate your mood and bring more positivity to your surroundings.

Rainbow fluorite has an amazing combination of different colors of the rainbow. If you place it on your windowsill, it will reflect light and look even more beautiful. Rainbow fluorite meaning is to protect you from evil spirits and keep evilness away from you. As green fluorite is known for bringing freshness and creativity, then it is recommended to place it at your study table or on the table where you work. It will keep your mind fresh despite working for hours. It will also give you innovative ideas to improve your performance in an assignment.

If you often wake up at night due to a light disturbance, have sleep paralysis, or wake up at night due to bad dreams then purple fluorite may help you have a better sleep at night. Purple fluorite keeps the evilness at bay so you will not have bad dreams or any disturbance at night. You will be able to enjoy a sound sleep.

You can place a yellow fluorite stone at your office desk to improve your performance in different office tasks. It will also help you improve your relationship with your colleagues and have a positive, friendly, and supportive environment at your work place.

Use It during Meditation

Another amazing way to use these healing stones is by using them during meditation. Meditation itself has great healing ability and helps a person clear his mind, remove unwanted thoughts, bring more focus and consciousness to life. So, if you combine two amazing things that are healing in nature then you will experience their combined benefits even more.

To use a fluorite crystal during meditation, here are the steps that you must follow.

Recognize What’s Bothering You

During different circumstances in life, we deal with different emotions and feelings. Sometimes we feel that we have lost the purpose of our life. And sometimes we do not know what is bothering us or what the source of our unhappiness is.

There are times when we cannot organize our thoughts in the right way and fail to clear our minds. Such a confused and unclear mind fails to make the right decisions on time. So, we end up making the wrong decisions and regret later.

If you are going through any of the above-mentioned situations or any other situation then first sit with yourself, and recognize what is actually bothering you. Identify what needs to be healed so that you can perform well again. Once you recognize the true feeling (purposelessness, unhappiness, orderliness, etc.) you will get one step closer to healing it with the right stone.

Choose a Suitable Fluorite Stone

After recognizing what is wrong with you or what needs to be healed, choose a suitable fluorite stone based on its property. We have mentioned above the different properties of fluorites of different colors. We have also mentioned their link with different chakras. So, you will not have to travel to a healer to understand the meaning of a specific fluorite stone.

For instance, if you cannot make the right decision and want to organize your thoughts then you can use clear fluorite. If you think that your crown chakra needs healing then clear fluorite will help in healing it as well. So, if that is your case then choose colorless fluorite for meditation.

Similarly, if your inner peace is disturbed, or you think your throat chakra needs healing then blue fluorite is the one that you should be choosing. Fluorite meaning is known to heal throat chakra and bring positive energy in your surroundings to make you feel more at peace with yourself and with people around you.

Clean That Stone

To make sure that your fluorite stone gives you its maximum of positive energies, clean it properly to remove stale energy from it. Cleaning a fluorite rock will not take much of your time. All you will have to do is wash it in a mixture of soap and warm water. Then use a soft cloth to remove water from it. Once it is dried, it will be all set to be used during meditation.

Make Your Intentions Clear

The last thing that you will need to do is set your intentions clear and let the stone do its work. It is very important to make your mind and body aware of the problem that you are going through. And then make them aware of the procedure that you are using to get healed. If your mind and body, both, are aware of the issue they will be able to work in coordination to get healed.

During meditation, if you are using clear fluorite then you can place it on your forehead. Fluorite meaning will allow your mind to have a close connection with the stone. Fluorite meaning will be able to get its maximum energy. Similarly, if you are using blue fluorite to heal your throat chakra then place it on your neck. The direct connection of stone with your neck will help you heal faster and better.

What is the Most Common Fluorite Uses?

There are many fluorite uses. It is mainly used in industrial processes such as ceramics, metallurgic, etc. Fluorspar, another name of fluorite, is sold in the market in three different grades. The name of each grade is acid grade fluorspar, ceramic grade fluorspar, and metallurgical grade fluorspar.

One of the many fluorite uses is its use in the production of hydrofluoric acid (HF). It is an important acid that is further used in many different industrial processes. Acid grade fluorspar is used for the production of HF. It is the most common fluorspar sold in the United States.

Out of the many fluorite uses, another worth-mentioning use is in the production of ceramics and different types of glasses. It is also used during surface treatments to give an object a smooth surface. It improves their appearance. Fluorites that are very clear and have a very low reflective index and show low dispersion of light are preferably used as lenses. It is even used in combination with other materials to enhance the quality of a lens.

Fluorite rocks that have a clear color are used in jewelry to increase their beauty. The fluorite hardness value is 4 on the Mohs scale and can be easily crafted into different shapes. Due to this reason, it is sold in rings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets, etc. Some specimens of fluorites are even used to make decoration pieces like vases. Such decoration pieces are coated with another material to protect fluorite from getting scratches.

Where does Fluorite Occur?

Usually, fluorite occurs as vein filling in different rocks that have gone through hydrothermal activity. It is most commonly found in hydrothermal rocks in different countries of the world. Fluorite rocks are often found in Germany, Canada, France, China, Burma, Russia, Mexico, Spain, the United States, Namibia, Switzerland, and Morocco.

What is the Rarest Hue of Fluorite?

Fluorite exists in many different colors. However, some specimens of fluorite are more abundant than others. Out of all colors of fluorite, black, pink, and colorless fluorites are the ones that are rare in nature and collectors often look for these fluorites at different locations.

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