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Beauty in jewelry is essential; however, beauty with meaning and energetic influence is so much more attractive. Gemstone healing bracelets are one of the most empowering ways to incorporate the magic of mother earth into your life. Not only do the crystal bracelets look good, but each gemstone has an energetic vibration proved by science that will assist you on your spiritual, mental, and emotional path.

There are millions of variations that you can choose from; it depends on your needs and wants in your life. These spiritual healing bracelets also come in various shapes and forms, with varying price tags attached to them. You can also opt to purchase the gemstone beads and make your own. Whatever your decision, there are some things to consider before buying beads or any healing jewelry. Let us look at some of these things now.

A Brief Look The Science of Energy Bracelets

If we look at the road that physics has traveled thus far and all the work that it has accomplished, scientists in the realm of physics still do not have “a unique definition of what matter is.” The spiritual catch-up will still take many years to be realized by science. However, we do know that the definition of matter is any substance that has mass and takes up space. This definition means that we can safely call our energy bracelets – matter. All this matter is composed of atoms. Atoms consist of a nucleus, protons, and electrons and are constantly ‘moving.’ This motion is known as ‘atom vibrations.’ While science cannot as yet tie the correlation of atom vibrations to the effect on surrounding atoms on paper, i.e., the impact of the stone bracelet on the human, the proof is in the making.

Energy Bracelets

Everything carries a vibration. Your very being is continuously vibrating, and so are the gemstones. This atom vibration is what gives things their look, to put it plainly. When something comes into contact with you, your vibration will lift, remain the same or fall. Have you ever walked into a room and ‘felt’ how the energy of the place is just ‘off’?  Or have you ever picked up an item, and it just did not agree with you, but you did not know why? Even a repulsion or attraction to specific colors. Remember, colors are vibrations.

So now that we understand that we live in a continuously moving universe, we can safely deduce that our healing crystal bracelets and any other gemstone that we wear or carry will have an impact on our own vibration.

Natural Stone Bracelets vs. Cut and Polished Bracelets

According to Gubelin, a family-owned Swiss-based company that has been in the business of mastering the art of creating the most breathtakingly stunning gemstone bracelets and jewelry for 160 years, there are various cuts and shapes to every stone. The shape is how the gemstone healing bracelets looks from above, and the cut is how the jeweler arranges the facets of the stone.

If you are choosing an au-naturelle look, then you will not need to worry about the energy added to any item. However, if you do choose something cut and polished, then, if your pocket allows for it, choose a jeweler who takes pride in their work and understands your needs for you to get the best healing bracelets for your needs. Otherwise, there is a general consensus in the spiritual communities that say, ‘raw rules!’

Cleansing Your Stone Bead Bracelets

When purchasing any form of crystal item or healing stone jewelry, it is wise to cleanse the item so that its original vibration and energetic output can be harnessed. Cleansing your crystals is as easy as placing them under running cold water. Crystals tend not to respond as nicely to warm water, but this is found through experience, your findings may be different.

Another excellent way is to leave them under the light of the full moon or waxing moon. This process will energize them and empower them with a touch of feminine energy. In the case where you are cleansing a men’s crystal bracelet,  it would be wise to run it under cold water for a few minutes. Unless, of course, the man in question is not afraid of his femininity, the moon can have a powerful life-changing effect on people and coupling this with gemstones, you have a recipe for changing someone’s life forever.

The Main Types of Life-Changing Energy Bracelets

While there are thousands of variations of crystals, there are a few that are conventional healers of common ailments. There are also those tried and tested crystals that just seem to work for everyone. Let’s take a quick look at these fantastic little energy helpers.


  • Clear Quartz Crystal bead bracelets are the intention granters and the amplifiers of the crystal families. It is very beneficial to choose a bracelet that has clear crystal quartz coupled with other crystals so that their energetic healing is amplified in the wearer.
  • Tiger’s Eye spiritual bracelets are associated with courage and self-confidence. This crystal healing bracelet is often overlooked; however, its ability to help you realize your inner power is second to none in the crystal kingdom.
  • Amethyst crystal energy bracelets are a dominant all-round healer and protector. Amethyst healing bracelets has been used across the world and is found in many ancient texts that refer to the immense power of this crystal to:

Healing Bracelets Benefits

  • Selenite healing bracelets are a powerful divine attunement crystal. Wearing this crystal in the form of crystal bracelets ensures that its abundant vibrational frequency is with you at all times. It is said that selenite clears blockages of all kinds and pushes the wearer in the right direction for their own highest good. Selenite healing bracelets are all about honesty and purity towards the wearer and towards the world.
  • Black Onyx healing bracelets are another excellent protector crystal. The rule of thumb is that black crystal healing bracelets are excellent for protection and for taking the negativity into themselves and allowing the wearer of the healing jewelry to be free of the harmful energies, this also means that the crystal needs to be cleansed, as mentioned above, more often than other crystals. Black onyx healing bracelets also work on facing the self, directing you on a path that will lead you to your inner soul desires. It is one of those crystals that many practitioners swear by and essential addition to your healing crystal bracelets.
Chakra Healing Bracelet

The Universal Concept of Crystal Energy Healing

Every crystal energy has corresponding plant energy. Every crystal also has a corresponding god, goddess, spirit, or angel energy. The universe works together, and when we take all these attributes into account, the energetic frequency that we are tapping into to change our lives will be so much stronger.

It is crucial to connect with the healing stone jewelry that you choose. Some schools of thought exclaim that a crystal must come to you, that it must be gifted to you; however, this is not true, sometimes you will be drawn to it. Either way, the choice of purchasing a crystal or crystal energy bracelets means that you connected with specific energy for a reason. Nothing in this universal design is random, and perchance, everything has a purpose and everything has a place and time.

meditate with crystals

It is important to know the crystal, spend time with it, attune yourself to its makeup, and just like the native shamanic teachers taught, ask the crystal to assist you with a specific attribute that you need. Crystals have many characteristics, and many crystals have multiple ways in which they can affect the wearer. It is thus imperative that your intention toward your crystal is ‘crystal clear.’


Make sure that you know exactly what you want from your crystal bracelets, and when you know this beyond any shadow of a doubt, look for a crystal that includes these attributes in more than one way. So if it is protection and shielding from negativity that you are looking for, go for a black crystal that is known for the protection and defending attributes. Then fine-tune this search for the exact sort of protection and shielding that you want. Black Onyx is also known to heal those who are subject to abuse and abusive relationships and show them the path to leave destructive situations. Once you have the healing bracelet or healing crystal bracelets to satisfy your desires, go to a crystal shop and feel the piece of jewelry. Your inner compass will tell you whether the crystal is right for you or not. There is no fancy or magical way about this; it is as simple as a feeling and an inner knowing. Once you have your energy bracelet perfect for you, try the crystal meditation below to attune yourself to the crystal that you have chosen.

Meditation to Attune to Your Healing Crystal Bracelets

You will need:

  • 1 x white candle
  • Your healing stone bracelet or chakra stones bracelet
  • A bowl of cold water
  • A quiet space
  • Some soft background music, reiki tunes or your favorite instrumental piece

Light your candle. Turn on the music and sit in a comfortable position.

Dip your healing bracelets in and out of the cold water while repeating the following:

“I cleanse you through the healing power of water from anything that does not belong to your native energetic signature.”

Hold your healing crystal bracelets in your hands. Close your eyes and imagine a green light emanating from your heart and going into the crystal. Now imagine the light from the crystal swirling back through this green light back to your heart. Still keeping your eyes closed, ask the crystal healing bracelets or chakra bracelets to assist you in the specific area that you need assistance in. Spend another five minutes in this meditation or as long as you feel that it is required.

Try to sleep with the crystal under your pillow for a few nights or wear your healing jewelry when going to bed if you can. It is a great exercise to record your dreams and daily changes when wearing your energy bracelet.

healing bracelets

A Final Note on Crystal Bracelets

The ancients believed in their power, and whether or not the placebo effect plays a large part in the working of crystals, there are millions of people worldwide whose lives have been completely changed through the integration of crystal energy into their day to day activities. The world around us is teeming with energy, and sometimes we forget the magic that we are and the miracle that is life. Regardless of what your spiritual or religious path may be, crystal energy is there for you to make use of. Feng shui also believes profoundly in using these crystals in certain positions in the home to increase the flow of chi.

The world of crystals works in harmony with everything, from astrology to meditation, from plants to healing in the most profound ways. Crystal energy is all around us and is there for the use of every person, whether you understand the science or not. You do not have to be a crystal fundi to make use of the powerful energies at hand. Remember to trust your intuition in every decision that you make and oddly enough do not be alarmed if your gemstone bracelets disappear one day; it has been said that when a crystal has completed its journey with you that it will move on to another person, whether this myth has any grounding, science will have to see, however, many people have reported this strange occurrence, it seems crystals have a life of their own. Why not find how this crystal-life can change your life for the better. 

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