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People’s fascination and curiosity for crystals date back thousands of years of obsession and research. From being a vital part of complementary and alternative medicine to the fashion industry’s forefront, crystals play it all. In the last few years, there has been a boom in unique wellness trends. Of course, crystal jewelry and wearing gemstones enjoy a strong position. A sharp spike is seen in the demand for elegant crystal jewelry, especially in the last decades. 

You might have seen your favorite celebrities wearing a trendy healing stone necklace or some other crystal jewelry. Apart from that, designer brands have been using traces of these precious earth minerals in their premium fragrances. Of course, the story doesn’t end here. Crystal jewelry was first used for mystical purposes that later advanced due to health importance, and now healing crystal jewelry has been the latest fashion trend.

Healing Crystal Jewelry- The stunner sensation in the fashion industry

Back in the 20th-century, people had little knowledge about the importance of crystals. Owing to modern resources and technology, the awareness about these gemstones’ miraculous benefits is more than ever. Interestingly, you will be surprised to know that the healing crystals jewelry business has increased many folds since 2000. Even those who don’t believe in the healing powers do believe in their scientific importance. 

Crystallographers emphasize the decisive role of crystals in Reiki and other healing therapies. Perpetually every crystal jewelry piece has its unique, undeniable qualities. For instance, the master crystal quartz has scientifically proven benefits related to emotional balance, spiritual healing, and bodily benefits. But always carrying your gemstone is not possible. That’s exactly where the healing crystal jewelry comes in. Of course, it’s a fun way to bring nature’s magic for your betterment, i.e., consciousness, with a class.

What are the new trends in Healing Crystal Jewelry?

The world strongly needs to be in touch with mother nature more than ever in this fast age. There was a time; only royals enjoyed the benefits of crystal jewelry. Nowadays, crystal healing jewelry is accessible to everyone who wants it. Of course, you can go with a more customized and affordable design. From Balenciaga to Tiffany, all have the healing crystal necklace designs in the limelight. 

Of course, it’s indispensable to say that crystal jewelry is 2020’s most magical style trend. Some of the high-fashion crystal trends of 2020 are:

    • Wire Wrap Crystal Pendants

  • Raw Crystal Jewelry
How to choose the healing crystal jewelry that suits your personality?

Finding the perfect crystal from a diverse range may be perplexing. The universe is full of mineral crystals. Out of which at least 70 crystals are known to possess great healing powers. But what crystal best suits your personality is something worth focussing on. For this, you have to be over-particular while choosing, much like you do with a category filter. For instance, you may want to choose a crystal due to its allure and shine.

 In contrast, you can go with a crystal that buffs up your desired chakra. In addition, going with healing jewelry that helps you with your deficiencies is wise. Furthermore, you can simply choose the one that goes well with your attire for special occasions. For instance, make your wedding day more special by plumping for the pacific Rose Quartz Ring or the Moonstone wedding ring. These are the most authentic ways to choose one for your crystal jewelry. 

Harness incredible energy in your Chakras with the healing crystal necklace

In all the healing crystal jewelry, the healing stone necklaces are becoming ever more popular. Some people literally can’t get enough of wearing healing necklaces. In fact, crystal necklaces are the best way to open up your feelings to the world. 

Interestingly, the pendant looks appealing but has more benefits compared to other pieces of jewelry. The main reason is that all the important 7 chakras of the body lie in this region. So, when you wear energy jewelry in this region, it verily strengthens all the chakras located nearby. Besides, the healing crystal necklace has a direct positive impact on the heart chakras. That’s why experts strongly recommend utilizing the energy of minerals by making the most of the metaphysical crystal jewelry. 

NUp to the minute trend alert- Fall 2020 crystal stone necklace styles.

Excite the ones in your social circle by following the trendy innovations in fashion. Wearing glistening jewelry to protect from negative energy is a great idea. Besides, an enticing crystal stone jewelry design truly complements every dress and mood. So, if you have made your mood to shop for a crystal pendant, here are some trendy ideas that might help you select the perfect one. 

  • Wire Wrap Crystal Pendant


Wire wrap pendants are the most popular in the crystal stone necklace category. A naturally uncut stone is wrapped up with a classy metallic wire. Over that, a wire finely wraps and coils at the end to give the pendant a prestigious look. Till now, these pendants are the best selling online pendants that people love to buy.

  •  Embroidered Crystal Pendants


Embroidered crystal pendants are a style legacy with a signature design that rules everyone’s heart. First off, these crystal pendants are finely embroidered professionally. It started from manual embroidery on finely cut crystals. But now, the crystal pieces are studded with diamond or precious metallic beads, which is way more sophisticated.

  • Crystal Point Pendant


For crystal lovers having a bold, smart personality, crystal point pendants are the best choice. These crystals are finely trillion-cut to give a strongly dominant shape to the pendant. This pendant is a premium design specifically in men’s crystal jewelry

  • Glass Vial Crystal Pendants


Glass vial crystal pendants are soft and quirky with a touch of sophistication. The breathtaking design with a perfect blend of perfection and imperfection makes these pendants irresistible to love. A cylindrical glass vial capped with glowing silver or gold design is filled with naturally cut crystal. This design is the parent’s first choice for their child’s birthday present.

  • Uncut Crystal Pendants


Raw crystal jewelry has always been in fashion. But the design has got a great spike in the market value in the last few years. Interestingly, the best thing about the pendant is that the stone is kept untouched and utmost natural. No polishing, cutting, or crafting keeps it unique. Some Examples: Labradorite necklace, Turquoise Necklace, Selenite Necklace, Tourmaline Necklace.   Besides, the cap is made up of a thin layer of gold or silver that adds to the design’s originality. Hence, the wearer feels closer to mother nature. 

  • Gold Crystal Pendants


Last but not least are the gold pendants with a soft, radiant crystal in the center. You can go with a customized design or frame of the gold pendant, and the crystal is set accordingly. You can go with platinum gold, white gold, or rose gold that suits your taste. Moreover, a heart-shaped gold pendant with rose quartz or turquoise crystal is a high fashion healing stone jewelry.

Benefits of wearing Healing Crystal Stone Jewelry

Metaphysical crystal jewelry has considerable advantages over simple metallic jewelry due to many reasons. The most important being the miraculous healing benefits of the crystals. Every precious gem is unique in color and shows an incredible outpour of energy and healing. So, let’s dive in to learn about how some of these precious gemstones bring positivity and energy to your life. 

  • Clear Quartz- Opens the doors of wisdom and balance in your life.

This master healer white crystal amplifies energy and communication with nature. Quartz crystal jewelry relates to wisdom, purity of the soul, harmony, positivity, and love. Clear quartz, together with rose quartz, gives a prestigious look to any piece of jewelry. Besides, the combo verily strengthens the immune system, memory, and concentration.

  • Rose Quartz- Brings love and restores emotional balance. 

As apparent from the color, rose quartz is undeniably the stone of love. The warm pink color is a true indication of love, forgiveness, care, and trust. Moreover, the stone has the power to soothe your soul in grief. Rose rock crystal jewelry is believed to elevate the levels of self-esteem and respect. Hence, gifting a rose quartz ring to your partner brings peace and strengthens your relationship.

  • Obsidian- Your shield against all the negativity around you

Well, obsidian is a protective stone that acts as a sponge to absorb and eliminate all the negativity around you. Obsidian gives you emotional strength and clears out the emotional blockage. Bring out your strong, clear, and compassionate version with the Obsidian energy jewelry. Interestingly, the obsidian bracelet is known to have detoxifying powers, and its vibes reduce bodily pains.

  • Turquoise- Brings luck and a surge of confidence.

This precious gemstone, also known as blue diamond, is one of the precious-most gemstones on earth. Turquoise rock crystal jewelry has the power and depth of the restless ocean. Wearing turquoise gives you energy and a surge of confidence. This stone is your lucky charm and brings luck to everyone who wears this. Turquoise is specifically popular in men’s crystal jewelry across the globe.

    • Moonstone- A phenomenal gem for a new beginning, growth, and mental peace

    With a white base color with a perfect blend of teal and ocean blue, moonstone is known for new beginnings. The hauntingly beautiful stone alleviates anxiety and depression. You might be surprised to know that the color of this gem slowly fades away if the wearer has rage and anger locked deep inside. Besides, the stone is regarded as an auspicious gift for weddings. 

    The stone verily brings out the positivity and the association with nature.

    • Amethyst crystal jewelry- Decision making, addiction control, and spirituality boost

    In an alluringly dominating magenta indigo color, Amethyst is an incredible healer and purifier. The stone relates to spirituality, wisdom and opens your mind to give a desirable decision-making power. Besides, the stone has got the power to alleviate the symptoms of insomnia. The stone is famous for its endless beauty and sparkling shine. Moreover, energy from the Amethyst quartz crystal jewelry cleanses the blood and regulates the hormone system.

Your favorite celebrities who swear by crystal jewelry to bring positivity in their life

Your favorite celebs are the best influencers as their fans tend to find more and more about their favorite products. You might be surprised to know the names of some of your beloved stars who are deep in love with the crystals. 

Who not knows Kim Kardashian, the famous American media personality, is also a mad fan of healing crystals. In the Ellen Show, Kim said that healing stone jewelry helped her a lot in escaping the Paris accident’s bitterness.

Wearing crystal jewelry to protect from negative energy sounds convincing in the case of many celebrities from Lady Gaga to Shay Mitchell. Here is a list of some of your favorite stars who shared their love and understanding for crystals on their social media profiles.

  • Kate Hudson
  • Miranda Kerr
  • Debra Messing
  • Julianne Hough
  • Jenna Dewan
  • Heidi Pratt
  • Adele
  • Bella Hadid
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Busy Philipps
  • Katy Perry
  • Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
  • Lucy Hale
  • Megan Fox
  • Uma Thurman
  • Kylie Jenner
  • Spencer PRatt

This index is a small patch from an exhaustive list of the big crystal persons. Maybe their hectic, busy, socially active life makes them get to discover more and more about nature. In fact, Jenna Dewan, Shay Mitchells, and Jenner sisters owe crystal jewelry boxes of their own. However, all these celebrities have been happy about the positive changes that these magical crystals bought to their life. 

Welcome the positivity in life, opting for the best crystal jewelry that compliments you!

We, as humans, are so energetically restless. But sometimes we start facing an obstruction in that energy, or simply things don’t go the way we want. That’s exactly where the positive energy from the crystals turns out to be healing. Explore the brilliance and elegance with the timeless fashion of the magical crystals. Of course, adding some accessories to your crystal jewelry box is the best idea to surpass the hustle and bustle of this busy life. 

In the end, stay connected to mother nature because its defensive line is still the strongest in the world.

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