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Signs of your heart chakra is blocked

When your heart chakra has a healthy alignment, you will feel loved, warmth in your relationships, joy, and compassion, and communication with your social circle. 

Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor

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Researcher in spirituality and metaphysics dedicated to introducing people to their inner selves.  Author of five books on metaphysics, crystals and chakra balancing. Over 15 years of experience studying metaphysics, yoga teacher and reiki master.

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Heart Chakra- Everything You Need To Know About The Chakra Of Compassion, Empathy, And Love!

In our journey through the body’s vital chakras, the heart chakra enjoys the regal position as it connects all the energy centers of the body. Anahata or Heart Chakra gets its name due to its prime location on the spine, just the heart level. You might love to know that Anahata means “Unhurt,” and so is the energy of this chakra. Open up your heart to liveliness, true happiness, and love with a balanced heart chakra.

Glazed by an eye-catching mix of Emerald and Shamrock green, the heart chakra symbol symbolizes life. The chakra governs self-love, trust, fearlessness, generosity, and connectedness. Moreover, pure feelings like compassion, divinity, gratitude, acceptance, and healthy boundaries also relate to the body’s fourth chakra. Simply, we can say that an open heart chakra rules every attribute and emotion that makes us distinct. Reading about chakras is always helpful, especially when trying to be a better version of ourselves. So, let’s dive in to learn about the secrets of the heart chakra. 

heart chakra healing heart chakra symbol blockage heart chakra balance heart chakra stones-2
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The location makes Anahata special.

The Heart Chakra acts as a bridge between the upper 3 and the lower 3 chakras of the body. The chakra’s location is unique because it is an exact halfway position in the system and unifies the physical and spiritual chakras. Root, Sacral, and Solar plexus chakra on the lower side connect with the heart chakra that connects it to the throat, third eye, and crown chakra, ultimately forming a bridge between the spirit and the earth. 

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Powers and Properties of the Heart Chakra at a Glance

The chakra has a star feminine power and a deep association with the element air. The heart chakra has a deep association with compassion, joy, and unconditional love, which manifests deep and profound truth. Below are some of the essential properties and powers of the Heart Chakra in detail: 

Location of the Heart Chakra:

Sacral chakra rules right in the chest’s center, somewhat close to the heart. Due to its location, the heart chakra corresponds to the heart, lungs, cardiac plexus, and thymus gland. 
heart chakra healing heart chakra symbol blockage heart chakra balance heart chakra stones-2

Heart Chakra Element:

The heart chakra has an association with the element of air. The element air is constantly analyzing, synthesizing, and communicating around. Intellectual, self-expression, deep understanding, knowledge, and clarity are qualities that the element air rules. 

Heart Chakra Color:

An energy circle of vivid shamrock hue represents the heart chakra. The glorious fresh green color expresses growth, possessiveness, balance, envy, and stability. Here the green color of the heart chakra represents the satisfaction, unconditional love, and compassion in life. 

Heart Chakra Symbol:

The heart chakra symbol is a wide-open green flower with 12 petals on the sides. Moreover, the flower has 2 interlaced triangles in the center, more in the shape of a star—the triangle’s point towards the harmony between the masculine and the feminine energy. 

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Heart Chakra Crystals:

Heart chakra stones or crystals are mainly characterized by beautiful and warm green hues like Emerald etc. Besides, love crystals like Rose quartz, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Amazonite, and Malachite support heart chakra healing

Heart Chakra Affirmations:

Repeating powerful consolidating affirmations like “I am worthy, I owe, I deserve, I have, etc.” helps heal throat chakra blockage. 

Philosophy and Symbolism behind Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra of the body is represented by a widely opened and gleaming 12 petals flower. Here the 12 petals depict the 12 different mental states of a human. These states correspond to the emotions that we feel every day in all circumstances. 

In addition, the symbol has two triangles turned upside down in opposite directions connected much like a star. These triangles represent the harmony and balance between masculine and feminine powers. The dot represents the powers of the element air. Imagining this symbol is especially helpful in the heart chakra meditation. 

What is it like to have an imbalanced or blocked heart chakra?

Like every other chakra of the body, there are specific, clear indications of heart chakra blockage. In this hyperconnected life, we are generally drawn towards yoga, meditation, spiritual healing, and chakra healing. Certain abnormalities relate directly to a specific chakra of the body, giving the practitioner a hint about the chakra’s misalignment. If we talk about the Heart Chakra, clear indications tell about the heart chakra being blocked or imbalanced. So, let’s take a deep dive to learn about some of these obvious signs that tell about the heart chakra blockage:

heart chakra healing heart chakra symbol blockage heart chakra balance heart chakra stones-2

Psychological Vintage Point- Signs that indicate an imbalance in the heart chakra 

Talking about mental health has been more important than ever before, especially when it comes to an imbalance in any chakra. When it comes to an imbalance in the heart chakra, specific psychological issues may arise i.e.

  • You may feel hard-hearted or sort of selfish in certain instances, clearly opposed to your personality.
  • Feeling insecure, unhappy, lonely, and vulnerable to being hurt even with worthless things.
  • Most importantly, you think you are unable to receive the love you want and deserve.
  • Leading more of an automated life, more like listening to your head and not to your heart.
  • Putting up unnecessary walls or boundaries around yourself, especially when it comes to love, maybe due to an experience.
  • You may feel like growing distant from your relationships and social circle.
  • Holding onto resentment, harshness, or bitterness and a fuss over nothing.

Physical ailments that may accompany an imbalanced Heart Chakra

When the fourth chakra of the body gets blocked, you may feel specific physical abnormalities in your body. For instance, poor blood circulation or the extremes in blood pressures along with the above-told behaviors indicate an imbalance in the heart chakra. Besides, the Anahata energy change leads to apparent changes in the proper functioning of the heart, lungs, and other upper vitalities. More importantly, issues with the lungs like infection, circulatory problems, bronchitis, etc., are common. 

Of course, there may be some other issues like feeling lack of confidence, manipulative behavior, or dependency, etc. So, if you are experiencing a few or almost all of the symptoms, it’s time to work on your Anahata chakra. 

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Effect of Heart Chakra Blockage on other Chakras of the body

Being the body’s median chakra, Anahata profoundly impacts all the other chakras of the body. Similarly, a blocked or overactive heart chakra can correspondingly influence the remaining six chakras. The chakra gets blocked when there is no love in your life, or simply things are not going well. There is no love, feelings like envy, hatred, jealousy, and confidence. Therefore, working on your chakra is very important for a healthy lifestyle. 

  • When you feel fear, it may ultimately lead to anxiety, thus directly affecting your eating habits. These changes directly affect the Solar plexus chakra, hence leading to eating disorders. Besides, fear may also bring out other negative emotions like hatred, envy, jealousy, etc.
  • Any sort of negativity in life directly affects your creativity, self-confidence, and emotional stability. These are actually the powers and possessions of the sacral chakra. A slight imbalance in the heart chakra can lead to increased negativity and hence sacral chakra blockage. 
  • It might be surprising to know, but negativity also affects the root chakra. Hence, you might feel falling out of touch with your basic needs, intuition, and inner senses. You may relate this to the downward flow of Kundalini energy, hence leading to an imbalance in the Anahata and the root chakra. 

Simple practices to try at home for balancing the Heart Chakra

Having a chakra out of balance is normal, but of course, you need to work on specific practical ways to avoid it. Exercise, yoga, asanas, gemstones, etc., are precisely the experts’ best recommendations. By the time we have reached the 4th chakra of the body and every exercise, every asana varies from one chakra to another. 

If you feel like love imbalance, extreme behaviors, lack of confidence, and the above-mentioned physical problems, there is undoubtedly something that needs to be done about your Anahata chakra. Luckily, there are plenty of exercises and practices that can help you balance your heart chakra. So, let’s dive in to learn these simplest expert recommendations that you can try at home:

Heart Chakra Stones– Spellbinding crystals that work wonders for Heart Chakra Healing

Awaken and blossom the love, warmth of your emotions, and happiness with a balanced chakra. Connecting with the body’s spiritual and physical chakras, the heart chakra has a rosy pink color but is traditionally represented by green color. You might observe a characteristic hue specific to a particular chakra. 

But here, as the chakra relates to the heart, we can’t restrict it to only one hue. Just like our deep feelings, and intense emotions, heart chakra crystals with different tints and shades can be used. So, let’s take a look at 5 of the most powerful heart chakra stones with spellbinding effects. 

Rose Quartz– Peace, Self-love and Emotional Stability

Ruled by a magical fairy pink color, rose quartz crystal is the heavenly crystal of love—the crystal masters in healing emotional traumas and untangles the complexities in relationships. Rose quartz is the best of all the heart chakra stones so far, used for centuries. Admired for its fascinating color, divine gleam, and magnificent intricate patterns, rose all love quartz. More importantly, the stone has soothing, positive energy vibes that create an aura of love and compassion around. 

  • The mesmerizing pink hue makes it ideal for use in jewelry and ornamental purposes.
  •  This stone of the heart alleviates physical ailments due to chakra imbalance. 
  • Besides, it may be surprising to know that rose quartz promotes peaceful sleep. 
  • The stone brings back the love, calmness, and true beauty of relationships by flooding your life with positivity. 
  • The crystal’s internal vibrations take you to another self-love level, consciousness, and bliss during meditation. 

So, why not give your stuck life and relations another chance by the heart chakra healing. You might love to get a rose quartz necklace or ring for yourself and your partner. Rose quartz engagement rings have got a boom in the last year with an ever-increasing demand. So, get yourself and your partner the gift of life because your relationship is worth more than anything. 

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Jade- Abundance and Balance 

Jade is the lucky gemstone that strongly attracts abundance, energy, and love in your life, much like a magnet. Thanks to the stunning juniper green color, that jade jewelry becomes the center of attraction. The enticing hue and the warm gleam of these heart chakra stones are priceless. 

Jade is known to be a stimulator of the Anahata energy and brings prosperity, abundance in life. You can simply add jade sculptures or ornaments to your house. Besides, heart chakra meditation with jade is also a great idea. 

  • Overflooded by serenity and purity, the crystal brings love, compassion, and wisdom to your life. 
  • Moreover, the stone has the power to enhance your imagination, perception of things, and dreams. Maybe that’s the main reason jade gets the name “The dream stones.” 
  • Jade nurtures your emotions like self-esteem and confidence, bringing about a noticeable change to the wearer. 
  • This brilliant green stone is especially admired for creating harmony and balance in our relationships. 
  • Green Aventurine- Luck, Love, and Abundance

Gleaming in a hypnotizing aqua turquoise shade, green aventurine, allows you to embrace an awakened heart chakra—blossom and glow with the positive protective energies of this healing gemstone. Aventurine acts to ease the anger and resentment and focuses your attention from your mind to your heart. 

Green aventurine is called “The stone of opportunity” for a reason. Besides bringing harmony to the heart chakra, these heart chakra stones bring wealth and success to the wearer. Owing to the natural green color, the stone acts as a shield and creates an aura of protection. 

  • The magical stone helps you remove and release the negativity in your relationships. Letting go of the hatred enables you to build better terms with your loved ones.
  • Strongly due to the purely natural energy, the stone prevents the negative energies from soaking up your emotional stability. 
  • These heart chakra crystals bring luck, abundance, compassion, and joy to your life.
  • More importantly, the strong internal vibrations of the stone balance the blood pressure. Besides, they also stimulate bodily metabolism and alleviate the problems in the upper body. 
  • More importantly, the stone has soothing effects and is famous for easing migraines, skin problems, insomnia, etc. 

Amazonite- Serenity, Harmony, and Adventure

Align your heart chakra with this fantastic healing gemstone to awaken the compassion and love in you. With a stunning heavenly Maya blue shade, Amazonite is genuinely the stone of courage. These heart chakra stones directly connect to the heart bringing energy and harmony to your relationships. 

Tune to sense the real meaning of adventure with this brilliant gemstone. Interestingly, the stone’s wild energy acts as a bridge between the throat and the heart chakra. The stone balances and strengthens your relationships at the most crucial stage with its positive energy vibes. 

  • From an emotional standpoint, the stone helps to bolster your decision-making power. The internal vibrations of the stone create an aura of serenity and peace. 
  • Let this amazing gemstone be your partner in your journey of self-discovery and self-love filled with adventures.
  •  The stone clears the Anahata’s blockage and, hence, its blocking effects on all the other chakras of the body. 
  • This brilliant gemstone harmonizes the masculine and the feminine energies of the body, thus acting as a shield to negative energy and aggravation. 

Malachite – Love and Protection

Letting go and moving on are the most crucial steps in one’s life, and that’s precisely where Malachite stone comes in. With an excellent pine green color, the Malachite is the stone of love and protection. Apart from the healing benefits, the stone has high esteem in the fashion and jewelry world. The delicacy, gleam, intricate patterns, and exceptionally beautiful smudging black lines are second to none. Maybe that’s the main reason why Malachite pendants and watches are so famous. 

The intensity of the vivid green color relates to Venus and hence attracts love and warmth in your relationship. More importantly, the stone has a direct role in the heart chakra healing and buffs up other chakras. 

  • The vibrant green gemstone alleviates the headache and soothes your mind. Hence, this power stone can improve the quality of sleep and dreams. 
  • This serene green stone stabilizes the love and loyalty to your relationship. No matter if you want to give it to your friend or partner, a pretty Malachite bracelet makes the best gift. 
  • These heart chakra crystals are regarded for enhancing manifestations, abundance, and intentions. 
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Exercise and Yoga- The simplest idea to get started!

Of all the blessings of nature, a healthy body is undoubtedly the most important. Of course, exercise is the best idea to develop a healthy and true sense of self. Exercise and yoga asanas are the noblest ways to respect our bodies. Besides, proper care of bodily needs helps in the overall health and alignment of our chakras. 

Correctly practicing yoga is powerful enough to bring any chakra in alignment. As far as the heart chakra is concerned, luckily, there are plenty of yoga asanas to help you in heart chakra healing. Here are the simplest yet the most potent stretches for an open heart chakra:

Bow Pose- Have fun healing with this 2-Step practice

Step 1: Once you carefully do the bow pose, you will feel loaded and locked with energy and all set to aim. Ever wonder how to open heart chakra with a simple pose? Here is the simplest way to do this amazing bow pose all by yourself at home. For this pose, lay down flat on your belly with your hands reaching the torso. Keeping your palms up in the air, exhale and bend your knees in a way that your toes reach the maximum to your buttock. Reach back to get the hold of your ankles while making sure your knees are just the width of your hips. 

Step 2: Now inhale and focus on lifting your knees away from your buttock. Keep your head above the floor while keeping your tailbone down towards the floor at the same time. Stretch the tops of your shoulders away from your ears. In this instance, breathing will be a little difficult, especially for beginners. Breath more into the back of your torso and stay in the same position for 20 to 30 seconds. Release, inhale, relax, and repeat the same stretching pose one or more times if you want. 

Some other Yoga suggestions: Besides, trying yoga poses like camel pose, and other chest openers, etc., can be a great help. You might also love to try heart chakra yoga for beginners if you don’t find yourself comfortable with the bow pose. Besides, consider taking Anahata chakra yoga class, heart-opening rose yoga, or simply 15 minutes flow if you are more into it. 

Stay confident, compassionate, and loving with Heart Chakra Affirmations.

Fears, shortcomings, and paucity are nothing but states of mind that can easily be overcome by setting intentions. Again, you might be perplexed by the idea of how to open heart chakra merely with affirmations? But repeating positive affirmations can prove to be a great help in the heart chakra meditation and healing. Here are some of the powerful affirmations that directly target an imbalanced heart chakra:

  • I deserve to be loved, and every passing second of my life worth it.
  • I open my heart to forgiving and compassion.
  • My heart is open to give and receive love, and this world needs nothing but love.
  • I regard and honor the guidance of my heart.
  • I live with generosity and gratitude.
  • Lastly, I am surrounded by people who love, respect and keep me for being the real me.

Burning Anahata Incense and Essential Oils- Aromatherapy for Heart Chakra Healing

The most straightforward answer to how to open heart chakra with the least effort is “with Aromatherapy.” Heart chakra crystals and sacred scents together make the best combination for a soothing heart chakra meditation. Burning these incenses while meditating has miraculous effects in aligning your chakra. Here are some of the remarkable essential oils that actually work to target heart energy. These may be:

  • Bergamot oil and scent 
  • Jasmine
  • Geranium
  • Lavender
  • Cypress 
  • Rose
  • Neroli
  • Orange and Sandalwood

These sacred but soothing scents make you feel relaxed, contented, and more welcoming to compassion, love, and joy. No matter how busy or hectic your routine is, 5-10 minutes of aromatherapy are worth your time.

Surround yourself with vivid and brilliant hues of green 

Green is the color of life, hope, growth, and continuity. According to the experts, visualizing your chakra color is a great idea to align these energy disks. For this, you can add more and more green colors to your surroundings. Of all that, adding some beautiful indoor plants to your home is a great idea. Besides, you can add some paintings depicting the mesmerizing greenery and the beauty of nature.

In fact, adding a touch of different shades of green to your attire is also a great idea. Besides, you might love to wear some healing crystal jewelry dominated by a hue of green. Adding green veggies and fruits to your diet is also a great idea in heart chakra healing. Mindful foods like kale, broccoli, green apples, kiwis, beans, or other vibrant green veggies also help heart chakra heal. Besides, taking green tea and more and more water intake also help bring back the Anahata energy in balance. Credibly, every specific approach with a genuine intention to balance your chakra will engage you more and more in passion, spark love, and true happiness.

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Heart Chakra Meditation– Be the loving, passionate, and compassionate real you.

Again, meditation is always the most potent tool to conquer and heal any chakra of your body. Following an expert-guided meditation designed explicitly for the heart, chakra can work like magic for you. So, if you are interested in balancing the flow of Anahata simply with the help of heart chakra meditation, here are our top picks:

  • Pranayama breathing
  •  Heart opening meditation (Most preferably for 20 minutes)
  •  Heart chakra Tibetan singing bowls (For 30-35 minutes)

Focusing on your breathing is very important and evident in all the above heart chakra meditations. Breathwork is a compelling practice, especially when it comes to heart chakra healing. In fact, deep breathing is powerful enough to calm your perplexed heart. You might have noticed that deep breathing helps when even you are under the control of extreme emotions.

Take deep breaths and aim to cleanse and remove negative energy from your auras. Of course, if you are more serious about it, take it a step ahead in the form of a visualization exercise. For instance, the heart chakra visualization is a gleaming red rose in its full bloom originating from the heart chakra and getting wider and wider. Once you will be able to visualize the gleaming flower, you will feel an instant intake of energy in your body. Now imagine this energy surrounding all your body and creating an aura of protection. Stay in the same state for 3-5 minutes and after that slowly open your eyes.

Recite Bija Mantra to shift the Anahata energy towards love and the heart

Sound meditation, music therapy, and vibrations have a synergistic and worthy effect on the heart chakra meditation. Here reciting chakra-specific bija mantras can be a great help to shift the Anahata energy towards love. These bija mantras are sacred phrases or words that help to keep the focus in meditation.

The fourth chakra stone meditation requires particular words that associate with the deep feelings of love and help balance the heart chakra. Here, sound meditation refers to using vibrational energy to bring the chakra back into alignment. The seed syllable for heart chakra meditation is “yam,” that you have to pronounce as “yawn,” unlike “yam.”

Chakra Stones Set- It’s time for the incredibly irresistible deal by Crystal-Shop!

No Anahata meditation or healing practice is complete without heart chakra crystals. In fact, in any chakra healing, power crystals have a crucial role. These vivid crystals play an important role in meditation and treasure true crystal lovers’ happiness. Crystal shop truly understands your temptation, so it tries to come with irresistible offers above and beyond your expectations.

Here is the limited-time incredible offer by one of the best quality crystal dealers in the world. We know that you love crystals, but why invest in all the 7 crystals when you can get all 7 in one box. So, here is the package of magic with dazzling and magnificent 7 chakra crystals. The box has:

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The natural chakra stones are polished professionally and come into the beautiful eye-catching cutting with 2″ x 1.5″ size. These magnificent crystals not only bolster your essential chakras but also heal and vitalize your mind, body, and soul. Besides, if you are a Reiki practitioner or a meditation lover, this stone set will be your best tool. Create an aura of clarity, purity, and protection around you with the power of these magical crystals. 

We believe in maintaining the tradition of customer service and dignity in our field. All the seven chakra-specific crystals are purified and cut and crafted under expert supervision. It’s time to shine, heal, and balance all the body’s chakras with the power of pure and classy crystals.



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