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How to Cleanse & Super Charge Amethyst

Amethyst Luna Rose , provides the best advice on just how to cleanse amethyst. Whether it may be from using the earth, to sage smoke, to water and energy your crystals will be cleansed in no time. Here are two most effective ways to cleanse the crystals from Amethyst Luna Rose 

5 Easy Ways to Cleanse Crystals

1. Sea salt

This is a great way to rid your crystals of negative energies! Much like cleansing your Amethyst (mentioned above), leave your crystals in a sea salt/water mixture overnight.

2. Good, ol’ fashion water

Hold the stone under running water and ask the Universe to remove all negativity from this crystal.

3. Cleanse with other crystals

The easiest of this list is to add the crystal you are trying to activate to a bag where you store your crystals.

4. Smudging

With sage, ask for protection or dedicating love to your crystals.

5. Crystal cleanser

Some crystals tend to be more fragile than others and crystal cleansers work better with brittle crystals and stones(mostly due to the fact that the crystals aren’t being submerged in water)

Option #1 - Cleanse Amethyst with Earth

  • The best way to cleanse your crystals and stones of their negative energy is to return them to the Earth. 
  • Place your amethyst into a cloth bag to ensure they do not get dirty.  
  • You can either bury the bag in your yard, or even a potted plant.
  • Leave them for at least 24 hours.
  • Do not worry if they do get a little bit dirty. You can easily brush and rinse them off and they will be ready for charging with your intentions.
  • You can also cleanse your Amethyst through lighting a bundle of sage and passing your crystals and stones through the smoke.
  • Think about all of the negative energy being whisked away with the smoke.
  • Feel free to use this method after burying for extra cleansing.

For more than two thousand years, Amethyst is one of the most profound, beautiful, popular crystals in the world. In ancient Greece, it was used to prevent intoxication whereas medieval European soldiers wore amulets with it as protection in battle. The soldiers believed that amethyst possessed the ability to heal people and keep them cool-headed.

Today, we still use amethyst for its healing powers and even more. It helps with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in energy healing and chakra balancing. Also, lets not forget how important the use of amethyst in feng shui. In order to properly get the most out of your amethyst, one must know how to cleanse amethyst.

 There are many different ways to charge your amethyst. Keep reading this article to find out how to cleanse amethyst. We will also provide you with helpful tips on how to charge amethyst and how to activate crystals.

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Why Cleanse Amethyst And Other Crystals?

The most prominent reason one should feel the need to cleanse their crystals is to remove even the slightest bit of negative energy. Your crystals may have absorbed this energy from others who have handled them before you. Because of the different virtues of each stone type, some may require more attention than others. Whether you received this crystal  as a gift, or it is something you found, or bought on your own, it should absolutely be cleansed before use.

When Will I Know That My Crystals Need To Be Cleansed?

When you know, you’ll know. Things will just feel off when you are using them. Researchers say you will often know by it’s feel or emotive response. It is possible that you may find your crystal to be different looking (sometimes cloudy or dull). You are going to want to create a regular routine if your crystals are used for either healing  or personal wear. As time goes on, one will inevitably figure out exactly when and what crystal cleanse works for them and fall into routine.
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How to Cleanse Amethyst?

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Option 2

  • Another option is soaking your crystals in both sea salt and water (sea water, rain water, or just tap water) in a bowl for a week.
  • It is important to think  happy thoughts while you cleanse to give your crystals the right positive energy.
  • Lastly, when using energy to cleanse, focus on white light emanating from your Soul Star Chakra. Let it pour through your body, down your arm and through the crystal/stone.
  • Always picturing the positive energy embodying the crystal/stone will return it back to its ideal frequency.”
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How To Charge Amethyst?

Crystals have the ability to gain energy. They can hold on and emit energy as well. The feel you get from a crystal as it radiates is known as its charge. In order to create a response in a crystal, one can exposure the said crystal to the environment. You should always have your crystals placed in a happy place filled with good, positive vibes.

A crystals charge is similar to a super power. They can replay any sort of vibration that you feel the need to bestow upon it. With time, charging your crystals with your own energy will come and leave you with the feeling of satisfaction and bliss. The way that a person may clear a stone with intent and breath, you can also charge a crystal with any concept or feel that you desire.

How to Activate Crystals?

Activating your crystals differs immensely from charging your crystals. As previously mentioned, the feel you get from a crystal as it radiates is known as its charge. Karal Studio calls activation, “the expansion of the crystals overall capacity and energy spectrum range. It’s like a turbocharger added to an engine, an ‘active’ crystal is functioning at expanded levels of performance.”  Gradually exposing a crystal to very drastic temperatures (under controlled condition) helps to activate crystals.

The Karal Studio also says that, “extreme weather conditions such as lightning storms, and blizzards will catalyze a stone.” They also recommend placing your crystal in the focal zones of strong electromagnetic devices as well as laser light and magnetics in order to excite the crystal into greater activity. Once your crystals have endured all of these steps, they are ready to be utilized.
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Amethyst helps with meditation, calms “monkey-mind”, enhances psychic abilities and sharpens your intuition. It may also assist you in breaking free from bad habits, protecting the environment from negative intentions of others, and blocking geopathic stress and insomnia. As a whole Amethyst brings tranquility and peace to homes everywhere.
The Crystal Shop has some of the most beautiful Amethyst for sale that is guaranteed to make any individual’s inner temperament exude a sense of attraction. It will make people often encounter noble people and increase personal temperament. As mentioned before, amethyst is one of the most profound, beautiful, popular crystals in the world. It has been around for more than 2 billion years. It is a symbol of love, pureness and harmony. Just like amulets, this crystal enhances spirituality, increases wisdom, and detoxifies and wardens evil spirits.


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