How To Cleanse Crystals

crystal cleansing and charging crystals how to cleanse crystals

Did you know your stones’ healing potential fade away once they become junked up with negative vibes? It might be surprising for you to know that the magic in your crystal works in favorable conditions only. Much like our body needs cleaning, the crystals need cleansing too. Crystals travel a long distance from the place they are collected to your home. From source to the seller and every shift in between, they absorb energies. As a result, these mixed energies misalign with the wearer’s energy and snag the healing effect. That’s why you need to recharge and cleanse crystals from time to time.

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Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Gemologists believe that basking in a crystal’s radiance soothes your soul, elevates your energy levels, and strengthens the bond you share with mother nature. However, to make the most of its healing power, ensuring its purity is super important. That’s exactly where different cleansing processes come into play.

How to cleanse crystals professionally at home?

You don’t have to be a determined, loyal believer in the power of crystals to know that these stones attained from Mother Earth have an energy unlike any you may experience. Amethysts, aquamarines, quartz—all crystals and stones have singular energy that influences the environment and those around them.

Because of their unique aura, countless people worldwide use them to benefit and complement their lifestyle.

But, with each crystal, there is a caveat attached that not everyone knows. There has to be a specific link for a crystal to resonate with your energy and influence your personal needs. Simultaneously, there are some crystals that anyone can wear; not everyone knows which suit them best and which ones would work for their particular problem.

For example, you may need a little help in the love department. But just using rose quartz will not encourage love. Especially if you have anxiety issues that may be pulling you away from your one genuine chance. In such scenarios, you must find a crystal that suits your needs. 

Do you need healing crystal jewelry? Or perhaps you need something different. Whatever the stone is you turn to, it has to be in tune with your energy.

So, how do you do that? How to cleanse crystals the right way?

Certainly, every crystal is unique in the formation and hence requires distinctive care. So, if you have confusion about how to cleanse your crystals, let us make that simple for you. Here are the 10 most effective and master ways to cleanse crystals professionally. So, let’s dive in to learn about these simple yet most effective ways of how to cleanse crystals in detail.

Learning How to Cleanse Crystals

If you’ve used them, you must have learned about how to cleanse crystals at some point or another. However, you might not know what cleansing a stone means or know why it’s even required.

Let’s start with a simple example. Let’s say you enter a room and immediately feel the tension in the air so much that you want to take off and have a refreshing shower so you can wash away all that heavy muck from your skin. Think of the effects of that shower as that of your crystal’s energy filter.

Crystals are designed to ward away the unbeneficial energy around you, transforming it into useful and positive energy. How it does so is by being flushed and cleansed, so your crystal continues to be effective.

The Details about Cleansing Crystals

Cleansing crystals is not a regular thing, though. You definitely won’t need to drag out your amethyst clusters for a crystal cleanse every night or every time there’s a full moon. The only crystal you should cleanse is the one you use at that moment, i.e., the one that does all the heavy lifting.

How to cleanse crystals?

If you have any crystals sitting at your work desk or bedside, looking all pretty, a crystal cleanse after a few months should do just fine. Even stones that are self-cleansing, such as halite, selenite, kyanite, carnelian, and citrine, could do with crystal cleansing every once in a while.

But how do you know when it’s time? Do crystals send you a feeling of an energy break one-afternoon mid-manifestation?

No, but you do feel it when your stone warrants a cleaning. The energy starts feeling a little dull, much less alive than it usually does. When that happens, give it cleansing, and it should start working as well as before.

Why Learning How to Cleanse Crystals is Important

Your crystal is not like your other belongings.

It doesn’t get smudged by dirt or smoke. Neither does it accumulate dead skin cells. However, your crystal does gather spiritual energy as you use it. 

Crystals soothe the soul, mind, and body. However, before they do so, they travel hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles, from source to seller to buyer to home. And through each transaction, the stone is exposed to many energies, positive and negative, that misalign the stone’s real neutral energy.

As a result, when it reaches you, the stone has to be cleansed and brought back to square one before it can redirect your negative energy and release it, thus making space for positive energy in your life.

1. How to Cleanse Crystals with Running Water

With an aura of purity, water drives all on Earth. Maybe that’s why most of the healing crystals only require water cleansing. It’s the simplest method to neutralize and wash away all the negative energy stored in the crystal. In fact, running water is a nice energetic cleanse to restore your stone’s natural healing potential.  

Stream water is highly recommended for this purpose. But in this faux life, it’s not always possible to find a natural place for meditation and cleansing. Alternatively, you can rinse your stone under a tap. Carefully handle the crystal and make sure it completely gets submerged in water. You can use a good size bowl for that. Pat dry the stone once you are done cleaning it. However, there are some exceptions, as some stones should never get wet. So, let’s take a quick look at the key points about how to cleanse crystals with water cleaning.

Optimum Duration: 1 minute on average per stone 

Stones that work best when water Cleansed: Hardstones such as Quartz, Amethyst, and Turquoise, etc.

Stone strictly not to be water Cleansed: Soft, porous, or brittle crystals like Selenite, Kyanite, and Halite, etc.

How to Cleanse Crystals with Salt Water?

Saltwater acts as a natural cleanser and has been used for centuries. Salt, when mixed with water, creates a circle of protection and evicts negativity and ill vibes. Hence, It’s the best way to purify a crystal. The saltwater then returns the negative energy to the Earth, which then neutralizes it. 

You can consider taking seawater if you have a coastline nearby. However, if you live in a far-flung area, tap water mixed with table salt is the best alternative. For this cleansing process, fill a bowl with tap water and mix a tablespoon of rock, sea, or table salt. It’s a time requiring an in-depth cleansing process. Make sure to completely soak the stone and leave it for a few hours or maybe a whole day. Now you know how to cleanse crystals with Salt Water


Optimum Duration: 24- 48 hours 

Stones that can be salt Cleansed: Hard Stones like Quartz, Amethyst, etc

Stones that can’t be salt cleansed: Soft or porous stones like Selenite, Kyanite, Angelite, Calcite, Lepidolite, etc., should not be cleansed with saltwater.

crystal cleansing and charging crystals how to cleanse crystals

How to Cleanse Crystals with Natural Light 

Although a time period is specified for ritual cleansing, you can choose any time you find convenient. Set your crystal outside in an open space before the sunset, most appropriately in the soil or grass. Let it be there until the next morning. It’s the most appropriate time for light cleansing because the crystal gets exposed to both the moon and sunlight.

Carefully return for your crystal in the morning as prolonged exposure to the sun may fade its color. Placing it on Earth provides a cooling effect to the crystal as well as absorb the negative energy. Do remember to keep it in a place where there is the least disturbance. You can cover it with a mesh to save it from the birds. Finally, rinse off the excess dirt on the stone and pat dry. The crystal is cleansed and ready to use again.

Optimum Duration: Upto 12 hours

Crystals that work best when light-cleansed: Tumbled stones, polished stones, or semi-precious stones

Crystals that can’t withstand light cleansing: Vibrant or soft stones should not be light cleansed. For instance, Damp or cold weather can negatively affect the allure of stones like Amethyst, Celestite, Halite, and Selenite, etc.

How to Cleanse Crystals with Brown Rice

Cleansing Crystals with brown rice is the safest method known so far. Take a bowl and fill it half with brown rice. Now put the crystal in the bowl and cover it with rice. Let the crystal totally submerge in the grains for at least 24 hours. Gemologists believe that rice has great absorbing power and drains all the negativity around it. Besides, rice cleansing is an ideal option for soft or protective crystals that can’t withstand saltwater cleansing.

One of the most colorful crystals on Earth is Tourmaline that is known for its protective energy. The stone is sensitive to minerals as well as prolonged exposure to water. Black Tourmaline cleansing can be best performed with the brown rice method. So, if you are a Tourmaline or Black onyx lover and want to enhance it’s miraculous healing powers, Brown rice cleansing is the most effective. 

Optimum Duration: Upto 24 hours

Crystals that can be Cleansed with Brown Rice: Almost all the crystals can be cleansed with brown rice with no unsafe effects discovered yet.

How to Cleanse Crystals with Sage

You might have heard about cleansing your crystals with herbs but not sure about the process? Let’s try to explore how to cleanse crystals with sage. Actually, sage is a sacred herb, the smoke of which is used for spiritual as well as medicinal cleansing. Smudging your crystal with sage has a multitude of cleansing benefits. First off, it clears the unmelodious vibrations that interact with your chakra specific stones. Besides, it absorbs the negative energy around and casts it outside in nature.

How to cleanse crystals with Sage: Cleansing your crystal with sage is super easy. What you have to do is take a bowl and fill it with loose or bundled sage. Make sure that you use a fire bowl or metallic bowl for proper handling. After that, light the bundle with a match stick and leave for a minute or two. After that, put out the flame and let a characteristic smoke flow in the room. Make sure to direct the smudge or smoke in the direction of your crystal. Try to cleanse it from all sides. Besides, you can take the bowl in your left hand and steadily move the crystal in the smoke direction.  

Another advice is to keep all the doors, windows, and airways open to dispose of the negative energy in mother nature. Stone lovers often ask about how to cleanse Selenite as part of daily practice. Selenite is a soft and precious crystal, so a 30 seconds exposure to sage smoke is the best option.

Optimum Duration: 30 to 60 second per crystal is quite enough

Crystals that work best when cleansed with Sage Smoke: Sage smoke can cleanse any crystal, either hard or delicate. That’s why it goes well for all the stones. 

How to Cleanse crystals with Sound

People usually ask gemologists how to cleanse and charge crystals using sound energy. Well, it means how to cleanse crystal with a specific soundtrack. With the sound cleansing, the performer uses a particular sound by instruments like singing bowls, tunic forks, or even a bell. The mechanism is that you have to produce a constant sound in the same pitch to create an energy area. The sound tones with the vibration of the crystal and hence cleanses the crystal. 

You can also perform sound cleansing by chanting or singing in a constant tone. The source variation doesn’t matter as long as the Sound is constant. The sound technique is one of the most effective methods for cleansing and charging crystals. This method is usually used in instances when there is a bulk of crystals available, especially in an inventory. Charging crystals with Sound requires a one-time effort and hence is the most effective. 

Optimum Duration: 5-10 minutes

Crystals that work best when cleansed by Soundtrack: You can verily use this technique for any stone as it doesn’t interact with the crystal’s allure and structure. 

How to Cleanse Crystals using larger crystals

Another effective way to cleanse crystals is by using larger crystals as the detoxifying agent. You might have heard about the extraordinary cleansing power of Selenite. These stones or clusters drain out the negativity stuck inside the crystal to intense clean them. But the fact is how to use crystals to cleanse other crystals. Well, for this, the cleansing crystal must be more extensive; for instance, you can take a slab of the crystal. Place your healing crystal atop the cleansing crystal and leave for 24 hours. 

The healing crystal’s internal vibrations act as an absorbent against the inharmonious vibrations of the resting crystal. As a result, we get a cleansed and activated crystal with the same natural potent. 

By far, large Quartz crystals, Selenite Slabs, and Amethyst geodes are most preferably used for cleansing and charging crystals. However, there are specific other large stones that can be great tools for this purpose. Works great for smaller jewelry crystals like Tiger eye bracelets, Labradorite necklace, Amethyst rings, Amazonite BraceletMalachite crystalAn important aspect is once you are done with the cleansing process, don’t forget to cleanse the larger crystal. Obviously, you don’t want to keep the negative energy in the crystal. For this, you can use Brown rice cleansing or sage cleansing.

Optimum Duration: 24 hours

Crystals that perform best when cleansed using larger crystals: All the small crystals sensitive to water or mineral cleaning can be purified using this method.

How to Cleanse Crystals – Cleansing Crystals using smaller stones

It might be interesting to know that even smaller stones have a great cleansing brawn. You can benefit yourself from the phenomenal cleansing and healing abilities of these small stones. However, a single small stone may not be enough to cleanse a bigger crystal. The rule of thumb is to place small cleansing stones atop your stone. In contrast, if your stone is a protective or sensitive one, you can use the alternate method. For this, cover the inside of a bowl or tray with smaller cleansing stones. After that, the healing crystal on the top.

The cleansing mechanism is the vibrations of the cleansing stones buttress and match the vibrations of crystal atop. In this way, the smaller stones absorb all the negative energy of your desired stones. Ultimately, it creates an aura of purity all around. Similarly, in the end, don’t forget to cleanse the smaller ones with any other cleansing method. For instance, you can use the water, brown rice, or sage crystal cleansing method to cleanse the smaller stones further.

Clear Quartz, Carnelian, and Hematite, etc., are the crystals that showcase a marvelous cleansing effect.

Optimum Duration: 24 hours is the perfect timing for cleansing your crystals via smaller crystals. You can leave the crystals overnight for better cleansing.

Crystals that perform best when cleansed with Smaller crystals: Almost any stone can be cleansed via smaller stones due to no pronounced lousy effect. 

How to Cleanse Crystals via Breathing- The simplest, fastest, and most efficient method

Cleansing a crystal doesn’t necessarily mean deep cleanse it. In fact, the logic behind cleansing and charging crystals is to get rid of the negative or ill vibes inside the crystal. Obviously, the main source being the satisfaction of the mind of the user. Breathwork has a heartfelt effect on your well being and similarly the same for cleansing the healing crystals

  • Here is the right way of how to cleanse your crystals via breath. 
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For this, take your desired healing crystal in your right hand. After that, close your eyes and soothe your mind much as you go into a deeper state of meditation. Try to focus and remain calm while you do the cleansing process. Avert your thoughts towards your main goal, i.e., getting rid of all the negativity around. Now take a deep breath, keeping your eyes closed. Now steadily open your eyes and bring the stone close to your mouth. Exhale short and assertive breaths onto the stone. This brings the strongest vibrations in the stone, and the stone releases negative energy into the air. Your crystal is now clean, and so is your soul. 

Cleansing and charging crystals via breath refreshes your mind and detoxifies the negative thoughts. More importantly, it’s a proven stress-relieving meditation technique. 

Optimum Duration: 30 seconds per stone

Crystals that work best cleansed by Breathwork: This cleansing process is applicable to small crystals only as bigger crystals have greater energy circles.

How to Cleanse and Charge crystals via Visualization

Visualization is the most effective and yet the safest way to cleanse a crystal. But this is only possible when you have powerful concentration ability and focus. Stone lovers who meditate daily can easily cleanse their stones, but others need to be a bit more focused. It’s the quick answer to the question of how to cleanse crystals to maximize their power.

Actually, it’s a powerful way to transfer your inner positive energy vibes to the crystal. This energy, in turn, restores the natural healing potential of the stone. For this process, sit in a calm place and take a few minutes to focus and center your bodily energy. After that, take the crystal in your hands and visualize a flow of energy in your hands. Once you feel the radiant, gleamy and smoothly flowing energy around, you will notice your stone glowing. Now envision the negative energy pouring out of the stone, leaving the stone more and more radiant.

Well, there is no optimum time duration but continue till you feel an obvious shift in your stone’s energy. Once you feel satisfied, stop the healing process, and the stone is ready for the healing purpose. Although it’s an out of harm’s way process, some may find it intimidating. That’s why the best tip is to perform meditation at least a week before you visually cleanse your crystal.

Optimum Duration: About a minute per stone

Crystals that work best when visually cleansed: Any stone that needs cleansing can be subject to Visualization but with careful practice.

Key Takeaway

These are the top 10 most effective ways that show how to cleanse crystals easily at home. However, some other cleansing processes have been truly tried for centuries and possess significant effects. These may be bathing your crystal in sunlight, Earth, and specifically full Moonlight. In fact, light, and Earth are the most powerful sources that draw out inharmonious energies from your crystal. So, let’s buckle down to see how their energies work for healing and charging crystals

How to cleanse your crystals in the Moonlight?

Do you know how to recharge crystals with the world’s most efficient free energy? Of course, the moon is a sacred heavenly body, and every religion on the Earth regards its powers. Even scientists swear by the energy of the moon. Verily Moonlight is the best option for how to cleanse crystals by benefitting from mother nature. 

Full moon gleams at the sky with flints of its energy scattering to indicate its never-ending reign. The soft light and positive energy outpour make the moon a reliable source to cleanse crystals. 

Charging crystals with a full moon- Get to know about the super easy process!

Charging crystals with a full moon is a convenient process with two different alternatives. For instance:

  • First off, you can simply put the crystal in the open Moonlight on the Earth. But be careful to forecast the weather, i.e., rain, snowfall, etc., as water and moisture can damage certain sensitive stones. Moon’s gentle energy will surround and cleanse your crystal, whereas Earth will absorb all the negativity from within. You might be wondering how to cleanse crystals if you live in an apartment with no open space available. A window sill is a perfect place under such a circumstance. Place the crystal on the ledge overnight and let it bathe in the Moonlight. Pick up the crystal early in the morning, pat dry, and the crystal is ready to use again.
  • Secondly, you can also bathe your crystal in the moon water. This cleansing process is especially for hard and shiny crystals. For this, you have to charge the water under Moonlight for 3 consecutive days. After this, soak your desired crystal in that moon water and let it cleanse. Pat dry and your crystal has got its potential healing back with amazing manpower. 

The crystals that work best when cleansed with Moonlight are called full moon crystals. Hence, recharging crystals with Moonlight is a scientific treatment strengthened by tradition. 

How to cleanse your crystals using the prime energy source – The Sunlight

Do you know how to cleanse crystals to get the maximum benefit? Well, if the answer is “No”, it will soon be turning into a “Yes”. Verily, the sun is a natural healer and the key source of the continuity of life on Earth. Man has always been wise to harness the Sun’s energy for its betterment. Likewise, cleansing and charging stones with sunlight is an effective method that uses natural energy for Meditation and Reiki

The cascade of strong energy rays from the Sun is powerful enough to activate, energize, and cleanse crystals. According to Gemologists, one needs to bathe his/her crystal in the life-giving energy of the Sun at least once in a while. Simply put the crystal on the ground in the open space where Sunlight can reach and touch the Stones. Leave it for an hour or two, and after that take the stone in your hand and cleanse visually. You will feel a transfer of energy and warmth in your whole body.

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Here, there is one important tip while you cleanse crystals in the sunlight. If you live in an area where the Sun rays are more intense, try placing the stone early in the morning and take it back inside before noon. It’s a strategy to protect precious stones that have the breathtaking allure or another delicate structure. Besides, if you have a crystal enclosed in a glass or something i.e. crystal water bottle, crystal pipe or even vision board, etc., sunlight cleansing is the best option. 

Cleansing your Auras with Crystals- Meditation made simple!

People most ask about how to program crystals. Well, the answer is quite fascinating. Programming a crystal actually means to speak your heart out to a crystal. It feels much like you share feelings with a close friend. But before telling the exact process, let’s have a quick look at its magnificent benefits.

  • Though it may sound unfeasible but has a solid basis in gemology and psychology as well. Obviously, the main reason is the alleviation of stress, depression, anxiety, and loneliness. 
  • Besides, programming a crystal is always chakra-specific and cleanses the specific aura that you want to buff-up.
  • For a successful session, find a place with zero disturbance and utmost comfort. Now slowly dive into the world of calmness, peace, and light.
  • Once you have done that all, you will feel a vibrant positive energy circle around you. Moreover, the technique is important in meditation especially if you are unfortunately going through some mental trauma.

Programming your Crystal in a fun process- Feel the Bliss around you

Next, the answer to how to charge your crystal is quite simple. Take your stone in your hand and try to immerse yourself within the deeper self. Now take time to think and set your intentions i.e. connect the energy of the stone with the healing power you want. Try to be chakra specific i.e. if you want to work with intuition or third eye chakra, slowly lay down on your back and place the crystal at the corresponding chakra. 

Envision the flow of energy from the stone to your body keeping your eyes close. Now open up to the stone either silently or verbally. Try to tell the stone how you feel, what displeases you, or what deficiency of your personality you want to get over. Experts don’t favor asking the stone for help because no stone can help but your willpower. These healing gemstones or crystals have energies that they naturally possess. Of course, they act as absorbents and healers and that’s why their role should be only of a healer or prop of meditation.

Finally, once you feel the flow of energy, take deep breaths. In the end, show your gratitude and satisfaction to the stone as it fills the stone up with positive energy. Stay in the same meditation phase for a few more minutes to stabilize yourself. You will feel a 100% boost in energy, self-esteem, love, and happiness. Try precisely what we call programming your crystal to program your life up. 

How to activate crystals? Revive your crystal’s natural allure, vitality, and healing power

Are you stuck with the activation process of your crystal? Absolutely you need expert guidance. This 1-minute read will help you understand the basics of how to charge crystals by the activation process. But how would you know that your crystal requires activation? The answer is quite simple; your crystal will feel heavier or blocked than it was before. Besides, you will feel an evident dullness in the color or the energy level of your crystal.

A little interaction with the stone and the transfer of energy can make it happen. Interestingly, healing crystals are much like a child who needs intense care and affection. If you neglect your crystal, its allure will start to dim off and the radiance will be gone. For the activation, speak to your crystal and express what positive changes it has bought in your life. Besides, you can activate your crystal by visualization, audio notes, or light energy exposure. However, taking your stone outside where nature flaunts itself is wise. For this, you can take your crystal to a beach or a park where it absorbs maximum energies. 

Furthermore, surrounding your crystal with other energy stones is also a great way to activate the crystal. For this, you can make an activation grid with stones that have greater energy levels. For instance, Ruby, Clear Quartz, Kyanite, Selenite, and Carnelian are highly in-favor crystals and popular activators. You can use any crystal that you may find comfortable or that draws your attention. But make sure just like the cleansing process, the activating crystals should totally surround your crystal. 

Let’s do a Quick FAQs Session!

So, till now you have learned every single detail about how to cleanse your crystals, how to charge crystals, and how to use crystals to activate your crystals. We believe that this beginner’s guide, all compiled by professionals, is a great help to all stone lovers. There are some interesting questions asked by the stone lovers that we are going to address.

Q: How to cleanse black Tourmaline? I am afraid that water may interact with its shine.

A: Yes, it’s absolutely right. Water and minerals fade the allure of the Tourmaline and even damage the structure internally. In fact, long exposure even with freshwater is harmful to the stone. That’s why you need to go for an alternative. Cleanse your stone with brown rice or light. After that bring it underwater for no more than 30 seconds. Tap dry and your stone is ready to use. 

Q: How to cleanse Rose Quartz by keeping intact its delicate shine?

A: Though Rose Quartz has a delicate structure it can be cleaned using all the 10 ways. However, an important tip is don’t soak for long in the water. The best way to cleanse Rose Quartz is by light cleansing, brown rice cleansing, and moonlight cleansing.

Q: How often does my stone need cleansing and how to use crystals after they are cleansed

A: Cleansing is a vital need for a healing crystal and the stones work best when they are cleansed. However, you may clearly feel a heaviness and dullness in your healing crystal when it needs cleansing. Moreover, the best time to cleanse any healing gemstone is after every 2 weeks. Once you cleanse your stone, your stone is ready to use again at the instant.

Moonlight and Sunlight

You can use moonlight and sunlight to cleanse and charge your stone.

Both energies provide the necessary energy and make your stone more effective. It harvests yang solar energy into your stone with the sun, balancing out the gem’s original yin energy that it received at the time of its creation. But keep in mind, with sunlight, be careful when charging any stone that’s susceptible to discoloration. Stones such as rose quartz, amber, and amethyst should only be put out at dawn and for just an hour. 

As for any stones you charge with moonlight, do so during a full moon. Moonlight is non-color-altering and far more delicate than sunlight. Charge and cleanse your stones during a full moon so that their energy source is at its brightest and can increase your stone’s vibrations.

Natural Water

Water is perhaps the best option for neutralizing any negative energy that’s stored in the stone.

If possible, use water such as rainwater and rinse and stimulate the stone by placing it directly under 4–5 minutes. If that’s not possible, place the stone in a sieve and run the stone under a cold water faucet for 10 minutes or so. 

But when using water, remember to only use it for hard stones such as quartz, amethyst, or turquoise, since water does have a physical force and might damage any delicate stones.

Salt Water

Saltwater is an old method of cleansing and charging gemstones and crystals. Throughout ancient history, people from various religions and regions would use salt to remove unwanted energy.

The simplest method was putting the stones in a tub of water with a bit of sea salt added to it, most likely a pinch. If you can access seawater, this would also be great since the water would rinse away most residual negative energy. If not, water with a pinch of salt works fine.

But, be warned: we would not recommend a salt bath for most stones since salt does cause damage, particularly to some delicate stones, such as pyrite and hematite.

Cleanse With Earth

This is probably one of the easiest methods you can follow.

We attain gemstones and crystals from the earth. So, why not use the earth to soak away any unwanted energies?

Bury your stones in clean earth underground for an entire day and wash them with water after. You’ll feel the stones refreshing and cleansing energy. Or, if you have the opportunity, take your crystals for a visit to the woods. Sit by a stream, a waterfall, or just in the fresh air. Keep your stone away from any damage or too much sunlight. And just let it sit in your pocket or your hand if you’re in a calm, peaceful environment. 

This is especially useful if you don’t have a place to bury your stone. This way, you won’t have to worry about keeping your stone dry or lose it.

Brown Rice Crystal Cleansing

Don’t be fooled by this simplistic method!

Many practitioners have used brown rice to bring out negativity from stones by giving them a contained and safe setting. Brown rice is ideal for protective stones, such as obsidian, citrine, and black obsidian. 

When using brown rice, use dry brown rice and fill a bowl to the brim. Bury the stone in the grains, covering it completely. Keep the bowl in a dry, cool place, and do not touch it for 24 hours. And be sure to cover the bowl to keep it from any curious hands. Once the day is over, dispose of the rice immediately away from the proximity of your home. Remember, the rice has absorbed all the negative energy. You wouldn’t want that anywhere near your house.

Crystal Cleansing with Fire

Fire is also a popular purification method.

You could use smoke to cleanse your stones by burning them or smudging them with Palo Santo or sage sticks. But if you cannot access them, commercial incense sticks such as cedar and sandalwood work correctly for removing any negativity from the stone. You can also wave your stone over the smoke for 20–30 seconds, so the smoke purifies your house. This technique, known as smudging, can be done at any time of the day but requires some practice and time so that you can follow the ritual correctly.

Open up the windows before lighting the sage, so it doesn’t set off any smoke alarms, and use a feather fan to sage more than one crystal, so they’re directly in the path of the smoke.

If you can’t follow all these steps, a direct fire would be your best option. Directly burning your stone on fire burns away the negative energy in a few seconds. You can chant a prayer and create a ceremony that fits your idea, and you won’t have to worry about setting off those fire alarms either!

Cleanse & Charge Crystals with Sound

Sound cleansing is a popular method in the industry. In this method, you utilize a single tone or pitch to flood through the area, creating a singular vibration for 5–10 minutes. You can use many tools to make that sound, such as singing bowls, a bell, or a tuning fork.

The key isn’t essential when it comes to sound cleansing. It just has to be loud enough that the stone altogether feels the vibration. Use this technique if you know your stone hasn’t been moved or used in a long time.

Using Other Stones to Charge & Cleanse

An excellent crystal cleansing method is using stones such as quartz, amethyst, or selenite to purify and remove negative energy from clusters and crystals.

The right method of stone cleansing using other stones would be to put them on selenite for a minimum of six hours. This stone and any other purifying stones can neutralize, absorb, and recharge your stones. And to top it off, they’ll also amplify your stone’s energy with higher vibrations.

Meditation Charge & Cleanse Crystals

You’ll need a bit of practice for this. You can’t expect to cleanse your stone while you’re thinking about your grocery list half the time you’re meditating.

Meditating to cleanse your stone requires the ability to balance your energy with that of your stone’s by gently blowing a balanced breath on them. State your intention, so it’s clear that you’re refueling your crystal, and imagine the energy glowing from within. This technique will require regular cleansing sessions, but once you get the hang of it, they’ll come naturally to you. 

The Next Step—How to Charge Crystals

Once you cleanse your crystal, the next step is learning how to charge them.

Activating and charging crystals are two very different actions. While cleansing a stone means to bring your stone back to square one, charging your stone inherently means to fill it with the sort of energy you need.

Think of your crystal as a battery. Similarly, the greater its clarity, the more finesse its surface has, the lesser fractures it has, the greater its overall capacity is. By charging your crystal, you get to control the sort of energy charge your crystal accumulates and emits.

So, how do you charge the crystal? One essential tool you’ll need is a charging pyramid. Placing your stone with amethyst crystals or geodes, or even amethysts cut in two, provides a wonderful opportunity for charging and even cleansing purposes. Use the right time of day or the night of a full moon to charge your crystal appropriately. You can also place your crystal at the center of a crystal gridwork of quartz.

Whatever you, be aware of the environmental factors that may influence your crystal, thus warranting a response.

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Activating a Crystal

Now that you know how to charge crystals, let’s talk about activating them.

In theory and practice, both are inherently different. Whereas charging means renewing energy stored within a stone, activation means expanding the crystal’s energy range and capacity. Think of it as a turbocharger that’s added to a car engine. 

But unlike charging a crystal or cleansing it, activation is not a straightforward method. Exposure to low or high temperatures, understanding controlled conditions, avoiding thermal shock—all these has to be taken into account before you decide to activate a crystal. Even something such as a blizzard or a lightning storm will catalyze the crystal.

To start, the right method to go with is to place the crystal in the focal zone of any strong electromagnetic device. These could be plasma spheres, Tesla coils, or electrostatic generators. Anything that can excite the crystal and prompt more significant energy work well. You can also use magnetics or laser light to amplify the response. If you don’t have access to these tools, the most potent process would be to put your stone in the center of a 12-point crystal grid, then placing a cap-stoned pyramid over to complete it. For a week, you must spend time focusing on activating the crystal, meditating, and coming to terms with your surrounding energies, encouraging them to participate in this process.

Understanding Crystal Programming

A crystal is not an automated system, waiting to be programmed. But it is a neutral source of energy that needs to work in the right direction for you. 

Crystals don’t judge your intentions or situations, whether they’re good or bad. But unless you program them before you use them, you may end up amplifying energies in your life you don’t want.

Programming a crystal means that you give the crystal a nudge in the right direction, so its energy can work alongside yours, thus creating synergy. Whatever crystal you have, here is a method you must follow every time you bring a new gemstone to the family:

  • Cleanse your crystal using whichever method suits you
  • Bring your crystal up to your face, holding it in your hands. Close your eyes and take deep breaths in yogic breathing, in through the nose, out through the mouth
  • Focus on your thoughts, your faith. Think about the earth and what makes you happy. Connect it to your highest vibration.
  • Stay in that headspace and in that environment of light and love, envision the crystal’s purpose. Ask the crystal to stay cleansed of all unwanted energy.
  • Say it out loud or in your head, “I dedicate this crystal for the intentions of …” then recite the intentions you have.
  • Once you’ve done so, end your crystal’s programming by reciting thank you. Say it three times, in recognition of what you already have on this earth and in your life.
  • This task is optional, but if you’d like, wear the stone for seven days on your person.

How to Cleanse Different Crystals

How to Cleanse Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a low-maintenance stone, but this doesn’t mean you can use any method to cleanse it. Here is a list of the variety of methods you can employ to clear its energy:

  • Bathing the crystal: With rose quartz, it’s best to bathe the crystal in a river or a stream. Use a small net or colander so the stone doesn’t wash away.
  • Using a bowl: You can also collect rainwater in a jar or a bowl and mix some salt to turn it into saltwater. Then, you can rest the crystal in the bowl and bathe it.
  • Use incense sticks or sage smudge: If you’d instead go for the fire treatment, smoke is a good option. If you’re using sage, stick to white sage. If not, any sort of incense would suit.
  • Light: The rose quartz works well in moonlight and sunlight. If possible, placing the stone in the moonlight on a windowsill will significantly allow it to absorb that morning light come dawn.
  • Earth: Wrap the crystal in a clean cloth and bury it in mud to allow the earth to absorb the negative energy. Check on it once each day for a few days before bringing it back in. Do not employ this method if you have foraging animals living in your area.

How to Cleanse Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a sought-after stone, especially for people who want to eliminate unwanted negative energies in their homes. If you have a black tourmaline, you may notice that its ineffectiveness corresponds with its darkening appearance. In other words, you’ll notice the stone has some dark streaks. If that happens, here are a couple of methods you can use to cleanse the stone of its negative energies:

  • Use Electromagnetic Frequencies: Black tourmaline absorbs said frequencies. Keeping your stone near computers or electronics will help cleanse it of its energies.
  • Use Salt Water: It is safe to rinse black tourmaline in room temperature water or under a tap to cleanse it. However, we’d advise against keeping the tourmaline in saltwater overnight. The salt in the water may damage the stone.
  • Light: If possible, let the stone soak in direct sunlight once each month. Especially if negative energies surround you, doing so will help keep those energies away from yours.

How to Cleanse Selenite

Selenite is another famous stone, one that brings protection and good luck to the holder. 

As a high vibration stone, selenite is self-purifying, as it cleans the air wherever it may be placed. It also soothes and calms the people around it. Unlike other stones, selenite does not require any sunlight, water, or other procedures to stay clean and clear.

However, if you notice that your selenite is getting dull, the best option would be to charge the stone under a full moon with a full view of the moonlight. Keep your stone away from water since it can damage the crystal, and only use it with other stones once you know it has been cleansed of all its negative energy. That would most likely take four to six hours.

Amethyst for anxiety amethyst for stress depression

How to Cleanse Amethyst

Like the selenite, you may regard the amethyst as another self-cleansing crystal. But, this doesn’t mean your amethyst doesn’t require at least some love and care. Amethyst doesn’t require a complete cleansing procedure. However, it does need some TLC to remove every last bit of bad energy that may be left. Here are some ways through which you can do that:

  • Earth: Put your amethyst in a small cloth bag and bury it in a potted plant or your backyard. Leave it there for at least 24 hours. Check on it periodically. Don’t worry if any dirt does get in. After 24 hours, take the amethyst out of the bag and cleanse it using a bundle of sage or passing it through the sage’s smoke.
  • Water Bath: You may use rainwater, seawater, filtered water, or simple tap water for this process. Keep the water in the bowl, and submerge the stone, leaving it there for a week. Whenever you contact the stone, think happy thoughts, and thoughts of negative energy leaving the stone. 
  • Smudging: Use white sage or any incense such as patchouli or sandalwood. While bringing the crystal through the smoke, ask the higher powers for love and protection against evil people and energies.

How to Cleanse Citrine

Citrine is a precious stone in the crystal community. Bright and positive, this stone emits energy and happiness through its cells and burns through negative energy clouds. Citrine is a long-term stone and is radiant and powerful enough to influence your life the way you need, especially if your goals are financially-oriented.

Because of its power, though, the citrine requires some care through the following steps so it can work effectively:

  • Water Bath: Fill a large bowl with warm, clean water. Add a pinch of sea salt or Epsom salt, whichever works for you. Once the salt is dissolved, put the citrine in the water to cleanse it of its bad energies. Make sure the water is not scalding hot since that will damage the crystal. Keep the stone in the water for about 20 minutes, letting it soak. 
  • Smoke: We’d recommend using incense sticks of sage, frankincense, or rosemary. If available, try to use lavender or rosemary. Pass the stone through the smoke to cleanse it.
  • Sound: Sound is another method through which you can cleanse your citrine. You’ll be required to use a tuning fork, singing bowls, or a bell. You can also chant if need be.
  • Light: Because of its bright nature, we’d recommend using sunlight to cleanse your citrine crystal. Place the crystal on a windowsill near dawn, and allow the strong morning sunlight to flood the area. Keep the stone in direct sunlight for a few hours before bringing it in.

How to Cleanse Obsidian

Although obsidian might seem like a powerful stone, elements such as sunlight or even water (mostly saltwater) can cause plenty of damage to it. If you want to cleanse your crystal of its harmful energy build-up, here are some methods you can opt for:

  • Moonlight: As stated before, moonlight is delicate. Therefore, it’s the best option for delicate crystals and stones such as obsidian. Look for a full or new moon if it’s nearby; otherwise, put it out under the moon, wherever it may on the lunar cycles. 
  • Smudging: We’d recommend using Palo Santo or white sage to cleanse your crystal of negative energy. But if you don’t have those, any incense will do.
  • Sound: Sound is another popular method for obsidian. You can use singing pyramids, tuning forks, singing bowls. Whichever is clear enough to cleanse your crystal, got for it!

How to Cleanse the Tiger Eye

The Tiger Eye crystal is a much-appreciated and respected stone in our community. A powerful stone that promotes a passion for life encourages one’s drive for success and willpower, gives courage, strength, and determination. The Tiger Eye has every quality needed to give people the energy they need to lead a healthy, happy life.

The Tiger Eye requires cleansing once bought or given to someone as a gift since that prevents it from carrying negative energy. The Tiger Eye only requires one easy method to cleanse its energy; a saltwater bath.

Use saltwater and fresh filtered water, putting each in a bowl separately. Start by washing the stone in saltwater, then washing the stone in freshwater. After that’s done, you’ll be required to put the stone out in direct sunlight for 2–3 hours.

Even if you don’t use the Tiger Eye frequently, the stone still requires this process to be repeated every three months for it to work efficiently.

To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse? That is the Question

While using crystals, you’ll often come across this question, whether you should be cleansing crystals at all. 

In truth, no stones or crystals need to be exclusively cleansed. But they do require frequency readjusting. Primarily if you’ve used your crystals for intensive healing sessions, these crystals will require readjusting and cleansing to remove the negative energies they attract during those healing bouts. 

Taking the example of citrine, even though it is a self-cleansing stone, there is no ancient teaching that pushes us away from cleansing the stone further. Many regard crystals as re-usable tools that need to be reformed and re-tuned to work right. There is nothing that can separate crystals and stones such as citrine from other stones such as obsidian on a molecular basis. All stones require some form of readjusting to work their best.


Cleansing, activating, and charging crystals is a common practice amongst crystal users and healers.

However, for those who are new among us, learning how to cleanse crystals can not only guide us on a more enlightened path, it can allow us to understand the power of our crystals. We can learn how to harness it and utilize it.

And through the right system or recharging and activating crystals, thrive from it!

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