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Incense Holder Shop – #1 Worldwide. Discover the pleasures of Earth’s aromatic treasures with incense holders and incense burners from Crystal Shop! There is a special energy to a handmade incense burner that words cannot describe. Use your intuition to chose your own incense holder. Promote mindfulness, inner-awareness and a profound connection with the universe!

We handpick incense holders and incense burners of the best quality since 2005! It’s our pleasure to share years of knowledge to create a unique experience for you!


Quality Incense holders:

We don’t comprise the quality at Crystal Shop. We create each incense holder with the serene and aesthetic nature of our customers in mind. Safety is our top priority! You don’t have to worry about your kids getting hurt or your carpet being burnt.


A wide range of incense holders:

We have the best selection of incense holders. Incense holders come in different designs to match the interior of your home. Chose from simple ceramic incense holder to back flow incense burners. If you are a Feng Shui kind of person, we got you covered as well!


Feng Shui Optimized:

Get rid of the negative energy around you with the Feng Shui incense holder. It will not only bring serenity and cleanse air but make your nerves calm. Create a stress free, serene and tranquil environment with our exclusive Feng Shui incense burner.


Incense Cleanse the Environment

Bless your home by cleansing its environment with incense holder from our store. The statue of Feng Shui is believed to cleanse the surrounding area. Use it at home or at work for environment free from all kind of negativeness.

Ethically Crafted Incense Holder

We only sell ethical products. We highly value our customers and their needs. W stand by the genuineness and the quality of our incense holders. Green, Child Labor Free, Sustainable.

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Incense holder has been created to make the process of incense burning as safe and enjoyable as possible. It comes in many different forms and designs. Everyone can find a perfect incense holder to put at home, office or meditation studio to ward off negative energy, purify the space and attract positive energy.

Did you know that each fragrance has an array of unique healing properties, uses and effects? Burning incense reduces stress and anxiety, stimulates creativity, aids in sleep and yoga practice, increases sexual desire and so much more? On top of that it’s just extremely relaxing to watch the incense burn and inhale the pleasant aroma. 

The incense holders that we offer are all made of high-quality material which is provided to us by our highly trustworthy and ethically tested suppliers.

What is incense? 

Incense is a material that releases fragrant smoke when burned. From Latin the word “incense” literally means “to burn”. The aromatic substance used for making incense is usually plant-based. It includes a variety of flowers, grass, roots, seeds, resins etc. The most common aromatic ingredients are sandalwood, musk, frankincense, patchouli, cinnamon etc. 

What is incense burning? 

Incense burning is a process when aromatic elements and a heat source come together. Each incense has a combustible binding material allowing them to ignite, burn and release smoke. These materials can vary for each specific incense. But they usually include things like charcoal or wood powders.

Incense burning has been around since ancient times. Incense burning has been a part of religious rituals and medical practices of various cultures. Over the centuries and into the present day incense burning was used for praying, meditation, cleansing and clearing the air off negative energy. In past times people would tie grass and roots together or use a cup or bowl shaped incense burner filled with ash to burn an incense. Today we tend to use an incense holder or an incense burner. Together they create an enjoyable and safe aromatic space both indoors and outdoors. 

What is incense holder? 

An incense holder is a vessel or support made for burning incense. Incense holders come in many shapes and designs. There are ceramic and clay incense holders, smudge bowls and pots, backflow incense holders, box burners and wooden incense holders etc. Their main purpose is to hold an incense and serve as a tray for ashes. Incense holders make it convenient and safe to use incense burning during our indoors activities. Especially in aromatherapy and meditation practices.

Crafting Incense Burners Since 2005

If you are looking for an excellent quality incense holder you have come to the right place! At Crystal Shop we have a wide range of the best quality products. All our incense holders are handmade with natural materials, love and craft. 

Incense holders will help you create a soothing and relaxing experience. But what’s even more important a safe one! Which you can use in your home, office or meditation studio in efficient and effective manner.

We’re Excited To Take You On A Journey

With Crystal Shop!

But First, Let’s Dive Into History of Incense & See Where The Tradition Of Incense Burning Is Coming From!

History of Incense 

Incense has always played a significant role throughout the existence of mankind. Ever since the fire has been discovered by people, we found that many natural materials release odor when burnt. People noticed that the aromatic scents released by wood and grass are able to accentuate the senses. They can also influence our emotional and physical well-being. Burning incense sticks and incense making has come a long way. People find thousands of years old relics all over the world. This proves that incense has been a part of many different cultures since before the Stone Age.

Ancient Egyptians, Persians, and Assyrians

Incense meaning was highly valued and has been an essential element of religious rituals and offerings to the gods. Herbs and spices used in incense making were really popular on the market many years before Christ. Ancient Egyptians, Persians, and Assyrians were ready to pay a high price for the best scents. In fact Frankincense at that time was worth more than silver or gold and thrived for more than fifteen hundred years. The peak of Frankincense trade was during the Roman Empire. 

Records that were found in ancient Egypt indicate that patients were exposed to the smoke of incense for healing purposes. Incense burning was not only popular in healing practices during life. It was also extremely popular after death. Ancient Egyptians believed that sending enjoyable fragrances would be very satisfying to the Gods. In return, they expected that their wishes and prayers would be heard and granted. Archeologists made an amazing discovery in the tomb of Tutankhamun. They found a huge amount of oils, perfumes, incense and incense holders around his mummified body in the Valley of the Kings at Thebes. 

Native Americans

Native Americans knew exactly how to burn incense. They used natural herbs like sage, sweetgrass, juniper, cedar and pine needles in a ceremony called smudging. Each of the various elements is believed to have a specific energy that is related to it. These herbs and plants put in an incense holder are also known as “Sacred Plant Helpers”. These sacred herbs were traditionally used in purification ceremonies, to purify or bless people. As well as cleanse and clear the space of negative energy and attract positive energy. Smudging has been used for thousands of years and remains a part of their rituals today.

Present Day

Incense meaning is as important and relevant in present day religions. For many Eastern and European Churches incense is sacramental. It is used in rituals, prayers and meditations. Incense burning kept its meaning to the present day and is the same that our ancestors believed. It symbolizes purity, faith and a clear path for a seeking soul.

Incense Benefits & Incense Uses

Incense’s effects on the human body has a very interesting science behind it. The aromatic smell that is released during burning incense sticks stimulates the olfactory nerves. This stimulation can affect our physical, emotional and psychological state. We call this process Aromatherapy. If correctly performed the art of aromatherapy can trigger specific responses in our body. For example, reduce stress and calm anxiety, help with insomnia and encourage good sleep. Throughout the years people found that each specific fragrance can be used for a specific purpose. Discover incense benefits & incense uses and find out which fragrance and ingredient to use for different occasions.


Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Busy city life, excessive job, personal and family demands can sometimes result in emotional exhaustion. Calming fragrances like Frankincense, Sandalwood and Cedarwood will allow you to take a step back and relax. You can also make yourself a warm bath and lit a Lavender or Rosemary cone using an incense holder. Watching a stream of smoke flowing down the incense holder will clear your thoughts and create a comfortable space for just yourself.


Yoga & Meditation

Sandalwoods and Lotus are most common incense to use in yoga and meditation. They will create the right aromatic atmosphere to help you focus and deepen attention. It is best if you burn the incense before meditation and ventilate the room right before the practise. Make sure to place your incense stick or cone in an incense holder at least two meters away from you.


Natural Air Freshener

Religious and spiritual leaders have been using incense burning to purify the air and the soul. Today we know that incense smoke has  antibacterial, fungicidal, and insecticidal properties. Therefore it really is a great purify the air. The pure air is like a healthy food for our brain and body. Place an incense holder in your work, study or relaxing area. It will result in an increased motivation and accumulation of positive energy.


Prevent Infections

Recent Chinese study discovered that many types of incense have antibacterial properties. They used incense burning to sterilize a hospital ward and found out that it was as effective in killing germs as many common conventional means. By burning incense sticks at home you can prevent infections and disease. Make sure to use an incense holder for incense sticks and cones for a safe and smooth experience.


Alleviate Insomnia & Aid Sleep

Burning incense sticks can help you alleviate insomnia & aid sleep. Put an incense holder on your nightstand and burn lavender cone or stick before going to bed. You can also use Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose, Vetiver and Chamomile to calm and relax. These scents may slow down the nervous system, which relaxes the body and mind to improve sleep quality. Using a stick or a cone is much safer than lighting a candle. But we would still recommend putting out your incense because safety can never be too much.


Raise Serotonin & Dopamine

Incense burning are proven to stimulate the brain to produce essential chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin is also called a natural mood stabilizer and causes feelings of happiness, relaxation, and contentment. It helps reduce depression and headaches, regulates stress and anxiety, helps with digestion and sleeping. This makes serotonin and dopamine a natural, harmless and non-addictive alternative to taking drugs.


Boost Creativity & Productivity

Place incense holder on your office or home desk to stimulate creativity. Uplifting incense such as Lemongrass, Citrus scents, Geranium and Ylang-Ylang can help enhance your abilities and come up with new ideas. Incense burning encourages you to slow down, see a bigger picture and appreciate the little things in your life. Besides uplifting incense can be beneficial when working and studying. They enhance concentration and increases focus resulting in a productive pastime.


Increase Sexual Desire

Fragrances such as Jasmine, Vanilla and Rose are great natural aphrodisiac. That is why they are so popular to use in perfumes to attract opposite sex. They work the same way if you light them up and put an incense holder in your bedroom. A released smoke will stimulate sexual appetite and increase sexual attraction. Try incense burning with your partner to kick in the pheromone effect. We promise you will have a hard time keeping their hands off each other.

Choose a Perfect Incense Holder for Your Home

Incense holders come in different shapes and forms to create a unique personalized experience. Crystal Shop has a wide range of incense holder and incense burners for each occasion.

Backflow Incense Burners

Backflow Incense Burners are typically made of ceramic or clay and are used for burning incense cones. They are designed in a way to set the course of the smoke. Backflow Incense Burner lets it flow down the incense burner and create an effect of a falling water wall.

Ash Catcher & Boat Incense Burner

Ash catcher is the most common type of incense holders. It is typically flat piece of ceramic or wood that curves up at one end. But ash catchers can also come in the form of boats, dragons etc. There is a tiny hole in the curved end to hold an incense stick and an elongated body to catch the falling ash.

Combination Burner 

A combination burner is an incense holder that can handle different types of incense like cones and sticks. They come in many forms and can be made of clay, ceramic, aluminum and wood. Crystal Shop offers a great combination burner in the form of a fish lake and Bagua symbols surrounding the lake. It allows for the cone to release the smoke down the lake and catch the ash from the burning stick.

Flat Incense Stick Holders

Flat incense stick holders are usually made of ceramics, aluminum or zinc with a holde in the middle. If you are looking for an incense holder that is well ventilated and allows your stick to burn properly go with a flat incense stick holder. Crystal Shop has a beautiful lotus incense burner that comes in many colors.

Incense Holders in Feng Shui

We have crafted our backflow incense burners with care for our customers. We want it to add beauty to your life and overall place. Incense burner is a magic instrument. You use an incense holder to burn an incense and extract the pleasant smell. We are eager to design the incense burners to follow the aesthetic sense of your home and meditation space.

The smoke from the incense turns our room into paradise. It draws in everyone whoever passes by. There are different types of incense burners. For example, electric incense burner, vehicle incense burner, wooden incense burner, precious stone incense burner, and numerous others that you can choose at Crystal-shop.co.

Our Feng Shui backflow incense burners are what you need:

Increase the benefits of incense burning with our Feng Shui incense holders.
Enhance the surrounding chi when you burn your incense in our incense holder. Dragon incense holder would be a great choice. It is as if the dragons are blowing out Seng Chi – the positive and uplifting Feng Shui energy. that is beneficial to your health and fortune!


Mood Enhancer

Use an incense holder to enhance your mood! According to various researches, burning an incense cause the secretion of various hormones. Among which are serotonin and dopamine. These two hormones are associated with happiness and calmness. Enjoy a serene and tranquil environment after a long day with burning an incense!


Cleanse the Environment

Incense holders are great for cleansing the surrounding environment. Use them to bless your home with positive energy and ward off negative energy. Dragon incense holders and Feng Shui incense holders work especially great in this case. Visit www.crystal-shop.co to chose the one that suits you best! 


Bring Luck & Prosperity

According to the old Chinese believe, the symbol of Feng Shui brings luck and prosperity. So, whether you are a believer or not, there is always some good luck attached to it. If you want to attract money, financial prosperity and abundance, put an incense holder in the Southeast area of your home or office. 


Convenient to Use

Incense holders are made of natural materials with care and though about our customers. They are very convenient to set up and use at any time of the day. We make sure to follow all the safety standards. You get a product that is completely safe and secure to use inside the house, office or meditation space. 

Cool Incense Holders

When it comes to design we know how to create cool incense holders. Since you don’t buy ton of them you want yours to be really special. We combine traditional art of China and India with modern European design trends. At the end you are getting a cool incense holder of great quality and stylish look.

Visit www.crystal-shop.co for the largest selection of cool incense holders. You can chose among many materials such as wood, ceramic, clay etc. As well as pick an incense holder that would fit your state of mind at the current moment. You know that incense burners are great mood trackers. Listen to your intuition when choosing a cool incense holder and enjoy your special gift.

Incense Holders of Best Quality

At Crystal-shop.co, we never compromise the quality of incense holders. We choose the one thing that stays with you for a long haul. A quality that will satisfy you aesthetically without sacrificing its quality. A one of a kind Incense holder that is for keeps. A perfect home decor as well as a gift to love ones for birthdays or any special occasions.

Searching for a high quality and effective incense burner at affordable rates would be easy. Because there is nothing more suitable than our product range at Crystal-shop.co. Choose from the wide variety of incense burners and make your home fragrant and free from all kind of negative energy. Moreover, it will create a calm and positive environment in the home thus making your family bonds stronger.

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