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Jade & Rose Quartz Face Rollers –  Magical Skincare Tools

Are Jade Rollers Magical Skincare Tools?

By now, almost every beauty enthusiast is aware of the Jade Roller as it is not a new beauty in the market. These rollers have been in existence since the seventh century in China. Recently the tool has been trending on Instagram as a dubious skincare device that almost all beauty junkies must have.

Well, the trending was not in vain as the real jade roller promises to solve some issues on your skin like puffiness and wrinkles and gives the user a natural beauty. In this article, you are going to learn the insights on all these claims and why you should possibly use them. 

Therapists claim that even though the jade face roller is trending, it has been in use for quite some time now, especially in China. Jade rolling is believed to aid lymphatic drainage hence a depuffing effect on your body.

What a Jade Roller is

It is a simple rolling pin for the face made of gemstone jade. They can vary in color as you will find a pale green or bright blue roller. Jade is usually found in China, and this explains why the jade roller is commonly found in China. Jade is typically preferred by many as it is nonporous and also a cooling stone. The stone does not retain any bacteria.

While it is true, you will find other facial rollers with different materials such as rose quartz; the original Jade is thought to be most effective with unique spiritual and healing properties. Doctors claim it is a calming stone that relieves tension on your face. Jade is subsequently considered a good luck charm. It may bring you fortune and prosperity in your endeavors. 

Jade Roller after Moisturizing

Although jade rolling does not have any impact on the products, such as pushing them more rooted in you, it feels incredible when done after you have moisturized. Consider getting your skin well hydrated before Jade rolling by spraying hydrating mist on your skin or apply an alcohol-free toner.  

After that, you can apply a hydrating serum followed by the hydrating mist once more. You could decide to add natural face oil to finish it up. You are now all set to roll the jade face roller after the moisturizing process. Also, internal hydration is important too, so keep in mind to drink some water using Crystal Water Bottle for better results. 

How often you should use the jade roller

Understand that results from jade rolling are not long-lasting, and so to discover the effects of the same, you have to do it frequently. Experts advise that it is viable to use the jade roller daily and at any time you are performing the skincare routine.

Do Jade face rollers work?

The answer could be maybe. No clinical studies have shown the Jade has beneficial effects on your face. More research is needed to prove if they have clinical benefits. However, usage relaxes the facial muscles and gives your skin a cooling sensation similar to Yoni eggs

The facial massage with Jade could be beneficial over time. It is also believed this massage will enhance lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. This also helps you to increase spiritual energy in your Solar Plexus chakra, which is also done by using Chakra stones earlier in rituals and tradition. People also use other crystals too – Moonstone, Labradorite, Citrine and Selenite for Rollers. 

Jade Roller or Rose Quartz?

As mentioned earlier, a real Jade Roller is made of Jade stones. However, you might have come across other face rollers that make use of similar types of gemstones such as rose quartz. So, the big question is, can you pick any jade roller for your face or which is best for you? 

According to several researchers, the type of stone you use does not count. The issue here is being consistent and rolling the stone the correct way. So, you can use any of the two stones, either a jade roller or a rose quartz roller.

Jade Roller Benefits

Like a Crystal Pipe Jade rolling was used back then as traditional Chinese medicine. It was used to bring out negative energy and maintain a balance in the life force of Chinese medicine. Jade is commonly used today by many because it gives a cooling sensation, and the stone can remain cool even after it is placed on your skin.

The cooling effect produced assists reduce puffiness, brighten up your face complexion, and promoting blood circulation. Efficient blood circulation brings oxygen to the cells on your skin, which means products can get deeper into your tissues. This reduces the wrinkles and fine lines on your skin, giving you smooth skin.

Jade rolling is a kind of lymphatic massage. Lymph is a fluid that bears white blood cells that fight infections, and it traverses the body removing water and unwanted materials from the body. Research has indicated that lymphatic massage stimulates the lymphatic system, thereby assisting with the confiscation of the toxic buildup. According to many, that is what brings about improved complexion and brighter skin.

Final Thoughts

Jade rollers like yoni eggs are somehow useful to some point, as some studies have shown. It is a practical first step for anyone who looks to care for their skin naturally. However, for you to see results, you will have to do it repeatedly and over time. If you do it the correct way and follow the right procedures, you could end up having more beautiful and smooth skin than you previously had. Read next blog about Vision Board

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