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Everything You Need to Know About This Magical Gemstone Ring

For an exquisite and Eye-catching ring, you may want to consider getting a Labradorite Engagement ring. The ring gets its charm from the labradorite mineral stone

Below are a few metrics to help you understand why choosing a labradorite wedding ring is an excellent choice.

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14K Gold Plated Silver Labradorite Ring

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History of The Labradorite 

The first discovery of the labradorite stone by geologists was in the 1770s. The sighting occurred during the same time the town of Nain in Canada was discovered.

The legend behind the stone is one that is interesting and captivating. The story in the saga is that light was trapped in the rock of Coast Canada. And this is not just some small illumination, but the entire radiance of the northern lights. 

Then came a brave warrior. He was determined to set the light free. For it did not deserve to be trapped. So, he went and hit the rocks of Coast Canada with a spear. His plan worked, and the lights were free at last. These are the northern lights, otherwise, also called the Aurora Borealis. They have a spectacular view and appear only for a few minutes way up north.

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Despite releasing the lights, some still remained in the rocks. And this is why we have the Labradorite stones. The exquisite beauty of this Labradorite stone is believed to have acquired their magnificence from these pure lights. 

Over the years, the stone gained popularity. And in the 18th century, it became so popular in France and England for making jewelry and carving and engraving.  As of the present time, the stone still comes from Labradorite but is mined in other places. Some of these places include Germany, Australia, Finland, Norway, Russia, Madagascar, Coastal Rica, the United States, and Mexico.

The Healing Properties of Labradorite Ring Crystal

Just, at first sight, you will be fascinated by the stone’s appearance. It has a wide range of cold-spectrum colors. But, the gem glows with iridescent hues of blues, purple, and green colors.

Looking at it draws you closer, inviting you to go down the rabbit hole. Labradorite creates different meanings. One is that it can create channels to connect to the higher realm. The other purpose is that it is deeply rooted in people’s desire to understand where they come from. 
The Labradorite crystal has three distinct groups of chakra. They include the throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra.

According to yoga philosophy, there are over 88,000 points of spiritual or physical energies known as different chakras. The value varies with Hinduism; on the other hand, it recognizes seven chakras and Tantra, only recognizing four. Here are the healing properties for each labradorite chakra.

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The Throat Chakra Healing

The primary color associated with the throat chakra is blue and is found in the men’s labradorite ring. The color represents divine guidance, knowledge of, and oneness; the throat chakra aids in verbally expressing oneself to others.

It enables you to communicate clear and open communication of feelings and thoughts. With this jewel, you will have the ability to release. It acts as a gateway to higher consciousness and a path through which the heart’s emotions are passed.  Hence, the labradorite engagement ring allows you to have a harmonized union because of its chakra healing properties. 

The Third Eye Chakra Healing

The primary color associated with the third eye chakra is Indigo, as found in Labradorite wedding rings. The color stands for the search and attainment of spiritual purpose. 

This chakra is involved in several healing aspects. The first is intuition and your inner seeing. When thinking of a wedding ring, a labradorite silver ring to your loved one will aid in their intuition.

Higher consciousness is the other healing aspect of the third eye chakra. All these amounts to it being a spiritual and emotional love center. So, think of the labradorite gold ring for your engagement to help blossom love. 

The Crown Chakra Healing

This chakra is associated with two colors. One is white, which signifies purity, and the other is violet that represents enlightenment. 

Majorly, the crown chakra, like the name crown suggests, is the center of a person’s dynamic thoughts, energy, spirituality, and enlightenment. And to enjoy the Crystal gift of cosmic consciousness, consider buying the sterling silver labradorite ring. 
And when you are unsure of something, the Labradorite ring crystal will help you uncover the truths about self-limiting concepts, worldly pursuits, and illusionary ideas. You will not be able to detach from personal emotions while experiencing total self-awareness when wearing the purple labradorite ring.

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Benefits of the Labradorite Ring

Many benefits have been discussed above while elaborating on the three chakras of labradorite crystal. However, they are not the only benefits.

You stand to gain many more benefits if you decide to wear a sterling silver labradorite ring. Here are just a few of them:

  • The color of the stone allows you to match the ring with your other outfits and jewelry.
  • It has numerous spiritual and physical healing properties
  • It is not an expensive stone compared to other gems in the market. 
  • It is said to treat colds, gout, and rheumatism.
  • It is suitable for strengthening intuition.

What to Look for to Choose a Unique Labradorite Ring

The jewelry industry, sorry to say, is flooded with many counter fake products. And it is usually very discouraging to invest your money in buying a men’s labradorite ring only to discover it was not genuine. 

For you not to fall into such a scam, consider the following tips the next time you go shopping for a labradorite gold ring.

Check the Size of the Ring

An awkward scene is where you buy a ring only to realize it is the wrong size. You could return it to exchange it for another, but you will waste your time and energy. So, to save you the trouble. Make sure you know the size of the ring you want. 

Women’s sizes range from 6 (16.5 mm) to 6.5 (16.9 mm). In contrast, the majority of men sizes available in the industry range from 10 (19.8mm) to 11 (20.6 mm). 

Although these are not the only sizes in the market, there are a wide variety of sizes to choose from.

Here is a chart that illustrates the ring sizes available. 


Evaluate Labradorite Ring Color

The color of most labradorites is usually t gray-black or dark brown with a clod-spectrum of purples, greens, and blues. And you will love it just by the incredible rainbow flashes it offers. At the top of the list of Labradorite I terms of colors is the spectrolite. It showcases the full spectrum of rainbow colors and is only found in Finland. 

Having a spectrolite stone on your labradorite silver ring will cost you higher because of the color intensity. The richer the color of a labradorite stone, the pricier it may be. Interestingly, not all labradorite stones that have a full spectrum of colors are spectrolite. Some are just of a higher quality of Labradorite. Its origin is known as a spectrolite, for it is found nowhere else but in Finland. 

Having a spectrolite stone on your labradorite silver ring will cost you higher because of the color intensity. The richer the color of a labradorite stone, the pricier it may be.

Interestingly, not all labradorite stones that have a full spectrum of colors are a spectrolite. Some are just of a higher quality of Labradorite. Its origin is known as a spectrolite, for it is found nowhere else but in Finland. 

Check Labradorite Clarity

The clarity of a Labradorite Ring crystal is closely intertwined with its color. However, most are either opaque or translucent.  For other gemstones having impurities or inclusions in the stone devalues the gem, but for Labradorite, its play of color is because of the minuscule contaminants found in it.  Therefore, labradorite stones that are opaque will not display as much clod-spectrum of colors as translucent because it has just enough inclusion to allow the colors to pop. When selecting the clarity, you should check for translucent as they exhibit a fuller cold-spectrum of colors. And you should avoid transparent stones as they will not display the distinguishing clod-spectrum of labradorite gemstones.

Choose the right Labradorite Cut.

The cut of the labradorite gem on the ring significantly affects its iridescence. Hence, limiting the Labradorite to be cut into specific shapes such as ovals, pears, marquees, or rounds. Be cautious if you find a labradorite engagement ring gem, which is cut in angular cuts because the rock needs to be cut expertly and carefully to allow many layers of stones present in the rock to display the full color face-up and center. As such, labradorites are mostly cut into beaded cabochons with smooth domes. Except transparent Labradorite is faceted to enhance sparkle.

Consider the Labradorite Carat Weight

The carat weight determines the size of the labradorite wedding ring gem. The size can vary from one ring to another, and it does not affect the value of the gemstone. The carat weight is relative to the density of the stone and changes from rock to gravel. So, focus more on the Labradorite’s width and length when making your purchase, which relates to the size of the stone. Men’s labradorite ring stones may be found in many sizes. So, the size you choose is dependent on your preference, as it does not affect the value of the labradorite stone.

Why is the Labradorite Engagement Ring a Good Idea?

For those couples who want something different, Labradorite is the way to go. And because not so many people have it, yours will be unique. Here is what makes it stand out.

Labradorite Ring Durability

According to the mhos scale of mineral hardness, the Labradorite ranks at 6 – 6.5. What this means is that it may be prone to scratches by even dust at times. Nonetheless, it is not brittle and is quite durable and robust, unlike other soft gemstones. It is not prone to crack or break. So, for cases like when used in a ring such as the silver labradorite ring, you should set it in protective settings from exposure to prevent scratching.

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Caring and cleaning of Labradorite gold ring

Like you do regular cleaning of most of your home applications, you should ensure that you consistently clean your Labradorite to maintain in this shiny, lustrous form. Do not use streams or ultrasonic cleaners when cleaning your Labradorite. Instead, you should use warm water and soap together with a soft brush to clean.

And when you are satisfied it is clean, rice it in water and dry it thoroughly.  As for caring, you should ensure that you store your labradorite ring separately from other jewelry and wrap it with cotton or velvet cloth. This way, it will not be scratched by other items stored together. Lastly, ensure you remove your ring when undertaking tasks using harsh chemicals that may harm the labradorite stone. 

Are you Thinking of Buying a Labradorite Ring: Where to start? The best thing about buying Labradorite is that there are no enhancements or treated variants of the stone on the market. Therefore, you are sure whatever labradorite engagement ring you buy, is made of genuine mined labradorite gemstone.  On the other hand, it is not an expensive stone to buy, and you can get a labradorite wedding ring that fits your budget well. 

Why Buy the Labradorite Ring? 

There are many responses discussed above that may intrigue you to want to buy the ring. But here is a summary of the core reasons why:

  • Because of its capability to boost the abilities within the chakras above the heart chakra, the Labradorite silver ring is right for awakening your spiritual growth.
  • The labradorite stone can improve your energy levels. Hence, it is an excellent option if you feel you have been doing extravagantly and need a recharge. 
  • And with the acquired energy, the labradorite gold ring may assist you in sealing it and not allow any leakage. Besides that, it aids in clearing the negativity from it. 
  • For people who wish to protect their aura, they should consider having a labradorite ring. It has many interesting physical properties that have been mentioned above. 


There are many crystals you can opt for that may brighten and enrich your life. The beauty, magnificence, and raw power of the Labradorite Engagement ring is a fantastic choice. Either to propose to your lover, keep as a souvenir, or for your crystal collection. All these uses and more are shown in the above guide. 

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Denise Taylor

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