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Lapis Lazuli Stone Meaning & Healing Properties

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Lapis Lazuli Crystal Meaning

Lapis lazuli is a powerful crystal with a deep blue hue. It has been used for centuries for its unique properties and is still revered today for its beauty and healing energy. The lapis lazuli crystal meaning is associated with wisdom, truth, and understanding. This stone is said to help open the Third Eye Chakra and promote psychic abilities. Lapis lazuli is also believed to help release negative emotions and promote self-awareness. If you are seeking clarity and insight, working with a lapis lazuli crystal can be very beneficial. This beautiful stone can help you to connect with your higher self and tap into your inner wisdom.

Lapiz Lazuli Meaning and History

The beautiful blue stone known as lapiz lazuli has been prized by cultures around the world for centuries. Its name comes from the Latin word for “stone of lazaward,” and it has been used in everything from jewelry to royal robes. Today, lapiz lazuli is still prized for its beauty, but it is also thought to have spiritual properties. Many believe that the stone can promote wisdom, tranquility, and self-awareness. It is also said to help balance the chakras and encourage communication with the higher self. Whether you are drawn to lapiz lazuli for its beauty or its purported metaphysical properties, this stunning stone is sure to add a touch of elegance to your life.

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Dive into your deeper self and enlighten your soul with Lapis Lazuli meaning. Use Lapis to find your true purpose and mission in life. Wisdom is knowing the right path to take. That is why Lapis stone is also called a “Wisdom Keeper”. Its energy is effective in improving your intuitive abilities as well as inner truth.

Lapis Lazuli Meaning

Lapis Lazuli helps its owner to dive deep within and discover his or her potential. If you struggle with self-expression and not sure in what field you should apply your knowledge chose Lapis. Lapis Lazuli meaning is associated with inner peace, wisdom and enlightenment. It resonates with third eye chakra, the energy center that holds the whole essence of your inner truth and spirit. In keeping with lapis lazuli meaning, the stone is going to be a good companion. It will guide you on the way to your spiritual transformation. 

Buddhists have their own interpretation of Lapis Lazuli meaning. They use Lapis stones to help their students clear negative thoughts and promote vision. They believe that the blue mineral can encourage good judgment and wisdom in making decisions.

Inspire honesty with Lapis Lazuli properties

The blue stones inspire honesty. That is why Lapis Lazuli’s meaning is very much appreciated by the people of the following professions: archeologists, attorneys, inventors, entrepreneurs, journalists, psychologists and writers. Moreover, Lapis Lazuli helps with intellectual analysis and problem-solving. Keep this gemstone in a form of a point, pyramid or raw stone on your desk or working table. You will notice how the https://crystal-shop.co/third-eye-chakra/presence of Lapis helps you brainstorm and come up with unexpected ideas. It creates a certain state of mind and sets up for productive work, all of which support lapis lazuli meaning.

Lapis Lazuli History

We find the first mentions of Lapiz Lazuli around 4000 B.C. It was discovered in the West Hindu-Kush Mountains of Afghanistan. Even today Afghanistan remains the source of the highest quality and quantity of lapis lazuli stone. Argentina, Canada, Chile, India, Italy, Pakistan, Russia and the United States also mine Lapis stones. 

Ancient Egypt

Because of the mesmerizing blue color, the popularity of Lapis spread quickly throughout the world. Egyptians highly praised Lapis Lazuli. Archeologists discovered Lapis on the golden sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen as well as other Egyptian monarchs. Egyptians used Lapis stone in jewelry and decoration. They carved Lapis into scarabs, which was a popular amulet in Ancient Egypt. Lapis stone was also ground into ultramarine powder. Egyptians used it for medicinal elixirs, eye shadow and dying clothing. But only priests and members of the royal families could enjoy wearing these luxurious clothes. The intense blue color represented the spiritual contrast with the rest of the population. Besides, the gold flecks in Lapis stone reminded them of the nighttime sky making them closer to the gods. 

Pre-Columbian America & Medieval Europe

Since ancient times people were intrigued by the compelling energies, mystical appearance and Lapis Lazuli’s meaning. In pre-Columbian America & Medieval Europe a blue stone with gold flecks as a symbol of the starry night sky. People believed that the stone possesses the power to counteract the dark spirits and aid the light ones. In Persia and surrounding Islamic countries, locals used Lapis stone for protection from the evil eye. 

Greece & Rome

In Greek & Roman empires, Lapis was extensively used as an ornamental stone in jewelry, clothing and interior decoration. Painters and sculptors of the Renaissance era used Lapis Lazuli powder in their works. They say that Michelangelo used Lapis stone powder to color the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel! But it was an expensive stone and only royalty could afford to own it. Catherine the Great was a fan of this hypnotizing blue stone. She decorated the walls, fireplaces and doors in one of the rooms of her palace with Lapis stones. 

Lapis Lazuli is like a beautiful dark blue sky. For centuries people appreciated this crystal for its rich blue color. Even the name Lapis Lazuli literally means blue stone. It comes from Latin words lapis “stone” and Persian word lazhuward, meaning “blue”. 

What is Lapis Lazuli? Lapis is a combination of multiple minerals. Most common rock consists of Lazurite, Sodalite, Calcite and Pyrite. Higher grade comes in bright blue shades with gold marbling. While lower grade lapis is often of pale blue color with white flecks. The color typically depends on the place of origin. 

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Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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Lapis Lazuli Properties

Lapis Lazuli Stone Emotional Healing

If you ever find yourself not knowing how to move forward with your life turn to Lapis Lazuli. It’s great to use in both manifestation and meditation due to its healing properties. Lapis is able to protect you from psychic and physical attacks. It can be really helpful when you feel that stress level is pumping up in your personal or professional life. It releases stress and inspires inner peace. Besides that, it brings harmony, empowers positive thoughts and encourages compassion.

Lapis Lazuli Physical Properties

On a physical level, Lapis Lazuli can recharge your immune system. It enhances circulation by improving the cardiac rhythm. It can purify the blood and lower blood pressure when worn on your wrist in the Lapis Lazuli bracelet. Lapis stone is said to have benefits the nervous system and alleviates insomnia. Wearing a Lapis Lazuli necklace it feels like you can breathe in confidence and calm with every breath. Aiding in an expression of your true feelings and emotions Lapis is a stone to always keep nearby.

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Meditation with Lapis Lazuli

The energy of this blue crystal can boost the growth of intuition and stimulate the development of psychic powers. Being a visionary stone Lapis assists people with past life experiences. Especially those from Atlantis, Egypt, Peru, Sumeria and India. People often use it in meditation when working on recovering memories. It allows to answer the questions and possibly even overcome trauma haunting people from previous incarnations. 

Lapis Lazuli has been a meditation tool for many years. Egyptians believed that its gold flecks represented the stars on the night sky therefore transmitting the energy of the heavens. They thought that meditation with these gemstones would awaken supernatural forces to reward them with secret knowledge and enlightenment. 

Enhance your spiritual purpose with Lapis Stone

You should be ready to open the doors to the unknown when connecting to the high frequencies of Lapis Lazuli meaning. This gemstone will help you in revealing your true spiritual purpose in life. If you are in a dark place use Lapis to enlighten your soul. Meditate with Lapis if you want to achieve spiritual clarity and draw knowledge from the universe. Enhance its Lapis Lazuli jewelry healing properties by cleansing and purifying the stone before each meditation. 

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In antiquated occasions, Lapis Lazuli was most profoundly respected in view of its delightful shading and the significant ultramarine color got from it. Its name originates from the Latin lapis, “stone,” and the Persian lazhuward, “blue.” It is shaped by numerous minerals, for the most part, Lazurite, Sodalite, Calcite and Pyrite, and is a rich medium to illustrious lapis blue with gold specks (pyrites). Lower-grade Lapis is lighter blue with more white than gold specks and is here and there called denim Lapis.

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Lapis Lazuli is regularly called Lapis for short. Honestly, the short name “Lapis” is truly used more much of the time to depict this gemstone than the full term “Lapis Lazuli”. Lapis Lazuli meaning is seldom with no of the white Calcite present. Inserted Pyrite precious stones inside most Lapis Lazuli add to the radiance and instinctive nature of this gemstone, and when equally circulated in little sums makes it increasingly attractive. A more profound blue shading makes this gemstone increasingly important, just as an insignificant measure of spotting or dashes of white Calcite.

Lapis lazuli can empower you to work through what you have deliberately smothered or unknowingly suppressed in your mind. Get yourself some lapis lazuli, may it be a stone, lapis lazuli beads or anything of it and enable it to help you on this adventure of care, mending, and living!

Talking about spiritual edification, everything begins with oneself. The Lapis Lazuli stone causes us to dive deep inside our spirits to stir our actual destiny and magnificent reason.

That is a troublesome assignment for a stationary object, however, you’d be astonished at how this amazing stone sparkles a light on the spirit and its intrinsic capacity to recuperate. The shade of water, the nurturing component of the planet, the Lapis Lazuli precious stone importance speaks to the numerous shades of sapphire blue, the shade of self-articulation and mindfulness.

Thought about a sacrosanct shading amid the Renaissance, Lapis Lazuli meaning was ground into powder and blended into the paint that was utilized to for the Virgin Mary’s robes and other notable church buildings.

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What is Lapis Lazuli’s history

Talking about spiritual edification, everything begins with oneself. The Lapis Lazuli stone causes us to dive deep inside our spirits to stir our actual destiny and magnificent reason. That is a troublesome assignment for a stationary object, however, you’d be astonished at how this amazing stone sparkles a light on the spirit and its intrinsic capacity to recuperate. The shade of water, the nurturing component of the planet, the Lapis Lazuli precious stone importance speaks to the numerous shades of sapphire blue, the shade of self-articulation and mindfulness. Thought about a sacrosanct shading amid the Renaissance, Lapis Lazuli was ground into powder and blended into the paint that was utilized to for the Virgin Mary’s robes and other notable church buildings.

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Lapis Lazuli is a standout amongst the most looked after stones being used since man’s history started. Its profound, heavenly blue remains the image of eminence and respect, divine beings and power, soul and vision. It is an all-inclusive image of knowledge and truth. These stones have been prized ever since, as they are a standout amongst the most lovely blue gems sold.

In antiquated occasions, Lapis Lazuli was most profoundly respected in view of its delightful shading and the significant ultramarine color got from it. Its name originates from the Latin lapis, “stone,” and the Persian lazhuward, “blue.” It is shaped by numerous minerals, for the most part, Lazurite, Sodalite, Calcite and Pyrite, and is a rich medium to illustrious lapis blue with gold specks (pyrites). Lower-grade Lapis is lighter blue with more white than gold specks and is here and there called denim Lapis.


The Lapis stone emerges in the realm of gemstones with its profound sapphire blue shading. It additionally contains flourishing and wealth characteristics with its extraordinary varieties of gold and white spots from Calcite and Pyrite stores, the good fortunes stones. Related with the third eye chakra, the Lapis Lazuli significance can be followed back to antiquated Egypt where sovereignty had confidence in its capacity to animate receptiveness to the soul world and interminable potential outcomes of the creative ability. Style symbol and Egyptian magnificence Cleopatra utilized the pulverized powder of Lapis Lazuli in her beautifiers to make the mark eye make up plan that symbolizes an Egyptian pharaoh.


Likewise used to adorn tombs of King Tutt and different well-known pharaohs, you may ask what is lapis lazuli that made the pharaohs use it,  the Lapis Lazuli gem importance helps conquer any hindrance between the physical world and the profound domain that exists into the great beyond in a converging of the over a significant time span. Take this stone out for a turn on your profound adventure and prepare to dive deep inside, the sacrosanct spot in your spirit where you conceal your most profound wants. Take it significantly further by contemplating with the precious stone and extending your brain to an existence where the sky’s the limit, incorporating talking with predecessors from past lives

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Meaning

In the event that you are attracted to the Lapis Lazuli crystal, it could be an indication that you’re prepared to open the ways to the enchantment and miracle of the universe. Think with Lapis Lazuli meaning, a water component stone, and find the trustworthiness of your soul, both in the spoken and composed word. To set the temperament for profound contemplation and shamanistic venturing, set up your space with a purifying and cleansing custom. Getting from the Native American custom utilized for a large number of years, smirch your condition and precious stones with sage to wash down the vitality fields of dangerous vitality. Like any contemplation practice, start your restorative session by concentrating on your breath and calming the psyche. This is likewise a decent time to assess your present state. In the event that the hamster wheel is in overdrive, center your psyche around the stone and request that it bring quietness amid times of turmoil.

Lapis meaning brings the consciousness of the spirit and your profound reason throughout everyday life. For the Egyptians, it was the extraordinary pyramids. For you, it’s whatever your heart wants. Also, despite the fact that we may walk unexpected ways in comparison to our predecessors, our goals are the equivalent – to stroll into the light of heavenly reason. In the expressions of logician Carl Jung,

“Who looks outside dreams. Who glimpses inside stirs.” If you are attracted to the cool and calming shades of this energetic stone, it could be an indication that you need assistance escaping an otherworldly funk. Move out of the pit with Lapis Lazuli precious stone properties and bring serenity and otherworldly recharging into your life.

Lapis Lazuli Word Meaning

There’s something very special about the Lapis Lazuli stone. Its deep, rich blue color is like no other and has been prized by cultures around the world for centuries. But there’s more to this beautiful stone than just its looks.

Lapis Lazuli is said to promote wisdom, truth and self-awareness. It can also help with emotional balance and stability. If you’re feeling stressed or down, the lapis can definitely help you feel more centered and at ease.

This stunning stone gets its name from the Latin lapis, meaning “stone,” and the Arabic lazaward, meaning “blue.” Its unique color comes from the presence of several different minerals

Lapis Lazuli Discovery

Lapis Lazuli was first mined in Afghanistan in 7500 BC, during the Neolithic age. It was very popular with ancient civilizations, who carved it into jewelry and other decorative items.

Lapis Lazuli Deposits, Where is Lapis Lazuli Found

Lapis lazuli is a gemstone found in the mountains of Afghanistan. It is a beautiful blue stone that has been used for jewelry and other decorative items for centuries.

The first known reference to lapis lazuli comes from an ancient Egyptian tomb where it was used as a pigment for paintings. The Egyptians believed that the blue color of the stone was associated with the heavens and with the god Horus. lapis lazuli was also popular with other ancient cultures, including the Babylonians, Persians, and Greeks.

These days, most of the lapis lazuli mined in Afghanistan is exported to India, where it is made into beads, cabochons, earrings, and pendants.

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The Largest Lapis Lazuli  Stone Deposit & Mines in The World

There is no one “largest” Lapis Lazuli deposit in the world. The stone is found in locations around the globe, including Afghanistan, Chile, Russia, and the United States.

Each location has its own unique benefits and features. For example, the Lapis Lazuli mined in Afghanistan is known for its high quality and intense blue color. The deposits in Chile are among the largest in the world, and produce a range of colors from pale blue to deep navy.


On the off chance that your emotional conjecture is mostly shady and obstructing your internal beams of sunshine, approach the Lapis Lazuli properties and channel the mitigating vibrations of its dark blue shading, which motivates pictures of the sea, and the sky.

Also, with regards to finding your glad spot, these nurturing components make top goals for quieting the brain and opening the ways to a higher awareness. The Lapis stone enables you to keep your feet on the ground and your mind in another place.

Cherished by the ancient Egyptians for its ground-breaking capacity to realize understanding and profound change, the Lapis Lazuli healing properties likewise have handy applications. A characteristic option in contrast to asperin, this stone is a fantastic solution for headaches and cerebral pains, particularly since it animates the third eye chakra.

Spot on your temple alongside other mending water stones like Turquoises and Sodalite, and breathe in profoundly while feeling its splendid beams of light injecting your body with recuperating vitality. On the breathe out, envision all the terrible vitality being discharged, similar to a waterway of serenity streaming out towards the ocean.

Lapis Lazuli Emotional Healing Energy

Lapis Lazuli is a precious stone of truth in all viewpoints. It uncovers inward truth and advances mindfulness and the acknowledgment of that information. It accommodates the alleviation of things that may have been stifled and takes into account them to surface, lessening disease or subdued annoyance, and takes into account self-articulation without keeping down or trading off.

Lapis blue energizes nobility in kinship and social capacity. It energizes the characteristics of trustworthiness, empathy, and uprightness when managing others. It gives a consciousness of one’s inspirations and convictions and gives a clearer point of view of as long as one can remember. It uncovers not exclusively one’s constraints, however open doors for development and to use one’s blessings and capacities.

Raw Lapis Lazuli

Raw Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful deep blue mineral that can be found in many places around the world. Because it is a natural stone, the color and texture can vary significantly from one stone to another. Some stones are almost entirely solid blue, while others have lighter or darker stripes running through them.

Polished Lapis Lazuli

Polished Lapis lazuli is a popular gemstone that has been used for centuries. It is believed to have powerful metaphysical properties and is often used as a chakra stone.

Lapis lazuli can be used to balance the Throat Chakra, which is associated with communication and self-expression. If your Throat Chakra is out of balance, you may have difficulty speaking your truth or communicating effectively. Lapis lazuli can also help you to access your intuition and inner wisdom.

This beautiful blue stone can also be used to balance the Third Eye Chakra, which is associated with psychic abilities and mystical insight. If your Third Eye Chakra is out of alignment, you may struggle with depression, anxiety

Lapis Lazuli Geode

Some people also believe that Lapis Lazuli Geodes can help to improve mental clarity and increase spiritual awareness. If you’re interested in trying out this natural remedy, it’s easy to find online or at your local metaphysical store. Enjoy!

Lapis Lazuli Cluster

Lapis Lazuli often forms clusters. The blue color of the stone is caused by small amounts of copper and/or iron in the mineral. These minerals are often found in association with one another, so it’s not uncommon for Lapis Lazuli to form clusters.

Lapis Lazuli Point, Tower or Wand

If you’re thinking about using a lapis lazuli point in your meditation practice, you’re on the right track! This beautiful blue crystal is known for its high frequency energy, which can help to open up the communication channels between you and the Divine.

When working with lapis lazuli meaning, it’s important to call in your Intentions and High vibrational Helpers such as Angels and Guides. This will assist you in creating a strong connection to the energies of this stone. Once you have set your intention, hold the Lapis in your receptive (non-dominant) hand pointed towards what you desire  In order to entrain your mind with higher thoughtforms.

Lapis Lazuli Sphere

Lapis Lazuli Sphere is a powerful crystal ball for psycics. It is used to amplify psychic visions and intuition. Lapis Lazuli Sphere can also be used to contact spiritual guides and guardian angels.

Lapis Lazuli Pyramid

Some people believe that Lapis Lazuli pyramids can be used for lucid dreaming. A lucid dream is a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming, and you can often control the course of the dream.

Some people believe that placing a Lapis Lazuli pyramid on your bedside table can help induce lucid dreams. The idea is that the blue light emanating from the Lapis Lazuli will help to increase awareness and clarity during dreaming. Others recommend meditating with a Lapis Lazuli pyramid in order to stimulate the Third Eye chakra and promote clear intuition and insight.

Lapis Lazuli Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy

Lapis Lazuli initiates the clairvoyant focuses at the Third Eye, and stabilizes the energies of the Throat Chakra.

The Brow Chakra, likewise called the Third Eye, is the focal point of our discernment and direction. It coordinates our sight and ordinary familiarity with the world. Our cognizance is situated here, and we identify with ourselves through this chakra.

It adjusts the imperative and the irrelevant, arranging importance from information and impressions. It directions the vitality stream inside the body. Exactly when the brow chakra is in equality we see clearly and grasp what we see. We can interpret distinguishable prompts and our acknowledgment is high. Our insights and inside correspondences are sound and enthusiastic. We are accessible to new contemplations, visions, and dreams. We can be inconspicuously keen, and shrewd. We can control the stream of vitality inside all the chakras.

The Throat Chakra is the voice of the body, a weight valve that permits the vitality from alternate chakras to be communicated. On the off chance that it is shut or out of parity, it can influence the strength of alternate chakras. In equalization, it takes into consideration the declaration of what we think and what we feel. We can convey our thoughts, convictions, and feelings. At the point when the throat chakra is in parity and open, we can bring our own fact out into the world. We have a simple stream of vitality inside the body and soul. The vitality that springs upward from the lower chakras can proceed with its way empowering free articulation and normal discharge. Blue gem vitality will unblock and adjust the throat chakra. The darker shades of blue convey the intensity of truth.

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Lapis Lazuli Spiritual Energy

Lapis is one of the most seasoned profound stones known to man, utilized by healers, ministers, and sovereignty for power, insight and to invigorate mystic capacities and internal vision.

Lapis rapidly discharges pressure, taking into consideration harmony and quietness. Set over the third eye, Lapis extends mindfulness and cognizant attunement to the instinctive self, animating illumination and upgrading dream work. It grants otherworldly traveling and taking advantage of individual and profound power. Lapis gives an association dream powers that are attempting to both guide and advice amid changed states.

As a security stone, Lapis Lazuli meaning perceives clairvoyant assault and squares it, restoring the vitality back to its source.

How to Cleanse Lapis Lazuli Crystal?

Cleansing your Lapis Lazuli crystal is a very important part of caring for it. This process helps to remove any negative energy or pollutants that may have attached themselves to the stone. Here are a few easy ways to cleanse your Lapis Lazuli:

  • Place your crystal in direct sunlight for a few hours. The sun’s natural energy will help to cleanse and purify it.
  • Run it under cold water for several minutes. The rushing water will help wash away any negativity or impurities.
  • Smudge it with sage or other cleansing herbs. This will drive away any negative vibes and restore balance and harmony to the stone.

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How to Charge Lapis Lazuli Stone?

You can charge your lapis lazuli stone by placing it in direct sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. You can also place it on a piece of selenite or amethyst to cleanse and charge it.

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Lapis Lazuli Crystal Benefits

The stunning blue of lapis lazuli has captivated people for centuries, and this beautiful crystal is said to offer a wide range of benefits. Here are five ways lapis lazuli can improve your life:

  1. Enhances creativity and self-expression – If you’re seeking to open up your creativity, lapis lazuli is the perfect crystal for you. It’s said to boost expression and communication, helping you to better articulate your ideas. This makes lapis lazuli an excellent choice for anyone working in the creative arts or looking to explore their creativity in a new way.
  2. Stimulates spiritual awakening – Lapis lazuli is known as a stone of truth and enlightenment.

Lapis Lazuli Color Energy

Lapis blue vitality is ideal for improving appreciation and sympathy in ourselves. Dull blue precious stones show us humankind, circumspection, and respect. Lapis color enables us to act all the more beneficently and spotlight our endeavors on the administration to other people. They encourage us effortlessness, affectability to the necessities of others, and delicacy in our dealings.

Lapis Lazuli Feng Shui

Lapis Lazuli meaning in feng shui is Water vitality, the vitality of stillness, calm quality, and purification. It is yielding, indistinct, yet ground-breaking. The Water component brings the intensity of recovery and resurrection. It is the vitality of the circle of life. Use Lapis gems to upgrade any space that you use for rest, quiet reflection, or petition. Water vitality is generally connected with the North zone of a home or room. It is related with the Career and Life Path region, its streaming vitality guaranteeing an equalization of vitality as your life unfurls and streams.

Lapis Lazuli Chakra Association

Lapis lazuli is believed to be associated with the third eye chakra, which is said to be the center of intuition and psychic ability. It is also thought to represent wisdom and truth. Many people wear lapis jewelry or place it in their homes as a way to encourage these qualities.


Lapis Lazuli Zodiac Association

Lapis lazuli has been associated with the astrological sign of Sagittarius since ancient times. This association may be due to the blue color of lapis lazuli, which is said to represent truth and enlightenment. Lapis lazuli is also thought to be a helpful stone for those who are seeking knowledge or understanding.

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Jewelry

Lapis lazuli is one of the most popular crystals around, and it’s no wonder why! This shimmering blue crystal is said to represent wisdom, truth, and knowledge. It’s also said to be helpful for those seeking self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment.

Lapis lazuli is often used in jewelry, as it’s both beautiful and has powerful meanings. Whether you’re looking for a necklace, earrings, or a ring, there are plenty of stunning lapis lazuli pieces to choose from. If you’re new to wearing crystals, lapis lazuli is a great choice as it’s believed to be very supportive.

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lapis lazuli jewelry benefits metaphysical powers

Wearing Lapis Lazuli

The healing and cleansing properties of Lapis Lazuli make it the perfect stone to wear as jewelry. It is said to dispel negative energy and promote self-awareness, truth, and inner power. When worn regularly, Lapis Lazuli can help you to become more centered and in touch with your intuition. Additionally, it is thought to boost creativity and communication skills.

Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

Lapis lazuli is a beautiful and unique gemstone that has been used for centuries in jewelry, art, and other decorative items. Though it is most commonly found in shades of blue, lapis lazuli can also be found in white, yellow, green, and purple.

Lapis lazuli is said to promote physical and emotional well-being. It is thought to stimulate the mind and help one to achieve greater insights and wisdom. Lapis lazuli is also said to promote self-awareness and protect against negative energies.

Wearing a lapis lazuli bracelet can help you to enjoy these benefits while also adding a touch of beauty and style to your wardrobe.

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mystical lapis lazuli ritual necklace with blue gemstone pendant
Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Many people believe that lapis lazuli has strong spiritual energy and can be worn as a bracelet to enhance your positive energy. Some people also believe that it can improve communication, help with depression or anxiety, and increase creativity.


Lapis lazuli is a deep blue gemstone that is said to have been created by the tears of God. It is thought to have been one of the most prized gemstones in history and has been found in excavations dating back to 4500 BC. Lapis lazuli is believed to protect the wearer from harm and promote peace and harmony.

Lapis Lazuli Ring

There are many Lapis Lazuli Ring options on the market, but it’s important to find the one that is right for you. With so many different materials, gemstones, and designs to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ring is right for your personality and lifestyle.


Consider these factors when choosing a Lapis Lazuli Ring:

– What material is the ring made of?- What type of gemstone is in the ring?- What design does the ring have?

– How often do you plan on wearing it?

– What occasion will you wear it for?

Each material has its own unique benefits. Gold rings are classic and elegant, silver rings are modern

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Lapis Lazuli Earrings

Lapis lazuli earrings are definitely a must-have for any jewelry collection! Not only are they incredibly beautiful, but lapis is also said to promote wisdom, truth and rectitude. 

These stunning earrings feature lapis lazuli gemstones set in sterling silver. The perfect accessory for any outfit, these earrings will add a touch of elegance and luxury. 

Lapis lazuli is an extremely popular gemstone for jewelry making, due to its gorgeous blue color. It is said to represent Heaven in many cultures and is often used in meditation as it is believed to promote serenity and inner peace. 

Lapis Lazuli Engagement Ring Meaning

Lapis lazuli is one of the most popular stones for engagement rings, especially among couples who are looking for something a little different. This semiprecious stone is stunning in its deep blue color and has a long history of being used in jewelry.

Lapis lazuli is said to represent wisdom, truth, and royalty. It’s also said to be a powerful love stone that can help promote fidelity and commitment in a relationship. All of these qualities make it an excellent choice for an engagement ring.

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Meditation with Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a visionary stone due to its lapis lazuli healing properties, acquiring data to the mind visions instead of words. It very well may be a driving force for higher mindfulness, and regularly helps those with past-life associations with antiquated civic establishments – Atlantis, Egypt, Peru, Sumeria, and India, among others.

Ruminating with this stone can help with recouping recollections of those Lapis Lazuli past lives, help recapture lost learning from those civic establishments, and rouse advancement in the present manifestation.

Lapis lazuli meaning was respected in antiquated occasions as an image of divine beings, soul, and dreams. It was generally utilized by the old Egyptians for some reasons, including the capacity to associate with the sole domain and access consecrated learning.

How to meditate with Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis Lazuli properties make it a powerful stone for meditation. It can help to open up the Third Eye and Crown Chakras and promote spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

When meditating with Lapis Lazuli, it’s best to sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight. Hold the stone in your left hand, and close your eyes. Visualize the stone glowing with blue light, and allow the light to fill your entire being. Breathe in and out slowly, and focus on the peace and stillness that lies within you. Stay in this state for as long as you like, then release the stone and open your eyes.

Right up until today, lapis lazuli is a ground-breaking blue stone that has the ability to enliven you through otherworldly development.

  • Pondering with blue lapis lazuli can enable you to encounter the genuine bounty, enchantment, and miracle of the universe.
  • Lapis lazuli is a healing crystal of harmony, trust, mindfulness, and inward truth.

The best sort of lapis lazuli to use for meditation is a little-cleaned stone or you may combine different stones to achieve better results like jasper and lapis. Crude lapis lazuli is as yet delightful and ground-breaking, however, it is progressively agreeable to put a cleaned stone on your body than an unpleasant one.

Lapis Lazuli Most FAQ’s

What is the spiritual meaning of lapis lazuli?

Lapis lazuli meaning is one of the most established spiritual stones known to man, utilized by healers, clerics, and royalty, for power, wisdom and to invigorate mystic capacities and inward vision. It speaks to the universal truth.

What are the healing properties of lapis lazuli?

Empowers mindfulness, permits self-articulation and uncovers internal truth, giving characteristics of trustworthiness, sympathy and profound quality to the identity. Invigorates objectivity, and lucidity and empowers inventiveness. Lapis Lazuli properties help to go up against and talk about one’s fact and motivate certainty.

How expensive is lapis lazuli?

Lapis lazuli is not a costly stone, however fine material is as yet uncommon. Lower evaluations may move for under $1 per carat, while the superfine material may reach $100– 150/ct. or on the other hand more at retail. Some similar stones are Amethyst, Obsidian, Tourmaline, Citrine and Rose Quartz

Is lapis lazuli rare?

The even, dark blue shade of this lapis lazuli property cabochon is rare and very prized by experts. Lapis lazuli has cherished the world over for its delightful dark blue shading.

What is lapis stone good for?

Lapis is an incredible stone for officials, columnists, and analysts, animating wisdom and decision-making ability in the down-to-earth world. It helps scholarly investigation in archeologists and students of history, critical thinking for legal advisors, and makes new thoughts for innovators and authors.

Does lapis lazuli have gold in it?

Variously referred to as indigo, illustrious, midnight, or marine blue, lapis lazuli’s mark tone is somewhat greenish blue to violetish blue, medium to dull in tone, and very immersed. In its most-prized structure, lapis lazuli has no unmistakable calcite, in spite of the fact that it may contain gold-shaded pyrite bits.

How do you cleanse and charge lapis lazuli?

Cleanse your gem by holding it under running tepid water. Since it is genuinely delicate, it ought not to be absorbed in water for an extended stretch of time. In the wake of purifying, dry the stone quickly and altogether. When a month, charge your Lapis lazuli overnight in a bowl of tumbled hematite stones.

What is lapis lazuli made of?

The most critical mineral segment of lapis lazuli is lazurite (25% to 40%), a feldspathoid silicate mineral with the equation (Na,Ca)8(AlSiO4)6(S,SO4,Cl)1-2. Most lapis lazuli likewise contains calcite (white), sodalite (blue), and pyrite (metallic yellow).

Where was lapis lazuli first found?

Lapis lazuli has been mined in Afghanistan and sent out to the Mediterranean world and South Asia since the Neolithic age. Lapis lazuli dots have been found at Mehrgarh, a neolithic site close Quetta in Pakistan, on the old exchange course among Afghanistan and the Indus Valley, dating to the seventh thousand years BC.

Is lapis lazuli the same as Sapphire?

In late classical occasions and as late as the Middle Ages, lapis lazuli was frequently called sapphire (sapphirus in Latin, sappir in Hebrew), however, it had little to do with the stone today known as the blue corundum assortment sapphire.

Lapis Lazuli: My Journey Towards Spiritual Healing

Lapis is one of the most seasoned profound stones known to man, utilized by healers, ministers, and sovereignty for power, insight and to invigorate mystic capacities

I have been feeling so down for almost a week now, and I don’t really know what really puts me down. There have been so many things going on right now. My spirits so down and I can’t even finish a chapter of my favorite book.

I have been trying to distract myself from the things that make me down by doing and going to my favorite places. But all those attempts are for nothing, it’s all useless. I just stayed on the bed for hours, just sleeping. Then, one day I stumbled upon an article about healing stones.

It is said to be a powerful helping tool in knowing yourself. Healing in deeper perspective, but despite knowing this I am a bit skeptical and maybe a bit afraid because I might be able to discover things: bad things about myself. As I scrolled up to the last page I was able to convince myself that I will try this.

I have found out that it can heal some aspect of our mind, body and spirit, and it has 3 primary ways a healing crystal can help transform our energy and resolve imbalance:

In Clearing, crystals can take in and expel specific sorts of energy from our bodies. Like a magnet can get little bits of metal particles, the healing gems can take out negative energy from our body.


Energizing, healing crystals and stones are also able to give in energy into our body, mind or spirit through inducing resonant frequencies. A crystal can get energy from the quantum field and send it into its own energy field.

In Balancing, our world is very consistent. Take a look at our bodies. The energy of our planet adjusts things in a mirrored pattern. Sometimes, your vitality might be misaligned and out of equalization and healing crystals can utilize the properties referred above, which are basically pulling in and repulsing, to adjust zones of enthusiastic disharmony.

Knowing about the ability of healing crystals, I am down to know and choose a specific type of crystal. They say that the crystal can feel you, so when entering a shop the first crystal that caught you might be the answer. So I did that, and that crystal is Lapis Lazuli.

But I can’t fully utilize the material to its full capacity without knowing about it, so I asked the seller what is lapis lazuli, and she willingly discusses it with me. As I take it home, I am so amazed by the lapis lazuli healing properties.

So, I was able to meditate with this stone. Was able to know me even more. And from time to time I spend some quality time with myself. The best experience you could ever had then just gone to places.

Get to know yourself and get more in love with the world of crystals!!


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