Malachite Meaning and Benefits

Malachite Stone is known for its fascinating green bands ranging from light green to dark emerald, and sometimes almost black. In a single piece of tumbled Malachite, you can expect to see various patterns- no two stones look the same. This copper-based stone dates back as far as 3000 BC and was known to be used for a large variety of reasons. The Malachite meaning in Greek is malakos, meaning soft. They are essential to a crystal lovers’ collection, Malachite Stone is a truly unique stone, not just for its looks, but it also holds amazing healing properties.


The History of the Malachite Stone

Think back as far as 3000-4000 BC at the time the Ancient Egyptians roamed the Earth. The Egyptians loved Malachite Crystal and had many uses for this beautiful green stone.

 Egyptians of course wore crystals in their jewelry, but Malachite gemstone was especially useful for things other than jewelry. Malachite Stone is a soft stone, making it perfect to be crushed up and used as pigment. The Egyptians learned this and used the green pigment for makeup, wall paint, and even was used in glazes and the coloring of glass.

At the time, Malachite held meanings such as protection and power. Malachite was also carved into amulets and scarabs; the stone was said to protect the children from evil spirits. Even to modern day, this stunning green stone is said to be highly protective.

The Egyptians weren’t the only ones to discover the various uses of Malachite. The Ancient Greeks and Romans also took a liking to the stone and often used it to carve vases and sculptures. The Malachite stone was not only used for things such as vases and wall paint. During the Middle Ages people found uses for it on a more physical level. People would often use the Malachite properties of healing as a cure for vomiting and other ailments.

Even to this day this Gemstone is a powerful healing stone. Judy Hall, a pioneer in the world of healing stones, has said Malachite is one of the most important stones for the New Age. The Malachite healing properties are still relevant today as they were thousands of years ago.

malachite stone meaning and benefits

Where is Malachite Stone Mined?

This earthy green stone can be found all around the globe. From warm areas such as Mexico, Australia, and Namibia, to colder regions such as Russia and Germany, there is no shortage of areas where Malachite Stone can be found. Its unique look would make you think that the Malachite stone is rare- but with deposits around the world, it is considered a more common stone.

It can also be found in various areas of the United States. Places such as Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico have mineral deposits where Malachite stone can be found.

malachite stone meaning and benefits
malachite stone meaning and benefits

How is Malachite Formed?

Malachite stone is a secondary mineral to copper. It is a carbonate, which is what the Earth’s crust is mainly made up of. There are three groups of carbonates, Malachite being a compound carbonate. Malachite is formed when copper minerals are altered by other chemicals.

Sometimes the crystal can form as needles, fanning out from the rock they are embedded in. We typically see Malachite as a mass with the bands of light to dark green being exposed. The beautiful bands of a Malachite stone can be seen when cut open or polished.

Malachite Properties for Healing

All crystals hold mystical healing properties, and Malachite is no exception. For thousands of years, Malachite has been appreciated for its ability to heal our physical body, our mind, and our spirit. Green is associated with our Heart Chakra, this Chakra is one of the most important. It allows us the opportunity to feel love and give it back to others. When the Heart Chakra is out of balance, we tend to have feelings of self-doubt, jealousy, and hatred rule our heart center.

Malachite can help us navigate these feelings associated with the Heart Chakra… let’s find out more about the Malachite properties for healing.

malachite stone meaning and benefits

Malachite Properties for the Physical Body

Malachite stone can play an important role in healing our physical bodies when used. It’s why healers back in the day used it for issues of the stomach or other illnesses, it’s proven it’s worth over the course of thousands of years.

One way Malachite stone helps our physical body is by keeping our blood pressure down. Its calming energy and connection to our heart center make this stone a great healing tool for people suffering from blood pressure issues. It allows our blood to flow through us easier and keeps our racing heart at bay when we have anxiety.

Not only can Malachite work in harmony with our heart center, but it also is a helping hand to more feminine issues like menstrual cramps and labor pains. Some even refer to Malachite as the “Midwife Stone” for these reasons.

Another way Malachite works for our physical body is by helping torn muscles, ligaments, and broken bones regenerate and heal faster. If you have issues with your joints in daily life, working with the energy of the Malachite stone may help.

malachite crystal

Malachite Properties for the Mind

As mentioned before, the Malachite meaning thousands of years ago was protection, and to this day that meaning holds up. It helps us get rid of negative energies and people who don’t have our best interests at heart. The crystal works to increase our intuition which in turn helps us decipher who is for us and who is not.

This protection is especially useful for when you go to work or hang out with a group of people you’re not familiar with. If you have a hard time standing up to people or setting strong boundaries when needed then Malachite is a great stone to work with. When someone that doesn’t respect you crosses your path, Malachite stone will push you to stand strong and not back down.

Once you begin to work with the mighty energy of this earthly stone you will begin to see how your true self takes form. Another way people identify the Malachite meaning is by referring to it as the “Stone of Transformation”. It truly will transform your life for the better. Making you more confident, more aware, and a better version of yourself. Not only can Malachite be transformative, it will give you the ability to accept change easier; Letting you flow through the ebbs of life with ease.

Malachite Properties for our Spirit

Like we mentioned earlier, Malachite is connected to our Heart Chakra. This Chakra plays a huge part in how our spiritual energy is felt and taken care of. If our Heart Chakra is unbalanced or overworked it can lead to us feeling anxious, disconnected from the source, or stuck and unmotivated.

Our Heart Chakra is one of the most important that we can have balanced. It promotes self-love which is a high-frequency state of being. Without self-love, we often don’t connect with the world around us as we should.

One of the Malachite meanings is being very spiritually connected and rooted in our spiritual energy. When we are connected to ourselves spiritually we have the ability to connect with our higher-self easily. Along with that, we are better able to tap into our intuition when we have a balanced Heart Charka.

 If you find yourself blocked energetically, harness the Malachite properties to heal your spiritual energy.

Is Malachite Stone Water-Safe?

Unfortunately, due to the chemical makeup of Malachite Gem, it is NOT water safe. A quick rinse of a polished piece of Malachite should be fine, but never put a raw specimen underwater. You should never soak Malachite Stone, whether polished or not, in water due to the potential risk of toxins.

It is made up of copper but also other potentially toxic chemicals such as Sulphur (Pyrite) and Lead. Submerging Malachite in water for periods of time can lead to the stone dissolving which in turn will make the water toxic, and potentially release toxins into the air.

You should never drink an elixir with Malachite either- so no crystal water bottles, or cleansing mists made with Malachite, these could be dangerous. Also, try to avoid leaving Malachite in the bathroom, the steam from showers or accidental water getting onto the stone can be damaging to you and the specimen.

Wearing Malachite jewelry such necklaces, rings, or bracelets are safe. If you find yourself wearing a piece of Malachite jewelry and it starts raining, be sure to wipe the stone as soon as you can.

If you like cleansing your stones with water it is advised to have a different method of cleansing for stones that are not water safe. A tip to remember is any stone ending with “ite”, is typically not safe to be put in water.

Ways to Use Malachite

Malachite is a beautiful pop of color for any room or piece of jewelry. Malachite can be put in most places, especially in our bedrooms, office, and our spiritual altars. The Malachite properties of healing make it an exceptional gemstone that is able to be integrated into any part of your home.

Malachite for the Home

Since the Malachite meaning is largely about protection, it makes sense to place it in high traffic areas or rooms where you do your spiritual rituals. If you are having people over at your house, you can leave a piece of Malachite at the front door to catch any unwanted energy. You can also make a crystal grid by placing Malachite in the corners of the room or on the window sills. If you make a crystal grid, you can also include other stones such as Selenite or Tourmaline for added protection.  Be sure to place your Malachite places where it won’t get wet- and be especially careful placing the stone where children can reach. If the stone breaks the powder from the Malachite can be toxic.

If you decide to harness the Malachite properties of protection for your spiritual rituals, it would be wise to place a piece on your altar. This works to protect you against energies that are negative and can help keep them from attaching to you in your sacred space. Keeping a piece of Malachite stone on your altar may even help you connect to your spirit guides and ancestors easier.

Malachite Jewelry

Besides Malachite meaning protection and using it for spiritual benefits, this luscious green stone is aesthetically pleasing. It makes a great addition to any necklace, bracelet, or ring. One of the best ways to tap into Malachite or any crystal is by crystal-to-skin contact. This way you are inviting the energy directly into your body, soaking up all those amazing benefits.

You can pair this crystal with other powerful stones such as Agate or Hematite, both known to work harmoniously with the energy of Malachite.

Cleansing Your Malachite Stone

It’s important to regularly cleanse your crystals, especially Malachite. Since this stone is a powerful protector it will soak up energies quicker than most other crystals.

We’ve already mentioned that water is not a good way to take care of Malachite, so what is it? If you feel your Malachite is especially drained of energy it may be a good idea to let it sit on the Earth for a few days. This method is not something you need to do all the time, only the times you have been using the stone more than usual. You can let it charge back up through the Earth by placing it in your garden, under some dirt, or even just letting it sit next to a tree.

If you’re looking for a quicker way to get a nice charge, you can place your stone in the sunlight or under the Full Moon light for a few hours. Both of these methods are a great way to restore Malachite’s powerful energy.

Is Malachite Calling your Name?

If Malachite has been on your mind it’s your intuition’s way of letting you know to work with its energy. It is a powerful protector and can work to give you a boost of confidence in life. It’s an earthy green stone that has been used for thousands of years and will continue to be loved well into the New Age. 

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