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Men’s fashion has improved in our modern era, including the use of accessorizing with jewelry. Gone are the days that men’s rings were thought to only be wedding bands. In fact, since the beginning of history, rings have been a symbol of wealth, privilege, and status. This is still true in today’s time. We see sports stars wearing their giant championship rings and even fraternity brothers with collegiate rings. 

Wearing a mens ring goes far beyond wedding bands, designers around the globe now design mens fashion rings, and they are a statement piece! 

There’s nothing better than a man not afraid to accessorize himself. With mens rings, there is a style for everyone, and that’s the beauty of them. Whether you fancy Cartier mens rings, a stunning amethyst ring, or just a simple band, you can surely find something to fit your unique personality. 

In this guide, we are going to cover everything you need to know about accessorizing with rings. From the meaning of each finger to how to choose which ring is right for you. 

Looking to add a ring or two to your jewelry collection? Check out the cool men’s ring trends happening in 2021! 

Black Rings for Men 

More people are staying away from the traditional rings, like silver rings for men, and opting for something bolder. A black ring for men is perfect for someone wanting something sleek but different.  

Black rings for men come in different metals and other finishes. The trend for 2021 is silicone rings, especially for those hardworking electricians and construction workers. Also, a black ring for men made of silicone won’t get in the way of lifting weights and they’re so inexpensive! 

If you’re not into the silicone trend, but still want a black ring for men, you can opt for titanium. The beauty of titanium is it comes in different finishes, like silver, blue, red, and more! 

Rose Gold Men’s Ring 

Staying the course of non-traditional rings, rose gold mens ring is another 2021 trend. Gold and silver have taken the cake for decades, but as more metal finishes come out, there are so many more options to stand out from the crowd. 

A rose gold mens ring is great for those who like gold but don’t necessarily like the harsh yellow tone of traditional tone. Rose gold is a nice middle ground as it still has that gold tint. Rose gold can also come in a champagne color, it truly depends on the copper content of the ring. 

Mens Birthstone Ring

Birthstone jewelry has been around for many years, but for a long time, it was seen as more “feminine” than anything. As the popularity of gemstones increases, so does the desire for a mens birthstone ring. 

A mens birthstone ring makes for a great gift, either for yourself or someone special. It’s a personal token to the month you were born, and the healing properties behind the gemstone make it that much better.

Mens Turquoise Ring 

Turquoise has that southern feel to it. It’s also a popular stone among natives and ancient cultures. Finding real Turquoise can be a battle so finding a reputable seller is important. Once you do find a genuine mens turquoise ring, it’ll be hard to take it off. 

Mens turquoise rings also come in many designs and finishes. A popular choice right now is a wooden ring combined with turquoise-talk about uniqueness! You will receive so many compliments! No one can resist the beauty of a men’s turquoise ring

The best way to test if your mens turquoise ring has a genuine stone is something called the cotton swab test. Take a tiny bit of acetone on the tip of your cotton swab and tap lightly on the stone. If any dye comes off on your cotton swab, you have a fake mens turquoise ring

Black Diamond Ring Men’s 

Traditional diamonds can be a bit overrated. Plus, if you’re looking for a black ring for men, you probably don’t want the bright white diamond to clash. This is why there are black diamond rings men are going crazy about. 

A black diamond ring men are loving is one made with tungsten or titanium bands. They make great wedding rings, or even just a cool mens ring to wear every day. The black diamond ring men want will of course cost similar to a traditional diamond, but the look is something you can’t get from a traditional diamond. 

Another popular choice right now is a mens ruby ring mixed with black diamonds. The contrast between red and black stands out and is a definite statement piece and makes for a cool mens ring. 

Mens Snake Ring 

For our snake lovers out there, or just someone looking for something different, you will love the mens snake rings that are trending. They are awesome rings, often come in different finishes from silver, titanium, and more. 

A lot of men wear their snake ring on their pinky finger or index finger, both options look great. If you’re lucky, you can find a mens ruby ring combined with a snake. These often look like a snake going up the finger with gemstones encrusted throughout. 

Men’s Aquamarine Ring 

The last ring trend we’re going to cover is the mens aquamarine ring. Although this can fall under a mens birthstone ring, a mens aquamarine ring can be more than that. Due to the increase of people not wanting the traditional white diamond, they opt for different gemstones. 

A mens aquamarine ring includes a subtle blue gemstone that looks great with any color or metal finish. They are often cheaper than a traditional diamond ring too. A mens aquamarine ring isn’t just for a wedding, birthday gifts, or promise rings – it can be worn for any occasion!  

Men’s Rings: Which Finger is the Right One? 

There are no rules about which finger is the “right” one, but there are different meanings for each finger. The exception here is a men’s engagement ring or wedding band, but for the most part, you are free to wear your ring on your finger of choice.

Pinky Finger

The pinky finger is the most popular choice for mens fashion rings. The first advantage of choosing the pinky ring is the fact there are no cultural or religious associations. You don’t have to worry about the potential of offending someone or giving them the wrong impression. Compare that to your ring finger, someone may look at you funny if you’re a bachelor sporting a mens ring on the finger a wedding band is supposed to be. 

Another advantage of a mens pinky ring is that your pinky often doesn’t get in the way when you’re working or doing something that could potentially mess up your jewelry. Unlike, let’s say, your index finger. Since we commonly use our pointer finger throughout the day, it may become a hassle if the ring keeps getting in the way. 

The beauty of a mens pinky ring is you don’t have to worry about that. The pinky is a bit isolated from the rest of your hand and body. 

This leads us to our next point; a mens pinky ring will stand out. Since it’s on a finger that we typically don’t pay any mind to, the first thing someone will look at when they meet you is your pinky ring. This is because we never have anything on it or use it for important things. A  mens ring worn on the pinky is for those that want the attention and want to make a bold statement. 

The Ring Finger

Next to our pinky is, of course, our ring finger. The ring finger is common for men’s engagement rings and wedding bands. In North and South America, a band on the right ring finger is associated with an engagement. A band on the left ring finger symbolizes marriage. We will get more into the difference between both hands a little later on in this guide.  

Men’s engagement rings haven’t always been popular. In our modern society, especially with the increase of same-sex couples able to get married, they are becoming more accepted and worn. There’s nothing sweeter than showing your undying love for someone by wearing an engagement ring. Especially for men since engagement rings are not “traditional”. 

When it comes to the wedding, most men opt for a simple men’s band ring. This could be a cultural thing, as most people don’t wear decorative or men’s fashion rings to symbolize their marital status. This doesn’t mean you can’t if a statement mens ring is your thing. 

The ring finger can also be a placement for a promise ring for men. If you’re not quite at marriage yet, a promise mens ring is a step in that direction. 

So, why does our culture insist the mens ring finger is the most traditional for weddings and engagements? It’s been said that the ring finger is the only one that was thought to have an unbroken artery that leads straight to the heart. Meaning this mens ring creates a direct connection to the heart to symbolize the infinite and eternal bond between two people. 

The Middle Finger

The middle finger is the largest one on our hand, but it’s the most uncommon one for men’s rings. This is because a ring on the middle finger can get in the way or clash if you have, for example, a wedding ring. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear a ring on this finger, just keep in mind if you plan to wear a ring on the ring or index finger. 

If the middle finger is your safety zone, especially if a men’s pinky ring isn’t quite your style, you can opt for a simple, sleek band. The middle finger is sturdy, and to some can seem more “manly”. A ring on the middle finger is said to symbolize balance, structure, and order due to its central location. 

The Pointer Finger

When choosing your mens ring, naturally you may think the index (or pointer finger) is not the best option. Next to our thumb, the index finger is the one we frequently use throughout our day. But, regardless of popular belief, the pointer finger could be the best position for your new men’s fashion ring. 

First off, a mens ring on your pointer finger will not get in the way of your wedding mens ring or even a pinky ring. Unlike a middle finger ring that will constantly clash into both the pointer finger and mens ring finger. 

If we think back to the history of mens rings on the pointer finger, we see that it was the most common to wear a mens ring on. The general type of ring worn on the pointer finger was a men’s signet ring or family crest. There were places in Europe that forbid people of a lower class to wear a ring on their index fingers. This is because they denoted a certain class or rank of family, so a lower rank class would have given the wrong impression wearing the men’s signet ring on their pointer finger. 

Of course, in our modern society, there aren’t regulations for which finger a man can wear a ring on. At least not in North and South America that is. In today’s time, most people choose to wear their class, fraternity, or signet rings on their pointer finger. 

The Thumb

Wearing a ring on the thumb is the most common, especially for cultures outside of traditional North America. Much like the index finger used to symbolize wealth and power, wearing a ring on the thumb has taken that spotlight in today’s world. 

The thumb is very much “disconnected” from the rest of the fingers, meaning you can wear a mens ring on this finger without it clashing with the others. Also, the thumb is sturdy, so a lot of people choose to have big, decorative statement mens rings for it. 

A thumb ring will naturally be bigger and a bit bulkier than say a mens ring on your pinky or ring finger. Keep this in mind when searching for the perfect ring, as you don’t want it to be overly bulky or you run the risk of it feeling like an anchor on your hand. 

A bold men’s fashion ring will look stunning on your thumb and wearing it on your thumb sets you apart from everyone else. It’s a statement piece, often showcasing your dominance or assertive personality.  The thumb isn’t a great option though for something like a promise ring for men

Right vs Left Hand

Now that we’ve covered what each finger symbolizes when wearing a cool men’s ring, it’s time to talk about the difference when wearing on the right hand versus the left hand.  

Keep in mind these are basic “guidelines”, but with fashion, it’s a place you can make up your own rules. Also, which hand or finger you choose to wear a ring on can look different for every culture, country, or religion. 

For example, a traditional North American man will wear his wedding or men’s engagement ring on his left hand. Someone getting married in Eastern culture may wear his wedding or engagement ring on his right hand. So, as you can see, it truly is up to the wearer which ring or hand he feels comfortable with or that’s traditional. 

If we are talking about signet rings or class rings there is a different set of rules than a wedding or engagement ring. If you are a part of a specific fraternity, the members could ultimately decide which finger or hand they want to showcase their ring on. 

The same goes for a family crest or men’s signet rings, it may be traditional within your family to wear the ring on a certain hand or finger. 

When accessorizing with rings, don’t get caught up so much with what is “right” or “wrong”, it’s purely subjective. You may find that you prefer to wear your rings on the hand opposite of which you write with. 

For the sake of symbolism, the right hand is often viewed as the “physical hand”, and the left is viewed as our “mental hand”. But, again, this symbolism can be seen differently depending on who you ask or what region of the world they are in. 

Astrological Meaning of Each Finger 

For the men out there that dabble in the world of palmistry and astrology, we have some symbolism for you too when it comes to choosing the right finger. With each finger and its planetary association, it carries a certain energy. You can amplify the energy behind the fingers by matching them up with rings, such as mens gemstone rings.  

Pinky in Astrology 

This little guy is associated with Mercury, the planet of communication. Some believe that wearing a men’s pinky ring is a symbol of intelligence and persuasion. Those who fancy wearing a men’s pinky ring are often more in touch with their intuition and also exhibit great listening skills. If you’re into astrology, wearing a ring on your pinky finger can also help with expressing yourself, especially in friend groups or with strangers. 

If you want to take this symbolism to the next level, you can wear a men’s gemstone ring, and choose a stone such as Lapis Lazuli that is known for enhancing our communication. 

Ring Finger in Astrology 

The ring finger in astrology is associated with the sun, the divine source of creativity, beauty, and joy. For men who like to be traditional on their wedding day, you can wear gold or even rose gold mens ring to symbolize the mighty sun. The sun is also a symbol of power and leadership. 

Also, the ring finger’s connection to the sun symbolizes love and courtship, due to the connection with our heart centers. Pair the mens ring finger with a mens gemstone ring that includes Rose Quartz to amplify its energy.  

Middle Finger in Astrology 

As we mentioned above, the middle finger is associated with power and balance. This is fitting since the planet Saturn is associated with the middle finger. In astrology, Saturn is all about discipline, hard work, and determination. A mens black onyx ring is a great one to wear on this finger. 

Tune in with your inner self to promote energies of responsibility and determination when you need that extra boost.

Index Finger in Astrology

The index finger represents air elements, so it has a lot to do with our ego, self-esteem, and passion. It relates to the planet of Jupiter which is associated with healing, good fortune, and prosperity. 

If you are going through a trying period in your life, tap into the energy of Jupiter by wearing a men’s gemstone ring with inclusions of yellow Topaz  mens ring or Sapphire mens ring. You can manifest more success and prosperity when you consciously choose your jewelry. 

Thumb in Astrology 

The thumb is the only finger that doesn’t have an exact planetary association. But, it has been said that is it positioned between Venus and Mars. The energies carried out by the thumb are willpower, our self-esteem, and of course, nobility. 

Benefits of Wearing Men’s Rings

  • Add an extra layer to your style by matching up your rings with your favorite outfit. Wearing a grey suit? Pair it with a black diamond ring for men to make it pop. 
  • Want to show off your favorite sports team? You can find cool mens ring that showcases your favorite football, baseball, and even basketball team. 
  • If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry you can pass down to your son, what better way to do that than a mens signet ring. Show your love for family by handing this down throughout the generations. 

Different Types of Men’s Rings 

Whether you like to wear a ring with your daily outfits, or you feel rings are only good for special occasions, there are so many different types of cool mens rings to choose from. In today’s world, you don’t need to be married or in a committed relationship to enjoy a nice fashion piece. Let’s go over the different styles of rings and their meaning. 

Luxury Brand Mens Rings

A nice ring already is a symbol of power and social status, but if you have a luxury brand ring, you are in a league of your own. Men and women will swoon once they see your new Cartier mens ring that you are stunting on your finger. Talk about real luxury and a symbol of wealth.  

Think about it, women show off their designer bags and jewelry, so why can’t a man do that too? Typically we see men sporting a Rolex watch, but being the outlier and wearing a luxury ring will set you apart in a crowd. 

High-end jewelry doesn’t need to only be for fancy dinners and parties, wear it to the office to show your clients that you know what style and luxury look like. 

Promise Rings for Men

Promise rings for men are beginning to become more popular. What better way to show your commitment to your partner than by wearing a ring to symbolize your love. Traditionally, women wear promise or engagement rings. While this is fine if it works for you, it’s a big misconception that men can’t have one too. 

Promise rings for men can be inexpensive, no need for a fancy Cartier ring if you can’t afford it. It’s simply a symbol for your partner and can even keep you from getting hit on when you’re out with the boys. 

A promise ring doesn’t need to be a typical band that we normally see. You can find great options like a silver ring for men with inclusions of gemstones. Another great option for a promise ring for men is a black diamond ring for men

Mens Engagement Ring 

Once you’re ready to be fully committed with your partner, surpassing the promise ring days, you can show off your love with a mens engagement ring. There are no rules saying a man can’t wear one, so why not show that you’re off the market with a sleek mens band ring

If a band isn’t your style, you can spruce it up with some diamond inclusions or gemstones. There are plenty of options from mens amethyst rings to mens aquamarine rings. The cool thing about rings is you can tailor them to your style, or your favorite color. It’s completely up to you! 

Mens Birthstone Ring

We each have a birthstone that is associated with the month we were born in. For example, if you were born in September you have the birthstone Sapphire, a deep blue color that looks good on anyone’s finger. 

A mens birthstone ring is a way to show off a little about yourself, and it makes for a good conversation starter if someone notices. Most mens gemstone rings also have a meaning behind them which is worth looking into. 

Mens Signet Ring 

A signet ring, also known as the “gentleman’s ring”, was traditionally seen as a symbol of a family’s rank or heritage. In modern society, we no longer live by that standard, anyone can wear or own a signet ring. 

A mens signet ring has a flat bezel and is typically engraved with a symbol, name, or family crest. The design on the signet ring can also be raised and have inclusions of diamonds or gemstones. 

Here’s a fun fact about mens signet rings! In Britain, before the 19th century, a signet ring was engraved front to back with the family crest. When sealing a letter with wax, you’d use the signet ring to deboss it, which proved it came from you.

Signet rings can also be a replacement for a traditional wedding band especially if you want to customize your ring to symbolize your family or partner. The bezel on a mens signet ring can be square or oval, the choice is up to you. They come in different finishes and styles, which we will touch more on later. 

A signet ring is also super customizable. You can choose a silver ring for men if you like the look of it. If you want a pop of color, opt for a black diamond ring for men

Men’s Rings Sizing 

Sizing a ring without going to a jeweler is tricky, but completely possible! Most rings can be resized, especially if it’s just a simple men’s band ring. But rings such as men’s gemstone rings or rings with diamonds all around are not able to be re-sized, so it’s important to be as accurate as possible.

Method One: 

If you already have a men’s band ring that you own and it fits your desired finger, you can go ahead and use it for measurement. You can even check to see if the mens ring you own has the size engraved inside the band, which is typical for things such as class rings. 

It’s best to find a printable online men’s ring size chart to be completely accurate. These are simple, you find a mens ring sizer printable sheet and you can place the mens ring you already own on top of the various sizes. The general rule of thumb, if your ring falls in between sizes, go ahead and size up. 

Method Two: 

This method also includes the use of a printable ring sizer. The paper ring sizer is a small “ruler” but for your finger. You would simply find the paper ring sizer via the internet, print it out, and then cut the ruler out. When you’re cutting the paper ring sizer out of paper be sure to cut as accurately as possible to not affect the sizing. 

After you have it printed and cut out, go ahead, and wrap that bad boy around your finger to get your size. Again, if you are in-between sizes, go with the larger size. 

What is the Average Ring Size for Men? 

When it comes to jewelry sizing, there is no “normal”. The sizing of rings takes in a lot of factors such as height, weight, and the size of someone’s knuckles. Then we get into genetics, some people will naturally have long, slender fingers; other people will naturally have wide or fat fingers. 

The time of day also plays a part in the mens ring sizes for men or women. In the morning your finger could be smaller, and throughout the day it can fluctuate depending on temperature or the food you eat. 

The average ring size for men is a size 10 (US sizing). Again, this is not the best way to determine your mens ring size, but it gives you an idea if you’re completely new to mens rings

One thing to keep in mind if you decide you want different rings for each finger is the fact each finger may be a different size. Meaning your mens pinky ring and middle finger ring probably won’t be the same size, your pinky is smaller therefore it wouldn’t fit on the bigger middle finger.

So, before going to buy a mens ring let alone size your fingers, you need to first decide which one you’re shopping for. If you want a cool mens ring for your pinky, then size that one. If you’re going the traditional route and want a mens band ring, then size your ring finger. 

Are Mens Rings Sizing Different than a Woman’s?  

The short answer is yes, men’s and women’s ring sizing is different. Just like clothes and shoes are sized differently, so are rings or any type of jewelry. This is mainly due to the fact women have daintier fingers, so a bulky mens band ring wouldn’t look as good on a woman as it would on a man. 

How Should a Men’s Ring Fit? 

The ideal-sized ring should be able to comfortably fit over the knuckles without much of a strain. The knuckles play a big part because you don’t want a ring to get stuck and not be able to get past them. Also, the ring shouldn’t be so tight that it cuts off blood circulation. You also shouldn’t need lotion or anything else to take it off every time. 

The right-sized ring will cause little to no problem when taking it off and on. 

Materials Used in Mens Rings 

The next decision you need to think about is what material or finish you want in a ring. Do you want a silver ring for men or a black ring for men? Do you like the look of gold or white gold in your mens fashion ring? Each material or finish has its pros and cons, let’s go over all your different options.

Yellow Gold Ring’s for Men

Yellow gold is a popular choice and instantly recognizable for its orangish tone. Gold is the traditional choice for promise rings for men or men’s engagement rings. The use of yellow gold dates back thousands of years and was most likely the first metal used to make jewelry. 

Gold metal is easy to work with and if you go with a simple men’s band ring, it’s very easy to get re-sized. Yellow gold is also great if you plan to get your ring engraved. 

The level of purity in yellow gold varies, and it’s unlikely that the ring you get will be pure gold. This is because gold is easy to deform, not to mention expensive. The high-quality gold rings you see in the store will most likely be 14 karats or 18 karat gold. 

If the men’s band ring is 18k (karat) this means three-quarts or 18/24, of the ring is gold. The durability of gold is good, the only thing you need to worry about is scratches or dull luster. You can easily take this to a jeweler for a professional polish and be fine. 

The average price of a gold mens band ring with no diamonds or gemstones is about $700. Keep in mind this price is the bare minimum with no diamond inclusions and around 14k-18k gold. The higher the karat the higher the price. Add in diamonds and the price for a mens engagement ring or wedding band starts at around $2000 and goes up from there. 

If you like the look of a mens pinky ring, it stands out with yellow gold. If it’s something you’re interested in getting, you should look into yellow gold options. 

Pros of  Yellow Gold 
  • Gold is timeless and classic
  • Will not tarnish
  • Durable and valuable
  • Easy to engrave or re-size
Cons of  Yellow Gold 
  • Luster can dull – needs to be polished periodically
  • Can be expensive
  • The Gold alloys (18/24 karat mix) can cause skin irritation

Mens White Gold Rings 

White gold is created by pure gold that has been smelted with another metal to create the new material. White gold is called an alloy and there is no industry standard to what metal is mixed in. When purchasing a white gold mens fashion ring you are most likely getting gold mixed with silver, nickel, copper, or platinum. To get the end result, white gold is coated with rhodium to give it a bright finish. 

This finish is commonly used for mens signet ring or mens engagement rings. White gold is also a great alternative for those looking for something more affordable than yellow gold. Also, white gold is more durable than yellow gold because of it being mixed with other alloys. For example, a ring made from gold and nickel alloys will be hard and strong, more so than pure yellow gold. 

If you do decide to go with a mens band ring made with white gold, keep in mind the coating rhodium can flake off over time. Upon purchasing, ask your jeweler if the ring is made with this coating. If so, double-check that you can take it back to get touched up when the flaking occurs. 

The average price for a white gold band with no diamonds or gemstones starts at about $200, which is a steal for someone balling on a budget. If you’re looking to include some diamonds or other gemstones, the pricing to vary from $700-$2000 depending on what you get. 

If you’re looking for a unique ring, look into getting a black diamond mens ring with a white gold inlay. The average cost of these is about $600, but they are a true statement piece. 

Pros of White Gold 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Looks great with any gemstone 
  • Will not tarnish 
Cons of White Gold 
  • The nickel alloy can irritate, especially for allergy sufferers
  • Rhodium coating can flake off over time 

Rose Gold Men’s Ring 

Rose gold is a finish that is more delicate in appearance. It’s not as popular as white or yellow gold, but you can still find some great pieces. Rose gold is also referred to as “pink gold” or “red” gold. We get the subtle pink hue by mixed pure gold with copper. The issue with rose gold is a lot of people suffer from copper allergies. Copper can irritate your skin, especially if it’s sensitive. 

There is no such thing as pure rose gold either, so if you see something labeled as a “real rose gold mens ring” it’s could be fake. Rose gold also follows the 14k and 18k alloy mix. So, an 18k rose gold mens ring will be a more champagne color. The 14k will be that darker red rose gold color due to having more copper in it. 

 Roses are associated with love and passion. This makes rose gold a great choice for a promise ring for men or a mens engagement ring. Some may think rose gold is more feminine than the other choices, but it’s simply not true. Any man can rock a rose gold ring, especially if they prefer the hue of it compared to yellow or white gold.

Rose gold is also more durable than yellow or white gold due to its copper content. So, if you are a man who works with his hands a lot you may opt for a rose gold mens ring because it won’t scratch as easily. Also, unlike white gold that requires upkeep of coating, rose gold has virtually no cleaning routine. If you think it needs a touch-up, take it to get a professional cleaning from a jeweler, Other than that, you don’t have to deal with a dull in luster or a coating flaking off. 

The pricing of rose gold is somewhere in the middle of white and yellow gold. For a 14k rose gold mens ring with no diamonds or gemstones will start at around $350-400. Once you start adding in designs or gemstones it will start around $800 and continue to go up.

Pros of Rose Gold 
  • Extremely durable 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Unique in color
Cons of Rose Gold 
  • Not hypoallergenic 
  • Can be expensive 

Platinum Rings for Men 

Platinum has slowly taken precedence over gold in recent years. It’s more valuable than gold and is a rare dense metal. Platinum is typically mined in South Africa where only a certain amount is taken from the earth each year. 

Due to the fact, platinum is a rarer material than gold, it is also more expensive, especially when compared to white gold. Unlike white gold, which is mixed with other alloys, platinum is not. This makes platinum better all across the board from durability, value, and maintenance. 

Platinum is also hypoallergenic since it is not mixed with other alloys like white or yellow gold is. Making it a great choice for those who suffer from allergies or have more sensitive skin. 

Gold is still more common, but over the years this can change. Once more people realize the value of platinum will go up because of its rarity, more people will be swayed to use platinum in their mens fashion rings. 

If you’re someone that likes a heavier ring on your finger, platinum is denser than gold or other types of metal. It’s also an incredibly strong metal. So, if you’re looking for something that is built to last opt for a platinum ring. This is especially true if you’re looking for a quality mental for your mens signet ring. Signet rings are often handed down throughout generations, so using platinum will ensure the mens signet ring will last for many years to come. 

The average cost for a platinum 4mm mens band ring without diamonds or gemstones is about $800. If you decide to add in diamonds or other stones, you can expect the price to start at $2,000. 

If you’re looking for a cool mens ring that will hold its value and is low maintenance, platinum is definitely the answer. 

Pros of Platinum 
  • Extremely durable
  • Low maintenance 
  • Holds value/ may increase over time 
  • Denser metal 
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Lasts for ages 
Cons of Platinum 
  • Cost is higher than other metals

Palladium for Mens Rings

Palladium is one of the rarest metals and is similar in appearance to platinum. In fact, palladium has a lot of similarities to platinum. For starters, palladium is also very durable and never tarnishes over the years. It also doesn’t need a coating like white gold to maintain its integrity. 

Even though palladium is said to be “rarer” than platinum, its value is priced less. This means you can get a platinum-like mens fashion ring for a fraction of the cost. This is mainly due to the fact palladium is lighter than platinum, which as we know is a dense metal. So, if you want the look of platinum without the weight, you may opt for palladium instead. 

The drawback to using palladium for your mens promise rings or mens pinky rings is the fact there are limited options of design. The rarity of palladium makes for fewer designs able to be curated, but this may not be a bad thing if you’re looking for a simple band design. 

The average cost of a palladium mens ring without diamonds is about $450, and with diamonds, they will start at least around $1200. This may vary from jeweler to jeweler. Due to the fact palladium is quite rare, one jeweler who doesn’t carry a lot of it may raise the prices. Just do your research and know that palladium costs less than platinum and compare it to that. 

Pros of Palladium 
  • Looks like platinum but cost less
  • Very durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Hypoallergenic
Cons of Palladium 
  • Cost may vary from seller
  • Fewer designs to choose from

Sterling Silver Rings for Men

If you’re looking for a timeless metal that looks great with any outfit, a silver ring for men may just be for you. Silver has been used for making rings and other jewelry for at least the last 4500 years, maybe more. At one point in history, around the time of ancient Egyptians, silver was more valuable than gold. In today’s society, silver is still valuable, but gold still takes the cake in terms of pricing and value. 

They are simple, elegant, and can be used for a variety of different ring types. 

A silver ring for men is a great choice for promise rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, and even mens gemstone rings. Silver is a universal metal that can pair with any stone or diamond. Blue gemstones especially pop with a silver band, so that mens turquoise ring you’ve been eyeing will look stunning with a silver band. 

Most silver rings for men are made up of 925 sterling silver. This means that the metal used is 92.5% silver and the rest is copper. Even though it’s a low amount of copper alloy, it is not ideal for those with allergies. Fine silver, or pure silver, is much like gold in the way it is soft and malleable. The addition of copper in silver jewelry makes it studier and more durable. 

Silver is prone to tarnishing the upkeep is a bit more than it would be for platinum or rose gold. If you opt for a silver ring for men, then you want to be sure you get it regularly cleaned by a jewelry professional. 

The cost of silver depends greatly on where you buy it from. If you go with a big retailer like Amazon or Walmart you can find sterling silver for as low as $60 for a simple band. If you go with a professional jeweler a simple silver ring for men will start at around $150, so still very cheap. 

If you’re looking for a cheap ring for men, it may be worth looking into silver. Of course, the low-cost options are with no frills or diamonds so do keep that in mind. 

Pros to Silver 
  • Very low cost 
  • A lot of design options 
  • Popular metal 
  • Strong and durable
Cons to Silver
  • Low value (for investors) 
  • Prone to tarnishing
  • Not hypoallergenic 

Tungsten Rings for Men 

If you’re looking for a hard, strong metal that can withstand the test of time, Tungsten is your answer. Tungsten is by far the toughest metal on earth, so if you want something near impossible to break, you want to go with this.

There are a few drawbacks to tungsten, though. The first drawback being it is very brittle, so it’s near impossible to re-size or engrave. Even if the ring fits you perfectly when you get it, you run the risk of your finger getting bigger over the years. If this happens, you may have to get a new ring altogether. Also, this metal is very heavy, so not ideal if you are looking for something more lightweight. 

The integrity of the ring will remain, but Tungsten can still be scratched up and it may not stay shiny forever. If you find a tungsten carbide, which is even harder than regular tungsten, you have a better chance of it being scratch-resistant. 

If you’re looking for a mens gemstone ring or a mens birthstone ring, tungsten may not be the best option for you. There are not a lot of designs out there with these stones and tungsten together. It’s definitely not impossible to find though. 

Tungsten is another inexpensive option for mens fashion rings. The average cost for a mens band ring in tungsten starts at about $250 for a no-frills option. 

Pros to Tungsten 
  • Hypoallergic option 
  • Strong metal- almost indestructible 
  • Inexpensive options 
Cons to Tungsten 
  • Cannot be resized or engraved 
  • No long term value 

Titanium Rings for Men

In comparison to tungsten, titanium isn’t quite as durable but is still a strong metal. The good thing about titanium is it doesn’t scratch or tarnish quickly, making it a good option if you lead an active lifestyle. 

Titanium is an affordable option but resizing this type of metal can sometimes be impossible. Also, titanium is another lightweight metal, perfect for those who don’t want to feel like they’re wearing a ring. 

 A titanium ring can also work great as a temporary ring or promise ring for men. Due to the inexpensive nature of titanium, it is an ideal gift. Titanium also pairs well with gemstones so if you’re looking for a long-lasting men’s ruby ring, pair the band with titanium. 

A sleek, no diamond titanium band is fairly cheap. The average cost can start around $80-$100, which is great if you have a small budget. If you have some wiggle room, black diamond mens ring with a titanium band looks incredible. These can start at around $400 on the cheaper side, but of course the more diamonds the more expensive. 

A simple titanium band is good for those who wish to have a black ring for men. Black titanium is easy to find and still fairly inexpensive. It’s a different look than a silver ring for men and a different option than you’re used to seeing. For those who like men’s nose rings, titanium is a common material for them.

Pros to Titanium 
  • Durable yet lightweight 
  • Inexpensive 
  • Hypoallergenic 
Cons to Titanium 
  • Doesn’t hold value 
  • Not able to be resized (most cases)

Silicone Rings for Men 

If you work in a career field that requires you to use your hands then a silicone mens ring may be the best option for you. It will not get scratched up from other surfaces and it’s nearly impossible to break. Another thing about these cool mens rings is the fact they can withstand extreme temperatures both hot and cold. 

Some men will purchase a silicone mens ring just to wear to work or for when they go to the gym, and then switch it out for their metal ring when appropriate. The only downside to a silicone mens ring is it’s not ideal for stone jewelry. So that black diamond mens ring you’ve been eyeing won’t work with a silicone band.

You can find a silicone ring for men for cheap. The average cost of a silicone ring starts at around $20. That price is mainly for solid colors, so if you’re looking for a black ring for men, silicone offers the best price. Of course, with silicone, you can also find a various amount of patterns, designs, and colors that will cost just a little bit more. 

You can wear a silicone ring on any finger you choose, though it may not be ideal for a men’s pinky ring. Definitely try a few on if you have that option to see which placement feels right for you. 

Pros to Silicone 
  • Flexible and resilient 
  • Won’t scratch other rings 
  • Cheap 
  • Comes in all colors 
Cons to Silicone 
  • It will not feel like a “real” ring 
  • No option for stones 

Men’s Gemstone Rings 

A gemstone ring is a great way to add the healing energy of crystals and various stones into your jewelry. There are hundreds of stones to choose from and most of the time you can mix and match with the different metals we listed as well. 

For example, you can pair a mens ruby ring with a gold band or a rose gold mens ring. Another good choice is to pair a black ring for men with a mens opal ring. These two paired together will look stunning! 

Men’s Aquamarine Ring 

  • If you’re looking for a cool mens ring that can bring you calming effects much like the ocean, you will love a mens aquamarine ring. This stone inspires truth, universal harmony, and purifies the aura of the wearer. 
  • A black diamond ring men would be envious of is one with aquamarine inclusions. The two-toned ring will stand out in a crowd and be a special piece to hold on to forever. 
  • If you’re the type who owns a boat or enjoys water activities, then you will be pleased to hear aquamarine is the “sailors stone”. It’s meant to bring the wearer of a mens aquamarine ring positive luck when out in the ocean. 
  • For those born in the month of March, you can find great-looking mens birthstone rings to commemorate a special day. Aquamarine is the official birthstone of March

Men’s Ruby Ring 

  • Ruby is a deep red, lustrous stone that represents passion, nobility, and success. A mens ruby ring worn on the right hand of action can help increase your chances of success within your creative and business ventures. 
  • A men’s ruby ring pairs well with a gold band. It’s the most common choice among men shopping for a mens gemstone ring
  • Ruby is said to be a protective stone, especially when it comes to matters of home and family. Wear your mens ruby ring to give you an added layer of protection to your auric field. 
  • If you are born in the month of July, you can harness in the metaphysical properties of ruby by purchasing a men’s birthstone ring made with the July birthstone. 

Men’s Turquoise Ring

  • Turquoise is a blue-green stone that has been used as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Wearing a men’s turquoise ring has the ability to bring you tranquility, hope, and good fortune. 
  • Stay mindful of who you purchase a men’s turquoise ring from, as this stone can easily be replicated with dyed howlite. 
  • Turquoise is one of the official birthstones of December. Those born this month can enjoy a men’s birthstone ring made with this beautiful stone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Rings Should a Man Wear? 

This is largely dependent on the person wearing the rings. If you want a more subtle look, you wouldn’t wear a ring on each finger. In this case, it would be best to stick with three cool men’s rings on your hand. 

Of course, if you’re the type of person who likes to flaunt their wealth by all means wear a ring on each finger. To make things more uniform, try to stick to similar band colors. A men’s ruby ring with a gold band would look silly next to a men’s aquamarine ring on a silver band. 

Should I Wear an Engagement Ring? 

We touched on this topic earlier in the guide, but a men’s engagement ring is totally up to you and your partner. Traditionally, the woman wears the engagement ring. But, both you and your partner are off the market so it wouldn’t hurt to wear one if you want. 

You don’t have to opt for a traditional band. You can choose anything; a good option may be a men’s ruby ring if you’re looking for something different. 

What is the Care Instructions for a Ring? 

This will largely depend on the metal finish and gemstones you choose to have in your ring. For instance, gold and silver both should be cleaned by a professional jeweler. Most jewelers will tell you to take all rings to be professionally cleaned. 

Now, if you have something like a men’s aquamarine ring, and you see the gemstone getting cloudy, you can wipe it with a soft cloth. The best advice is to keep your rings away from abrasive surfaces and moisture. Too much moisture can damage a ring and certain gemstones. Also, keep all rings away from chemicals like chlorine. You can damage your ring with the wrong chemicals. 

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