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Moldavite Crystal

Moldavite Stone Meaning & Properties


Moldavite Crystal

The green stone from the heavens. The moldavite stone, a tekite usually black, green or grey in color and believed to be among the genealogy of earth’s oldest stones. Dating back to about 15 million years ago, the moldavite stone has a lot of space based beliefs and origin stories because it was formed from a fierce meteoric impact with earth. Most people believe that the moldavite stone originated from space and is shrouded with a lot of mystery and connection to earth.

Main Moldavite Properties

The physical property of the Moldavite is as embellishing as its metaphysical properties. They are as astounding as the stars of the starry sky. The overall texture of the Moldative stone is glassy and translucent, more like an amorphous but crystal structure. It is typical of tekites to luster in colors of brown but Moldavite comes in a fly of predominant forest green to other shades and hues of Olive green, Lime green and even the supposed brownish-green most often found in Moravia. 

The elements that make up for these features include Silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide and several range of metallic oxides which contributes to the crystal structure of the stone. 

Moldavite Origin and Meaning

15 million years ago in the mountain region of Czechoslovakian, there was an interplanetary collision bearing magnitude greater than that of an atomic bomb. This is one of the reasons why this rare talisman is only found in this location. 

During the heat of the impact, underlying rock metamorphosed and formed this awesome translucent stone and a name was given to it relating to the Moldau River also known as Vltava in Czechoslovakia. They were found just around the location of the impact and had several materials trapped in them, believed to be some of the materials that were present and melted along from the impact of the collision during their formation.

Moldavite meteor

 However, these inclusions contribute to the stone’s array of beauty to the conventional green color. It is also worthy to know that Moldavites do have a lookalike, a slight modification also found near a village Besednice in the Czechoslovakian region. The Besednice Moldavite has some subtle differences and is laced with crystals but also bears similar energy.

Moldavite meaning of the stone literally translates to molten. But there are several other supreme translations and crystal meanings that may be attached to this charming stone. Many believe that the moldavite stone because of its intense frequency and high vibration can cast beams of light on people who possess them. The stone carries along good fortune and fulfillment of wishes. Moldavites are healing crystals and just like healing crystals, they inspire healing and begin a boost in accelerating both one’s personal and spiritual growth. These qualities including the stone’s credible ability of psychic protection makes the moldavite one of the top, most sought after stones in the metaphysical world.  

moldavite crystal

The shapes of moldavite also comes in varieties but commonly in drop like shapes which is attributed to the formation process since the impact melted the surrounding elements during collision. Other varieties; carved, sculpted from external forces and molds, wrinkled. Some are rough textured on the surface because of physical forces of erosion, these types are usually found around streams and rivers and believed to have been subjected to erosion in these water bodies. Some other finer textured stones are found enclosed in sand, enclosed gravel pits and then the rare, priceless intact ones that are without blemish from mar. The rarest of the moldavite are called the Angel Chimes, they have sonorous properties and are able to make ring sounds when dropped on metallic or glass surface. 

Apart from the widely used benefits of the stone for metaphysical and mediation purposes. The stone was used in early antiquities of the stone age as arrow-heads and cutting equipment. It also carries some healing properties of fertility and good fortune. However, the Moldavite is a fragile crystal and should not be cleansed with salt to avoid scratching the surface. 

moldavite stone

The Uses and Purposes of Moldavites 

As a fortune stone, the moldavite calms worries and helps even the weakest and down human connect to several wonders of the universe. The stone serves as a protective stone from cynicism and provides unconsidered solutions to the confused and disoriented. The high frequency of the Moldavite stone allows the stone’s energy to be centralized on the wearer throughout, strengthening and synchronizing the wearer with positivity. 

The Moldavite stone allows for harmony and as such it works well when combined with other gemstones especially those of quartz origins. The Moldavite stone because of its tremendous qualities makes it one of the Synergy Twelve Stones and is recommended for making tools of energy such as wands, bangles, grids to better intensen their effects. 

A new bearer of the stone may feel some sort of lightheadedness because of its high vibrations and frequency. But with time, the owner would become accustomed to these effects. 

moldavite properties

The inherent spatial feature of the Moldative stone allows it to calm the worries and fears of star children or other tender sensitive souls – empaths and as well helps them to find purpose and feel less homesick in their new world. This guidance comes from wearing stone around the heart in its use for meditation and dream works for better fueling of intuition, guidance and telepathy.

Moldative Healing Energy 

Still on the stone’s harmonizing power, it is used to find the imbalance that causes ailments which is a great support for finding out the best healing process to an ailment. The high vibrations allow the stone to also ease and re-stabilize blocked areas back to their perfect states.

In terms of memory, the stone also helps to strike a balance in the impulses of the brain which is good for enhanced memory and supporting to the treatment of mental progressive illnesses. 

The Moldavite just as any other green crystal, is good for the eyes and also used for the treatment of joint diseases such as gout. 

Emotional Crystal Healing

Just as mentioned earlier, if you are on a path to self-discovery, the stone helps reach out to one’s innermost capabilities, allowing for better recognition, honor and release of potentials for better confidence and purpose. 

Spiritually, the Moldavite stone carried transformation energy for better connection with one’s soul with the universe and helps to interpret messages that are not of this earth.

There are a whole lot to the power locked in Moldavite stones because of its connection with the phoenix in that it is taken up and reborn with fire for transformational power. 

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