Moldavite Crystal

Moldavite Stone Meaning & Properties

real moldavite crystal meaning moldavite meaning uses properties

Moldavite Crystal Meaning

The Moldavite crystal meaning is connected to its ability to help you achieve deep emotional healing. This stone is known for its intense high-vibrational energy that can facilitate powerful transformation on all levels. It’s no wonder the Moldavite crystal is often referred to as the “stone of personal evolution.” 

If you’re ready to let go of negative patterns and energies that are holding you back, working with Moldavite can be a game-changer. This powerful crystal helps to break through stuck energy, facilitating profound change and spiritual awakening. It can also assist in accessing buried memories and emotions so they can be released and healed. 

Moldavite can be an intense stone to work with, so it’s important to go slowly and listen to your body. If you’re feeling called to work with this powerful crystal, trust your intuition and allow it to guide you on your journey of personal transformation.

Moldavite Meaning and History

Moldavite is a rare green meteorite that fell to Earth more than 15 million years ago. It is found only in a small area of the Czech Republic, and is prized for its unique beauty. Moldavite has been used throughout history for its purported metaphysical properties. It is said to be a powerful catalyst for change, and is often used in meditation and crystal healing. Moldavite is also believed to promote spiritual growth and facilitate contact with other realms. Its high vibrational energy is said to help align the chakras and clear blockages from the subtle bodies. For many people, Moldavite is a powerful stone that helps to facilitate profound transformation.

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Moldavite Meaning & Healing Properties 

If you’re looking for an “out of this world” stone, look no further than Moldavite. It’s believed that this stone (or Tektite) formed when a meteorite struck the earth about 15 million years ago! Moldavite stone is cherished for its extraterrestrial connection and its tie to earth, making it the best of both worlds. 

Moldavite is a unique stone formed from a rare occurrence which is why it’s such a hot commodity. There is no other stone like it, and on top of that, the energy of Moldavite stone is potent. 

Ready to learn why this stone is so alluring? We’re going to uncover the Moldavite properties and meaning. Along with that, learn some fun facts on how Moldavite can influence your life! 

real moldavite crystal meaning moldavite meaning uses properties

Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

How Is Moldavite Formed? 

Moldavite stone is different than your average crystal. It’s not even considered a “crystal” by technical terms, it’s something called a Tektite. The formal definition of a Tektite is “a small glassy object, believed to have formed from molten debris in meteorite impacts and scattered throughout the air”. 

Your average crystal such as Clear Quartz is formed from heat and pressure from the Earth’s crust and can take millions of years to form. Of course, there are other ways these beauties can form, but that is the most natural way. 

Moldavite, on the other hand, formed because of a meteorite impact, like mentioned above. This impact is a one-time occurrence meaning when all the Moldavite is sold, that is it. No more to replace it. 

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real moldavite crystal meaning moldavite meaning uses properties

Where is Moldavite Found? 

Unlike other stones that are formed all over the globe, Moldavite is only found in one place in the entire world. Real Moldavite comes from the Czech Republic. It’s only found in the Moldau River Valley, which is about a 40 square mile area. 

Anyone who has Moldavite for sale should be able to confirm this origin, and it’s a big red flag if the seller says it’s from any other place. 

How Can I Tell If My Moldavite is Genuine? 

Because of Moldavite’s glass-like nature, it can be easy to fake or replicate. The good news is the fakes are easy to spot if you know what real Moldavite looks like. A true piece of this Tektite will range from an olive-green color to varying hues of dark-green; it can also range from pale to translucent. 

Another sign of real Moldavite is the gas bubbles that were trapped inside the stone when it was forming. When Moldavite is fake or replicated with glass, it’s very hard to mimic these bubbles. 

Another way to tell if your Moldavite is genuine or fake is the size of the piece. Most pieces of Moldavite are small, and the larger pieces have a pretty hefty price tag on them. Moldavite is a rare stone; therefore, it will be priced higher than your average crystal. Price is another dead giveaway to the realness of the Moldavite for sale. 

Most fake pieces of Moldavite are made with molds, and sometimes you can see the seam of the molds around the stone. Also, Moldavite that is fake will look more like glass and have a shiny finish. 

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Moldavite Meaning and Healing Benefits 

Moldavite is a powerful stone with the ability to transform, heal us, and much more. If you’re looking for a stone that can help with most aspects of life, real Moldavite is the way to go. Let’s uncover the Moldavite properties that make it so special! 

Moldavite for Love

One of the Moldavite properties is its ability to connect with our Heart Chakra. This energy center is connected to all things love, from self-love to relationships, the Heart Chakra rules it all. The green color of Moldavite is how it can connect so easily to this chakra. 

Real Moldavite will work to allow more love to flow into your soul. It breaks down the barrier you may have that is stopping you from finding the connection you very much deserve. If you’re manifesting your soulmate, using Moldavite can help attract this love interest. Since Moldavite is connected to the cosmos, it is one of the best stones to help you find your soulmates whether it be romantic connections or platonic. 

If you’re already in a relationship, you can use the Moldavite properties to strengthen this connection. It can bring forward greater compassion and understanding for one another. Moldavite can also strengthen your connection to friends and family members as well.  

Moldavite for a Spiritual Awakening

One of the Moldavite properties this stone is most known for is the ability to be a catalyst in our spiritual journey. By harnessing its celestial connection and intense frequency, Moldavite can stimulate inner transformation. It can bring us closer to our higher self and help us unlock our soul’s purpose. 

Real Moldavite is a direct connection to the cosmos and also this earthly realm, so use this Tektite with caution if you’re just beginning your spiritual awakening. It will connect you deeper with the Universe, giving you profound insight and more clarity in your thought patterns. 

This stone will work to activate all of your Chakras and can even be a powerful chakra cleanser. If you have any energy points that are imbalanced or overactive, Moldavite will help keep them aligned.  If you suffer from negative thoughts or just need some extra protection, Moldavite can be very useful. 

Moldavite Against Negativity

Since Moldavite holds a high vibration and potent energy, it is great for dispelling any negative energy. Oftentimes, in our daily life, we come across people who have negative or stagnant energy in their aura. As highly sensitive individuals we pick up on these energies, and they can even get stuck in our auric field. 

Moldavite stone can work to release these negative energies from our space. If we wear Moldavite jewelry, it can fight off the energy, so it doesn’t stick to us. The use of Moldavite in your daily life can turn it into your own personal protector. It can lead you to feel lighter and more positive when around other people. 

If the negativity in your life stems from anxiety or fear-based thoughts, Moldavite stone can help eradicate these tendencies. Carrying this stone on you will work to give you inner strength, and maybe combat some of those anxious thought patterns. Of course, if you suffer greatly from anxiety you should get a professional opinion. Moldavite is simply a tool you can use that may alleviate these issues. 

Moldavite for Astral Travel

Perhaps one of the most popular ways people use Moldavite stone is for astral travel and lucid dreaming. If you’re unfamiliar with what astral travel is, let’s break it down. 

Astral travel is an out-of-body experience where we can transcend the constructs of time to experience different levels of consciousness. I know…that sounds a bit crazy, right? But, for those who have tried lucid dreaming, you were one step away from astral traveling. This experience is one that you bring about, typically one does not astral travel without trying. You basically leave your physical body to experience other dimensions or simply higher states of being that are not possible with just our human self. 

During these experiences, it is so important to stay grounded, which is where Moldavite comes in. Moldavite stone is by far one of the most powerful stones that can keep you protected during this dream-like state and bring you back to reality when you’re ready. 

When you want to try lucid dreaming or astral traveling, simply place your piece of real Moldavite under your pillow for added protection. 

Moldavite Jewelry 

Now that we’ve covered the Moldavite properties, it’s time to dive into all the wonderful ways you can wear this stone. Wearing Moldavite jewelry is by far the best way to tap into its powerful energy, just as any other stone. One thing to keep in mind is the reaction you may have to wearing Moldavite for the first time. 

People who wear Moldavite rings or necklaces report different sensations when connecting with their Tektite for the first time. Since wearing a stone on your skin creates a direct connection to the energy, it can manifest within the physical body in a few ways. 

When you wear your Moldavite jewelry for the first time it can create a heating sensation throughout the body or just in the space you are wearing it. This is because the frequency of this stone is so high that when it connects with our energy we can feel it physically. Some even say their heart rate raises for a few moments, or they begin to sweat. 

Also, wearing a Moldavite ring or Moldavite necklace is a direct connection to your Heart Chakra. So, it’s no surprise that these high vibrations manifest physically when wearing them for the first time. 

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Moldavite Rings 

If you’re looking for a piece of Moldavite jewelry that will quickly amplify your energy and catapult you on your spiritual journey, definitely check out Moldavite rings. These are great because you can gaze into your Moldavite ring throughout the day, which connects you closer to its energy. 

You can even channel messages easier by wearing real Moldavite on your finger. Since your Moldavite ring connects with your hand, if you’re a writer, you’re in luck! You have the power of the cosmos at your fingertips and can channel the words from your higher self or other higher dimensional beings. 

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Moldavite Necklace 

If you’re looking for something to accompany your Moldavite ring, or simply prefer necklaces, be sure to check out the necklaces made with this Tektite. Much like a Moldavite ring can raise your vibrations and connect you deeper with the cosmos, so can a necklace. 

In fact, a Moldavite necklace sits over your heart center which may be the best way to use this stone for love or attracting it. Also, since it sits over this important energy center, your Moldavite necklace can protect your auric field better. 

Moldavite jewelry can come in any finish, much like other types of jewelry like diamonds or other stones. Moldavite jewelry looks especially good when set with gold or if paired with other stones such as a Herkimer diamond. 

moldavite necklaces moldavite jewelry pendant gold necklace with moldavite gemstone

How to Cleanse Your Moldavite Stone 

Whether you decide to go with a ring or other type of Moldavite Jewelry, it’s important to cleanse it to the Moldavite properties ready to use. Also, if you decide to use a loose piece of this stone that isn’t attached to anything such as a Moldavite ring is, you still want to cleanse it as well. 

In general, you can cleanse Moldavite with water. If you do have Moldavite jewelry, though, you want to be mindful if it is set in something such as gold or silver. In this case, you would care for it with the instructions that come with the jewelry. But there is another way to energetically cleanse Moldavite without water. 

Since Moldavite is so deeply connected with the cosmos, the most natural way to cleanse it is in the moonlight or under the stars. This method is best if it is done under full moonlight, but you can also do it at other points in the lunar cycle. This way of cleansing is very easy to remember. Simply place your piece of Moldavite in a safe space on your windowsill or on a table outside. 

Allow your Moldavite to bask in the moonlight for at least 30 to 45 minutes, but do not let it sit overnight. The reason you shouldn’t leave it overnight is you run the risk of your Moldavite catching the morning sun. The sun charges and cleanses the stone differently than moonlight, so it’s not ideal to mix the two energies. 

Once you allow your stone to be cleansed in the moonlight, you fully restore the Moldavite properties that make it so special.

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If you’re looking for a stone that can awaken your spirituality, connect you deeper to the unknown, and strengthen your ability to astral travel, Moldavite is the winner. It’s a high-energy stone with the ability to transform our lives and guide us to our soul’s purpose. Moldavite is a special and rare stone, be sure to grab it before it’s no longer available! 


Moldavite Crystal

The green stone from the heavens. The moldavite stone, a tekite usually black, green or grey in color and believed to be among the genealogy of earth’s oldest stones. Dating back to about 15 million years ago, the moldavite stone has a lot of space based beliefs and origin stories because it was formed from a fierce meteoric impact with earth. Most people believe that the moldavite stone originated from space and is shrouded with a lot of mystery and connection to earth.

Main Moldavite Properties

The physical property of the Moldavite is as embellishing as its metaphysical properties. They are as astounding as the stars of the starry sky. The overall texture of the Moldative stone is glassy and translucent, more like an amorphous but crystal structure. It is typical of tekites to luster in colors of brown but Moldavite comes in a fly of predominant forest green to other shades and hues of Olive green, Lime green and even the supposed brownish-green most often found in Moravia. 

The elements that make up for these features include Silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide and several range of metallic oxides which contributes to the crystal structure of the stone. 

Moldavite Origin and Meaning

15 million years ago in the mountain region of Czechoslovakian, there was an interplanetary collision bearing magnitude greater than that of an atomic bomb. This is one of the reasons why this rare talisman is only found in this location. 

During the heat of the impact, underlying rock metamorphosed and formed this awesome translucent stone and a name was given to it relating to the Moldau River also known as Vltava in Czechoslovakia. They were found just around the location of the impact and had several materials trapped in them, believed to be some of the materials that were present and melted along from the impact of the collision during their formation.

 However, these inclusions contribute to the stone’s array of beauty to the conventional green color. It is also worthy to know that Moldavites do have a lookalike, a slight modification also found near a village Besednice in the Czechoslovakian region. The Besednice Moldavite has some subtle differences and is laced with crystals but also bears similar energy.

Moldavite meaning of the stone literally translates to molten. But there are several other supreme translations and crystal meanings that may be attached to this charming stone. Many believe that the moldavite stone because of its intense frequency and high vibration can cast beams of light on people who possess them. The stone carries along good fortune and fulfillment of wishes. Moldavites are healing crystals and just like healing crystals, they inspire healing and begin a boost in accelerating both one’s personal and spiritual growth. These qualities including the stone’s credible ability of psychic protection makes the moldavite one of the top, most sought after stones in the metaphysical world.  

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The shapes of moldavite also comes in varieties but commonly in drop like shapes which is attributed to the formation process since the impact melted the surrounding elements during collision. Other varieties; carved, sculpted from external forces and molds, wrinkled. Some are rough textured on the surface because of physical forces of erosion, these types are usually found around streams and rivers and believed to have been subjected to erosion in these water bodies. Some other finer textured stones are found enclosed in sand, enclosed gravel pits and then the rare, priceless intact ones that are without blemish from mar. The rarest of the moldavite are called the Angel Chimes, they have sonorous properties and are able to make ring sounds when dropped on metallic or glass surface. 

Apart from the widely used benefits of the stone for metaphysical and mediation purposes. The stone was used in early antiquities of the stone age as arrow-heads and cutting equipment. It also carries some healing properties of fertility and good fortune. However, the Moldavite is a fragile crystal and should not be cleansed with salt to avoid scratching the surface. 

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The Uses and Purposes of Moldavites 

As a fortune stone, the moldavite calms worries and helps even the weakest and down human connect to several wonders of the universe. The stone serves as a protective stone from cynicism and provides unconsidered solutions to the confused and disoriented. The high frequency of the Moldavite stone allows the stone’s energy to be centralized on the wearer throughout, strengthening and synchronizing the wearer with positivity. 

The Moldavite stone allows for harmony and as such it works well when combined with other gemstones especially those of quartz origins. The Moldavite stone because of its tremendous qualities makes it one of the Synergy Twelve Stones and is recommended for making tools of energy such as wands, bangles, grids to better intensen their effects. 

A new bearer of the stone may feel some sort of lightheadedness because of its high vibrations and frequency. But with time, the owner would become accustomed to these effects. 

The inherent spatial feature of the Moldative stone allows it to calm the worries and fears of star children or other tender sensitive souls – empaths and as well helps them to find purpose and feel less homesick in their new world. This guidance comes from wearing stone around the heart in its use for meditation and dream works for better fueling of intuition, guidance and telepathy.

Moldative Healing Energy 

Still on the stone’s harmonizing power, it is used to find the imbalance that causes ailments which is a great support for finding out the best healing process to an ailment. The high vibrations allow the stone to also ease and re-stabilize blocked areas back to their perfect states.

In terms of memory, the stone also helps to strike a balance in the impulses of the brain which is good for enhanced memory and supporting to the treatment of mental progressive illnesses. 

The Moldavite just as any other green crystal, is good for the eyes and also used for the treatment of joint diseases such as gout. 

Emotional Crystal Healing

Just as mentioned earlier, if you are on a path to self-discovery, the stone helps reach out to one’s innermost capabilities, allowing for better recognition, honor and release of potentials for better confidence and purpose. 

Spiritually, the Moldavite stone carried transformation energy for better connection with one’s soul with the universe and helps to interpret messages that are not of this earth.

There are a whole lot to the power locked in Moldavite stones because of its connection with the phoenix in that it is taken up and reborn with fire for transformational power. 

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