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  • Sale! honeycomb necklace gold turquoise beads

    Honeycomb Necklace Turquoise Beads

  • Sale! turquoise evil eye necklace crystal amulet pendant necklace

    Turquoise Evil Eye Necklace

  • Sale! snake ring snake eye ring black gold asana crystals

    Snake Eye Ring

  • Sale! hamsa hand ring hamsa jewelry b asana crystal shop healing jewelry

    Hamsa Hand Ring

  • Sale! evil eye ring

    Evil Eye Ring

  • Sale! nazar necklace gold 18k

    Nazar Necklace Gold Rustic

  • Sale! lapis lazuli evil eye bracelet set

    Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye Bracelet

  • Sale! eye necklace gold 18k

    Eye Necklace Gold

  • Sale! sun necklace gold 18k plated

    Sun Necklace Gold 18k

  • Sale! hamsa bracelet blue string evil eye bracelet

    Hamsa Bracelet String

  • Sale! evil eye anklet bracelet

    Evil Eye Anklet Bracelet Set

  • Sale! mantra bracelet for meditation dzi

    Mantra Bracelet for Meditation

  • Sale! buddhist bracelet tibetan bracelet

    Buddhist Bracelet Tibetan Bracelet

  • Sale! elephant charm bracelet

    Elephant Charm Bracelet

  • Sale! tiger eye bracelet dzi agate evil eye

    Tiger Eye Bracelet with Tibet Eye

  • Sale! evil eye bracelet wire wrapped with kyanite stone and freshwater pearls

    Kyanite Evil Eye Bracelet

  • Sale! evil eye charm bracelet

    Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

  • Sale! evil eye bracelet with lapis lazuli

    Evil Eye & Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

  • Sale! pearl evil eye necklace

    Pearl Evil Eye Necklace

  • Sale! Black Evil Eye Necklace

    Black Evil Eye Necklace

  • Sale! half pearl half chain necklace evil eye

    Half Pearl Half Chain Necklace

  • Sale! small evil eye bracelet

    Petite Eye Bracelet

  • Sale! nazar bracelet set

    Nazar Bracelet Set

  • Sale! evil eye necklace set

    Evil Eye Necklace

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