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  • Sale! Tiger Eye Necklace and Earrings Set 18k - Asana Crystals

    Tiger Eye Necklace and Earrings Set

  • Sale! Elegant Green Jade Necklace with 18k Gold Plating - Authentic Malaysian Jade Pendant by Asana Crystals Meaningful Jewelry - Crystal Necklaces

    Green Jade Necklace 18k Authentic Malaysian Jade Pendant

  • Sale! lock-necklace-gold-lock-pendant-heart-lock-meaningful-necklace

    Lock Necklace Gold 18k Lock Pendant Heart

  • blue heart necklace gold 18k turquoise heart necklace

    Blue Heart Necklace Gold 18k Turquoise

  • Sale! amethyst pendant necklace 18k gold crystal necklace

    Amethyst Pendant Necklace

  • Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace Simple Rose Quartz Necklace 18k gold plated pure rose quartz

    Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace

  • Sale! shell necklace turquoise blue necklace 18k gold

    Crystal Turquoise & Shell Necklace

  • Sale! heart charm necklace 18k white crystal necklace heart shaped pendant

    Heart Charm Necklace 18k Gold

  • Sale! red heart necklace red agate

    Red Heart Necklace

  • Sale! green aventurine necklace gold 18k vintage gemstone necklace for women

    Green Aventurine Necklace Gold 18k

  • Sale! honeycomb necklace gold turquoise beads

    Honeycomb Necklace Turquoise Beads

  • Sale! turquoise evil eye necklace crystal amulet pendant necklace

    Turquoise Evil Eye Necklace

  • Sale! picture jasper necklace for creativity and art crystal necklaces by asana

    Picture Jasper Necklace

  • Sale! talisman necklace turquoise necklace pendant amulet for protection and luck turquoise gold plated 18k for women

    Turquoise Necklace Pendant Sumerian Talisman Necklace

  • Sale! aquamarine necklace gold 18k aquamarine asana crystals spiritual jewelry for women

    Aquamarine Necklace Gold 18K

  • Sale! malachite necklace malachite ball pendant crystal ball gemstone necklace gold plated by asana crystals

    Malachite Necklace Crystal Ball Pendant

  • Sale! lapis lazuli necklace starry night necklace lapis lazuli pendant gold plated by asana crystals

    Lapis Lazuli Necklace “Starry Night”

  • Sale! sunshine necklace turquoise 18k gold

    Sunshine Necklace Gold Turquoise

  • Sale! malachite necklace gold 18k sun necklace b asana crystals

    Green Malachite Necklace 18k

  • Sale! green aventurine necklace pendant dainty 18k gold

    Green Aventurine Necklace

  • Sale! sunflower necklace gold chain turquoise gemstone necklace

    Sunflower Necklace Gold Turquoise Pendant

  • Sale! Turquoise Necklace Gold Sun Necklace Charm

    Turquoise Necklace Golden Sun

  • Sale! green agate necklace pearl necklace green gemstone jewelry by asana crystal shop

    Green Agate Necklace

  • green stone necklace and bracelet from green agate stone gold plated jewelry

    Green Agate Stone Necklace & Bracelet

  • Sale! carnelian necklace

    Carnelian Necklace Magical Spiral

  • Sale! Black Obsidian necklace

    Black Obsidian Necklace

  • Sale! blue opal necklace heart shaped crystal

    Blue Opal Necklace

  • Sale! nazar necklace gold 18k

    Nazar Necklace Gold Rustic

  • Sale! eye necklace gold 18k

    Eye Necklace Gold

  • Sale! sun necklace gold 18k plated

    Sun Necklace Gold 18k

  • Sale! Black Crystal Necklace

    Black Line Jasper Necklace

  • Sale! rhodonite necklace crystal necklaces rhodonite pendant

    Rhodonite Necklace

  • Sale! kyanite necklace pearl

    Kyanite Necklace Pearl Necklace

  • Sale! jade buddha necklace baby buddha 14k gold

    Jade Buddha Necklace – Laughing Buddha

  • Sale! essential oil necklace perfume bottle

    Essential Oil Necklace


    Citrine Necklace

  • Sale! jade buddha necklace

    Green Jade Buddha Necklace

  • amethyst slice necklace

    Amethyst Cut Necklace

  • Sale! pearl evil eye necklace

    Pearl Evil Eye Necklace

  • Sale! Black Evil Eye Necklace

    Black Evil Eye Necklace

  • Sale! half pearl half chain necklace evil eye

    Half Pearl Half Chain Necklace

  • Sale! evil eye necklace set

    Evil Eye Necklace

  • Sale! Raw Amethyst Necklace

    Raw Amethyst Necklace

  • Sale! black tourmaline pendant gold

    Black Tourmaline Pendant Necklace

  • Sale! clear quartz necklace

    Clear Quartz Necklace

  • chrysoprase necklace gold

    Raw Chrysoprase Necklace Gold

  • Sale! clear quartz black tourmaline necklace

    Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace

  • Sale! Black Tourmaline Necklace

    Black Tourmaline Necklace

  • Sale! amethyst necklace pendant necklace

    Petite Amethyst Gold Necklace

  • Sale! selenite necklace

    Selenite Necklace

  • Sale! Turquoise Necklace gold plated by Asana Crystals

    Turquoise Necklace Gold

  • Druzy Necklace

    Druzy Necklace Gold Plated

  • Rose Quartz Necklace

    Rose Quartz Necklace

  • Sale! Kyanite Necklace

    Blue Kyanite Necklace 18K

  • Sale! labradorite necklace pendant gold (1)

    Leaf Labradorite Necklace

  • clear quartz necklace

    Natural Clear Quartz Necklace

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