energy bracelets

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  • Sale! amethyst wrap bracelet

    Amethyst Wrap Bracelet

  • Sale! rhodonite bracelet

    Rhodonite Bracelet for Compassion & Emotional Wounds

  • moss agate bracelet for new beginnings

    Moss Agate Bracelet for New Beginnings

  • Sale! carnelian bracelet

    Carnelian Bracelet

  • Sale! tree agate bracelet

    Tree Agate Bracelet

  • Sale! natural blue sodalite bracelet for confidence by asana crystals metaphysical jewelry

    Sodalite Bracelet for Confidence

  • natural smoky quartz bracelet beaded stone bracelet smoky quartz crystal with benefits by asana jewelry

    Smoky Quartz Bracelet For Grounding

  • Sale! green jade bracelet

    Canada Jade Bracelet

  • Sale! red garnet bracelet for love and passion natural garnet stones

    Garnet Bracelet for Love & Passion

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