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Introducing our Natural Amethyst Crystal Cluster! This beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece was ethically sourced and is perfect for those who appreciate natural beauty. Amethyst is known for its calming and soothing properties, making it the perfect addition to any space. It’s also believed to promote creativity, intuition, and balance. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your home or office, or seeking a unique gift for a loved one, our Natural Amethyst Crystal Cluster is sure to please

  • Helps you in meditation, and calms the “monkey mind”
  • Enhances psychic abilities and sharpens your intuition.
  • Assists in breaking free from bad habits.
  • Protects the environment from the negative intentions of others.
  • Brings tranquility and peace to the home.

Product size:

  • Small – 2 – 2.5 inches
  • Medium – 2.5 – 3 inches

Amethyst Crystal Cluster

Amethyst Crystal Cluster used in Energetic Chakra balancing.

Raw amethyst crystal is one of the most powerful crystals.

Product size: 70-80 mm / 2.5 - 3 inches

What is the amethyst crystal used for?

Amethyst crystal cluster is a meditative and calming stone. Raw Amethyst stone works in the emotional, spiritual, and inner intuitive planes to promote calm, emotional balance, and peace. It is also used to eliminate impatience and monkey mind when you try to concentrate.

Is Amethyst crystal good for calming?

Amethyst is often the best crystal to calm and relax the mind. It said Wearing an Amethyst crystal necklace or Amethyst pocket stone can help bring luck and balance into our life. 

Raw Amethyst Properties

Our Amethyst crystal for sale is one of the very few stone types with its unique purple shades, amethyst is a form of quartz that contains pure iron and other natural minerals within its structure.

Amethyst crystal is one of the most highly prized stones today. It was the most highly prized raw crystal in the ancient world as well. At that time it was almost impossible to find Amethyst crystal for sale - as it belonged to high priests and shamans - This crystal was too powerful for use of average people.

Who can benefit from wearing raw amethyst crystal?

Virtually every person can benefit from wearing healing amethyst. We are in constant contact with society and its chaotic energy, especially in the workplace, and the protective power of the amethyst cluster does wonders in keeping you in harmony and free from picking up negative or distorted energies from the environment.

Amethyst Crystal is a must-have for everyone working in fast-paced professions. Those working with mentally ill or sick people will benefit a lot as these people literally “suck” energy from your chakra if you are not protected. The high vibration of raw amethyst will barricade your energy field.

Amethyst Cluster is great to have in the home; it enhances harmony and protection from outside of the home’s karmic energy.

Amethyst Cluster Spiritual Properties

Amethyst Crystal For Sale - This Amethyst Cluster has many benefits, including:

Amethyst cluster benefits are as abundant as the stone itself. It is thought of for the most part as a protective or security stone. As it is connected to the crown chakra, it is useful in cleaning the psyche and clearing it of negative contemplations. Amethyst cluster benefits are particularly helpful concerning business-related pressure. The amethyst properties which encourage instinct and correspondence can likewise be connected to expanded work adequacy.

Amethyst for Emotions

Amethyst crystal for sale meaning does not stop there, it has recuperating forces to help with emotional subject matters and in Energy work and Chakra adjusting. You may ask what is amethyst used for?

Amethyst For Protection

On a more spiritual level, amethyst can be used to cleanse and purify your auric field, drawing in positive energy while repelling negative vibes. It's also said to heighten your psychic abilities.

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Our Asana Crystals come packaged beautifully and will be delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 days from Orlando. We take pride in offering ethically made and 100% Authentic Crystals & Jewelry. Rest assured, our crystals are not dyed, painted, heat treated or 3D printed 🙂

We pre-cleanse & charge them, so they are ready for your meditation practice. If, by any chance, you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day refund policy – no questions asked. Asana Crystals is run by spirit-centered women who are dedicated to providing you with the best.

P.S. – If you’re looking to surprise someone with a gift, simply write your personalized message at checkout, and we’ll joyfully handwrite it on a petite gift card at no extra cost! And don’t worry, we’ll keep the price of the gift a delightful secret. Happy gifting!

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9 reviews for Amethyst Crystal Cluster

  1. Ruby Alvarez

    Wow!!! I received my crystals and as soon as I opened the packaging and I was impressed! I was thrilled to see that necklace and amethyst cluster were perfect in size and color. If you’re on the fence about getting these I very much recommend Asana.

  2. Joan Simmons

    It’s really magical. Loved it so much This is the one for $15.
    amethyst raw

  3. Marion Brady

    Wow! Larger than I expected! They are beautiful!

  4. Johnnie James

    Great purchase, love all the crystals. Highly recommend!

  5. Angela Mantle

    I can feel the energy vibrating when I received. It really works plus it looks so gorgeous!

  6. Billie Davis

    I love these crystals, they are great quality crystals, and extremely beautiful. I can feel the vibrations of the crystal, and heat from them. This is a great product!

  7. Kristi Frazier

    I never made a review in the past but this transaction exceptional! I bought this for myself after learning about the effects of crystals for healing and manifestations. I’m a beginner and I have to say that together with prayers, the energy that the crystals are giving me is just awesome. For anyone thinking about it, this is your sign. It’s definitely worth your money! Thank you!!!

  8. Guadalupe Henry

    I am beyond happy with my purchase. Speedy delivery, beautiful presentation, excellent customer service. The energy that came with the arrival of my crystal chakra box was though the roof. 10 thumbs up! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

  9. Nancy Caldwell

    Arrived in good condition. It was definitely wrapped with care. The stones are perfect. I love it. I’ll definitely be ordering more from this company.

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How to Cleanse: Cleanse Crystals

How To Charge: Crystal Charging Music

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We create our products directly without involving intermediaries, ensuring the highest level of service for our customers. Our handcrafted jewelry is made from high-quality materials and is priced affordably so that everyone can appreciate it.


Introducing our Natural Small Amethyst Crystal Clusters! These beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces have been ethically sourced, perfect for those who appreciate natural beauty. The Amethyst is known for its calming and soothing properties, making it the perfect addition to any space. It’s also believed to promote creativity, intuition, and balance. If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your home or office or seeking a unique gift for a loved one, our Natural Small Amethyst Crystal Clusters are sure to please. Their benefits include:

  • Meditation Assistance ♥ Intuition Sharpening ♥ Bad Habits Breaking ♥ Negative Intentions Protection ♥ Tranquility Bringing


For centuries, Amethyst has been highly esteemed throughout the ages for its stunning beauty and legendary powers to stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions. It is a semi-precious stone in today’s classifications, but to the ancients, it was a “Gem of Fire,” a Precious Stone worth, at times in history, as much as a Diamond. It carries the energy of fire and passion, creativity, and spirituality, yet bears the logic of temperance and sobriety. The stone was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to ward off the intoxicating powers of Bacchus, also is said to keep the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted.

These Small Amethyst Crystal Clusters are not just aesthetically pleasing, but they also hold immense transformative power. When in your possession, this crystal cluster promotes a calming and serene energy that can enhance your intuition and spiritual growth. The energy that the Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster emits can also help you break free from your negative habits, ultimately leading to personal growth and transformation. You can expect to be received with intrigue and admiration when you introduce this piece into your space. It’s a simple yet profound way to uplift your energy and surroundings.

As for the metaphysical properties, these are:

  • Planet – Jupiter
  • Element – Water
  • Numerical Vibration – 3
  • Stone Color – Purple
  • Chakras – Crown
  • Birthstone – February
  • Zodiac – Pisces


To ensure the optimal performance of your Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster, regular cleansing and charging are necessary. This allows the crystal to be at its highest vibration, thereby maximizing its beneficial energies. To understand how to cleanse and charge this piece correctly, visit How to Cleanse Crystals. It’s a comprehensive guide that provides simple, easy-to-follow steps.


The Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster is a natural and ethically sourced product from Asana Crystals. We assure the authenticity and quality of our products. Our commitment to ethical sourcing and natural processing means that each crystal brings with it a clean, vibrant energy beneficial to your space. To learn more about us and our range, follow us at Asana Crystals Instagram.


Small Amethyst Crystal Clusters make a thoughtful and meaningful gift for many occasions. Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary, or as a housewarming gift, it symbolizes thoughtfulness and a wish for peace, calm, and creativity in one’s life. For more reasons why this product makes a great gift, visit Unique Crystal Gifts for Crystal Lovers.


Our Small Amethyst Crystal Clusters are an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their space or personal energy. They not only add a touch of natural beauty but also bring a range of metaphysical benefits. They aid in calming the mind, enhancing intuition, and promoting creativity. With every piece unique, it’s like owning a piece of the earth’s history.


While our Small Amethyst Crystal Clusters aren’t typically worn, they are a crucial part of a healing crystal jewelry collection. Displaying them in your home or office allows you to tap into their soothing and calming energies throughout the day. To explore more ways to incorporate healing crystals into your life, check out Healing Crystal Jewelry.


Meditating with our Small Amethyst Crystal Clusters can enhance your sessions’ effectiveness. The calming and intuitive energies of Amethyst can aid in achieving a deeper state of peace and clarity during your meditation sessions. For more information, visit How to Meditate with Crystals.


Asana Crystals is a well-renowned gemstone jewelry brand that offers a wide range of products, including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. All our products are handmade and made of high-quality natural gemstones. We are committed to providing our customers with beautiful and unique gemstone jewelry that also offers numerous benefits. Explore more from our shop:


Small Amethyst Crystal Clusters hold a special place in my heart. When I first purchased this product, I was in awe of its natural beauty. But what truly captivated me was the immediate sense of peace and tranquility I felt when I held the cluster in my hands. I found myself meditating more often, my thoughts seemed clearer, and I felt more creative. This small cluster transformed my living space into a serene sanctuary, a place where I could retreat and rejuvenate. I highly recommend Small Amethyst Crystal Clusters to anyone looking for a unique piece that adds not only beauty but also calm and creativity to their life.


  1. What is the Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster? The Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster is a naturally formed group of Amethyst crystals. Each cluster is unique and carries the properties of Amethyst, which include calming and soothing energies, as well as the ability to stimulate creativity and intuition.

  2. Where does the Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster come from? Our Small Amethyst Crystal Clusters are ethically sourced from various parts of the world, including Brazil, Uruguay, and South Africa.

  3. How do I cleanse and charge the Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster? The Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster can be cleansed and charged in several ways, including exposure to moonlight, burying it in the earth, or using other crystals. For more information, please check our guide here.

  4. Can I wear the Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster? While the Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster is not typically worn due to its size, it can be displayed in your home or office, allowing you to tap into its calming and intuitive energies.

  5. What are the metaphysical properties of the Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster? The Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster carries a calming energy that can soothe emotions, promote intuition and creativity, and assist in breaking free from negative habits.

  6. Can I use the Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster for meditation? Absolutely. The Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster can enhance the effectiveness of your meditation sessions by aiding in achieving a deeper state of peace and clarity.

  7. Is the Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster a good gift? The Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster makes an excellent gift for anyone interested in crystals, spirituality, or natural decor. It’s a thoughtful way to show you care about someone’s peace and well-being.

  8. Is the Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster natural? Yes, our Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster is 100% natural. Each piece is ethically sourced and unique.

  9. What is the size of the Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster? The Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster comes in different sizes. The small size is approximately 2 – 2.5 inches, while the medium is about 2.5 – 3 inches.

  10. What does the Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster symbolize? The Amethyst crystal, including our Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster, symbolizes calmness, balance, and intuition. It’s also known for promoting creativity and helping break free from negative habits.

Enhancing Your Crystal Collection

At Asana Crystals, we offer a diverse selection of other crystals that can perfectly complement your Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster. For those seeking grounding energy, the protective properties of our Black Tourmaline Necklace can provide a fantastic balance to the soothing energy of amethyst. Similarly, our Rose Quartz Necklace is a great pairing for those wanting to promote unconditional love in their lives. You might also consider incorporating Chakra Stones into your space, which can work synergistically with the Amethyst to create a truly harmonious environment.

Crystal Healing Through Various Methods

In addition to showcasing these crystals in your home or office, there are other ways to embrace their therapeutic properties. Our Crystal Water Bottle is an innovative method to bring crystal energy into your daily hydration routine. Those interested in the power of manifestation should explore our guide on creating a Vision Board that can help materialize your intentions. Also, our How to Meditate with Crystals guide can be a useful resource to deepen your meditation practices with the Small Amethyst Crystal Cluster and other crystals.

Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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