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Chakra Stones Set – Sacred Geometry


Sacred Geometry Chakra Stones Set will stimulate your chakra – the energy centers that are tied to your physical and emotional body. Get the most out of your Chakra Stones Set by using them effectively and knowledgeably. Use them in meditation, lay them on your body, develop a deep understanding of chakras and their meanings.

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  • 7pcs Amethyst Set
  • 7pcs Chakra Set
  • 7pcs Clear Quartz


What’s included:

Chakra Stones Set – 7 Pieces

Sets available:

7 Chakra / Amethyst / Clear Quartz

Metaphysical meaning of the shapes:

Sphere – Unity, feeling of being complete, integrity
Merkaba – inter-dimensional vehicles which transport spirit and body between dimensions
Tetrahedron – symbolizes Fire – creation of change with caution
Cube (Hexahedron) – symbolizes Earth – patience and consistency
Octahedron – symbolizes Air – balance, grace, diplomacy, learning
Icosahedron – symbolizes Water – Go with the flow, trust the universe
Dodecahedron – Trust in Spirit

Chakra stones set includes:

Crystal Quartz – Crown Chakra – Sahasrara
Amethyst– Third Eye/Brow Chakra – Ajna
Lapis Lazuli – Throat Chakra – Vishuddha
Green Aventurine – Heart Chakra – Anahata
Red Aventurine – Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura
Carnelian – Sacral Chakra – Swadhisthana

Note: Natural stones are products of the nature. Each of them is unique and beautiful in it’s own way. Therefore please allow for variations in color, pattern and texture.

Please allow between 12 to 20 days for process and delivery.




Additional information


Natural stones

Use in

Chakra healing, meditation

Stone Size

Approx. 20*20*19mm/14mm/15*15*21mm/17*20mm/21*21mm/21*23mm/16mm


7pcs Set

7 Chakra Stone Set

Red Jasper/Red Agate/Clear Quartz/ Amethyst/Red Aventurine/Green Aventurine/Lapis Lazuli


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