Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace

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Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace Combine the energies of Black Tourmaline and Clear quartz in one necklace.

Black Tourmaline Energy: Healing | Strength | Tolerance Zodiac – Virgo, Libra Vibration – Number 2

Clear Quartz: Chakras – Crown Chakra Birthstone – April Zodiac – All  Planet – Sun Element – All (Earth/Fire/Air/Water) Vibration – Number 4

Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer” and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals.



What is Included:

Pendant: Clear Quartz Point with Black Tourmaline Gold plated  |

Chain: Simple Black Leather Cord | Length: 16"-17" Adjustable

Brand: ASANA

Category: Black Tourmaline Necklace

Note: Each pendant will vary slightly in size and color because these are natural raw gemstones.


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Our Asana Crystals come packaged beautifully and will be delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 days from Orlando. We take pride in offering ethically made and 100% Authentic Crystals & Jewelry. Rest assured, our crystals are not dyed, painted, heat treated or 3D printed 🙂

We pre-cleanse & charge them, so they are ready for your meditation practice. If, by any chance, you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day refund policy – no questions asked. Asana Crystals is run by spirit-centered women who are dedicated to providing you with the best.

P.S. – If you’re looking to surprise someone with a gift, simply write your personalized message at checkout, and we’ll joyfully handwrite it on a petite gift card at no extra cost! And don’t worry, we’ll keep the price of the gift a delightful secret. Happy gifting!

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5 reviews for Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace

  1. Agnes Norris

    OMG! This necklace is so pretty! It looks even better in person! I can not wait to show this off. Shipping seemed super fast too. Very happy!
    clear quartz tourmaline necklace

  2. Tara Wade

    This necklace is perfect, well made and absolutely beautiful. I had been looking for a clear quartz and tourmaline pendant for some time, and when I saw this one, I had to have it. love, love, love

  3. Lydia Graves

    I love this beautiful piece, i love the combination of tourmaline and clear quartz and the fact i have this pendant and can have it with me everywhere makes me so happy!

  4. Gina Lopez

    I love this necklace! it’s even prettier in person and the energy is amazing. the shipping was very fast to Florida.

  5. Robyn Obrien

    Clear quartz and black tourmaline are my two favorite crystals to wear and I was so happy to find such a great quality item with both of them together. It’s so pretty!

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Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz


Asana Crystals



Stone Color

Black, Mixed, White




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How to Cleanse: Cleanse Crystals

How To Charge: Crystal Charging Music

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Introducing the Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace – a unique blend of two powerful stones elegantly encased in a beautiful piece of jewelry. The profound healing properties of Black Tourmaline are perfectly balanced by the amplifying energies of the Clear Quartz, making this necklace an extraordinary spiritual accessory. Black Tourmaline promotes strength, tolerance, and resilience while warding off negativity. Clear Quartz, known as the “master healer,” intensifies the energies around it, enhancing the potency of other crystals. This stunning necklace is not just a fashion statement, but also a spiritual tool that supports balance, healing, and growth.

The metaphysical benefits of the Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace include Protection ♥ Amplification ♥ Healing ♥ Balance ♥ Strength.


The Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace has a deep-rooted cultural and symbolic significance spanning various cultures and timelines. Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, has been utilized for its protective and grounding properties since ancient times. The stone was widely used by shamans and healers of early civilizations for its ability to ward off negative energies and protect against evil spirits. Clear Quartz, on the other hand, has been revered as a ‘master healer,’ with its mentions found in several ancient cultures, including the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations. Its clear, ice-like appearance symbolized purity and patience to these ancient societies.

Clear Quartz, known as the “Universal Crystal,” amplifies the energies of other stones and intentions, making it an excellent stone for manifestation. The pairing of Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline in this necklace harnesses the strengths of both these crystals, providing a balanced energy tool. The Clear Quartz amplifies the protective and grounding properties of the Black Tourmaline, creating a strong shield against negativity while promoting clarity of thought.

Wearing the Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace can bring about a transformative change in your life. The Black Tourmaline part of the necklace works continuously to cleanse your aura of negativity, replacing it with positive vibrations. This energy helps to increase your self-confidence, diminish fears, and foster a positive outlook on life. The Clear Quartz amplifies these benefits while encouraging clarity, focus, and decision-making. This powerful combination can make you more receptive to opportunities and positive experiences, thereby bringing about a transformative change in your personality and life.


Planet – Sun (Clear Quartz), Saturn (Black Tourmaline) Element – All (Earth/Fire/Air/Water for Clear Quartz), Earth (Black Tourmaline) Numerical Vibration – Number 4 (Clear Quartz), Number 2 (Black Tourmaline) Stone Color – Clear (Clear Quartz), Black (Black Tourmaline) Chakras – Crown Chakra (Clear Quartz), Base Chakra (Black Tourmaline) Birthstone – April (Clear Quartz) Zodiac – All (Clear Quartz), Virgo, Libra (Black Tourmaline)


Maintaining the Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace’s energy potency is essential for tapping into its metaphysical properties. You can cleanse and charge this necklace by following the instructions provided in this guide. Proper care and regular cleansing will ensure your necklace retains its vibrancy and energy amplification capabilities.


Rest assured that the Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace is a natural and ethically made product by Asana Crystals. Our commitment to sustainability and integrity in sourcing means each piece carries the energy of the earth, untouched by harmful chemicals or practices. To stay updated with our new arrivals and crystal insights, you can follow us on Instagram.


The Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace makes an excellent gift, especially for those embarking on a spiritual journey or seeking protection against negative energies. Its aesthetic appeal coupled with its healing properties makes it a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just to show your appreciation, this necklace symbolizes strength, clarity, and protection – meaningful sentiments to share with a loved one.


Every Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace by Asana Crystals is handcrafted with love and intention. The elegant design is a testament to the craftsmanship that goes into each piece, resulting in a unique, high-quality crystal necklace. The pairing of Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz amplifies protection and clarity, providing a potent tool for spiritual growth and transformation.


Wearing the Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace is a powerful statement of intent. As a healing crystal necklace, it works continuously to protect your aura and amplify your energies. Its elegant design makes it suitable for any occasion, effortlessly blending fashion and spirituality. You can explore similar products and learn more about healing crystal jewelry here.


Meditation with the Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace can enhance your practice by bringing focus and clarity. As you meditate, hold the necklace and visualize your intentions being amplified by the Clear Quartz and grounded by the Black Tourmaline. Visualize negative energies leaving your body and positive energies being drawn in. The necklace can be an effective tool for grounding, protection, and energy amplification during meditation and other spiritual practices.


Asana Crystals is a renowned gemstone jewelry brand offering a wide array of products, from bracelets and necklaces to earrings and rings. Every piece is handmade, crafted with high-quality natural gemstones. Our mission is to provide customers with aesthetically pleasing and unique gemstone jewelry, carrying significant benefits. Explore more from Asana Crystals at our Shop.

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I remember the day I first laid my eyes on the Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace. From the moment I put it on, I felt a palpable shift in my energies. The necklace seemed to resonate with my aura, dispelling negativity and fostering a sense of calm and clarity. With every day that passed, I felt more connected to my inner self and my surroundings. The necklace became a symbol of balance and protection for me, and I can’t imagine a day without it now. It’s not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a spiritual companion.

Enhancing Wellness with Crystals

There is no doubt that the power of crystals can be harnessed in numerous ways to help in your quest for better mental, physical, and spiritual health. For instance, consider complementing your Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace with Chakra Stones. Each stone in the seven-chakra system resonates with one of your body’s energy centers, offering unique benefits. A Crystal Water Bottle can also be a great addition to your daily routine, allowing you to imbibe water energized with the positive vibrations of your chosen crystal. These are just two examples of the amazing variety of crystal items available for those interested in incorporating crystal healing into their lives.

Expanding Your Crystal Collection

As you explore the world of crystals, you will discover the profound connections that different stones can have with your energy system. An Amethyst Necklace, for example, is known for its calming influence and can be especially beneficial for meditation and stress relief. Alternatively, the Labradorite Necklace is highly sought after for its ability to stimulate the imagination and calm an overactive mind. And don’t forget to check out the Morganite Ring, a beautiful piece of jewelry that can serve as a tangible reminder of love and compassion in your life. There are many other fascinating stones with unique properties and meanings just waiting to be discovered!



  1. What are the primary properties of the Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace?
    • The Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace offers healing, strength, and amplification of energy. Clear Quartz, known as the “master healer”, amplifies energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. Black Tourmaline provides strength and protection from negative energies.
  2. How do I cleanse and recharge my necklace?
    • You can cleanse and recharge your necklace by placing it under moonlight or sunlight, or by smudging it with sage. You can also use other crystals like Selenite. For detailed methods, check this guide.
  3. Can I wear my necklace while sleeping?
    • Yes, you can wear the Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace while sleeping. The protective properties of Black Tourmaline can safeguard you from negative dreams, while the Clear Quartz can enhance lucidity.
  4. Is the necklace suitable for men and women?
    • Absolutely, the Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace is unisex and can be worn by anyone regardless of gender.
  5. Can I use the necklace during meditation?
    • Yes, this necklace can be an effective tool for grounding, protection, and energy amplification during meditation and other spiritual practices.
  6. How often should I cleanse my necklace?
    • It is recommended to cleanse your necklace every 30 days, or whenever you feel the energy of the crystal is dull.
  7. Is the necklace water-resistant?
    • While the stones themselves are not affected by water, frequent exposure to water may weaken the cord over time.
  8. Can the Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline Necklace help with anxiety?
    • The healing properties of these crystals can certainly aid in managing anxiety, as Black Tourmaline is known for its grounding and protective qualities, and Clear Quartz can amplify positive energies.
  9. Is the necklace ethically sourced and manufactured?
    • Yes, Asana Crystals ensures that all products are natural and ethically sourced. We are committed to sustainability and integrity in our sourcing process.
  10. Can I wear the necklace with other crystal jewelry?
    • Absolutely, wearing multiple pieces of crystal jewelry can help amplify and complement the energies of the stones.

Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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