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The Crystal Pipe is a gorgeous smoking pipe that makes a beautiful alternative to your average smoking device. You are definitely going to be obsessed with the healing properties of crystals and will make smoking even more magical. Made of high-grade Natural Crystals without any chemical treatment or dyeing. It has a removable metal filter that easy to clean. It is also durable and perfect for tobacco smoking, chakra healing, or as a gift! – Enjoy your Crystal Pipe

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Connect with the stone’s energy while smoking a crystal pipe

It’s not a secret that smoking a crystal pipe creates a relaxing visually appealing experience. But not everybody knows that smoking tobacco from crystal pipe allows us to connect with the energy of the natural stone. People have come to this conclusion due to the energy and vibrations the crystals are sending out. We can feel their vibrational influence every time a crystal is in our aura or our immediate surrounding.

How does a crystal pipe work?

How does a crystal pipe work? 

If you wondered how to make a smoking experience even more magical we have an answer for you. Crystal smoking pipe is a new generation smoking device. And people are really obsessed over it! Some appreciate the spiritual side of it and the healing properties that a crystal carries. Others just think they are completely gorgeous and enjoy the visual and tactile effects.

Taking the tobacco smoking experience into a whole new level of just being high and combining this experience with healing and spiritual growth has been just an idea for some until the crystal pipe came into play. Crystal smoking pipes are beautiful alternatives for average smoking pipe, these pipes will just make smoking magical.

The crystals are the most essential part in making a Natural GemStone pipe. You can choose the stones or crystals from the way it looks, what color attracted you the most or from the healing powers and benefits you can get from it.

Using the Healing Crystals

Almost everything on earth produces vibrations including humans. Rocks too emit vibrations. These vibrations from objects interact with each other. Theoretically, your vibrations will be influenced by everyone around you. That means you ought to choose your friends wisely and also your crystal pipe.

The stones are believed by many people to harmonize the human vibration and also help in releasing the negative vibrations. Every healing crystal has an atomic structure that is believed to help in emotional and spiritual well-being of humans in diverse ways.

A good example could be of someone experiencing an existential crisis would go for a labradorite pipe.

Using a Crystal Pipe

Fill ground herb in a bowl just like you would do with an amethyst pipe or rose quartz pipe. Some of the crystal smoking pipes will have a carb. It is an opening found on the side and it is associated with pipes that are used for cannabis and not tobacco. Check for reviews before purchasing the pipes to discover whether the pipe has a carb.

For the pipes that include a carb, you can use your thumb to block the carb while lighting and inhaling the pipe. To clear the smoke, you have to uncover the carb.   

Science behind healing crystals

As Albert Einstein once said, “everything in life is vibration” due to the reasoning that everything is made of atoms binding and bouncing off one another. Our bodies too are made of atoms, when they move that when we attract similar vibrations. This is how the stones play their crucial role, they help you reach the right type of vibrations to get your body, energy, mind, and soul back into balance.

Crystal Pipe from Rose Quartz pipe carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. It expresses directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears, and resentments, and circulates a Divine loving energy throughout the entire aura.

How to clean a Crystal Pipe?

  • Clear out the residue by inserting a pipe cleaner through the mouthpiece and into the canal
  • Use the stone smoking pipes cleaner every few days or once a week depending on your usage
  • Replace filters every month or so
  • Run the crystal pipe under hot water for 1 or 3 minutes for extra cleaning.

Energetically Cleansing the Stone Pipe

It involves energetically cleaning the stone pipe using natural resources.

  • Sun and moon- all you do while cleansing the crystal pipe is placing it in a direct line of moonlight or sunlight for about 24 hours.
  • Earth- this is where you will place the stone on the to place the stone pipe in a bag and then rinse it for several minutes in the ocean. You could also soak the stone in purified water in a glass after adding a pinch of sea salt. Some people decide to even cleanse the quartz crystal smoking pipe or stone in a running freshwater stream.
  • Fire- this is where you burn some sage leaves that are well dried and then hold the crystals above the smoke for about 4 minutes.

Inspiration Behind Crystal Pipes

Choice of crystals in making crystal pipes is never random. It’s a constant communication of the master and the crystals. At Crystal Shop we spend so much time searching through the stones, holding every single one, looking for the signs that this specific crystal is going to make a great crystal pipe. Some crystals work best raw and others when polished. Through years of experiments, rituals and experience we have come to the conclusion that rose quartz pipe, amethyst pipe, obsidian pipe and labradorite pipe are the best options to go with!

Choose the best crystal pipe for yourself! 

You will make and choose the gemstone pipe that you will need or for some, the crystal pipe will choose you. Sometimes, you cannot decide which crystal to use so we try to touch the base and feel a connection.  Most importantly, we make sure that a lot of crystals remain raw to show their natural crystalline materials and properties because that’s the main reason for making a Stone pipe so it is important to keep its true form. Each crystal is different so we need to be patient and keep on experimenting.

When you finally choose what crystal to use, we mold it in a pipe form. It is important to honor the crystals and their energy in the same way we honor our own bodies. Each pipe is different from the others and all are unique, like us.

How are crystal smoking pipes made?

A rough stone is trimmed to prepare it for the final drilling and shaping. During shaping, oils, polishing compounds, sealers and oil are used to craft the stone into a perfectly shiny appearance. The University of California Berkeley cites carbide, silicon, tin oxide, cerium oxide, aluminum oxide and chromium oxide as compounds that are used to polish stones.

These polishing compounds can be removed in a diverse process that involves an acid bath. The bath may not or may take place before the stem is drilled thus leaving harsh chemicals in the pipe. Drilling is the only process that happens on the inside of the amethyst crystal pipe or any other gemstone pipe as it is not polished leaving the porous surface exposed.

The rough surface stores deposits of dust or chemicals with ease. Now after the stone smoking pipe is polished, shaped and cleaned, the hole is made via the stem. Drilling creates silica dust which is an ingredient in glass. However, there is no risk in using a glass pipe since the raw silica dust is heated until it coagulates and melts into a solid.

You can check if the glass smoking pipe has excess silica dust by torching the bowl and the inner side of the stem. In case the empty bowl produces smoke that means inside the pipe there is something that should not be there.

It could be chemical, oil, silica dust or some other culprits could be what is causing the smoke and it is a risk you would never want to take with your lungs. The type of crystal being used to make the stone smoking pipe is also very crucial. 

There is sufficient information that shows the extent of damages asbestos can make on your lungs. It may bring about permanent scarring, inflammation of lung tissues and even Asbestos disease. Most of the pictures of the amethyst pipe or rose quartz smoking pipe are seen to have been made of minerals that are full of asbestos.

Serpentine, Tiger Eye and Pietersite are common minerals that contain lots of asbestos. Upon drilling a hole via the stem, you can be sure some asbestos dust might be left behind.  

Set a positive intention for the Stone pipe

For rose quartz pipes, set the intention in nurturing and promoting love, start it with yourself. For amethyst crystal pipe, inculcate the ideal of meditation energy, promoting relaxation and keeping inner peace and balance. For labradorite crystal shops, start with the strength of trusting yourself for positive transformation.

For obsidian crystal pipes, put things at ease and discover truth within ourselves, helps release and get over buried emotions from the past and overcome anger, fear and resentment.

The person who will then use the made gemstone pipe may be drawn to it, they may feel their body connect with the crystal pipes and sink deeper from their ordinary smoking experience.

They will feel lightness and calmness. The perfect pipe will boil down from how it is made. Crystal pipes will make people experience their consciousness to understand more about life so they can navigate their life better.

How to clean your crystal pipe?

It is important to keep your crystal pipe to its perfect shape, although it is guaranteed durable. Keeping it clean regularly, depending on how often you use your gemstone pipe. All crystal pipes come with a high-quality stainless-steel cleaner brush that can fit perfectly in the pipe so you can use it for cleaning the clogged herbs and clear out residue. Water-free from chemicals like natural rainwater or seawater is ideal when cleaning the crystal pipe.

After cleaning, rub dry using a clean cloth. Keep your stone smoking pipes in a safe space and away from chemicals as they may cause damage. 

Ways To Clean the Crystal Smoking Pipe

Warm water and dish soap

Put around 4 drops of dish soap in warm water in a bowl and then mix the solution until it is a bit soapy. Immerse your crystal pipe in the bowl and move it about in the soapy water to ensure the water cleans the inside of the crystal wand pipe. Remove the filter and wash it properly in the bowl. Once it is clean use a paper towel to pat it until it is completely dried. You could also let the pipe air dry for several hours or maybe overnight.

For the smoking pipes with a brush you can effectively use it to ensure no dirt or materials remain on the inside of the pipe.

Boiled water

Boil water in a pot. Once it is boiled enough in a pot, do away with the source of heat and insert your rose quartz pipe or labradorite pipe in the boiling water. Let it soak for about 30 minutes and then remove the pipe. Pat the gemstone pipe dry using a paper towel. You could consider a cotton swab to ensure the inner part of the pipe is also clean.

Rubbing alcohol and saltwater

Pour warm water in a bowl and then add 2 tablespoons of salt. Add another 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol to the mixture. Place your quartz pipe in the bowl. Move the crystal wand pipe in the mixture for some minutes until it is cleaned both outside and on the inside. 

You could also decide to soak it in the solution for about 20 minutes to bring out any unwanted materials inside the pipe.

Afterward, remove the quartz crystal smoking pipe from the bowl and use a dry paper towel to pat the pipe dry. It is advisable to let the stone pipe air dry for several hours or even leave it overnight to dry completely on the inside. 

Cleaning your crystal wand pipe doesn’t only mean cleaning it physically it also means cleaning the negative energy it captured as these crystals protected you from negativity. As crystals are natural, to clear out negative energies it will also need natural cleaning. Place your crystal wand pipe in direct sunlight and or moonlight for 24 hours to recharge it.

Connect with the stone’s energy while smoking your crystal pipe

It’s not a secret that smoking a crystal pipe creates a relaxing, visually appealing experience. But not everybody knows that smoking a crystal pipe allows us to connect with the natural stones’ energy. People have come to this conclusion due to the energy and vibrations the crystals are sending out. We can feel their vibrational influence every time a crystal is in our aura or our immediate surrounding.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer

Every single thing in our Universe vibrates and is able to influence nearby objects with vibrations. Crystals are some of the few things in nature that have almost perfect atomic geometry. This is the reason their vibrations are more resonant and powerful and therefore easier to feel. People, on the other hand, contain a lot of different frequencies. We don’t have a clear powerful vibration that makes us open to other energies.

Simply by holding a crystal wand pipe and especially smoking from it lets you tune to the crystal’s frequency. The perfect atomic geometry of rose quartz pipe, amethyst pipe, labradorite pipe and obsidian pipe bring the vibration of you and whatever plant you are smoking up.

Crystal Pipes FAQ

How do I know which crystal pipe is best for me?

The answer to this question seems to lie on the surface. And the truth is only you know which crystal pipe is best for you. Because crystal pipes are made of natural stones each of them has its own properties. Simply choose the stone that calls for you at the moment and the stone that can resonate with your emotional state when holding and smoking the crystal pipe. Crystal Shop offers rose quartz pipe, amethyst pipe, obsidian pipe and labradorite pipe. Read about the properties of each stone in the drop-down description menu and you will know which one works best for you!

Does the shape of the crystal pipe matter?

Not really. The shape of a crystal smoking pipe is a matter of preference and beliefs. There exist pointed pipes, skull-headed pipes, cluster pipes, heart-shaped pipes etc. Our clients and friends find that polished pointed pipes work best both aesthetically and practically. We believe that the shape of the pipe should not distract you from the spiritual process of smoking.

Is it safe to heap up the crystals?

Yes, the materials in crystal pipes are made to be heated. But of course, the materials should not be heated to extremes. Simply follow the common sense and handle the crystal pipe with caution when heated.

How do I clean my crystal smoking pipe?

If you are a frequent smoker and use your crystal pipe a lot, then you should know how to clean it. Typically, you would use hot water, coarse salt, something to clean the inside of the pipe. You can also use isopropyl alcohol for deeper cleaning. Start from cleaning the bowl by scraping of the resin off the pipe. This is the place that gets dirty the fastest. Don’t forget to clean the channel and the carb hole. You can also put your pipe in a zip bag filled with isopropyl alcohol and salt. No need to let it soak for a long time. Simply shake your crystal smoking pipe until it’s clean and ready to use. Rinse with water and enjoy smoking!

How often do you need to change the filter screen?

If you want your crystal pipe to live long try cleaning the filters every two or three weeks. If you do, it may last up to three months. Don’t let the filter sit for too long. It’s recommended to renew them every three-four month for better quality experience and safer use.

Where do I keep my crystal pipe? 

You can keep your crystal pipe wherever you feel is safe and convenient. However, there are some crystals that should not be placed under direct sunlight. For example, Amethyst, Citrine, Fluorite, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Opal. If you don’t want your crystal pipe to fade and even crack, take good care of it and keep it somewhere dark. 

Is it safe to smoke out of a stone pipe?

You should not smoke out of the stone pipe. The crystal itself has potential toxins that could be harmful to your health. Articles have been published that show the list of toxins that are common in minerals and crystals. A good example is with fluorite which when heated lets out a corrosive gas known as fluorine. 

Fluorite is the main source of fluorine and while you are a fan of crystal pipes for sale, make sure you do not smoke out of them. Most of the pioneer chemists who were researching the fluorine gas died for being exposed to the gas proving how catastrophic it can be.

Are quartz pipes safe?

Quartz pipes such as rose quartz pipes should be good to smoke out of. The only issue is dust. Ensure you use lung protection when carving the pipe and then clean it thoroughly when finished. Quartz dust is very harmful to your lungs but if shaped the right way then it should be safe to use.

Is it okay to smoke out of soapstone pipes?

For the wooden pipe with a soapstone bowl, the bowl is made of soapstone while the pipe is made of wood. The soapstone ensures the wood is not harmful when smoked out of meaning you can enjoy the smoke without having to worry. Soapstone does not burn like wood which makes the wooden pipe ideal for smoking out of.

Can you clean a glass pipe with vinegar?

Yes, you can clean your glass pipe using vinegar. What you do is drop denture tabs in a bowl and then add warm water. Add baking soda and then pour in the mixture white vinegar and watch as it produces a volcano effect. Allow the pipe to soak properly in the mixture for about 15 minutes and then rinse the pipe with warm water.  

How can you identify soapstone?

Soapstone is identifiable via your fingernail. Soapstone is soft and on the Mohs Hardness Scale, it has a rating of 2. Rub the stone and hold it up against the light and then judge from its temperature.

Crystal pipes are the next big thing and should definitely be on your to-do list for an exquisite experience!

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Weight 2.88 oz
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Amethyst, Labradorite, Rose Quartz


4-6 oz


Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Labradorite, Obsidian, Clear Quartz & Tourmaline


Asana Crystals



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Blue, Pink, Purple, White


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Crystal Pipe comes in 4 variations!

Crystal pipe comes in four stones – rose quartzamethystlabradorite and black obsidian. Check out the article below and find out which stone would fit you best!

Rose Quartz Crystal Pipe

We all know that crystals are cool. But we just made it even cooler for you. Known as the universal love crystal, Rose Quartz Crystal Pipes will help you radiate love faster than you think. Rose quartz crystal pipe’s main material, rose quartz, is essentially a crystalline form of a silica oxide mineral. The color pink is long known and related to the symbol of love – as many believe Quartz Crystal Smoking Pipe when used can help in attracting love.

Rose Quartz and its pink vibrance is a popular choice for the natural stone pipe. Since its name is derived from its light pink color to deep radiant pink to trace the amounts of crystal and elements like titanium, iron or manganese. Rose crystal smoking pipe has a different variety from the range of lightest pale pink to a very deep radiant pink. A silicon dioxide crystal is used to keep and prevail the natural stone pipe Each pipe is handmade and crafted from crystals using the finest minerals around the world thus the crystal smoking pipe.

Amethyst Crystal Pipe

For many centuries people believed that crystals have healing properties. With this, we’ve innovated things and combined crystals and crystal smoking pipes that will make your next smoking sash more spiritual. Amethyst Crystal Pipe main material, amethyst, is a stone of tranquility. Amethyst Crystals are believed to bring spiritual growth as it embodies the dynamic energy of the violet flame.

Labradorite Crystal Pipe

Labradorite is a stone of transformation some even say it is a stone of magic. People use it for truly seeking one’s own understanding of their inner spirit. Labradorite pipe has its own innate magic powers that enhance mental and other psychic abilities.

NOTE: Crystal pipes are intended for tobacco, medical use, aromatherapy blends, and legal concentrates. You have to be 21 or older to purchase crystal pipes.

25 reviews for Crystal Pipe

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    Absolutely beautiful and I love sharing the positive energy! #RoseQuartz

  2. Craig Allen

    It’s Perfect!

  3. Essie Nichols

    left “5 star” review

  4. Samm

    i got the amethyst one and it is INSANELY beautiful. it cane in 3 days (and also 3 days early) which is INCREDIBLY impressive for free shipping. it also came with something to clean it with and two extra screens. i absolutely love it.

  5. Kaleiola Smith

    I bought a pipe in laboradite as a mother’s day gift for my aunt. I opened it when it arrived to make sure it wasn’t damaged and it was very well packaged. The pipe itself is beautiful and has a great weight and feel to it. The stone was solid and had a gorgeous blue tone to it. My aunt loves it.

  6. Peter L.

    This Labradorite Crystal Pipe is insanely beautiful. Next Level!
    Crystal Pipe

    • crystalshop

      Thank you for sharing the photo, Peter. We Agree, Labradorite is a Magical One. Blessings! 🙂

  7. Nicole Miranda

    This pipe blew me away. I was so impressed with how beautiful it is. Order labradorite and ask for a blue one in a comment.

  8. Mark

    Appreciated fast 3 day shipping. And it came from Texas.


  9. Sarah Stevens

    This was a gift for my friend and he loved it! Arrived quickly and packaged well!

  10. Kristina Tompalski

    pipe arrived safely and really fast. Package was wrapped in layers of bubble wrap. Very happy with my purchase!

  11. Pete

    Amazing Crystal and good packaging. Came in 6 days which is ok

  12. Jacqueline Love

    Amethyst pipe is so beautiful! It comes in a cute box with a brush a two extra screens. I bought one for myself but it would also make a great gift!

  13. Teresa Moss

    I got amethyst pipe and it’s so beautiful. It smokes really smooth and is aesthetically pleasing. 100% recommended.

  14. Jenna Tate

    So so beautiful! My third pipe from Crystal Shop. Labradorite is my fave so far. These are high quality pieces for an amazing price!
    smoking crystal pipe

  15. Stef

    Really beautiful but must say the edge is a little sharp. Otherwise, perfect piece!

  16. Leslie

    Bought it for my friend since labradorite is his favorite stone. To say the least, he really loves it! It’s so bright and vibrant, especially when you shine it in the sun. I highly recommend, and I am definitely buying from this store again in the future.

  17. Jennie Castillo

    left “5 star” review

  18. Jaden T

    I ordered labradorite and rose quartz. Exactly what I was hoping for! Shipped quickly and looks great!

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    I love it love it love it! Gorgeous labradorite stone, arrived quickly in perfect condition. Thanks!

  20. Samie Bartoli

    Super cool. Durable and pretty!

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    Loved my Black Obsidian Pipe. Feels great and crystal is real.

  22. Alma Reid

    Exactly what I was looking for! So happy with my purchase!

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    I can feel the amazing energy flowing from this crystal pipe! It’s definitely a great purchase!

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    I love it! super worth it.

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    Super beautiful! A++++

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