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Black Obsidian Feng Shui Bracelet

(14 customer reviews)



Black Obsidian Feng shui Bracelet | Pixiu Bracelet

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14 reviews for Black Obsidian Feng Shui Bracelet

  1. Elena Reed

    Love the bracelet,Nicely put together.Brought one for all my kids and a friend.

  2. Nancy Silva

    I need all the energy I can get from this beautiful amazing bracelet 🙂

  3. Maria Rivera

    Denise is a wonderful communicator and the bracelet was phenomenal feels heavy that’s what real obsidian feels like and the carvings in the feng shui bracelet are real you can feel the lines I love it! <3

  4. Kristy Perez

    I love this bracelet it has helped me so much thank you for a great quality product.

  5. Ella Copeland

    I will definitely be ordering more for myself and as gifts for friends!

  6. Rebecca Rice

    I love it! The colors, the fit, and the beads! A perfect bracelet for luck!feng shui bracelet obsidian pixiu

  7. Cristina Carlson

    Exactly like the ones in the picture! Obsidian is real and cold stone feel makes it perfect.

  8. Roberta Ramos

    Beautiful design at a great cost! Highly recommend! A bought one from Amazon for $35 and it was not obsidian. Here it’s cheaper + real crystal

  9. Mark Goodman

    Great bracelet. delivered in 4 days.

  10. Gretchen Myers

    This bracelet is beautiful! I was impressed with the quality of the stones. I wear it almost everyday.

  11. Dianna Baker

    Finally real pixiu Bracelet. The quality is fantastic!

  12. Cristina Becker

    The size of the product is okay, not too big and not too small for me. It just fits perfectly. I am recommending!

  13. Robin Cobb

    The fit is excellent. I like to wear, it seems like it gives me good luck.

  14. Natalie Gray

    Magical bracelet I can feel the energy.

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