Large Fluorite Calcite Crystal Cluster


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Dear goddesses, if you are seeking to align your natural talents with the desires of your heart, cleanse your aura, or search for your purpose in this world, this Large Fluorite Calcite Stone is for you!

Fluorite – a highly protective stone, helps to clean and stabilize one’s energy. Provides grounding and assists in integrating spiritual energies.  Fluorite brings calmness and tranquility, aids in clearing a chaotic mind.

These two powerful stones complement one another. Fluorite helps clear the obstacles to your dreams, helping facilitate a strong vision, emotional strength, and physical connection with spirits. On the other hand, Calcite amplifies and cleanses energy from the environment.


  • An excellent healing tool for its overall cleansing and purifying effects. I
  • Cleanses and purifies the heart chakra by aligning your mind with the true desires of the heart.
  • Helps you discover your divine purpose in life
  • Opens and stimulates the third eye chakra, clearing the way for spiritual expansion.
  • RARE – Only 1 is Available
  • Healing


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4 reviews for Large Fluorite Calcite Crystal Cluster

  1. Rhonda Moss

    Make me feel more grounded, stable, and/or emotionally balanced. So love it!

  2. Linda Phelps

    The crystal came in perfect condition. They’re mesmerizing and so lovely!

  3. Allison Mccarthy

    WOW, this is simply gorgeous! I love the stones as well as the way it lays on my table. so impressed with the craftsmanship!

  4. Manuela Johnson

    I am really glad I chose this crystal it was well worth every dollar I paid. If you are having second doubts whether to get this or not, get it! I highly recommend this one!

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