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The Grape Agate Crystal is a crystal of dreams, intuition, and luxury. A healing crystal of the crown chakra and a powerful fire element used in the south area of a home and used in the devotions to several Goddesses. Thus, making this wonderful gemstone perfect for activating the inner goddess and working with goddess energies.


  • It encourages lucid dreaming for prophetic messages
  • When near you while you sleep, it stimulates your crown chakra and provides vivid messages  and dreams
  • Promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity
  • Has a warm, protective property that encourages security and self-confidence
  • It allows for deep and powerful levels of meditation in a short period of time
  • It offers a unique perspective and encourages you to look within for answers to life and situations


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Large Grape Agate Cluster
Size: 130*165*80 mm
Weight: 2lb

Properties of Grape Agate Crystal

The Grape Agate Crystal is a part of the Chalcedony family. It was named after the Achates River (now known as the Dirillo River) on the island of Sicily, Italy, whose upper waters were an ancient source of this gemstone. It is banded, layered and translucent. It has rounded nodules or knobs which need to be sliced open to bring out the internal pattern hidden in the stone.

How Will Agate Help You?

  • Healing and Health – Wearing Agate close to your heart can improve the functions of the heart and the lungs. It can strengthen your cardiac muscles as well as your blood vessels. It also stimulates the digestive system and relieves digestive pains, such as gastritis. For pregnant moms, the energies of the stone can increase lactation and prevent postpartum blues.
  • Wealth – The Agate Crystal can bring abundance and fullness in all aspects of your life, particularly your financial life. The energies of this stone will also prompt you to stand on your feet and take the necessary action with wisdom and authority. This will guide you in making the best decisions without putting your finances in a precarious situation.
  • Love and Relationships – The Agate Crystal will help you maintain a positive attitude even if you are going through something difficult in your relationship. Supporting your beliefs that all the challenges that you are going through are temporary.

Grape Agate for Feng Shui

Grape Agate for Sale brings great success in the future according to Chinese. It signifies the good fortune and the good things that are going to come. If you are going to start a business or starting a new job, display an agate to bring you good luck on your upcoming endeavor. And in a situation where you are experiencing bad luck, this will repel the negative energies and absorbs good fortune around you.

Grape Agate for Spiritual Healing

The Grape Agate for Sale has already been used in the ancient time to devote to the Goddess of Energy. Wearing a small grape agate stone as a necklace or placing it in your pocket would channel the inner Goddess that the energy of the stone emits.  It activates the inner consciousness and intuition. It assists in the creation and interpretation of your dreams and guides when in lucid dreaming. It is also an excellent stone to resurface physic gifts.

Grape Agate for Emotional Healing

Agate assists in emotional stability and boosts confidence. It allows inner peace and calms emotions that prevent outbursts. It composes these feelings and it also helps you feel the security that you needed the most. For PTSD patients, grape agate is helpful in reducing the symptoms that lead causes unrealistic and unreasonable thoughts. It gets rid of the physical tension by relaxing your shoulders. And this relaxation effect creates stable and safe energy that reduces fear, doubt, insecurities, and, instability.

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Weight 2.88 oz
Dimensions 3.15 × 3.15 × 1.57 in

Grape Agate

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9 reviews for Grape Agate Crystal Cluster

  1. Whitney Erickson

    this crystal is beautiful! They are well-made and feel more expensive than they are. The stones are very nice and they look like they are of good quality!!

  2. Annie Norton

    These are fantastic, beautiful and powerful crystal!

  3. Brooke Frazier

    This bracelet is beautiful! I ordered this for myself, but it would make a really great gift as well.

    This crystal is beautiful! I ordered this for myself, but it would make a really great gift as well.

  4. Rianne Smith

    Very happy with this purchase! This item works as described. Cool thing!

  5. Linda Austin

    Received mine yesterday and added this right away to my collection of healing stones. I love it!!!

  6. Agnes Adams

    Very similar to pictured crystals, beautiful, good size, just what I wanted! Can’t wait for my next order to arrive. I feel safe with this seller that I’ll get just what is ordered!

  7. Marilyn Dixon

    It’s a beautiful piece for a good price! Thank youuuuuuu!

  8. Verna Woods

    Beautiful and as described. Great for grounding and absorbing negative energy. A must for healers, and people with toxic people around them.

  9. Mandy Pratt

    I’m not new to picking up vibrations and feelings from things and I must admit that I really continue to feel a strong positive energy from the cluster I received. I’ve used it to reduce physical body cramps as well as cleanse some other crystals.

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