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Howlite is a stone of awareness. It can help you to remain calm and centered in times of stress or chaos. Howlite also aids in the development of patience, tolerance, and understanding. Wearing a howlite bracelet can help you to stay connected to the peace and tranquility that resides within you.

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Beaded Bracelet | Bead Size 8MM | Stone - Natural Polished Gemstone

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Our team does everything from scratch without the comfort of a middleman. We make sure that our customers get the best service possible. We take pride in crafting handmade jewelry with top materials-quality craftsmanship for an affordable price point so everyone can enjoy it!

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4 reviews for Howlite Bracelet for Tranquility

  1. Erika Ortegon

    I am very pleased with my order of a Howlite bracelet. The price is excellent, and the stones are very pretty. I will be ordering more from Asana shop.
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  2. Norma Orange

    This bracelet is so beautiful and delicate, but it is also protective at the same time. The bracelet far exceeded my expectations and I am so happy!

  3. Anne Cooper

    The craftsmanship on these bracelets is outstanding and the stones have such an amazing quality. I will likely purchase more of them and can’t wait to gift them away.

  4. Luz Garland

    I really like this howlite bracelet. I use it every day and the 8mm beads make it a great piece.

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