Incense Burner – Ceramic Dragon

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Incense Burner – Ceramic Incense Holder

Enter into the world of grim with this exquisitely made Dragon Ceramic Incense Holder. Let this incense holder add a sense of mystery to your home or office, as the incense smoke trails it’s deliciously creepy smile!


  • Relaxes the physical and psychological well-being.
  • Put asides the troubles of life and enjoy the peace of the moment.
  • Refreshes and creates a pleasant effect on your body and mind.
  • A unique piece that will add style to your decor.

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Dragon Ceramic Incense Holder

The fierce beast is an artwork made with fine details by our best artists. It shows an ancient glamour and long history of incense culture.

The wonder of the myth of the dragon also features many Asian and medieval European cultures. Dragons are not just fire-breathing creatures but they also hold spiritual and cultural significance. While it is recognized in many cultures, the dragon symbol is still deep-rooted in the Chinese culture.

In the Orient, the dragon figure remains being acknowledged with excellence, success, and affluence symbolizing wisdom, longevity, sexuality, fertility, procreation, and regeneration. They are seen as mythical beings having magical powers and symbolize water in Asian cultures.

Once the incense is lit, the smoke backflow gives the illusion that the exceptionally crafted fire-breathing dragon has come to life. Being creatures of fire and smoke, these dragons are happy to burn incense for you and definitely would be melting your stress away!

How to use:

  1. Set your incense holder in a safe location for burning.
  2. Light the narrow tip of the stick until it flames.
  3. Once the tip is glowing, carefully blow out the flame.
  4. Place the stick in the hole.
  5. Before disposal, wait until the ash is thoroughly cold.

A Dragon totem like the Dragon Ceramic Incense Holder can be a powerful ally in our daily effort to live our lives. When we call upon their amazing restorative and potent qualities, we are able to effectively live our lives with the honesty, courage, and strength of a peaceful warrior.

12 reviews for Incense Burner – Ceramic Dragon

  1. Anna Flores

    LOVE this. I love that I no longer have to worry about ashes spilling over the sides. it’s really a pretty piece.

  2. Lindsey Clark

    Love this product! It’s wide enough to catch the incense ashes that standard narrow holders seem to miss. Very happy with this product!!

  3. Marcia Mcguire

    I’ve been looking for a good incense holder than actually kept all of the ashes from falling on the sides onto my furniture and this one does a great job!! beautiful and it’s bigger than expected, I love it. definitely would recommend, I use it every day!

  4. Meredith Flowers

    This beautiful incense holder is the First one I have Ever owned that 100% caught ALL the Ashes – No Leaks! No Mess!

  5. Clara Maldonado

    Love love love this incense holder! The design is absolutely PERFECT. It’s wide enough that no ash will fall anywhere but the tray, long enough for the extra long incense sticks, and just a beautiful wood! They go with any decor so you can have them in any room and it will look good!

  6. Maddie Layson

    No more ashes on my desk! Plus it looks really great on my office!! Thanks!

  7. Miriam Adam

    Received mine yesterday and it look stunning!! Love it!!

  8. Anna Sues

    Very nice quality. Will order again!

  9. Carmen Hines

    Very good quality, fast delivery. Will buy again.

  10. Sophie Clayton

    Beautiful. It is the perfect addition to our meditation corner

  11. Jill Francis

    It’s wide enough that no ash will fall anywhere but the tray, long enough for the extra long incense sticks, and just a beautiful

  12. Bernadette Cruz

    It’s a truly unique design. I couldn’t have been happier with my purchase.!

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