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What could be more enchanting than a palm-sized piece of Labradorite, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow? This mystical gemstone is said to promote intuitive thinking and spiritual growth, making it the perfect crystal for seekers of enlightenment. Hold it in your hand and let its power wash over you. The stones are not only beautiful, but they each have their own unique color that you can see if the sunlight hits it just right. You should turn your stone until it’s perfectly aligned with what angle provides this special glow for yourself!



Size: available in four sizes.

20-30 mm / 0.8-1.1 inches | 30-40 mm / 1.1-1.5 inches | 40-50 mm / 1.5-1.9 inches | 50-60 mm / 1.9-2.3 inches

Natural stones are products of nature. Each of them is unique and beautiful in its own way. Therefore please allow for variations in color, pattern and texture.


Arrives in 2-5 days | USA Brand | 30 Days Return

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Our team does everything from scratch without the comfort of a middleman. We make sure that our customers get the best service possible. We take pride in crafting handmade jewelry with top materials-quality craftsmanship for an affordable price point so everyone can enjoy it!

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1 review for Labradorite Palm Stone

  1. Meghan Williams

    I like it very much, and so I bought another one for my mom.

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labradorite palmstone

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0.8-1.1 inch, 1.1-1.5 inch, 1.5-1.9 inch, 1.9-2.3 inch

Stone Color

Blue, Green




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Editor’s Crystal Guide: Labradorite Palm Stone

Greetings! If you’re in the market for a beautiful, spiritual companion, then I have just the product for you. The Labradorite Palm Stone is a popular choice among those seeking spiritual and healing benefits, and I am here to share my personal thoughts and experiences with this gorgeous gemstone.

What I Personally Love About Labradorite Palm Stones

Labradorite has a special place in my heart. The iridescent flashes of blue and green are simply mesmerizing. Every time I hold this stone in my hand, I feel a sense of calm and peacefulness wash over me. It’s no wonder that Labradorite has been used for centuries to enhance intuition and spiritual awareness.

Main Spiritual Benefits of Labradorite Stones

The spiritual benefits of Labradorite Palm stones  are numerous. It is said to increase intuition, heightened spiritual awareness, and provide protection from negative energies. When I use this stone during meditation or healing, I feel a sense of peace and clarity that I don’t experience with other crystals. It’s like Labradorite is guiding me towards my higher self and helping me to release anything that is holding me back.

Labradorite Origin and Historical Significance

Labradorite is named after the Labrador Peninsula, Canada where it was first discovered. But its history goes back much further than that. The Inuit people of the Arctic have been using this crystal for centuries to ward off negativity and to enhance their spiritual journey. It’s a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of all things and how the earth holds within it all the tools we need for healing and growth.

What People Love About It

It’s no secret that people love Labradorite. Its unique color and iridescent flashes make it one of the most beautiful crystals out there. But it’s not just its natural beauty that people love. Labradorite is also known for its calming and grounding energy. When people hold this stone, they feel a sense of peace and security that is simply unmatched.

How to Use Labradorite Palm Stone

The Labradorite Palm Stone is a versatile and practical crystal that can be used in a number of ways to enhance your spiritual journey and wellbeing. One of the most popular uses is to hold it during meditation to help you connect with your intuition and inner wisdom. You can also place the stone on relevant chakras during healing, such as the third eye or crown chakra, to help clear and balance energy. If you’re looking for a subtle way to carry the benefits of Labradorite with you throughout the day, you can also wear it as jewelry, such as a pendant or bracelet.

What it Represents as a Gift

If you’re looking for a meaningful and thoughtful gift for someone special, the Labradorite Palm Stone is a wonderful choice. Not only is it a beautiful piece of natural art, but it also represents protection, spiritual growth, and a connection with the divine. Whether you’re gifting it to a friend, family member, or loved one, they’ll appreciate the thought and care that goes into this unique and meaningful present.

How to Cleanse and Charge this Product

To keep the energy of your Labradorite Palm Stone flowing freely and remove any negative energies, it’s important to regularly cleanse and charge it. You can do this by placing it in sunlight or moonlight, smudging it with sage, or using sound therapy. If you’re new to crystal healing, it’s a good idea to research and choose the method that resonates with you the most.

Why Consider Asana Crystals

When it comes to purchasing high-grade crystals, it’s important to choose a source that you can trust. Asana Crystals is a great choice for many reasons. We are committed to using only natural and unenhanced gemstones, which means that you’re getting a genuine and high-quality product. We also have a 30-day return policy, which gives you peace of mind that you can make a purchase without any risk. As a women-owned business, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and quality products to help you on your spiritual journey.

How to Get the Best Out of this Product

To get the most out of your Labradorite Palm Stone, it’s important to regularly cleanse and charge it, and use it in a way that resonates with you. You can also pair it with other crystals, such as Amethyst, Clear Quartz, or Black Tourmaline, to enhance the benefits and bring balance to your spiritual practice.


In conclusion, the Labradorite Palm Stone is a beautiful and powerful crystal that has been cherished for centuries for its spiritual and healing benefits. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to crystal healing, this stone is a great addition to your collection. With its natural beauty, iridescent flashes of blue and green, and meaningful symbolism, it makes a wonderful gift for someone special. When you choose Asana Crystals as your source for high-grade crystals, you can be confident that you’re getting a genuine and high-quality product, backed by excellent customer service and a 30-day return policy. Your Labradorite Palm Stone will arrive from the USA in just 3-5 days, ready for you to start enjoying its benefits.

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