Large Natural Rare Fluorite 4LB


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Large Fluorite Crystal




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Large Fluorite Crystal

Large Fluorite Crystal

Large Fluorite Crystal usually happens with different common minerals, as well as Quartz and spar, that makes it a superb crystal healing tool for its overall cleansing and purifying effects. It usually contains inexperienced and purple colors, giving it unbelievable synergistic energy that heals and rejuvenates the aura.


The inexperienced cleanses and purifies the guts chakra by orientating your mind with actuality wishes of the guts. the right prescription for a case of existential burnout, the purple colors within the large fluorite crystal stone helps you discover your divine purpose in life. It opens and stimulates the sensory receptor chakra, clearing the approach for religious & Spiritual manifestation.

Keep the inventive juices flowing by calm meditating with the raw fluorite healing crystal, a stone that offers order to chaos. Sit quietly with Large fluorite Crystal Cluster and turn its mild healing powers to assist you to coordinate your physical and mental talents. As you inhale, imagine its white light-weight of healing vibrations infusing your spirit with its energizing waves of clarity and rejuvenation. after you meditate with fluorite, it reminds you to step removed from the canvas to work out the larger image. As you exhale, imagine your feelings of confusion and frustration evolving into a way of peace that comes from its inexperienced shades, a color that evokes the spirit of deep tropical seas.

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4 reviews for Large Natural Rare Fluorite 4LB

  1. Nancy Wood

    This is the most beautiful crystal I’ve ever seen. I bought one for me and one for my daughter and they were so beautiful and powerful I bought another one for my mom. You will not be disappointed.

  2. Erin Sutton

    I was pleasantly surprised that these crystals were this nice!

  3. Alberta Wolfe

    It’s beautiful! Craftsmanship is great! Thanks!

  4. Sansa Moore

    very good product I like them a lot!

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