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Morganite Ring



Simple, yet elegant, this morganite ring is all about timeless beauty. Beautiful peach hues of the gemstone make for the most gorgeous, feminine piece of jewelry. The emerald cut morganite stone is set on a thin gold plated band, trinkled with shiny cubic zirconia.

More Details

Gemstone: Morganite
Metal: 14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Stone Length: 0.31" - 0.39" (8-10mm) Stone Width: 0.28" - 0.35" (7-9mm)
Gem Cut: Emerald-Cut Band Style: Straight with incrusted cubic zirconia Band Embelishment: Cubic Zirconia


What is Morganite?

Morganite is a pink to peach-orange colored, borosilicate mineral that belongs to the Beryl family. It's named after financier and gem enthusiast J. Pierpont Morgan, who owned a private collection of gemstones at the turn of the 20th century.

The stunning color of morganite makes it great jewelry and spiritual protection stone.

History of Morganite

Just like most gemstones, morganite has a long history with many cultures playing an instrumental role in its discovery and naming. For morganite, the first mention was in 1884 when mineralogist George F. Kunz mentioned it in his studies of beryl specimens from Madagascar. However, he classified morganite as pink euclase. The name morganite was brought up again in 1893 by chemist William E. Hidden who prepared synthetic morganite crystals for testing which helped him in the determinations of several elements atomic weights. It wasn't until 1905 when French chemist Alexis Damour analyzed morganites from pegmatites around South America that the stone got its name due to association with American banker and gem enthusiast J. P. Morgan (1837-1913). He is credited with the discovery of morganite in California, but morganites were already known by Americans prior to his time through discoveries made in Madagascar.

Morganite belongs to the beryl family which includes other popular gems like emerald, morganite's green cousin; aquamarine, morganite's blue relative; red beryl or bixbite; heliodor, yellow version of morganite; and Goshenite, colorless variety of morganite.

The name morganite is associated with its resemblance to pink or rose-colored diamonds since they are both members of the same mineral family - beryl.

Morganite rings became popular in the early 90s. Here are popular morganite jewelry ideas.

1. morganite engagement ring

2. morganite gemstone pendant

3. morganite bracelet

4. morganite ring

5. morganite earrings

6. morganite necklace

7. morganite rings for women   (more morganite jewelry options)

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