Natural Clear Quartz Necklace

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Clear Quartz Necklace

The Natural Clear Quartz Necklace with aquamarine beads is a powerful talisman for clarity, focus, and alignment. The beautiful clear white ray emanates the connection to the Divine mind and spirit. It helps protect the aura and aids all chakras. It also has a very strong vibration and excellent metaphysical properties making it the easiest crystal to program.


Natural Clear Quartz Point Dragon Veins Agate 8mm Stone Beads Knot Handmade Necklace


  • Promotes healing
  • Promotes balance in body, mind and soul.
  • Brings clarity to communication.
  • Amplifies thoughts and stimulates clearer thinking
  • Can be utilized as a part of an inner child healing meditation.
  • Resonate strongly within the higher chakras
  • An excellent to aid spiritual growth
  • Easy to program.

Metaphysical Properties:

The Natural Clear Quartz Necklace is highly restorative. It radiates healing energy and is thought to save and transmit energy. Wearing and setting intention would bring a positive vibration that enhances the ability to manifest a higher sense of spirituality. By linking with the crown chakra, the clear quartz pendant can assist in achieving clarity, focus, and amplify the healing energy.

Clear Quartz Necklace



Clear Quartz Necklace 

 Size: about 8mm,30 or 40inch long 

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In ancient Greek times, the Clear Quartz is knowns as “eternal ice” as it was sent by the Gods and Goddesses to the earth. It was also said that it was a gift to us from Mother Earth because it is such a pure, natural and beautiful stone. 


The Clear Quartz is referred as the master healer stone as it is one of the main tools used by crystal healers for of its balancing and cleansing / neutralizing properties. Hold or have it around whenever you feel foggy, uncertain and you would see your way more clearly.

How to use:

  1. Wear your clear quartz necklace and focus on your intention and put that energy into the stone.
  2. The crystal will absorb your intention and amplify it by spreading the energy to the universe.
  3. You will then manifest your grandest and wildest dreams into reality.


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11 reviews for Natural Clear Quartz Necklace

  1. Natalie Floyd

    Beautiful and quality necklace! It compliments so many outfits!

  2. Grace Elliott

    Gorgeous stone! Very well polished, smooth and just so pretty!

  3. Irma Collier

    Very happy with this necklace! A+++++

  4. Elaine Gutierrez

    My little sister was so happy as she opened the box as this is my birthday gift for her. thanks!

  5. Miriam Pintre

    So beautiful! I love the color and they’re just so stunning for the price!

  6. Virginia Burke

    I just love it! I cleansed it, and charged it by the light of the moon. I wear it often!

  7. Rachel Mccoy

    Love all of these beautiful necklace. Also makes a wonderful gift for any occasion!

  8. Paulette Swanson

    This piece is really nice and I’ve received a lot of compliments!

  9. Miranda Warner

    I bought several of these necklace and wear them most days!

  10. Alma May

    I love this necklace. It was simple, beautiful and organic.m very happy with the purchase, and perfect size 🙂

  11. Teresa Burgess

    It’s so pretty. Just what I was looking for. It’s even more beautiful in person. It also came earlier than expected. I’m so happy with my purchase. Thank you! I highly recommend and will order again

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clear quartz necklace

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