Natural Stone Chakra Bracelet

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Natural Stone Chakra Bracelet features the 7 stones representing the seven chakras of the body. This beautiful bracelet is hand-tied with genuine leather cording and tube-shaped natural Jasper gemstone beads. It aligns your chakras to help you restore your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. If you feel like you are not having enough energy, then accessorize yourself with this bracelet to balance your chakras. Plus, it creates a bold statement and flawless finish on any occasion!


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Our team does everything from scratch without the comfort of a middleman. We make sure that our customers get the best service possible. We take pride in crafting handmade jewelry with top materials-quality craftsmanship for an affordable price point so everyone can enjoy it!

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9 reviews for Natural Stone Chakra Bracelet

  1. Bessie Blake

    I love the bracelet!! Got No problems! Have had many compliments!

  2. Michelle Wood

    Everything is beautiful. So happy with my experience!

  3. Isabel Obrien

    This is a very lovely bracelet with a good price.

  4. Manylyn Moore

    This bracelet is really pretty and has a very good quality!

  5. Fannie Holloway

    The beads are vibrant in color and match perfectly. I will be ordering again soon!

  6. Esther Glover

    I was so excited when I ordered these and impressed when they arrived. They are beautiful and I love them!

  7. Joan Copeland

    I really love the bracelets. Best for Meditation

  8. Stacey Simon

    Beautiful blue color! Very eye-catching. Pretty bracelet, glad I bought it!

  9. Charlotte Barnett

    SUPER LOVE this bracelet! Just as described but more beautiful in person than in the picture & fits perfect!!

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natural chakra bracelet

Additional information

Weight 0.15 oz
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 in
Item Type



Semi-Precious Natural Stone



Model Number


Chain Type

Tube Beaded Bracelet

Metals Type

Zinc Alloy






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Natural Stone Chakra Bracelet

Natural Stone Chakra Bracelet

Material: Jasper, Genuine Leather

Technique: Handmade

Women’s Size: 6.2 inches & closure; Men’s Size: 6.7 inches + closure

Chakra Bracelet

SKB1805004 D1

SKB1805004 BChakra Bracelet High Quality

Emotional Healing

The Jasper stone in the Natural Stone Chakra Bracelet is a magic stone of grounding and stability, providing you with a comfort, security, strength and healing. It will balance your aura to a level of wholeness and peace. Moreover it helps to build confidence, reduces insecurities and supports a healthy need to move forward in one’s life. It also helps in letting go of overwhelming feelings of guilt and unrealistic fears that only serve to inhibit healing and moving forward.

How to use in emotional healing?

  • Hold the Natural Stone Chakra Bracelet while praying or reciting a mantra.
  • Wear the bracelet every day to enjoy its constant spiritual support throughout your day.
  • If you feel challenged, simply hold the bracelet in your hand or rub it between finger and thumb.

Physical Healing

Physical healing properties of Natural Stone Chakra Bracelet include tissue restoration, especially for internal organs and balance mineral content within the body. The bracelet is helpful in stopping nosebleeds, reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids, treat gout, improve one’s sense of smell and calm epilepsy. You can also use it to treat digestive and urinary tract disorders. It is also beneficial in physical strength and energy as it stimulates gently and steadily, enhancing stamina and endurance, and increasing the amount of chi, or life force, in one’s aura. If we are talking about health and passion, Natural Stone Chakra Bracelet  brings the courage to face unpleasant tasks and to rectify unjust situations.

How to use in physical healing?

  • Wear or hold the bracelet near the affected area.
  • You can also keep it in your pocket when treating a UTI or digestive tract disorder.
  • Place the bracelet on the abdomen while lying down to improve digestion.
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